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pittiGood morning06:56
happyaronmorning hikiko seb128 pitti07:02
* happyaron tries to press Tab while typing 'morning'...07:02
hikikohello happyaron pitti seb12807:02
pittihey happyaron, hey hikiko, how are you?07:03
seb128hey desktop, pitti happyaron hikiko07:08
pittibonjour seb128 !07:08
seb128hey Sweet5hark07:23
Sweet5harkseb128: heya07:24
seb128k, I'm having slightly shifted hours today, need to go for some hours07:28
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Laneyhi hi!09:03
pittihey Laney, how are you?09:03
Laneypitti: great, thanks!09:05
LaneyI can see zero clouds, and we're off for a long weekend tomorrow09:05
Laneyfeeeeeeeelin' good09:06
Laneyhow are you?09:06
pittiLaney: oh, I got a bit of a heart attack when you said "zero clouds"09:07
pittiLaney: quite well indeed! we saw a great show last night with the "Berlin Comedian Harmonists"09:08
pitti(singing the songs of the real Comedian Harmonists from the 1930s)09:08
* pitti looks out of the garden, sees 10 cm of snow, and more is coming09:08
Laneycloud paranoia!09:10
LaneyCalculating upgrade... Done09:11
LaneyThe following packages will be REMOVED: libpam-systemd systemd09:11
LaneyThe following NEW packages will be installed: init-system-helpers09:11
Laney0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 2 to remove and 0 not upgraded.09:11
darkxstHey Laney pitti09:11
pittierr, what?09:11
LaneyI don't understand this dist-upgrade (on my server, squeeze)09:11
Laneysomeone explain how that can happen please09:11
Laneyhi darkxst!09:11
alexarnaudhello everybody!09:11
Laneyhey alexarnaud09:11
alexarnaudDoes anyone know when lightdm implements a11y feature like hight contrast?09:12
* darkxst slaps didrocks for breaking our plymouth theme! he got all the other flavours right ;( 09:33
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Chipaca`why does unity now insert new apps at random in the launcher? I've gotten used to <super>-N being an app I've locked there, and now transient apps are appearing at #1 and moving everything around :-(09:58
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Sweet5harkdoctors appointment bbl10:23
LaneyChipaca: xenial?10:27
ChipacaLaney, xenial.10:27
Chipacaunity 7 obvs10:27
LaneyIs it since the update yesterday?10:27
ChipacaLaney, no, I think it's from earlier10:28
Chipacajust was in the right place to figure out if it's a bug or a feature right now10:28
LaneyWonder why it doesn't happen for me10:31
Laneysounds annoying anyway10:31
LaneyI'd file it and see what T_revinho or a_ndyrock have to say10:31
Chipacawill do10:32
ChipacaLaney, bug 1549730 fwiw10:40
ubot5`bug 1549730 in unity (Ubuntu) "launcher inserts new apps at #1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154973010:40
Chipacanow doing the ubuntu-bug thing10:41
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desrtsaluton, homoj!11:54
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* xnox feels like packaging guru "10 files changed, 15 insertions(+), 121 deletions(-)"12:06
pittixnox: moved to "dh"? :-)12:11
xnoxyeah, and things like that.12:11
xnoxpitti, i wonder why we install plymouth on s390x.12:12
xnoxsurely, "just" systemd should be good enough, no?12:13
pittixnox: dunno, slightly more pretty boot screen/fsck/password input?12:14
xnox..... on serial consoles. i don't think so.12:17
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Laneyseb128: can you take care of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/appstream-data/+bug/1548157 please?13:00
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1548157 in appstream-data (Ubuntu) "Remove appstream-data from Ubuntu (xenial)" [Undecided,New]13:00
* Laney didn't know that this had been done13:00
seb128Laney, sure can ... should we have something conflicting/breaking it to make sure it gets removed from installed systems?13:00
LaneyI guess the kde discover thing could do that13:01
* Laney commented13:03
seb128Laney, oh, you merged gtk, I hope I didn't do the update while you were already on it (/me hates wasting work)13:05
Laneysort of but I dropped some extra deltas so it wasn't all bad13:06
Laneythe update part itself was trivial13:06
* Laney goes to lunch it up13:11
seb128Laney, enjoy!13:11
andyrockTrevinho: https://code.launchpad.net/~azzar1/unity/format-option/+merge/283741 review13:44
Laneyfridge door just almost fell off /o\15:02
Laneyfixed now I think/hope15:05
pittiLaney: you're working in your *fridge*??15:07
pittiwell, given how cold it is again I have the feeling that I do too, thouhg :)15:07
Laneyit is where my fuel comes from15:07
* Laney has *white* tea :-o15:07
pittiLaney: ah I see, you have a different engine type then :) Mine is powered by chocolate bars and gummy bears15:09
mvoLaney: white tea, *yummy*15:13
* Laney hugs mvo15:15
seb128Laney, not sure if you saw/replied to my comment from yesterday about g-s not listing evince ... any idea of that's g-s side or appstream one?15:35
Laneyit's installed?15:35
seb128but searching for it doesn't return it15:37
seb128the debug log states it's filtered out because it's a duplicate15:37
seb128which I don't understand15:37
seb128but there are other evince .desktop for specific mimetypes, I wonder if that can create confusion?15:38
seb128does it list it for you?15:38
Laneyno, those are NoDisplay so they are ignored15:39
seb128(gnome-software:4452): Gs-DEBUG: ignoring duplicate evince.desktop15:40
seb128but it doesn't say what it's duplicate from15:40
seb128do you know how that dup logic is working?15:41
Laneyduplicate of what?15:41
Laneyno, that's on the gnome-software side15:41
Laneyit works on that old version15:42
Laneysame one as the uninstalled apps work on15:42
tjaaltonseb128: the nvidia xserver bug has been fixed on the ppa, so it's good for migration. but I'm off today so let's do it early next week17:05
tjaaltonoff tomorrow I mean17:05
seb128tjaalton, wfm!17:05
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Laneypitti: any idea what's up with adt/nemo/armhf?17:30
Laneycould it be that cyclops-024 is down and took it? can't ssh to that one anyway17:30
* seb128 shakes the fist at gtk17:30
seb128another incompatible change in gtk 3.18 creating issues for nautilus :-/17:31
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Laneyoff until tuesday, don't (do) break stuff!18:05
Laneywould be good if adt/nemo/armhf could be unwedged per my last ping18:06
seb128Laney, oh, right, enjoy your long w.e!18:11
seb128it's going to be quiet around here tomorrow...18:12

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