dileks_webchatI am not sure if this is the correct channel for asking07:08
dileks_webchatbut according to release-schedule xenial-b1 shall be available for download07:08
dileks_webchatdid that happen? if yes can you point me to the download-url?07:09
dileks_webchatOK, I found https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/Beta1 which offers some iso-images07:16
dileks_webchataway again, hehe07:20
snonezhi, I have a question about kdump, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29448158/enable-kdump-on-a-compiled-linux-kernel, 09:09
snonezthe answer here doesn't solve the problem, 09:10
apwsnonez, alwys helpfil to know what the problem is that you are seeing09:14
apwand also if you could give us some background as to what you are trying to do09:14
MadkissWe have just confirmed that https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1505948 also affects the Ubuntu standard kernel for Xenial :(09:18
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1505948 in linux (Ubuntu Wily) "Memory arena corruption with FUSE (was Memory allocation failure crashes kernel hard, presumably related to FUSE)" [High,Confirmed]09:18
snonezapw, the problem is here, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29448158/enable-kdump-on-a-compiled-linux-kernel 09:21
apwMadkiss, this is the one (iirc) where if you use the "next" version of fuse which uses async IO things explode right ?09:22
Madkissapw: correct09:23
apwMadkiss, phew, ok, i think we knew it would affect the main kernle, that this was likely a gneeric issue, i'll read the current status shortly09:24
apwsnonez, so your load fails with "no hole found" yes ?09:24
apwsnonez, what crashkernel= setting are you using on the kernel command line ?09:25
snonezapw: yes, "Could not find a free area of memory of *** bytes..."09:27
snonez"locate_hole failed"09:27
snonez* failed to load kdump kernel09:27
snonezapw: crashkernel=384M-:128M   the default value09:27
apwsnonez, and this is a self compiled kernel i think, is the config somewhere ?09:27
apwsnonez, and is this your actual value: 0x9521000 bytes09:28
snonezno, it comes from the orig config 09:29
snonezapw: 0x9ba500009:30
apwsnonez, so ... that is 163205120 bytes, or 155.6M which is more than 128M so ... it won't fit09:31
snonezapw: make it bigger?09:32
apwworth a try 09:32
apwsnonez, as an experiment i'd make it -:256M and see if that makes the issue go away09:33
Madkissapw: I think the reason we're not seeing more reports of this until now is that the libfuse in 14.04 deoes not support AIO.09:34
snonezapw, it works,, 09:34
apwsnonez, did you say that you built your own kernel here, how big is your vmlinux that it wouldn't fix there09:34
snonezI make it 256M and the error msg gone09:34
Madkissapw: once we have a newer version of libfuse, we're likely to see more users running into this.09:34
apwMadkiss, yep this needs to be fixed, with luck we won't get hat version in xenial, so we have a little time to find and fix it in YY09:35
Madkissapw: I'm trying to figure out what exact libfuse version contains the problematic code.09:35
apwMadkiss, thanks, if you could put that in the bug tooo so the info is all in one place09:36
apwi really need a reproduce by, but i've not had time to sit with th eproblem and think about it since last time we talked09:36
snonezapw: vmlinuz or vmlinux?09:37
snonezapw, vmlinuz 6446944, vmlinux 35689982209:38
apwthat doesn't seem so big, if you are loading vmlinuz, hrm09:38
* cking wonders if it's been allocated, one can check with cat /proc/iomem | grep Crash09:42
snonezapw, the orig kernel size(vmlinuz) is bigger than the one i build09:43
apwsnonez, yeah, all a bit odd09:45
dileks_webchathi apw long time no see/read09:53
snonezapw, thx 10:01
Madkissapw: my understanding is that the libfuse version in our local setup is libfuse3, which is currently not included in Ubuntu 14.04.10:09
MadkissI would, however, like to point out that under no circumstances should a kernel crash, and I am rather sure this is not even related at all to libfuse directly.10:09
MadkissI assume that libfuse3 triggers a function that makes the kernel run into a panic. However, any user being allowed to use fuse will likely be able to do the same, and hence crash the system.10:10
