flexiondotorg_stgraber, Thanks.00:03
cyphermoxinfinity: new grub in trusty queue with the fixes ^^^00:14
amjjawadyou welcome flexiondotorg_ sorry, was away00:42
* wxl is back now too00:43
wxlAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i think https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/casper/+bug/966480 is back00:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 966480 in plymouth (Ubuntu Precise) "The prompt asking for media removal is not shown at the end of the installation" [High,Triaged]00:45
amjjawadwxl, it was never away to begin with :D00:54
amjjawadI always see it but to be super honest, I didn't bother to report it :P now that I found the bug, I confirmed it and posted a comment as well.00:54
* wxl siiiighs00:55
smosercan someone ack rbasak's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/squid3/+bug/1473691 ?  getting that done will get us a fix for xenial for bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/squid3/+bug/154764000:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 1473691 in squid3 (Ubuntu) "[FFe] squid: Update to latest upstream release (3.5)" [Wishlist,In progress]00:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 1547640 in squid3 (Ubuntu Xenial) "proxy tries ipv6 and gets 503 when no ipv6 routes" [High,In progress]00:56
smoserwhich we'd like to get into xenial. the SRUs will go in soon.00:56
ianorlinany chance  of a fix for bug 990744 anytime soon not sure if lubuntu can get a respin tested if it is not fixed soon05:07
ubot5`bug 990744 in partman-basicfilesystems (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu installer says: The creation of swap space in partition failed" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99074405:07
amjjawadis this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1359689 can be re-produced on VM?05:23
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1359689 in linux (Ubuntu Vivid) "cryptsetup password prompt not shown" [Critical,Triaged]05:23
amjjawadI tested Ubuntu GNOME i386 20160224.3 on Oracle VB and I didn't see it ..05:24
ianorlinamjjawad: I can in lubuntu with encryption on kvm but I can log in if I know it is encrypted05:26
darkxstamjjawad, it will only happen on systems that are failing to show plymouth05:26
darkxstsame with the check disc bug05:27
amjjawadso it's a Plymouth thing darkxst ?05:27
darkxstamjjawad, yes the password prompt is part of plymouth05:27
darkxst(well displayed by plymouth)05:27
amjjawadbut that should not stop us from releasing the beta 1, right? I mean, is it considered a critical bug?05:29
ianorlinif you press a key on the keyboard you get a text mode message to enter your encryption passphrase05:30
darkxstamjjawad, there are atleast 3-4 bugs caused by plymouth playing up05:31
ianorlinhmm would not using the splash screen like booting without quiet and splash in grub be an effective workaround for the beta05:32
amjjawadconsidering this is an LTS, I find it really painful :(05:33
ianorlinwhen are plymouth problems not painful05:33
amjjawadOver the so many releases of Ubuntu and flavors, Plymouth played a good role of causing lots of issues. I wonder why we could not stop or at least limit that?!05:34
darkxstamjjawad, I don't think plymouth has caused that many issues, mainly just the media removal bug that was still never fixed05:36
amjjawadhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1359689 is an old bug too from 201405:37
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1359689 in linux (Ubuntu Vivid) "cryptsetup password prompt not shown" [Critical,Triaged]05:37
darkxstamjjawad, well that one looks like it was a drm bug in the kernel05:42
amjjawadHi again, Is it okay when the GNOME Software center displays nothing but the installed packages?!07:18
amjjawaddarkxst, ^^07:19
darkxstamjjawad, no, it should show all packages that have valid metadata07:19
darkxstamjjawad, http://appstream.ubuntu.com/07:20
amjjawadI am testing now Ubuntu GNOME Desktop amd64 and when I check GNOME software center, I see only the installed packages. It says "No application found" whenever I search for anything :(07:21
darkxstamjjawad, maybe try setting require-appdata gsettings key?07:23
* darkxst is fixing plymouth will check software in a live session later07:23
amjjawaddarkxst, but it should work by default without checking anything?!07:24
darkxstamjjawad, yes lots of apps still have invalid metadata, so will probably set the key before release anyway07:25
