dyfiHello; is there anybody here who is familiar with loading a Snappy image on to the Beaglebone Black?01:39
aatchisonHey guys. Energies severely depleted over here. I just had a crazy idea. Tensor flow on snappy?06:19
aatchisonAlso, random question. Does Snappy deploy well with JuJu?06:20
dholbachgood morning07:51
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zygagood morning08:43
noizergood morning08:57
zygahey ysionneau, noizer :)08:58
zygahave you read about the skills rename?08:58
ysionneauskills rename ?08:59
noizerwas it send in the mailing?08:59
zygait's just a new name, nothing has changed09:00
ysionneauah yes I had this email09:00
ysionneauzyga: would you know what is supposed to be the init= cmdline for the rpi2 snappy 16.04 ?09:04
ysionneau(image generated with your tool)09:04
ysionneauah found it, it's in snappy-system.txt09:05
zygaysionneau: no but I guess you just found out :)09:08
ysionneauI'm trying to boot your rpi2 image using qemu09:09
ysionneauso far I'm KO09:09
ysionneauit boots the kernel, initrd "works", and then "No init found. Try passing init= bootarg."09:10
ysionneau(I do pass the init=)09:10
zygaysionneau: I don't think qemu will boot it09:10
zygaysionneau: initrd is the OS snap btw09:10
noizerzyga are the interface then for sharing libs09:11
zyganoizer: nope09:11
* zyga needs to update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SnappyHackerUsefulLinkCollection09:11
zygahelp wanted ^^09:12
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noizerzyga is snappy an 64bit system?09:29
zyganoizer: snappy works on 32 and 64 bit systems09:29
zyganoizer: we have official images for x86, amd64, arm v7 hard float and aarch64 (or arm64)09:29
noizerdo you have images for soft float?09:30
noizerthe image on the rpi is that an 64 bit systme?09:33
zyganoizer: raspberry pi 2 is 32 bit, hard float09:33
noizerzyga ok thx09:33
zyganoizer: we don't support ARMv6 (soft float)09:33
noizerzyga ok09:34
ysionneauzyga: I was able to boot the rpi2  15.04 image on qemu09:43
ysionneaubut not as a rpi2 board but as a generic arm64 board with my own arm64 kernel09:43
ysionneaubut except the kernel+modules it was the vanilla 15.04 rpi2 image running in my qemu09:43
ysionneauthat's where I do all my tests so far09:43
ysionneauI'm trying to replicate this setup with your 16.04 image09:43
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ysionneauit seems that the initramfs does not mount the squashfs (the snaps) since the systemd init is not found...09:53
ysionneauoh, seems I need to put snappy_os= and snappy_kernel= on the cmdline09:54
zygaysionneau: I'd suggest, if you want to continue down this path, is to build a new kernel snap09:54
zygaysionneau: that's specifically intended to work with qemu09:54
zygaysionneau: you can reuse the os snap as-is09:54
zygaysionneau: you can fine-tune the kernel snap09:54
zygaysionneau: and you will absolutely need a gadget snap that's not pi209:54
zygaysionneau: I think that would be a fanstastic thing to have09:55
zygaysionneau: just one question, why aarch64 kerenl rather than armhf?09:55
ysionneau10:54 < zyga> ysionneau: I'd suggest, if you want to continue down this path, is to build a new kernel snap < yes I have my own arm64 kernel (which worked fine with 15.04)09:55
ysionneaunot sure if I need a snap since there is no bootloader involved, qemu boots the kernel directly as I pass it to -kernel cmdline arg09:56
ysionneau(a snap for the kernel I mean)09:56
zygaysionneau: 10:43 < ysionneau> but not as a rpi2 board but as a generic arm64 board with my own arm64 kernel09:56
zygaysionneau: you used a different kernel09:56
zygaysionneau: you really need a different kernel snap09:56
ysionneauallright, maybe I should start by asking: what's a kernel snap?09:57
zygaysionneau: a snap that has the kenrel, modules and bootloader09:57
zygaysionneau: that snappy mounts from the bootloader09:57