Madkissapw: Would you be willing to look into the problem if we deliver some piece of code that reliably crashes a Xenial system where fuse is in the kernel?10:14
Madkisswhen executed as a user?10:14
apwMadkiss, concur you should never be able to crash a kernel, the primary concern close to release is that this is not osmething that users will hit easily11:12
apwMadkiss, if you have a reproduce by that will trigger it then yes i would like to have me or someone here look at it11:13
luc4Hello! My ubuntu laptop seems to have a couple of issues when resuming from stand by. Both keyboard and trackpad frequently wake up dead. I'd file a bug report for this, but what kernel should I use for the test? Latest in repo? I'm typically asked to install some other kernels from some other source.11:25
apwluc4, you should update to the archive latest and confirm the bug there, then report it against that11:38
apwluc4, the next steps are often to test other "nearby" kernels to determine where if any a fix exists11:39
luc4apw: sorry, pc went to standby :-D so here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/?C=N;O=D? v4.5-rc5-wily?11:46
apwluc4, no as in letting update manager install the latest (or apt-get dist-upgrade)11:47
apwwe care that that one is broken11:47
apw(or not11:47
apwand then you will likely get asked to test some of those mainline kernels to confirm if like v4.5 is broken as part of diagnosis11:47
luc4apw: sorry, not sure I understand. I'm now using the latest from apt. Is there anything else I should test?11:48
apwbut your bug should be filed from an ubuntu kernel which has the issue if at all possible (some bugs not so much)11:48
apwyou asked wehre you should file a bug, file it against archive latest11:48
apwyes you can then test the highest v4.5-rc that you found11:49
luc4apw: ah ok, now I'm using 4.2.0-30-generic. I should file against that.11:49
apwyes because that is what you want fixed, the archive kernel for your series11:50
luc4apw: thanks!11:50
snonezapw, sry to bother you again, how many minutes does kdump takes, which level do you set?12:17
snonezI set level 17, x86_64, 18 minutes, still running12:18
Madkissapw: alright, I will see what I can do.13:07
apw18m sounds like a long time to dump to me, but i can't say i dump large amchines very often13:17
tjaaltonapw: hey, I'm not seeing my stuff on xenial master-next? tseliot would rebase his on top because some core drm commits are shared14:16
apwtjaalton, UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Revert "drm/i915: Switch DDC when reading the EDID" looks to be on there to me14:20
tjaaltonapw: hmm where is that? I have lp as the main source14:21
tjaaltonsomething happening now :)14:22
tjaaltonor just my local clone not set up properly14:24
tjaaltongit fetch does nothing14:24
tjaaltongit fetch origin works14:24
tjaaltonyep, it's all good14:25
lamontjsalisbury: I stand corrected - the 300 retry kernel resulted in one display, not two17:57
lamontbug updated17:58
jsalisburylamont, ack, thanks for testing.  I'll take a look17:58
jsalisburylamont, I'm talking with upstream about the bug.  I posted a link to the upstream thread in the bug.  Can you post the monitor type and the type of cable used?18:30
jsalisburylamont, they state that a single link dvi/hdmi cable didn’t work and dual link worked18:30
lamontsingle link dvi-d cable it is18:32
jsalisburylamont, great, thanks.  I'll update upstream18:36
lamontnot sure whether or not a dual-link is possible for the other end18:36
lamontnah... it looks like it could take dual-link18:37
* lamont jsut deosn't have one18:37
jsalisburylamont, ack, it looks like they are coming up with patches, so I can build a new kernel for you once one is available.18:39
sorinellohello. can someone giver me an estimate until https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1548587 hits the official channels ?20:33
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1548587 in linux (Ubuntu Wily) "Ubuntu 15.10 VMWare guest won't show UI after upgrading to 4.2.0-30" [High,In progress]20:33
apwkamal, ^20:33
kamalsorinello, apw: the team is discussing that now.  I'll let you know when we know.20:35
sorinellothanks a lot kamal , apw 20:37

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