darkxstbut it should show something, other than installed apps07:25
amjjawadshould I report a bug?!07:26
darkxstamjjawad, yes07:26
* flexiondotorg_ Yawns.07:31
flexiondotorg_amjjawad, wxl flocculant How is your testing going?07:31
flocculantflexiondotorg_: just in time ... I've never seen swap failing to create - but one of my lot saw oit yesterday07:31
flexiondotorg_I was up until 2am and I see no major blockers for Ubuntu MATE.07:31
flexiondotorg_flocculant, Right.07:31
flexiondotorg_flocculant, I saw it on the builds from 23rd, but only in oem install mode when the disk already had an install on it.07:32
flexiondotorg_My testing last night, I didn't encounter it at all.07:32
darkxstamjjawad, will you scream much if I respin the images?07:33
amjjawaddarkxst, will that fix the tons of bugs we have?!07:34
darkxstit should fix all the plymouth stuff, just for build to waiting to confirm07:34
amjjawadGood morning flexiondotorg_ it is 18:35 here and I'm still testing ..07:34
amjjawaddarkxst, if not, what should we do next?!07:35
flexiondotorg_07:35 here. Just about to go to work.07:35
darkxstamjjawad, have more faith in me ;)07:35
flexiondotorg_I had to finish my testing last night, because I can't do any today.07:35
amjjawaddarkxst, of course I do :D07:35
flexiondotorg_flocculant, I've just test oem-install again.07:36
amjjawaddarkxst, go for it ;)07:36
flexiondotorg_Works fine.07:36
amjjawadflexiondotorg_, interesting enough, your testing is always showing different results :P07:36
flexiondotorg_Are we sure the people reporting the swap creation issue are use iso built on 24th?07:36
darkxstflexiondotorg_, plymouth is broken for us ;(07:36
amjjawaddarkxst, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/154906707:36
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1549067 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu GNOME Trusty to Xenial release upgrade fails" [Undecided,New]07:36
amjjawaddid you see this bug ^^ ?07:36
flexiondotorg_darkxst, I saw :-(07:36
flexiondotorg_Right, off to work. I'll be on here a bit later.07:37
darkxstamjjawad, yes07:37
flocculantdarkxst: this plymouth fix of yours - will it affect globally ?07:39
darkxstflocculant, not my upload, but themes moved to /usr/share/plymouth07:39
darkxstmaybe similar fix for other flavours though07:39
darkxstflocculant, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/1549623/comments/307:40
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1549623 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "plymouth splash is not being displayed" [Undecided,New]07:40
amjjawadwill the re-spin fix that upgrade bug darkxst or it's something we can't do much about?07:40
darkxstamjjawad, unlikely, no idea what is causing that yet07:40
flocculantI haven't touched upgrades this week - I got fails last week though07:41
flocculantthere'll be a note in our release notes about that along the lines of 'not tested'07:41
darkxstamjjawad, besides the images have little to do with upgrades07:41
darkxstflocculant, check for hardcoded paths in your plymouth-theme-logo.plymouth file!07:42
darkxstI now have a shutdown splash, but no boot splash07:44
darkxstoh it came, but way late07:45
amjjawaddarkxst, you're testing on real hardware?07:45
flocculantdarkxst: so you're not seeing plymouth at boot/shutdown on hardware as well as vbox?07:46
flocculantif that's the case - we only fail on vbox afaik07:46
darkxstvbox only gets text mode, so its not affected07:47
darkxstour graphical logo theme was pointing to the wrong place07:47
darkxstguess didrocks missed that when he did the merge07:47
flocculantaah k07:48
amjjawaddarkxst, are you having problems with the dots under "Ubuntu GNOME"? because I can see that on Oracle VB. Unless you mean something else?07:49
darkxstthat is the text theme07:50
darkxstvbox can't do graphical until it gets KMS drivers07:50
darkxstamjjawad, how many times have I told you vbox drivers are rubbish ;)07:53
darkxstamjjawad, we are good to go, uploading new theme now07:55
amjjawaddarkxst, I know but have no other choice at the moment. Maybe when I'll move houses for the 999 times in 2 years, I'll find a real hardware to test Ubuntu GNOME on ;)07:55
darkxstamjjawad, vmware player ;)07:55
amjjawadcould not get it to work here :(07:56
amjjawadI prefer real hardware but that should wait until I move ..07:56
darkxsttheir graphics drivers are open-source and in the mainline kernel (Something that will never happen for vbox drivers)07:56
