superflywxl, tsimonq2: one of the things that would be really useful from the LoCo Portal is being able to use it for a LoCo's renewal. Have a page where it can group all the activity from a LoCo over the last two years.08:49
superflyMake it easier for an aspiring LoCo to also apply for official status08:50
tsimonq2superfly: so you are implying that it should have all the activity?12:34
superflytsimonq2: isn't that the point? ;-)12:40
superflyI need to go and figure out what and how our LoCo uses the portal, and the wiki, but I know we use both because the portal doesn't support everything we want to do12:42
superflyNot that I have the time to contribute :-( too many other open source things to do.12:42
tsimonq2superfly: oh oky :)12:42
tsimonq2I'll bring it up :)12:43
superflytsimonq2: as a dev myself, I know that if a user doesn't tell me what they need, I don't develop it because I don't know.12:57

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