ChibaPetHm, nvidia-352-updates, still no joy with vlc.03:35
CountryfiedLinuxWill 16.04 have snappy packages?05:57
CountryfiedLinuxAnd Unity 8 as an option?05:57
micwwill there be a beta1 release of 16.04 today?07:50
spm_dragetDoes Ubuntu Xenial support Java8 via some official package?08:04
lotuspsychje!find java808:05
ubottuFound: openjdk-8-jdk, openjdk-8-jre, openjdk-8-jre-headless, default-jdk, default-jre, default-jre-headless, openjdk-9-jdk, openjdk-9-jre, openjdk-9-jre-headless, W: (and 34 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=java8&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all08:05
lotuspsychje!info openjdk-8-jdk xenial08:05
ubottuopenjdk-8-jdk (source: openjdk-8): OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK). In component main, is optional. Version 8u72-b15-2ubuntu3 (xenial), package size 8358 kB, installed size 38662 kB08:05
lotuspsychjespm_draget: ^ this what you looking for?08:06
spm_dragetAh, thanks. Was looking for oracle… but yeah, openjdk08:06
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.08:07
CryptoSiDapt-get -f install wont fix it08:57
CryptoSiDany idea how i could fix that?08:57
CryptoSiDi cant install any pkg till its fixed08:57
CryptoSiDhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15195807/ apt-get -f install output09:06
CryptoSiDi tryed mv html5lib-0.999-py2.py3-none-any.whl to html5lib-0.999-py2.py3-none-any.whl.back and then apt-get -f install again, but i have the same error09:09
micwspm_draget, there's a really good ppa for oracle java10:09
micwbut i'd perfer openjdk. is has far better integration (e.g. it receives frequent ssl ca updates because it uses the system's ca database)10:10
spm_dragetOkay, thanks10:27
CryptoSiDhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15195735/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/15195807/ apt-get -f install output11:49
CryptoSiDid need help to fix that please11:49
CryptoSiDi cant install any other package till its fixed11:49
lordievaderCryptoSiD: Install that package with the dpkg flag '--force-overwrite'.12:26
CryptoSiDcan i use this flag with apt-get?12:27
CryptoSiDwill download the deb then12:27
lordievaderCryptoSiD: You have already downloaded it ;)12:27
lordievaderCryptoSiD: /var/cache/apt/archives/python-pip-whl_8.0.2-7_all.deb12:28
CryptoSiDright just noticed that lol, my bad12:28
CryptoSiDthanks a lot!12:29
lordievaderNo problem, glad it works.12:32
BluesKajHey all13:34
spm_dragetIn xenial, installing 'phpmyadmin' pulls 'php5-cli php5-common'… despite I already installed 'php' (which pulls php7.0)15:52
spm_dragetWill php5 and php7 be installed side by side then? Or how does this work?15:52
BenLubarpython-pip-whl is breaking today's apt dist-upgrade18:34
BenLubaroh, actually it looks like autoremove might fix that18:34
BenLubarok, how do I remove python-html5lib-whl and update python-pip-whl at the same time?18:37
BenLubarok, turns out the problem was virtualenv, which I've uninstalled because I no longer need it18:43
drhalanhi all. has anyone had this problem before? i can't get to the grub menu. When i hold down shift it just shows "grub loading" and then continues to boot the default kernel...19:02
alkisgdrhalan: try the left ctrl key19:03
alkisgOr, just reset it before it completely boots :D19:03
drhalani tried both holding and pushing the left ctrl but doesn't seem to do anything19:05
drhalanmy system currently doesn't boot (i have an encrypted HD and it gets stuck before promting me for a password)19:06
alkisg...maybe boot from a usb stick and change grub.cfg then?19:06
alkisg /boot isn't encrypted, is it?19:07
drhalanyeah i can try that19:08
drhalani dont't hink it can19:08
tomreynyes it can be, but it's a non-standard setup19:09
SafPlusPlusI assume there wouldn't be many too noticable differences between the current nightly Xenial server build and the upcoming beta1, right?19:59
k1lrule of thumb: if you need to ask about stability, dont run it as production or important system :)20:01
SafPlusPlusWell, ofc... more that I'm installing and testing to see what I can expect to upgrade to... :)20:03
k1li am using it as daily system already.20:03
SafPlusPlusThing is, out of the box, it's running more services than I'd expect it to...20:04
SafPlusPlusWas wondering if some services were enable by default in the nightly which wouldn't be once in beta...20:05
SafPlusPlus(or once from release for that matter)20:05
drhalanso how do i set things like GRUB_TIMEOUT in grub.cfg?21:29
ChibaPetdrhalan: /etc/default/grub usually21:29
drhalanyeah but in my case / is encrypted21:29
drhalanand i can only modify /boot21:29
ChibaPetYou set it in /etc/default/grub, and then update-grub.21:30
drhalanunless i figure out how to mount my encrypted root filesystem21:30
ChibaPetOh. Boot from a desktop ISO and chroot in to fix things then. I'm not sure GRUB_TIMEOUT should be your primary concern if you've gotten to where you can't descrypt your root fs.21:31
drhalanyeah thats what ive been doing21:31
drhalantried form the command line to mound the drive for a while, now i figured out that the gui can do it just fine :D21:31
ChibaPetIt's worth learning how to do it on the command line.21:31
ChibaPetman cryptsetup21:31
ChibaPetAre you running a RAID?21:32
ChibaPetNote that you can hose up your config by letting the rescue environment spin up your MD-RAIDs under the wrong names, which then get stamped into the on-disk config.21:32
drhalanno i am not using raid nor lvm i think21:32
drhalancan i just chroot to / and run update grup? or do i need to mount /proc or something21:33
