amjjawadHi darkxst, 10th of March is the day of UI freeze, right? according to 16.04 release schedule .. and I see the slide show and the default wallpaper are the same :'(05:45
darkxstamjjawad, yeh, wallpaper needs to be done before then05:47
darkxstslideshow can be updated slightly after05:47
amjjawadOh, okay05:47
darkxstideally slideshow would be done before string freeze05:51
amjjawadBeta 2?05:54
amjjawadOh, no05:54
amjjawadthat's before that05:54
amjjawad17th of March https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseSchedule05:54
mueckehi! i'm using ubuntu 15.10 on my lenovo thinkpad. sometimes the mouse-clicks stop working while everything else, movment and keyboard, still works.09:53
mueckewhat helps is switching to one of the text-consoles and then back to the gui09:53
mueckeoder hitting ctrl-alt-del and in the popped up dialog then choose "cancel"09:54
mueckeit's a thinkpad yoga, btw.09:55
mueckeand using ubuntu-gnome09:55
darkxstmuecke, ask again in a few days. its 16.04 beta1 chaos tonight10:02
LinDolhi all :)12:41
JockeTFPacaloha, LinDolPaca!12:46
LinDolJockeTF, haha hello :)12:47
johnjohn101hi people18:04
johnjohn101recent kernel update in 15.10 keeps me from booting into the desktop18:04
johnjohn101ok bug found https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/154858718:35
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1548587 in linux (Ubuntu Wily) "Ubuntu 15.10 VMWare guest won't show UI after upgrading to 4.2.0-30" [High,In progress]18:35
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jayarcUbuntu gnome devs: Can't thank you enough for making the best OS experience on earth happen, just a big fat thank you. I started my linux interest with Mandrake a long time ago when things were so difficult to get running. 8 months ago I decided to revisit linux as my main development OS and chose ubuntu gnome. I'm absolutely floored by how good this OS is, I'll never switch back if it stays this good. Not only Gnome Shell (3) but the ubuntu distro21:05
jayarc version with all the support I love from ubuntu's community plus the best interface. Thank you, thank you thank you. A very happy web dev.21:05
darkxstjayarc, no problem, glad you like it!21:59
craysiiiis Software new to ubuntu gnome? I just noticed it this morning, it opened itself up.23:55

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