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tjaaltonpushed mesa 11.2.0-rc1 to ppa:tjaalton/ppa10:20
tjaaltonmir-egl patch didn't need work, and it at least compiles10:21
tjaaltonthere is a FFE bug for this, but it will be properly tested before pushing to main10:21
alf_sil2100: Hi! When you get some free cycles, could you please also disable unity-system-compositor jobs in s-jenkins (unity-system-compositor-ci, unity-system-compositor-autolanding etc)10:59
sil2100alf_: ok, will try to do that in a minute :)11:01
alf_sil2100: thanks11:01
Saviqalf_, can you please add me to your CI team so I can steal your device jobs? :)13:49
alf_Saviq: sure13:49
Saviqalf_, oh, maybe I'm there already, just was looking at a config from a multi-config job13:51
alf_Saviq: so, our 'ci team' is actually mir-team13:51
Saviqalf_, yeah just saw13:51
alf_Saviq: so you should be there13:51
Saviqalf_, looking at device-0-flash, find it weird that you flash per label, shouldn't you have it per slave instead? otherwise you rely on the fact that you have just one of each?13:52
alf_Saviq: I thought that if I select a label in a multiconfig job it would just pick a single node matching that label?13:54
Saviqalf_, that's correct, but how do you then know that you flash and test on that same slave?13:55
SaviqI mean a "monitor" job can have a label, but downstream from that you need to stick to a slave13:55
alf_Saviq: yeah, you are right13:57
alf_Saviq: perhaps there is a way to constrain the node to be the same for run job as it is for the flash job?13:58
Saviqalf_, only way I can think of is for the upstream job to run on that slave (throttled to just one per slave) and run downstream jobs on that same slave13:59
Saviqalf_, otherwise other jobs could get queued on that slave in the mean time14:00
SaviqI mean, they still could, if you did it manually14:00
Saviqother than having a single job that does everything in sequence (flash + test)14:00
Saviqwithout letting the slave out14:01
SaviqI think that's the safer approach actually14:01
Saviqbecause otherwise you can queue a job on the same slave before the flashing completes14:02
Saviqand that would "steal" the slae14:02
alan_galf_: if you fix the conflict I'll TA15:16
alf_alan_g: thanks, see latest comment on why it can't land yet15:32
alan_g/sigh! So many barriers to progress!15:34
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fsbifhello everyone. I can't get unity 8 run in ubuntu 15.1018:58
fsbifit says "unity8-lxc-setup: error: The container already exists." when I try to remove the container18:59
ChrisTownsendfsbif: Hi!  How exactly are you trying to remove the unity8-lxc container?19:05
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