lpotterI think its wpa_supplicant that scans.00:00
faenildobey: exactly (still, if you haven't scanned for 1h, please don't show the same APs, just refresh when I open the indicator..)00:00
dobeyanyway, i suppose i should go do something else now00:01
faenilawe_: when you have time to have a look at the WiFi discussion above, please let me know if it's all under control or you want me to file bug and post logs etc...I didn't hear back from you about the ESSID issue anymore :)00:01
faenildobey: yeah, and I should really go to bed :)00:01
faenilit seems like the test is not flaky anymore, 800 runs without failure so far...00:01
faenil(last words...)00:02
faenilnight o/00:03
awe_faenil, please no more bugs...00:06
awe_yea, so just read the bt00:06
lpotterthats an old one00:07
awe_the dialog problem unfortunately is not going to be fixed unless the product team says so00:07
awe_as it requires investigation, ux design, ...00:07
awe_as promised00:07
awe_I made sure it's on the list00:07
awe_regarding some of the other issues00:08
awe_I'm working on it as we speak00:08
awe_unfortunately I'm not free to self-assign myself to any task I'd like to00:08
awe_so I'd been recently working on bluez for snappy00:08
awe_then I went on vacation00:08
awe_I'm back, and NM is my favorite project atm00:09
lpotterwhy would iwlist wlan0 scan not show AP's sometimes?00:09
awe_use iw00:09
awe_iwlist is old00:09
awe_it also depends on the drivers00:09
awe_the best tools to look at available APs00:09
awe_are wpa_cli ( run as root )00:09
awe_and nmcli00:09
awe_one of the issues with the version of NM that we use, is that NM keeps a separate accounting of APs00:10
lpotterdont that all go through wpa_supplicant?00:10
awe_( ie. it maintains it's own available list )00:10
awe_so wpa_s00:10
awe_responds to NM's requests to scan00:10
awe_and if/when NM decides to connect to an AP00:11
awe_it tells wpa_s to do so00:11
awe_but the issue was in the past, there were issues with a lot wifi drivers00:11
awe_especially around hidden APs00:11
lpotterhudden AP should be banned00:12
awe_believe me, alot of things should be banned00:12
awe_anyways, we believe there's a condition where NM thinks that wpa_supplicant has roamed, and if is timed poorly, NM can hang00:13
awe_and it will stop scanning00:13
awe_faenil, so... I don't mean I'm not interested in the other specifics, but at the moment I'm trying to size up the effort to upgrade NM to a newer release, which includes a major re-write of the WiFi scanning logic00:15
mukahas tethering been fixed for mako?02:15
punkunitymight need some help in the near future02:33
punkunityposted a couple hours ago02:34
punkunityso ok03:30
punkunityi am using M8 as my device03:30
punkunitytrying to port over Ubuntu Touch03:30
punkunityUbuntu says it uses cm-10.2 aka 4.4.2 android for the wrapper or whatever03:30
punkunityI am using th ehtc one m8, which I believe came out during jellybean03:31
punkunitythere are a few errors i am concerned about03:31
punkunitydtb tool, linux/include/msm_ion.h and a few others03:31
punkunityi have ported many roms for quite a few devices for android03:31
punkunityout/host/linux-x86/bin/dtbTool', needed by `/home/punkunity/android/phablet/phablet/out/target/product/m8/dt.img'.  Stop.03:34
punkunityto summarize03:34
punkunityusing this guide03:41
punkunityand am now trying to just make a \n image for a suported, woking device03:42
punkunitywhat jdk/jre version should i be using03:42
punkunitysytem wifde?03:42
punkunityso trying to build for mako aka nexus 403:43
punkunityand it fails pretty quick03:43
punkunityan di thought this was supported, ready to build device?03:43
punkunitywhat am i doing wrong?03:43
Stanley00punkunity: I'm not sure, mako has an build-image, so there may be some guides for mako.03:57
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morphisogra_: ping07:10
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Tm_Tbah, no luck08:08
Tm_Twhen trying to do ubuntu-device-flash touch, I get "device cannot be detected over adb"08:08
lotuspsychjeTm_T: did you unloack your device08:09
Tm_Tlotuspsychje: it doesn't fully boot08:09
Tm_TI can use fastboot to reboot the device for example, but can't get any other control it seems08:10
lotuspsychjeTm_T: sounds like adb cant see the device, did you install those android tools08:10
Tm_Tlotuspsychje: yes08:10
Tm_T$ adb devices08:10
Tm_TList of devices attached08:10
Tm_T75HACL6UHG82    device08:10
lotuspsychjeah it shows good08:11
