k1lsomeone from staff awake?23:22
k1lnhandler: hi, i just saw that during the last account wipe on freenode our german team account with the founder right of the channels got wiped too. can you set that account to founder again?23:24
nhandlerk1l: If a member of the IRCC approves I can23:25
Unit193Introducing some IRCC highlights on hggdh, Pici, Tm_T, etc.23:28
k1lor elky (since she is not /away)23:31
Unit193I have to remember all of them? :(23:33
daxyou forgot Flannel too23:34
k1lyeah, but he is marked away :)23:35
Unit193I usually only get 3/5.  My ratio is pretty bad.23:35
daxhopefully will become easier to remember soon :323:35
hggdhk1l: I se no problem with that. nhandler -- please go ahead23:53
hggdhs/I se/I see/23:53
ubuntu-de-ircthis is the account23:54
nhandlerubuntu-de-irc: What channel?23:54
k1l#ubuntu-de, #ubuntu-de+1, #ubuntu-de-offtopic #ubuntu-de-op #ubuntu-de-overflow #ubuntu-de-bot23:55
nhandlerk1l, ubuntu-de-irc, hggdh: Ok, I believe ubuntu-de-irc should now be the founder of all of those channels.23:57
hggdhnhandler: thank you23:57
ubuntu-de-ircalright, thanks hggdh nhandler23:57

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