darkxstflocculant, when are you planning to release?07:56
flocculantdarkxst: stgraber is eastern time - working pacific time ish - so hours yet07:58
flocculantand I'm off in 20 for ~7 hours too07:59
flocculantso if it's about respinning yours and getting testing done you have some time :)07:59
darkxstyes, and yes I will re-spin soon08:00
darkxstamjjawad, I use a USB harddrive for real hardware testing on my laptop08:02
flocculantyofel: what's the story from your corner?08:02
yofelflocculant: regarding kubuntu, can you please mark the kubuntu images as not-to-be-released?08:04
yofelWe wanted to get ubiquity tested, which was successful, but without our FFE approved the beta won't be very useful08:04
amjjawaddarkxst, is it safer this way a side from the fact that your internal hard won't be touched?08:04
flocculantyofel: yea of course - thanks :)08:05
yofelflocculant: thanks for the image coordination :)08:05
flocculantI'm trying :p08:06
darkxstamjjawad, well thats the point, I can't go installing onto my internal hard drive08:08
amjjawaddarkxst, I'll try to keep that in mind. It might be much easier than allocating a whole machine for testing.08:21
amjjawadby the way, darkxst I see no re-spin order yet?!08:21
darkxstamjjawad, need to wait for ubuntu-gnome-default-settings to migrate to -release pocket first!08:21
amjjawadok then I am going to have a rest darkxst and then come back later ... we need more hands to help us! I already made 3 posts on 3 different sites but as always, only few will show up if any ..08:23
darkxstamjjawad, ok, it will be atleast and hour or 2 until the new images are ready to test08:25
darkxstamjjawad, and I think smoke tests and confirming the bugs are fixed is enough at this stage08:26
amjjawaddo we have time for that darkxst ?08:30
amjjawadOk then, time to rest before I burnout completely .. cya soon darkxst08:34
darkxstcya amjjawad08:37
flexiondotorg_darkxst, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/ubuntu-mate/ubuntu-mate-artwork/revision/5709:15
flexiondotorg_darkxst, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/ubuntu-mate/ubuntu-mate-artwork/revision/5809:15
flexiondotorg_Might be helpful for your Plymouth stuf.09:16
darkxstflexiondotorg_, I have already fixed, just didrocks missed those on our theme09:16
darkxstwe don't have the scale-2 themes though, guess that is HiDpi stuff?09:17
flexiondotorg_Glad you're all set.09:17
flexiondotorg_So you fix is not the plymouth itself, but your plymouth themes. Right?09:17
darkxstyes essentially http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/ubuntu-mate/ubuntu-mate-artwork/revision/57/usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-mate-logo/ubuntu-mate-logo.plymouth#usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-mate-logo/ubuntu-mate-logo.plymouth09:18
darkxstdidrocks missed that change in our theme09:23
darkxstamjjawad, re-spin in progress, give it 30mins: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/xenial/ubuntu-gnome09:27
jibeldavmor2, new desktop builds are now in current/. they were stuck because CI died during the night10:02
=== Chipaca` is now known as Chipaca
darkxstamjjawad, ^ builds are ready10:08
amjjawadthanks darkxst .. I'll check that once I eat something. It is 21:10 now and I haven't yet eaten anything except breakfast :/10:11
davmor2jibel: is it too early for the it still has a werewolf mascot?10:13
darkxstamjjawad, oh fuck10:19
darkxstamjjawad, glitch in time, ubuntu-gnome-default-settings is completely missing from the new images ;(10:22
davmor2darkxst: that reminds me of a song "Glitch in time, glitch in time, Mary Poppins glitch in time, glitch in time, glitch in time, Mary Poppins glitch in time!"10:28
darkxstdavmor2, I bet Mary Poppins didnt have to deal with bump beta1's10:29
davmor2cyphermox, jibel: secureboot and enable 3rd party drivers are still broken badly with the ubi-prepare failed bug from yesterday10:29
jibeldavmor2, too early to change the mascot10:30
darkxstamjjawad, wait for 25.110:57
amjjawaddarkxst, :/11:08
amjjawadby far, this is the most problematic milestone :(11:09
darkxstamjjawad, yes because we skipped the last 2!11:12
amjjawadBut we did this with 15.10 and things were much less hassle11:14
darkxstamjjawad, ^ those should be good11:22
amjjawaddarkxst, on it ..11:22
rbasakLaney: thank you for responding to bug 1473691. I have notes to test against squidguard, squid-deb-proxy and to check upgrade paths more throroughly. Would you prefer that I do this before upload?11:26