ysionneauhere I don't use any bootloader09:57
zygaysionneau: and loads the kernel from the mounted snap09:57
ysionneausince I boot the kernel directly from qemu09:57
zygaysionneau: right but that will break varius snappy interaction09:57
zygaysionneau: it'd better to boot a disk image09:57
zygaysionneau: with a bootloader09:57
zygaysionneau: it's extra work but what you did won't survive a snappy update and reboot09:58
ysionneaunot sure if I can boot a disk image with no -kernel09:58
zygaysionneau: depending on what you want, it may not be good or it may be exactly what you need09:58
zygaysionneau: no, but you can boot a whole disk image09:58
zygaysionneau: er. sorry, yes you can09:58
ysionneaubut yes I agree that booting directly on a kernel will break some snappy stuff09:58
ysionneaulike the system updates and such09:58
zygaysionneau: I've done things like that in linaro a while ago09:58
zygaysionneau: emulating various beagle board-like hardware09:59
zygaysionneau: though I don't know how much work that would be today09:59
ysionneaufor now I only need a qemu environment with basic snappy fonctionality, not 100%, to do some tests of .snap packaging of apps10:00
ysionneauto package a service, an app etc10:00
ysionneauand to test my ability to generate cross-compiled apps correctly10:00
zygaysionneau: I see, good luck10:00
ysionneauthanks :)10:02
ysionneau10:55 < zyga> ysionneau: just one question, why aarch64 kerenl rather than armhf? < when I'm done playing with qemu, I will prototype on a real board, which is a Tegra X1 board10:02
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zygaysionneau: I see, cool10:07
zygaysionneau: did you use aarch userspace?10:07
zygaubuntu-core (os snap) has an aarch64 build as well10:07
ysionneaufor user space on my last prototype (15.04 :p) I used the rpi2 image (armhf)10:08
ysionneauok, I have the 16.04 user space booting :)10:08
ysionneaubottom line is I had to add this to kernel cmdline : snappy_os=ubuntu-core.canonical_16.04.0-10.armhf.snap snappy_kernel=canonical-pi2-linux.canonical_4.3.0-1006-3.snap10:09
ysionneauok I'm logged in10:11
zygawoot, great10:11
ysionneaunow let's try with an arm64 kernel and a qemu-aarch6410:11
zygamaybe just aarch64 with the same bits as before10:12
zygathen with different kerenl10:12
ysionneaunot sure I understand ?10:13
zygaysionneau: try 64 bit qemu10:14
zygaysionneau: with the same set of blobs10:14
zygaysionneau: so same old kernel and everything else10:14
zygaysionneau: (just suggesting to switch one thing at a time)10:14
ysionneauyes that's what I'll do10:16
ysionneaujust switch the kernel and qemu and keep all the remaining10:16
ysionneauthat should work10:16
ysionneauright, I need to reconstruct the kernel snap squashfs to include the arm64 modules10:20
ysionneauzyga: ok it boots with arm64 kernel (I had to add the squashfs support in the kernel :p)11:04
ysionneauI also have network o/11:04
ysionneau*afk eating*11:04
zygaysionneau: \o/11:06
zygaysionneau: great11:06
uralbashHello all11:46
uralbashExplain to me please, I want to create a kiosk on ubuntu + mir + qt4 app. Is this ok? Which version of ubuntu (core, snappy-15.04, ..) to use? Where to get mir server (form source or ppa or snap demo)?11:47
ysionneausnappy search does not exist any moer ?11:51
uralbashon xenial (from there https://people.canonical.com/~mvo/all-snaps/) "snappy search mir"  command out "Unknown command `search'. Please specify one command of: activate, booted, ..."11:56
ysionneausame here, snappy search does not seem to exist anymore on 16.0411:58
svijit's "snappy find" afaik11:58
ysionneaunop, does not work11:59
uralbash`find` not work too http://paste.ubuntu.com/15196599/12:04
ysionneauzyga: so now, I have my 16.04 environment ready, I want to make some 16.04 packages, where can I find the documentation on how to do that?12:23
ysionneauis it still snapcraft? or snappy build? snap.yaml? syntax?12:24
