Guest17487hi guys04:43
ianorlinhi Guest1748704:44
Guest17487i just install lubuntu on my computer04:44
Guest17487little instable04:44
Guest17487on the sreen i mean04:45
Guest17487i fix it04:45
Guest17487now ethernet not working04:45
Guest17487but i know it is not like window04:45
Guest17487llinux tell when it is working04:46
Guest17487i waiting for the net and i will try again04:46
ianorlinGuest17487: are you still plugged into ethernet?04:46
Guest17487but i have no hope it can work le plug is good04:47
Guest17487but not detection of internet04:47
ianorlindo you have a little in the bottom right corner and looks like two arrows04:47
Guest17487its earching somethings but no getting anything04:48
ianorlindid you finish the install or is it still in progress?04:51
ianorlinGuest17487: which version are you trying to install?05:00
Guest17487ianorlin, i install 15.10 version05:48
Guest17487but it is not  the problem05:48
Guest17487internet  not working w windows too05:49
Guest17487it is hardware i think05:50
Guest17487because my pad working fine w wifi05:50
ianorlinGuest17487: do you have another ethernet cable?05:51
Guest17487next step will be put ubuntu on my eepad transformer05:51
Guest17487it is not the cable it is the system of connection05:51
Guest17487it is electric cable you translmitt data05:52
ianorlincables can go bad?05:52
Guest17487for that you need maybe specific driver05:52
ianorlinor do you have another computer that works with that cable05:52
Guest17487it work w an other computer05:52
ianorlinare you in the live session of lubuntu05:53
ianorlindo you know what ethernet it has?05:53
Guest17487i shutdown everythings , piss me off05:54
Guest17487i did ifconfig before05:54
Guest17487it was show me 2 things , ethernet and the loop05:55
Guest17487ethernet don' t get ip05:55
Guest17487i guess it is normal05:55
Guest17487i was thinking how to connect my pad to the uc to supervise and configure lubuntu . witch software can do that?05:59
Guest17487i make my compliqued i think05:59
Guest17487and for nothing05:59
alex10791hello, I'm using lubuntu and I'm trying to allocate a hugepage (2MB) like this "mmap(NULL, (size_t)2*1024*1024, PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE, MAP_PRIVATE | MAP_ANONYMOUS | MAP_HUGE_2MB, -1, 0)", the pointer I get back though is 0x7f0923773000 which is not a 2MB page, do you know what the issue might be?06:03
ianorlinalex10791: doing what with a hugepage I don't think most would know what you are doing really06:05
alex10791I'm not sure I understood, but I'm need a 2MB page so I tried the above in C which didn't work, so I thought you might know if there is any other limitation and how I can overcome it06:09
wxlwhat's up Erix18:17
ErixI started updating an old computer which had lubuntu 12 something to LTS 14.0418:17
Erixwill it work smoothly18:18
Erixor better I do a clean install18:18
Erixit seems would take hours of updating18:19
wxlErix: sure should. only one way to find out, anyways. :)(18:19
wxlit shouldn't take hours18:19
wxlit's not windows after all18:19
Erixwxl: thanks18:19
Erixwasnt sure to wait or just make a clean install18:20
ErixBut will wait I guess18:20
wxli think clean installs are relevant only if you have an unsupported upgrade path18:20
ErixI can't remember why I installed the 32 bit version on this 64 bit machine18:20
Erixthats another problem18:21
wxlyeah i think we kind of suggested that as the "safe route"18:21
wxlyou can KIND OF turn a 32 bit version into 64 but it's a bit of a pain18:21
wxli'd suggest a clean install if you want 64 bit18:21
wxlErix: in general, i would suggest 64 bit, especially with chrome having stopped supporting it!18:22
* wxl uses chrome, fwiw18:22
Erix3.11.0-15-generic #25-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jan 30 17:25:07 UTC 2014 i686 athlon i686 GNU/Linux18:22
wxlyeah so do a clean install and get amd6418:23
ErixI use firefox18:23
wxlErix: well, it's a sign of the times is what i mean18:23
Erixit will ask for a restart right? after the update to 14.0418:24
Erixmuch changed I guess18:25
wxlErix: since you'll get a new kernel, undoubtably18:25
wxlErix: incidentially, if you were not aware, that's the only reason you should ever be asked to restart18:25
Erixwxl: thanks. didn't know/remember that18:30
ErixI were away from linux during the times18:30
Erixthat kernel till today18:30
Erixreregistered my nick to freenode18:35
wxlwelcome back :)18:36
Erixcleaning up18:55
Erixreboot soon18:55
Erixwill be back18:55
Erix 3.13.0-79-generic #123-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 19 14:28:32 UTC 2016 i686 athlon i686 GNU/Linux19:04
Erixwifi/network symbol lost (the one near clock)19:05
eipi10my nm applet suddenly disappeared from systray. When I try it from CL, I get: WARNING **: Couldn't connect to accessibility bus: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-P7Wo4d4JZ6: Connection refused.19:25
eipi10any ideas?19:26
eipi10I believe it happened right after I installed sox.19:28
ianorlineipi10: I don't think you shouwd worry about that that is more because lubuntu does not ship with a screen reader by default and it tries to connect to something you don't have itstalled19:36
eipi10could my nm-applet.desktop have been re-written by something I was fooling with? It reads "NoDisplay=true"19:39
eipi10gonna log out19:42
eipi10if you care to know, this fixed it: Exec=dbus-launch nm-applet ..........from Exec=nm-applet.19:46
eipi10I found it here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/592406/nm-applet-wifi-issues-on-lubuntu-14-0419:47
eipi10I just don't know what changed it.  I didn't!19:47
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