ubot5`bug 1473691 in squid3 (Ubuntu) "[FFe] squid: Update to latest upstream release (3.5)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147369111:26
rbasakApart from that it's ready - no known issues.11:26
rbasakThe disadvantage presumably is that nobody else can also test until I've uploaded.11:27
Laneyrbasak: You could upload and then block in proposed until you've done11:27
LaneyUp to you11:27
rbasakThat sounds like a good plan. I'll do that, thanks.11:27
flexiondotorg_flocculant, Do you have a release ETA?11:27
flexiondotorg_flocculant, My release notes are drafted.11:28
amjjawaddarkxst, I am using zsync but the download is very slow :(11:28
amjjawadMy connection is fast, around 40Mbps IIRC but I noticed the download rate will be very slow whenever the images are out from a re-spin .. not sure why ..11:29
cjwatsonI just replaced the locking mechanism used by cdimage to avoid syncing its local mirror when a build is in progress.  Please let me know if you see anything weird going on with image builds for the next couple of days, although hopefully I'll notice.11:30
amjjawadit says 250Kbps O_o11:30
cjwatsonThis should fix the class of problems where the local mirror ends up being stuck and refusing to sync.11:30
cjwatson(particularly affected server builds from time to time)11:31
amjjawadcjwatson, is what you just did the reason why the images are downloading very slowly? :(11:31
davmor2okay so I can use secureboot as long as I don't trigger 3rd party drivers so the bang only happens in the 3rd party driver detection/mokutils part cyphermox jibel11:31
cjwatsonamjjawad: Totally and utterly unrelated in every possible way.11:31
amjjawadcjwatson, any thought why even zsync is giving me 250Kbps while I usually download 1GB in 2-4 mins?11:32
cjwatsonYou're not even downloading from the same machine I was working on, since it's a hidden master.11:32
cjwatsonamjjawad: No.11:32
amjjawadat this rate, I won't be able to sleep tonight :(11:32
darkxstamjjawad, zsyncs take about 5mins here for minor rebuilds11:33
darkxstand I am on slow ADSL11:33
amjjawaddarkxst, it's running for 10 mins now and it says 10%11:33
darkxstamjjawad, who is you ISP?11:34
darkxstthat is your problem!11:35
amjjawadI just downloaded 2 ISOs few hours ago, i386 and amd64 and it didn't take 10mins for both!11:35
amjjawadbut for some odd reason, it is super slow now.11:35
amjjawadI'll reboot my modem so will be offline for a while ..11:36
darkxstoptus gets super congested during peak hours11:37
amjjawaddarkxst, still no use :'(11:50
darkxstamjjawad, your internet or the new images?11:52
amjjawaddarkxst, my download speed ..11:53
darkxstyou can't fix optus congestion!11:54
darkxstlaptop booting with a nice plymouth splash ;)11:54
darkxstI'm going to call it a night, hopefully some testing happens while I sleep11:56
amjjawadI think there is something wrong with i386 but it's either my ISO on the HDD or the server11:56
amjjawadamd64 is zsync nicely11:57
amjjawadI think it is downloading the entire i386 from scratch :/11:58
darkxstzsync doesnt care about arch11:58
darkxstunless you messed up your commands and fed it the wrong link/image11:58
amjjawadI copied and pasted the link11:59
amjjawadanyway, downloading i386 again from the direct link as it seems for some reason, the ISO is gone. amd64 is done though11:59
darkxstthere shouldnt be any difference between the two12:00
darkxstanyway I am tired, and out for the night12:00
amjjawaddarkxst, sleep well :)12:01
darkxststgraber, flocculant: our images have been re-spun and should be good to go according to my quick smoke tests, but need to wait on other folks to also test12:01
darkxstassume they are not ready, until ali or I give the green light12:02
darkxstwhich given timezones may mean a friday release but oh well....12:03
amjjawadit's 23:05 here :'(12:04
amjjawadwhat time exactly we should release all the images?!12:05
knomethere is never a schedule, it always depends on the situation12:09
knomeconsidering stgraber is running the release, it'll likely be hours from now due to his timezone12:09
amjjawadThe only thing I hate about this place is its time zone :( I'm +11GMT12:11
darkxstknome, just making it clear, I have in the past woken to releases when I havent specipically ok'ed them12:12
amjjawadspeaking of bugs, 1447038 is alive and doing well.12:13
amjjawadHave anyone seen this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-software/+bug/154978712:39