ChibaPetIf you were, it's worth assembling them as the correct md? device by hand.21:33
ChibaPetdrhalan: You need to bind mount a few things. Half a sec and I'll find a good reference.21:33
drhalanthanks :)21:35
ChibaPetThe references I want to give you are all about setting up ZFS root. Too much to wade through to find what you need. And so, that paste.21:35
ChibaPetIt's useful if you know in advance what you had before as the decrypted name. Before making any changes, you might find this (once you mount the FS, before you bind mount or make any changes) in /etc/crypttab21:36
ChibaPetIf so, you can then back out, cryptsetup luksClose, and then re-open with the right name.21:36
ChibaPetThis might not matter. initramfs-tools might just get their idea from fstab and crypttab. But it can't hurt to be meticulous.21:37
k1ldrhalan: boot your system, then change the defaults in /etc/default/grub, ten run update-grub.21:39
k1lor if its an issue with booting then just change the file in /boot once21:40
ChibaPetOh, that's no fun.21:41
ChibaPetHe can be a rescue-system ninja with a little practise.21:42
drhalanwhen updateing grub i get something like "cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/sdb1". not sure if that is a problem?21:56
drhalanalso, is there an easy way to just reset /etc/default/grub to default?21:56
ChibaPetHrm. Reinstalling the relevant packages (grub-pc in this case?) might do it. Or find a pristine copy.21:57
ChibaPetThis is what I've got in there on my work desktop, running Trusty: https://bpaste.net/show/257f787f0e6f21:58
ChibaPetAs for the error message, I'm not sure. More context might help.22:00
drhalanthat's the settings I've had22:01
drhalan i just don't get grub to show up. nor does it mount /22:02
ChibaPetdrhalan: UEFI system? BIOS?22:04
ChibaPetHow many drives? If you're using grub-pc/BIOS, something I like to do is dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc, which will show you what the package sees as targets for grub installation.22:06
ChibaPetHere, for instance - again, 14.04 because I'm looking at my work desktop as an example: https://bpaste.net/show/0e139bf8e2ad22:07
drhalani think its uefi22:09
ChibaPetdrhalan: FWIW, normally I expect errors from your initrd. That you're not actually seeing GRUB makes me think it's going to be less twitchy to fix.22:09
ChibaPetUm. Can you pastebin the partition table please?22:09
ChibaPetIf it's UEFI, it's a slightly different kettle of fish, with a couple possible solutions.22:10
Jordan_UIs more the default pager in 16.04? Man, git, and various other commands are using more instead of less as a pager and it's rather annoying.22:11
ChibaPetJordan_U: export PAGER=less22:14
Jordan_UChibaPet: I know, but why was the default changed?22:16
Jordan_UIs this an intentional change or a bug? I'm seeing /etc/alternatives/pager pointing to /bin/more on a recent daily LiveCD image of Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.22:17
ChibaPetI'd imagine it was intentional, and I have no clue why, but it's easily set to whatever you like. That said, I'd think less(1) would be the more reasonable default, but I've long since stopped expecting OS vendors to adhere to my ideas of reasonableness.22:19
Jordan_UI can't imagine why *anyone* would want more to be the default pager.22:20
ChibaPetI mean, it *works*. Dunno.22:20
Jordan_UI don't cobsider not being able to scroll up working.22:21
* Jordan_U goes and files a bug report22:22
drhalani don't even care about fixing grub that much... just would like to get the system booting again22:24
drhalani just installed the newest kernel from proposed and ran update-grub again but it didn't help :/22:24
ChibaPetdrhalan: Installing a kernel seems like the wrong answer if GRUB isn't loading at boot time.22:25
ChibaPetYou want to walk through the minimally-invasive options *first* or you just add more variables.22:25
drhalangrub is loading. i just doesn't show the menu22:25
drhalani just tries to boot the default kernel22:25
ChibaPetIt's loading, and then.22:26
ChibaPetOkay. And?22:26
drhalanther kernel boots detects my keyboard and such but does not mount / (which is encrypted)22:26
drhalannor does it prompt for a passowrd22:26
ChibaPetCan you capture error messages from the end of the boot attempt?22:27
ChibaPetSounds like your initramfs might be horqued after all.22:27
ChibaPetAnd please post your partition scheme to help us suss out if you're booting under UEFI or not.22:27
drhalanthere aren't any. but it really seems like the kernel boots up fine. I can even plug in an external monitor and use my docking station22:32
drhalanyou mean the output from fdisk?22:32
ChibaPetMaybe fdisk, maybe gdisk. I'm thinking you might want to consider sticking with a stable release - some of these questions shouldn't be necessary for someone running a testing release. No insult intended, but things *will* break.22:34
drhalanyeah sure... i mean i have all my data backed up22:35
drhalani'm pretty used to the development releases bricking my machines already :P22:37
ChibaPetWell. Things to focus on, then... Find out if you're running UEFI, and what kind of partitioning scheme you've got. Look at where GRUB and other bits get installed. Go into a properly set-up chroot, rebuild your initramfs and make sure GRUB's config is sane.22:38
ChibaPetMaybe look at an article or two on interacting with the busybox shell, and see if your crypto modules are loaded. If the tools are there, you can decrypt and mount root and proceed manually.22:39
Jordan_ULooks like the more/less bug is fixed in the latest daily image.23:42

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