sepehralan ro system am debian nasbe09:06
sepehrvaghti usb headphone ro mizanam nemishnasash09:07
sepehrchikar bayad kard? :|09:07
sepehrkasi hast?09:10
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alimjA toast to KingOfToast13:18
KingOfToastha ha, thanks very much.13:19
KingOfToastDo you guys get many questions about Iran here?13:20
alimjFew. Not usually13:20
alimjThis is Ubuntu support channel13:20
KingOfToastI am using ubuntu now, but im planning on visiting Iran for a holiday13:21
alimjCurrently 30 day Tourist visas are issued upon arrival for many nationalities13:22
alimjHope you enjoy your visit13:22
KingOfToastMany ubuntu users in Iran?13:22
alimjThere should be many13:23
KingOfToastDo you live there yourself?13:23
alimjpopulation is relatively young and many study IT related topics13:23
alimjI live in Tehran13:23
alimjWhere are you?13:23
KingOfToastIm living in Devon in the UK13:23
KingOfToastI also work in IT13:24
alimjOh. England13:24
KingOfToastYep England13:24
farooghkza toast for u13:24
alimjBrits should apply for a visa before travelling. Relatively easy13:24
KingOfToastIve read loads of amazing things about Iran, the history sounds fascinating.13:25
farooghkzalimj, go there13:26
alimjfarooghkz: On the same network?13:27
KingOfToastWhere are good places to visit?13:28
farooghkzalimj, yes on freenode13:28
alimjTop priorities should be Isfahan, Shiraz13:28
alimjActually depends13:29
alimjIf you are interested on historical places or other things13:29
farooghkzit is better to talk about iran there13:29
KingOfToastin the #iran channel?13:29
alimjI guess it would be fine to talk about Iran here.13:29
alimjCurrently the channel is not very crowded13:30
alimjNot a real necessity for another channel13:30
alimjKingOfToast: Relatively few people could speak English (or any other foreign language)13:31
alimjI suggest reading TripAdvisor articles13:31
alimjLot's of good suggestions13:31
alimjThere are also some nice and affordable tours (with English speaking guides)13:32
KingOfToastI think we will be getting a guide to take us most places. Is Tehran pretty safe to walk around?13:32
alimjTehran is really safe to walk around13:33
alimjCompared to many other cities13:33
alimjAir pollution is high in this season13:34
KingOfToastDo you see many tourists there?13:34
alimjI would recommend early spring13:34
alimjIf we want to compare to Turkey or UAE, the answer is no. Otherwise, yes. For sure13:34
alimjCountry has been trying to open the doors to get a lot of tourists13:35
KingOfToastA lot of people I speak to about visiting Iran think im mad for wanting to go.13:35
alimjNo. You many consult the British embassy in Tehran: https://twitter.com/ukiniran13:36
alimjAlso this: http://www.euronews.com/2016/02/16/iran-to-ease-visa-access-except-for-us-and-uk/13:36
alimjAlso watch this: http://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2016/02/05/iran-winter-sports-pleitgen-pkg.cnn13:37
alimjAnd read this: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/14/travel/iran-tourism-sanctions.html?_r=013:38
alimjI quote: "five million foreign travelers visited Iran in 2014"13:39
KingOfToastIm really excited to get there and see what Iran is like13:40
KingOfToastI love experiencing different cultures13:40
KingOfToastWhat do people tend to do there on an evening?13:41
farooghkzhow u come iran?by airplane?13:41
KingOfToastWill be flying to Dubai and then to Iran13:41
alimjfarooghkz: British Airways is resuming London Tehran flights13:41
KingOfToastI think the flights start up again in July13:42
farooghkzso where does barjam go?13:42
alimjKingOfToast: People do different things on the evenings13:43
alimjAnd different cities.13:43
alimjYou have to consider the following: 1) Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard) does not work here. You should carry some cash13:45
KingOfToastI guess most people here when they meet up they tend to drink in bars or something similar. But since Iran is a dry country then you must do other things.13:45
alimj2) It is always better to exchange at exchange shops in the city rather than Airport (rates differ very much)13:46
KingOfToastgood tip13:47
KingOfToastwhats the wifi coverage like there?13:48
alimj3) Internet speed is very poor13:49
alimjYou can get 4G SIM cards but only at limited speeds13:49
alimjAlso many web sites are blocked (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, ...)13:50
KingOfToastah yes I read about that.13:50
alimjSo it would be wise to have VPN and/or Tor installed on you phone if you want to use them13:50
KingOfToastanother good tip, ill have to get tor installed13:50
farooghkzطرف میخواد بیاد ایران باید چقد بدبختی بکشه...13:51
alimjKingOfToast: May I ask, how old are you?13:52
alimjIf you look into right places, you might find young Iranians who will be glad to be your guide for free.13:53
alimjThey will enjoy to speak with a Native English speaker. It would be virtually an English class for them13:53
KingOfToastI think the person we are visiting is arranging for someone to show us around. We will need someone to keep us out of trouble.13:54
farooghkzkingoftoast, will u come here norooz?13:54
alimjNorooz == equinox13:55
alimjIt is the beginning of Iranian year. Also Holidays13:55
KingOfToastwhen is Norooz?13:55
alimjOur year starts on spring equinox13:56
KingOfToastIm planning on being there in April13:56
farooghkzequinox is about 23d later13:57
alimjIf you visit Tehran, we could have a coffee together13:57
KingOfToastlots of celebrations for the equinox?13:57
alimjMore than 13 days13:57
KingOfToastWould love to. Good to get to know anyone from Tehran13:58
farooghkzking, did u know goods and services are more expensive on equinox?13:59
KingOfToastThanks for talking to me, ive got to get back to work now. Would it be ok if I stay in this group if I have any more questions?13:59
alimjNo problem13:59
KingOfToastfarooghkz: thanks for the tip14:00
alimjHere is my Twitter: https://twitter.com/AliMirjamali14:00
alimjI will PM you my e-mail. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions14:01
KingOfToastI have just followed you on twitter14:01
KingOfToastSee you later14:03
alimjSee you14:03
alimjfarooghkz: به قول معروف. مهمان حبیب خدا است14:05
farooghkzمگه من چیز بدی گفتم؟14:05
farooghkzدارم اوبونتوم رو نابود میکنم خخخ14:21
alimjfarooghkz: نه. اصلا چیز بدی نگفتی14:36
alimjاصولا باید سعی کرد که خارجیها را به کشور آورد و بهشان نشان داد که ما شاخ نداریم14:36

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