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1549787 in gnome-software (Ubuntu) "GNOME Software is showing "No application found" when searching for new package and it shows only the installed ones" [Undecided,New]12:39
knomeamjjawad, you mean bug 1548933?12:41
ubot5`bug 1548933 in gnome-software (Ubuntu) "It only shows installed apps, not available ones" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154893312:41
amjjawadlooks like they're the same knome12:42
flocculantdarkxst: ack12:43
amjjawadknome, the package is different though:  Package: gnome-software 3.19.91~git20160225.dbf5b5d-0ubuntu212:47
knomeamjjawad, but the software is same12:47
knomeamjjawad, so you have basically confirmed that the bug exists in a different version of the package.12:47
amjjawadshould I mark one of them as duplicate?12:48
LaneyYour one12:48
Laneysee my comments in the second one, I had already confirmed it in the latest version12:48
amjjawadLaney, yes, I know :)12:48
amjjawadDone :)12:50
flocculantstgraber: fyi - please remove Kubuntu - they've not been able to get done what they needed. Lubuntu, Gnome and Studio left to mark ready, all of who I believe are on top of the situation, announce mail is drafted and just needing a double check from someone for url's13:05
davmor2stgraber: and can you please add Ubuntu Desktop and netboot please Thanks :)13:44
flexiondotorg_flocculant, Ubuntu MATE is all set. Release notes for blog finalised and ready to post. Images are all ready.14:01
flexiondotorg_flocculant, Ping me here around release time :-)14:01
cyphermoxdavmor2: had you filed a bug about that crash?14:08
davmor2cyphermox: yes and there is another one now too bug #154981614:11
ubot5`Error: Launchpad bug 1549816 could not be found14:11
cyphermoxdavmor2: launchpad says I've lost something :(14:12
davmor2cyphermox: if you enable freesoftware only mode in a non uefi system the installer crashes14:12
davmor2cyphermox: try again14:13
amjjawadI'm sleeping while testing :( it's 1:20 - 26-2-2016 :/14:19
davmor2cyphermox: the other was this one from yesterday https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/154927714:19
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1549277 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity throws up a ubi-prepare error when using uefi and secureboot" [High,Confirmed]14:19
davmor2cyphermox, jibel: I made the other bug public so anyone can read it14:21
davmor2anyway enough of picking on cyphermox time to pick on awe instead \o/14:23
amjjawadFINALLY! I'm off to bed. Thanks flocculant in advance and good night from the other side of the world ...14:26
davmor2amjjawad: night14:27
amjjawadGood night davmor2 and thanks :)14:27
davmor2cyphermox: is there anything missing from those bugs that would be useful? they are both pretty easy to reproduce on hw and vm15:19
davmor2cyphermox: also do we know what happened with the upgrade bug from yesterday too? or was it the day before they are all merging into one now15:20
cyphermoxfontconfig is still on my list to look into15:20
cyphermoxthe others I'm verifying the fixes for now15:21
stgrabergood morning folks15:31
stgraberflocculant: so what's the state of things now, when can I start publishing?15:32
stgraberI'll remove kubuntu now15:32
stgraberdavmor2: Ubuntu doesn't participate in opt-in milestones15:32
davmor2stgraber: we are for this one15:32
davmor2stgraber: due to it being LTS we wanted to get QA in earlier than normal and cyphermox is so happy we did :)15:33
stgraberdavmor2: can you have willcooke come confirm this here please? (sorry I need the product owner to confirm for Canonical products)15:35
davmor2stgraber: ah fair enough we can keep a manual tracking of it15:36
stgraberdavmor2: the thing is that if I include it on the tracker, it'll get an actual release out on cdimage.u.c and will be in the announcement, which would be in direct opposition with the current policy of reducing the number of milestones for Canonical owned products.15:37
stgraberso I don't mind doing it, but I want to make sure it's been approved by the same folks who want us to do less milestones :)15:38
davmor2stgraber: yeap no worries we'll track it separately then, it was more to see what was broken, turns out quite a bit :(15:38
flexiondotorg_davmor2, stgraber Did I read that right? Ubuntu are participating in Beta 1?15:41
davmor2flexiondotorg_: testing it no in it to win it15:41
flexiondotorg_davmor2, Is that a Yes?15:42
davmor2flexiondotorg_: No15:42
