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davmor2I CAN HAZ AN INSTALL \o/10:19
davmor2Now to try with 3rd party drivers installed checked10:19
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wxlwe should change the "passed with no bugs" button to say "testcase succeeded" XD19:44
flocculantI guess the thing is how pragmatic people are19:46
flocculantvbox should cause a testcase to fail shouldn't it19:47
flocculantbut people pass the test because vbox19:47
wxli meant more that there's nothing that has no bugs!19:49
flocculantbut then if it has bugs - testcase didn't succeed :p19:49
wxlwhat if the bug is that the slideshow is out of date? XD19:50
flocculantthe trouble I have mostly is people add their pet bugs to the tracker - when a testcase doesn't even come anywhere close to even thinking about the possibility of asking about *it*19:50
flocculantlike a install - that gets some bug about unetbootin or the like added to it ...19:50
wxlwell i think it's valuable to report bugs— as many as possible, but that doesn't mean a failed testcase19:51
wxli know i saw those19:51
wxland i'm pretty much ignoring them :)19:51
wxlbut i will do everything i can to encourage people to report bugs everywhere they can!19:51
flocculantI think it's valuable to report bugs too19:51
flocculantperhaps there should be some education about things like it19:51
flocculantdon't fail a test - if the test itself succeeded - you can add bugs, but don't fail it19:52
flocculantI've passed things with critical bugs19:52
wxlmaybe there should be a section for pet bugs XD19:52
flocculantwe're going to have to undo a bunch of tracker changes - defects is still fubar19:53
flocculantballoons: I've got nowhere working out what to do with the MP we were looking to undo - given up for the moment20:01
flocculantafter a week using the tracker I have just reported bug 154995620:01
ubot5`bug 1549956 in Ubuntu QA Website "Changes to the way bugs are shown in tracker testcase" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154995620:01
balloonsflocculant, ohh. Sorry to hear that20:01
flocculantballoons: probably shouldn't have looked when I did tbh :p20:01
balloonsflocculant, what would you like to do next?20:01
flocculantafter a week running beta 1 for the flavours - forget all about the tracker for a few days :D20:02
wxlwhere do i even see the list of bugs? i couldn't find it20:06
flocculantwxl at the bottom20:07
wxlweord o dpm20:08
wxli don't see it20:08
wxloh maybe i do20:08
flocculantscroll down20:08
wxlper testcase20:08
flocculantyea - same as it ever was - just not icons you have to mouseover20:09
wxli still wish i could see all the ones that affect a particular milestone product20:09
wxllike Lubuntu Xenial Beta 1 has the following bugs and it shows which it testcase it was reported against20:09
flocculantpersonally I'd rather bugs on xubuntu between x and y - I can choose to include milestones, either side of milestones, excluding milestones20:10
wxlyes i'd like that too20:11
balloons"like Lubuntu Xenial Beta 1 has the following bugs and it shows which it testcase it was reported against " interesting the linking to testcase20:30
balloonsI don't think that's a filed bug20:30
flocculantballoons: bug 137545620:35
ubot5`bug 1375456 in Ubuntu QA Website "no way to subscribe to daily reports for a particular product" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137545620:35
tsimonq2balloons: is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/RequiredTests accurate?23:29

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