k1l10GB of old kernels and headers on a 14.04 install. we really need that cleaning-up script post-kernel-install.11:40
bazhangmathisen claims to be on ubuntu11:58
bazhangsome odd things missing there11:58
bazhang@random MINT hacked emacs HURD11:59
bazhangthats three polite asks12:32
bazhang<reisio> what discussion12:37
k1lthe typical "i know the truth and dont let me beeing told to take that to offtopic channels" reisio12:38
bazhanghe's that way in every single channel12:39
chubazhang: lool14:05
k1l<Tachyon_> so I have to run "sudo apt-get install phoronix-test-suite" or something ?15:06
bazhangthats an actual package!15:21
bazhangjust checked with the bot15:21
hggdhyes, since precise15:27
hggdh(at least)15:27
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GlorfindelI'm banned in #ubuntu-offtopic?16:35
k1ltry again now when you are logged in16:35
Glorfindelahh, thanks :)16:36
bynariehi guys, i would like to request to be unbanned from #ubuntu18:17
FlannelHi bynarie.  Let me look.  While I'm doing that, and to save me some reading, can you please tell me why you were banned?18:36
ubottuIn #kubuntu, dhanraj said: !ask is there any method to find in which source file perticuler function is residing? if yes then how?20:01
bynarieFlannel, sorry, was AFK. so basically i told an OP to stop being an asshole and then harrassed him about it for a bit, this was well over 6 months ago, havent been back, havent caused any problems20:15
bynarieand i was also ban-skipping or w/e its called, but like i said, i stopped20:17
Jordan_U!guidelines | bynarie21:19
ubottubynarie: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines21:19
Jordan_Ubynarie: Please carefully read the guidelines for our channels. Once you've finished reading them, if you agree to follow them then I will remove your bans. Note however that if you fail to follow our guidelines in the future it will be harder to get your ban removed.21:21
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