flexiondotorg_Oh, shame.15:42
davmor2flexiondotorg_: we are testing it as we speak along with you guys, hence all the pings to cyphermox with why did you break this, :D  I've also done netboot and upgrade testing along with the why did you break this messages :)15:43
davmor2to be fair though netboot just works it was beautiful15:44
flexiondotorg_Rosco2, Are the Ubuntu Studio images ready?15:55
flocculantflexiondotorg_: I'm on top of that15:56
flexiondotorg_flocculant, :-)15:56
flocculantflexiondotorg_: if you've got 5 minutes can I wing you draft announcement just to check wiki/image urls etc ?15:56
flexiondotorg_flocculant, It will be posted here - https://ubuntu-mate.org/blog/ubuntu-mate-xenial-beta1/15:57
flexiondotorg_And yes, I will read your draft :-)15:57
flocculantI meant the other's too :D15:57
Rosco2flexiondotorg_: just starting up for the day. will check tracker and if not - do a quick smoke test15:57
flocculantoh damnation15:58
flocculantstgraber: you a mod on the devel-announce list?15:58
flocculantcjwatson slangasek or infinity - could you blitz the mail I just sent to the devel-announce list by mistake please :)15:59
flocculantthen I'll have another go at sending it to flexiondotorg_  ...15:59
stgraberI am not16:01
flocculantnope - I saw on the list info who is :)16:01
flocculantstgraber: so - we're waiting for wxl for lubuntu, 32bit studio is rebuilding - didn't get new ubiquity - so they want to smoketest that at least16:02
flocculantI've got the announce mail done16:02
stgraberwell, the list info is rarely accurate, I do have the admin password of a bunch of lists where I'm not listed as an admin :)16:03
flocculantso we're almost ready to rock16:03
flocculantha ha ha16:03
flocculantI'd assume that those 3 I pinged just after you do have the powers :)16:03
flocculantstgraber: looking at lubuntu's results can't see any reason why they'd not mark ready - so looks like just waiting for the studio rebuild16:04
flocculantflexiondotorg_: has it turned up - not sure if I have a good address or not - code@ ?16:06
* flexiondotorg_ has mail16:07
flocculantcool - thanks in advance :)16:07
flocculantcjwatson infinity slangasek - sorry for the pointless ping(s) reading the approval mail I see I can cancel it myself - sorry guys16:10
flocculantOdd_Bloke: I understand you track cloud elsewhere - do you want it on the b1 announcement still? assuming so - got links for image and release notes for me :)16:18
Odd_Blokeflocculant: Yep, currently pushing things out to All The Things^WClouds. :)16:19
flexiondotorg_flocculant, I'm leaving for home in a few minutes.17:30
flexiondotorg_I'll not be online for a couple of hours.17:30
flocculantall is peace currently - waiting for wxl and studio17:31
flexiondotorg_flocculant, I hear the Lubuntu is ready but wxl fell asleep ;-)17:43
flexiondotorg_Catch you later.17:43
wxlok ok i'm here17:51
wxlsheesh you people on the other side of the pond XD17:51
flocculantwxl: ha ha17:55
flocculantwxl: you've got a PM floating about froom me somewhere too17:57
wxlflocculant: yeah i saw it up there in the haystack :/17:59
stgraberLaney: ^18:01
Laneystgraber: feel free to DIY - I'm out the door for mini-vac right now18:03
Laney(or get micahg)18:03
stgraberok, it's the usual debdiff and I've test built and test installed it, so I'm happy to self-accept18:04
wxlwell i guess we're not getting a power pc release :/18:04
Laneystgraber: for backports we usually self accept anyway, so no problem here18:05
* Laney waves18:05
stgraberok, self-accepted18:05
flexiondotorg_wxl, I smoke tested PowerPC.18:16
flexiondotorg_for Lubuntu.18:16
flexiondotorg_But not alternate.18:17
wxli guess i could just call it good18:17
flexiondotorg_I think it will be.18:17
flexiondotorg_No issues with Ubuntu MATE either.18:17
flexiondotorg_So Ubiquity works.18:17
flexiondotorg_On PPC.18:17
stgraberflocculant: I'll be out for about an hour. I guess things should be good to publish when I get back?18:20
flocculantstgraber: should be - studio are just finishing up from what I can see18:21
flocculantthat works for me as well - kid to feed ...18:22
bdmurrayxnox, chiluk: can you guys sort out the 2 initramfs-tools uploaded to the trusty -proposed queue?18:42
apwbdmurray, thanks for the heads up on that one18:49
apwxnox, chiluk, bdmurray, i'll look at that18:51
chilukthanks apw.18:52
apwbdmurray, ok that ^ should be the merge of those two, please reject the others once you are happy19:02