mvouralbash: ysionneau: please try "snap find" (not that the command is "snap" not snappy for this). its a bit confusing, sorry for that. this is transitioning currently ,there will be a new snap command for everything12:37
mvobut its not fully done so you are in this in-between state, again, this is just for a couple of days until the conversion is fully done12:37
* mvo wonder if we should simply make snappy search an alias until the rest has landed and until the docs are updated12:37
ysionneauoh ... snappy ... now snap12:38
ysionneaunow I understand why I wanted to stay on 15.04 :'12:38
ysionneauthings are documented, now everything changes12:38
uralbashit's work :)12:38
ysionneauworks great mvo thanks for the intel :)12:38
svijah, so I wasn't completely wrong with "snappy find"12:40
ysionneauwhere's the source code of "snap" mvo ?12:44
mvoysionneau: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/tree/master/cmd/snap12:45
ysionneauah it's just another frontend12:45
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uralbash`sudo snap add mir.mvp-demo` is an error http://paste.ubuntu.com/15196831/12:49
Guest81475Hi, I want to try snappy but there is only an img file available. When I rename it into an iso file and burn it, then I can still not obtain a bootable system. I would like to have snappy as easy  as the regular ubuntu release.12:51
ysionneauuralbash: !<arch> means it's an AR archive13:02
ysionneaubut AFAIK the new snap format is squashfs13:02
ysionneauso you are trying to install old snaps on a new system13:02
ysionneauand btw, I have the same issue as you =)13:03
ysionneauerror: nethack-armhf.ogra failed to install: can not open /tmp/nethack-armhf061356496: cannot open snap: unknown header: "!<arch>\ndebian-binar"13:03
uralbashysionneau:  Ah, got it, I need to try build it with snapcraft13:05
zygaysionneau: hey13:23
zygaysionneau: sorry for the lag, busy time :)13:23
zygaysionneau: so apart from small syntax changes, it's the same, you can also use snapcraft13:23
zygaysionneau: you just have to use a xenial host with snapcraft 2.x series13:23
zygaysionneau: the syntax is again, in examples, in snapcraft13:24
zygaysionneau: changes are minor, it's just easier to express stuff IMHO13:24
zygaysionneau: snapcraft CLI is tweaked too but it's again simple to adapt, snapcraft snap makes a snap and there's --help and all that typical stuff13:24
zygaysionneau: you can look at an example snap I'm working on https://github.com/zyga/snappy-pi2-piglow/blob/master/snapcraft.yaml13:25
zygaysionneau: give it a try13:25
zygaysionneau: at runtime there are now "snap" and "snappy" commands, you want to use the snap one, unless it has missing functionality13:26
zygaysionneau: as mvo said, we're transitioning, snap is using our public APIs while snappy had everything linked in13:26
zygaysionneau: you really want 16.0413:27
zygaysionneau: it's trivial to adapt and things work much better than on 15.0413:27
zygaGuest81475: hey, give this script a try: https://github.com/zyga/devtools/blob/master/ubuntu-image13:27
zygaGuest81475: the images are not iso images, they are hard drive images (or SD card images), typically a CD image has different structure13:28
zygaGuest81475: but they are all bootable13:28
Guest81475zyga: Thank you for your replies. Do you know why ubuntu does not offer a bootable iso image for snappy ? That is what all people expect and are used to. I am using Windows 10 and have a working Arch linux installation.13:32
Guest81475I do not like APT but I love the idea of packages as in snappy. AFAIK, MacOS has a similar system.13:33
ysionneauzyga: ok :)13:36
zygaGuest81475: http://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/13:37
zygaGuest81475: http://www.ubuntu.com/internet-of-things/developers13:38
zygaGuest81475: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/raspberry-pi-2/13:38
