renukaissue with MAAS trying to connect to your system BMC00:08
renukacan anyone please help me wit that00:08
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mag009do you guys have a list of variables like these that we can use in curtin template{{node.system_id}}15:24
kikomag009, hmm, well, the source does? :)16:06
mag009wish there was a doc somewhere... instead of having to go through the source ;)16:07
kikosmoser is a source-is-docs kind of guy16:08
kikobut yes, this is a frequent request I think16:08
kikolborda, deu certo?16:08
smosermag009, doc is horribly lacking :-(16:17
smoserthe curtin template there that he's referring to though is maas16:17
mag009yes I know it's lacking :) basically what I'm trying to figured out is how can I detect if it's a uefi or not so I can apply the boot/efi partition when it is16:20
kikosmoser, I wonder if our template vars are documented either :-/16:20
kikoroaksoax, do you know?16:20
mag009{{bios_boot_method}} seem that it doesn't work in my template16:20
kikomag009, is it used in other templates?16:21
roaksoaxkiko: i had them documented somewhere... i'll look into it16:22
mag009no its not16:23
mag009{{if bios_boot_method == "uefi" }} is what I'm trying to achieve :)16:23
roaksoaxmag009: bios_boot_method is definitely something we won't expose in the templates16:23
roaksoaxmag009: what are you trying to do  ?16:23
mag009I'm trying to statically set a  storage in my curtin_userdata_custom16:24
roaksoaxmag009: maas automatically detects whether you are booting with UEFI or not and performs things in a different way16:24
mag009yes for ubuntu16:24
mag009I'm trying to make it work for debian Jessie16:24
kikothat'd be great for us to get working in fact16:25
mag009the uefi is a bit different on debian vs ubuntu16:25
mag009slightly ...16:25
roaksoaxmag009: that is not done on preseeding actually16:25
mag009provisioningserver/boot/uefi.py is where you auto detect it16:25
roaksoaxmag009: all UEFI related stuff on custom images would need to be done on curtin hooks16:26
mag009ok if I use a curtin hooks will curtin handle the installation of the grub2-efi package ?16:28
mag009I can see the curtin hooks of centos for example but I dont see any package installation16:28
roaksoaxltrager: ^^16:30
mag009and if i use the curtin hook i believe I cannot preconfigure my storage in the template ?16:30
roaksoaxmag009: no, we don';t support storage/network config for custom images16:31
mag009well for a debian image legacy boot it work fine..16:32
mag009its just that your provisioningserver/boot/uefi.py  is trying to install shim which doesnt exist in debian16:32
roaksoaxblake_r: you have an example of curtin hooks handling UEFI on any custom images ?16:33
mag009i have the centos hook thats the one I'm looking at16:34
mag009but honestly guys it would'nt be too hard to support debian as well16:34
roaksoaxmag009: we take patches :)16:35
roaksoaxmag009: the key here is the images themselves16:35
mag009root.tar.gz wouldn't work  ? or you need the following structure : http://maas.ubuntu.com/images/ephemeral-v2/daily/xenial/amd64/20160223.1/16:37
mag009ok if i look at centos http://maas.ubuntu.com/images/ephemeral-v2/daily/centos70/amd64/20141129_01/16:38
mag009its a tgz but I guess it use the curtin hook16:38
mag009its not supported officially i guess ?16:39
kikoit should be if I understand your question16:39
kikoblake_r is the man to answer16:39
roaksoaxmag009: the image streams is different to when adding a custom image16:40
roaksoaxmag009: adding a custom image you are basically telling MAAS it is a tgz16:40
mag009yes ok thats what I thought16:41
roaksoaxmag009: but the curtin hook is what is used to do other things for those images themselves16:41
mag009so the centos in your repo is basically a custom image16:41
roaksoaxmag009: it is centos + custom curtin hooks bits16:41
roaksoaxmag009: the only different is the curtin hooks16:41
mag009i'll try with the curtin hook16:47
ltragermag009: we normally prebake all the packages we need into the image before deploying incase the machine can't access the repositories. However you could shell out from the curtin script to run apt/yum/dnf etc17:06
ltragermag009: also grub-efi is a meta package in Ubuntu/Debian it may be called something else on CentOS17:06
ltragermag009: nm it looks like it does have grub2-efi17:07
mag009ltrager  the package is there but it failed at the installation of shim and grub-efi-amd64-signed17:16
mag009because on debian these do not exist17:16
ltragerare you getting the grub2-efi package from the Debian archive? According to package.debian.org it only depends on grub-efi-amd64 - https://packages.debian.org/jessie/grub-efi17:20
mag009i know but when it deploy the curtin failed because it try to install these extra pacakges17:20
mag009which is auto installing from the boot/uefi.py17:21
mag009I can write an exception for Debian not to install these 2 packages its not a big deal17:22
akaunable to download mass, showing depnd error19:43
akaunmet dependencies: libcogl15 libegli1-mesa-drivers19:44
roaksoaxaka: we don't; install those dependencies nor depend on them19:52
roaksoaxaka: those seem like something unrelated19:52
akahow to solve this issue?? any alternate19:53
roaksoaxaka: sudo aptitude upgrade ? does that even help?19:54
akait worked but now its letting me create admin20:03
akait says command not found for creating admin20:03
roaksoaxaka: sudo aptitude install maas20:03
roaksoaxsudo maas-region-admin createadmin20:03
akacommand not found20:04
akawhile checkin maas it says no argument given20:04
roaksoaxaka: dpkg -l | grep maas20:06
roaksoaxwhat's the output of that20:06
akamaas cli20:08
akapython mass client20:08
roaksoaxaka: then you are missing packages20:08
roaksoaxaka: the 'maas' package is not installed20:08
akathat's the only issue...its showin unmet dpnds error again...20:11
akatried aptitude but coundnt get maas...20:11
roaksoaxaka: do you have an output where we can see? Where are you trying to install maas from ?20:13
roaksoaxaka: what release ?20:14
akafrom maas website...20:14
akapt-get to aptitude  Action   apt-get command   aptitude command  Install foo   apt-get install foo   aptitude install foo  Search foo   apt-cache search foo   aptitude search foo  Remove foo   apt-get remove foo   aptitude remove foo  List reverse dependencies   apt-cache rdepends foo   aptitude search ~Dfoo  Print information on priorities for foo   apt-cache policy foo   aptitude versions foo20:14
akaSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming. The following information may help to resolve the situation:  The following packages have unmet dependencies:  libcogl15 : Depends: libegl1-mesa-drivers  maas : Depends: maas-cluster-controller but it is not goin20:15
akaThe following packages have unmet dependencies:  libcogl15 : Depends: libegl1-mesa-driver20:16
kikoaka, you are deep in PPA hell20:16
roaksoaxaka: yeah but what PPA ?20:17
akasudo add-apt-repository ppa:maas/stable20:17
kikoaka, what I mean is that you have other PPAs that have messed up your system20:18
kikoyou will need to do a good old apt-get -f install20:18
kikoand see if that helps things20:18
kikoit will probably uninstall your X server20:18
kikosounds like you've got xorg edgers or something crazy like that20:18
akasame error again20:21
kikoaka, essentially, your distro is broken20:22
kikoyou will need a fresh ubuntu or install maas into a container20:22
akais there any repair thing?20:23
akamy sys also stopped accepting updates20:25
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