stgraberflocculant: so how are things looking? ready to start publishing things?19:15
flocculantstgraber: chasing down studio19:28
stgraberflocculant: okay, looks like you did the smoke testing of the only non-ready image, so if they don't respond I'd be happy to mark it ready and publish everything19:29
stgraberthere's no rush on my side but I figured that you may want to enjoy some of your evening :)19:30
wxlstgraber: it's not even afternoon. no need to rush :)19:30
flocculantstgraber: they were 'just finishing' 30 minutes ago19:30
flocculantstgraber: thanks for thinking of me :)19:30
jibelstgraber, you don't publish any formal beta 1 image for ubuntu, do you?19:35
stgraberjibel: nope19:38
stgraberubuntu betas start with beta219:38
jibelstgraber, right, we tested this beta though but don't want to publish anything19:39
flocculantstgraber: there we go - full house19:39
stgraberflocculant: cool, doing the publishing now, typically takes around an hour for bittorrent and friends to be happy19:41
flocculantstgraber: yep - let me know when I can send the mail19:41
cyphermoxguess it's nearing up on that time I should upload grub-signed too19:57
flocculantback in 30 or so20:11
stgraberpublishing is taking a while20:13
flocculantstgraber: :)20:15
infinityWARNING: I'm adding apw to ~ubuntu-archive and ~ubuntu-sru to do live training on kernel update procedures, don't panic.20:22
* davmor2 dials 911/999/119 and holds a finger over the call button, me panic no you must be mistaking me for someone else20:24
infinitydavmor2: You missed 00020:25
davmor2also running out of devices to dial on20:25
cyphermoxthat's not the right number20:25
rbasakAlso 11220:25
infinity000 is Australia's20:26
cyphermoxdavmor2: you mean 0118 999 881 999 119 7253 ?20:26
davmor2that's it I've calling them all you asked for it20:26
infinitycyphermox: Seven Two Fiiiive... Three.20:26
* infinity wonders if queuebot should monitor and report on changes to privileged teams...20:27
infinitystgraber: ^ If you're bored. ;)20:27
stgraberinfinity: the DMB has a script that does that, we get weekly e-mails20:28
infinitystgraber: I know, I read them.20:29
stgraberbut yeah, should be easy enough to copy the logic into queuebot20:29
infinitystgraber: But weekly is hardly the appropriate interval to know about archive/sru/release being abused.20:29
flexiondotorg_stgraber, flocculant How goes the release?20:47
stgraberstill waiting for the source cds to finish building20:47
flexiondotorg_Ah, OK.20:48
wxli'm checking on one last bug to be sure i don't have to remove it from the release notes but otherwise lubuntu is ready to go20:49
flocculantflexiondotorg_: welcome back20:49
flexiondotorg_flocculant, Yo. I be cooking meatballs :-)20:56
flexiondotorg_Laptop on the counter. I'm ready. I was born ready. Ready to publish things.20:57
* flexiondotorg_ pokes his head in. Anything?21:10
flocculanttouch of ennui perhaps21:12
flexiondotorg_flocculant, Word of the day! :-)21:12
stgraberthings should be published now21:20
stgraberplease check that the links work though21:20
flocculantstgraber: I was just going to ask :D21:20
stgraberthose source images took forever21:21
flocculantstgraber: I'll check links in the mail I'm sending then post it21:21
flocculantstgraber: look good to me - sending it now21:23
flexiondotorg_stgraber, Thanks.21:24
flexiondotorg_flocculant, Thanks :-)21:25
flocculantstgraber: if someone can deal with allowing the mail to devel-announce that'll be cool :)21:25
stgraberI can't, but hopefully infinity or cjwatson are around21:25
flocculantwxl: you can publish your blog page now :)21:26
flocculantflexiondotorg_ wxl - now we need to try and cajole some of the other flavours into doing this in time for the yy cycle ;)21:27
flexiondotorg_flocculant, Too right!21:27
infinitystgraber: Did you limit products on the source build (not that that makes them a ton smaller when enough flavours are involved).21:28
flexiondotorg_flocculant, Fine job by the way :-)21:28
flexiondotorg_infinity, So about Xubuntu Base and Ubuntu MATE Base :-)21:28
infinityflexiondotorg_: Yeah, I'll be looking at it this weekend outside work hours.21:28
infinityflexiondotorg_: So you can smoketest and iterate a bit before Beta221:28
* flexiondotorg_ owes infinity beers!21:28
flocculantstgraber: thanks for your help :)21:28
stgraberinfinity: nope, just ran cron.source, fixed the cdimage tree because that script is still broken and then published21:29