ysionneauzyga: isn't it weird that the snap tool seems to be downloading old snap packages?13:38
zygaGuest81475: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/intel-nuc/13:38
zygaeverything is there :)13:38
Guest81475zyga: ok. Thanks again.13:38
ysionneauit downloads .snap which are AR (old format) instead of squashfs, and then fails to install them13:38
zygaysionneau: it's a one-off issue, when we made the transition the store didn't have enough information to filter this out13:39
zygaysionneau: we're well aware of the problem13:39
ysionneauoh right13:39
zygaysionneau: and I suspect there's going to be a fix that mass-removes click-based snaps from the 16.04 distribution channel13:39
ysionneaubecause at the beginning of 16.04 it was still using AR files?13:39
zygaysionneau: yep13:39
zygaysionneau: tons of moving pieces to make this work on time :)13:39
zygaysionneau: you just see it live13:39
ysionneauthe magic of live :)13:40
zygathe magic of open13:40
* ysionneau generates a new docker image -> xenial13:45
ysionneauthere's no "snappy-tools" package in the PPA for Xenial ?13:55
ysionneauthat's just a meta package ... but that can be handy13:58
beunoysionneau, I think it's part of the Xenial archive now instead of the PPA13:59
sergiusenselopio, joining?14:33
sergiusensysionneau, beuno just apt install snapcraft14:58
ysionneauyep that's what I've done14:59
sergiusensbeuno, are we going to have the store treat each release as different pockets?15:02
beunosergiusens, maybe!  what do you mean by that?15:03
sergiusensbeuno, that I can upload one snap for 16.04 and another for 18.04 during the overlapping support period15:04
beunosergiusens, yes, it works like that right now15:04
sergiusensbeuno, o really? so no more checkboxes?15:05
sergiusensor is it checkbox driven per revision?15:05
sergiusensthat explains why I have to check those boxes on every upload15:05
beunosergiusens, yeah, it should really be radio buttons at this point15:06
beunoit is per revision15:06
beunoso you can upload one for 15.04 and one for 16.0415:06
beunoand target them differently15:06
beunoso yes, that's why you pick each time15:06
beunowe'll get better at that UI15:07
beunosergiusens, you even have history in the store now  :)15:07
beunowe've essentially created 3 dimensions: release, architecture and channel15:07
beunoyou can targe different binaries to each of those15:07
sergiusensbeuno, nice; we should have snapcraft semantics for upload (among others, the 'release' key in the yaml)15:08
beunosergiusens, indeed15:08
beunoI think that's part of our UX story overall15:08
beunowhich I'll find a volunteer to go and play with you soon15:09
kyrofaGood morning!15:09
kyrofajdstrand, nooo https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1467595/comments/2815:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1467595 in xorg (Ubuntu) "cursor sometimes disappears on XPS 13 9343 and external monitor" [High,Confirmed]15:10
sergiusenskyrofa, joining?15:18
kyrofaHaha, just saw that you guys were meeting15:19
kyrofaGrabbing headphones15:19
elopiostgraber: ping. Our lxc in travis is timing out waiting for eth0. This used to work great for the past weeks.15:26
elopioany change on your side?15:26
stgraberelopio: what lxc version, what lxd version, what kernel version and what Ubuntu version in the container?15:33
sergiusensstgraber, host is trusty; here's the full of it, it's a small log https://travis-ci.org/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/jobs/11174418415:38
kyrofastgraber, 2.0.0~beta4-0ubuntu4~ubuntu14.04.1~ppa115:38
stgrabersergiusens: oh, the output of lxc info changed slightly, you'll need to change that grep, sorry15:38
kyrofastgraber, whew, easy fix though15:39
sergiusensstgraber, we are using a beta, all good :-)15:39
stgraber"IPV4" now shows up as "inet" (the actual name of the network family)15:39
sergiusensstgraber, thanks for spotting it quickly15:39
