phillwhi hggdh and others..... setting a bug to 'high' and triaging it is not always the best answer..... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-basicfilesystems/+bug/990744 is back in 16.04 .... so, if some one  would take a look at it, that'd be really appreciated by some frustrated testers :)02:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 990744 in partman-basicfilesystems (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu installer says: The creation of swap space in partition failed" [High,Triaged]02:05
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luc4Hello! My ubuntu laptop frequently loses mouse and/or keyboard when resuming from standby. Does it make sense to file a bug to ubuntu? I read online this is frequent.11:15
davmor2luc4: are they bluetooth device?11:16
luc4davmor2: no no the builtin keyboard and trackpad11:18
luc4davmor2: this makes standby almost unusable11:19
davmor2luc4: I never seen that but yes file a bug11:19
luc4davmor2: they typically ask me to test other kernels. Can you tell me which kernels to test so that I can provide the info immediately?11:20
davmor2luc4: nope but you can ask on #ubuntu-kernel and they can fill you in, it might be kernels that they make for you for debugging info you see11:21
luc4davmor2: I'll ask them, thanks!11:22

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