infinitystgraber: Kay.  For future reference, check ALL_PROJECTS in etc/config ... For milestones with limited partitpants, 'ALL_PROJECTS="foo bar baz" cron.source' will cut down build time and size a little bit.21:29
stgraberah nice21:30
stgraberI did check --help but it was kinda empty :)21:30
wxlwait we're good to go?21:39
wxlflocculant: blog published21:41
pleia2infinity: can you let the email through the queue to -announce so I can post to fridge?21:41
infinitypleia2: Yup.21:41
pleia2thanks :)21:41
flocculantinfinity: thanks :)21:41
flocculantglad that's done till at least zz21:42
flocculantinfinity: ty21:43
flocculantgoing mad - I said that already ...21:43
wxlflocculant: you're going to make folks worry XD21:44
infinityNah, crazy is our default state.21:44
infinityI'd be worried if he wasn't.21:44
flocculantha ha21:44
wxlwell, i can't argue with that, infinity21:44
wxlthanks flocculant flexiondotorg_ infinity stgraber and everyone else for another successful milestone! :)21:45
knomeinfinity, soo... what's the situation with the base merges?21:46
knome(now that we got the release out of the schedule)21:47
wxloh and infinity don't forget about the dailies :)21:47
infinity14:28 < flexiondotorg_> infinity, So about Xubuntu Base and Ubuntu MATE Base :-)21:47
infinity14:28 < infinity> flexiondotorg_: Yeah, I'll be looking at it this weekend outside work hours.21:47
infinity14:28 < infinity> flexiondotorg_: So you can smoketest and iterate a bit before Beta221:47
stgrabermilestone marked as released and cron restored to normal21:47
infinityknome: ^21:47
wxlah thx stgraber21:47
knomeinfinity, i remember you saying there was some issue with creating another product on our merge proposals; has somebody taken care of that from our side, will you take care of that too, or should we do something?21:48
infinitystgraber: Oh, another queubot request.  When it batches items, could you pastebin the batch?  As a general rule in the world o' computing, big changes are the scariest, so it would be nice to have a pointer to quickly review.21:48
infinitystgraber: ie: "Event: More than 25 things changed, see http://paste.ubuntu.com/12345")21:48
stgraberinfinity: yeah, had request for that in the past, it's somewhere on the todo21:49
infinityknome: I'll massage it when I review and commit.21:49
* knome bows and sends infinity a cookie21:49
infinitystgraber: I care less about ISO build events, to be fair, but "there were 128 changes to packagesets, lolz" is often a scary message.21:49
stgraberinfinity: yeah, the original request for the pastebin feature was for packagesets, unsurprisingly :)21:50
infinitystgraber: The feature would probably also let you lower the threshold to something less spammy like 5 or 10 too, since we'd not actually ever miss a message, we'd just have to click sometimes.21:52
infinity(I noticed I produced some quality spam with my just-under-the-threshold kernel packageset set stuff today)21:53
infinitys/set //21:53
flocculantstgraber: are dailies back on now for us?21:54
Odd_BlokeIf an ubuntu-devel-announce person could ACK my update email on cloud images, I'd appreciate it. :)21:54
Odd_Blokeflocculant: Maybe you know who to ping ^. :)21:54
flocculantOdd_Bloke: infinity seemingly :)21:55
infinityflocculant: Dailies are back on for everyone.21:57
infinity14:47 < stgraber> milestone marked as released and cron restored to normal21:57
stgraberinfinity: bzr branch lp:queuebot, just saying, I know you love python :)21:57
flocculantinfinity: thanks :)21:58
infinitystgraber: Do I ever!21:58
infinitystgraber: I'd just fork pastebinit.  Unless it has a module.21:58
infinityOdd_Bloke: Accepted.21:59
Odd_Blokeinfinity: Danke.21:59
flocculantOdd_Bloke: nice quote :p21:59
stgraberinfinity: doesn't have a module but posting to paste.ubuntu.com is also very trivial, just one http POST with the right fields and get the post-redirect URL, it's one of the most trivial pastebins in pastebinit (also the one I wrote that thing for originally)22:00
Odd_Blokeflocculant: Thank goodness there was an appropriate one, else I don't know how I'd have let people know. :p22:00
infinitystgraber: Fair enough.  Forking's still easier. ;)22:00
infinity(Yeah, I can cargo-cult instead)22:00
flocculantOdd_Bloke: ha ha ha22:00
xnoxbdmurray, apw, chiluk - sorry. it's easy to miss that there are things in the queue. =/23:03
xnoxapw, thanks for merge.23:03
bdmurrayxnox: I think you were there first, it was that other guy causing problems.23:06

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