stgraberyeah, had a similar problem here with one of my scripts15:39
jdstrandkyrofa: I know, right? there is still hope for 4.415:58
jdstrandkyrofa: and 4.3 is *way* better15:59
kyrofajdstrand, alright, good deal16:01
noizerHi guys is it even possible to communicate with usb devices on snappyN?16:46
kyrofanoizer, yes, but you need to give snaps permission to use them16:50
noizerok what skill is it?16:52
kyrofanoizer, in 15.04 you had to hw-assign it. jdstrand has that gone away in 16.04?16:52
jdstrandkyrofa: hw-assign currently exists. it won't once zyga and niemeyer have their way :)16:59
jdstrandbut it is still there16:59
zyganoizer, kyrofa: interfaces (renamed skills)17:15
zygakyrofa: hw-assign is still in 16.04 daily but I'll remove it when interfaces go live17:15
zygaand I should read backlogs backwards ;)17:15
kyrofazyga, yeah that's kinda tough-- you never know how far back they go :P17:15
zygakyrofa: eleven years ;)17:16
zyganot in this channel though17:16
kyrofazyga, haha, yeah exactly17:16
zygaI'm tired with all the rename I did today17:17
zygaI'd love to land this but there are Ks of diffs and everyone is busy17:18
zygaif someone can have a look at https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/524/files17:18
zygathat would help me out17:18
zygaor https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/523/files for a shorter pull request17:18
plarsev:  I got this when trying to create a spec, which I think might be interesting to you.... it doesn't let me re-run it because it says the spec already exists: "message": "Oops! Something bad happened server side (id=Vs9PuwoZwIwAAGe9IgMAAAAl)"19:03
beunoplars, the cloud is being messed with19:04
beunogood to know, though19:04
beunojust not surprising  :)19:04
ev😢 🎺19:04
plarsev: a sad trumpet? as a trombone player, I'm deeply offended by that19:04
evhahaha, there’s no trombone in unicode19:05
plarsa major flaw imho, let's dump unicode19:05
evwe probably should19:05
plarsback to ebcdic until further notice19:06
evnearly lost my tea there19:06
plarsev in all seriousness though, I guess I should hold off on messing with this while it's in this state? any idea how long?19:07
evdepends on IS19:07
evI’d give it another go next week19:07
plarshah, ok19:07
kyrofasergiusens, say I have a 15.04 snap that depends on the docker framework. If I upload a version of the snap that doesn't depend upon docker, will the previously-installed docker snap still get automatically updated?19:26
kyrofasergiusens, I'm not quite sure how the frameworks thing plays into that19:26
sergiusenskyrofa, yes it will19:34
kyrofasergiusens, alright thanks :)19:35
kyrofasergiusens, you okay waiting a bit on that pkg-config PR? I'm giving it some good testing, but might take a while19:39
sergiusenskyrofa, no rush19:39
kyrofasergiusens, good deal19:39
kyrofasergiusens, in 16.04 snappy, the .service files still have restart on failure, but it seems the snap installation itself fails if the service fails to start. Do you know anything about that?20:13
sergiusenskyrofa, I have no idea; the right person to ask this is Chipaca20:14
kyrofasergiusens, alright thanks :)20:14
kyrofaChipaca, I suppose you're eating20:14
sergiusenskyrofa, I am really outdated these days :-)20:14
pindongajdstrand, hey, crt @ 596 on prod now21:03
sergiusenselopio, can we apt update the jenkins instances before test run?21:07
jdstrandpindonga: thanks!21:32
jdstrandmvo: note, with that ^ on prod, we are going to start getting a warning that the store can't verify resquashing until bug #1548988 is srud to trusty21:33
ubottubug 1548988 in squashfs-tools (Ubuntu Trusty) "please add -fstime patch for snap v2 checks in review tools" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154898821:33
jdstrandmvo: however, that bug is in hand so next week that'll just work itself out21:34
mvojdstrand: nice, thanks for the update21:35

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