lotuspsychjethen you need to enter to the bootloader or something08:11
lotuspsychjeadb reboot something..cant recall :p08:11
Tm_Thmmm, will try fastboot mode, but I suspect it isn't any better as there's no adb access then whatsoever08:11
Tm_Tlotuspsychje: thing is, none of the adb commands get through08:12
lotuspsychjeTm_T: you enabled usb debugging too right?08:13
Tm_Tlotuspsychje: where, how?08:14
Tm_TI've flashed this device successfully before (:08:14
lotuspsychjeTm_T: what you get when you: adb reboot bootloader ?08:14
Tm_Tlotuspsychje: I get fastboot mode08:15
Tm_Tand then there's no adb available08:16
lotuspsychjeTm_T: how about sudo fastboot oem unlock08:16
Tm_Tlotuspsychje: I'm unsure how that would help, this is Meizu ubuntu device, but I can try (:08:17
Tm_TFAILED (remote: unknown command)08:18
lotuspsychjeTm_T: isnt there like a button combo that resets your device to original?08:18
lotuspsychjeor did something corrupt your image08:19
Tm_TOTA update to RC did break this, yes (:08:20
Tm_Tthere's "recovery mode" in meizu ubuntu edition that doesn't seem to do anything08:20
Tm_TI'll try one more thing08:20
lotuspsychjeTm_T: is it the mx 4?08:20
Tm_TI'll try --bootstrap if that would make things different08:21
Tm_Tlotuspsychje: ye I try avoid doing those windows-based things08:22
Tm_Tas I have no such thing available (:08:22
Tm_Tand have zero interest having08:22
Tm_Toh, there's support for other platforms too?08:23
lotuspsychjeseems like it08:23
Tm_Tinteresting, will try that too then, thanks08:23
Tm_Tflu doesn't help maintaining patience (:08:23
lotuspsychjeyeah got one too08:24
Tm_T--bootstrap does seem to do something08:24
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lotuspsychjenot alot of usefull guides for the mx out there grr08:27
Tm_Tlotuspsychje: I noticed that08:31
Tm_Tflashing failed, recovery mode is broken?08:40
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mcphailTm_T: have you installed an adb-enabled recovery image?09:02
Tm_Tmcphail: I have what I have from canonical/meizu + flashed rc image once09:03
mcphailTm_T: the default recovery doesn't have adb enabled09:04
Tm_Thmm, default recovery does what?09:04
mcphailTm_T: the default recovery really just lets you boot the phone, I think. If you have the adb-anabled recovery you can use that along with the --bootstrap command to perform a full wipe and reinstall09:06
Tm_Tmcphail: default recovery lets boot the phone to some specific state where user can do something?09:06
Tm_Tcurrently it doesn't allow me to do anything09:07
mcphailyes - if you're locked out you'll need to flash from fastboot using the --bootstrap command (which will fully wipe the phone). See https://wiki.edubuntu.org/QATeam/ChannelsToFlash09:08
mcphailTm_T: that is what I had to do after a little adventure using the -devel channels on the bq, but I've seen other people on here having to do the same thing with the meizu09:09
Tm_Tmcphail: so I flash recovery.img first?09:10
mcphailTm_T: I don't think you actually have to flash it, if you specifiy it n the command line as per that webpage. i _did_ flash it though09:10
Tm_Tmcphail: interesting, I'll give it a go09:11
mcphailTm_T: the important thing is to make sure you're booted into fastboot (rather than recovery) before you start the process09:11
Tm_Tbut I still don't understand what's the purpose of default recovery mode is and how it is supposed to work09:12
Tm_Tmcphail: ye, bootloader that is09:12
mcphailTm_T: sturmflut has made an excellent series of blog posts about the low-level stuff on the bq phone, which is worth a read if you're wondering about what all these things actually do on Ubuntu devices09:13
mcphailTm_T: I think adb has been removed from the consumer recovery images for security concerns09:14
davmor2Tm_T: see mailing list09:14
Tm_Tmcphail: I think there's some variation between BQ and Meizu09:14
Tm_Tdavmor2: thanks09:14
mcphailTm_T: yep. I don't think the meizu has been as well explored as the bq09:14
Tm_Tdavmor2: I get the same error still, no access to recovery mode09:15
Tm_T$ ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en --bootstrap --recovery-image Downloads/recovery.img09:16
davmor2Tm_T: Unplug the device, press power and hold till it turns off, then press power then quickly volume down to enter into fastboot mode then try again09:17
Tm_Tdavmor2: I'm doing it like that, yes09:17
davmor2Are you unplugging it09:17
Tm_Tit begins the process fine, then it boots to recovery mode and waits timeout to spit error09:18
Tm_Tdavmor2: yes09:18
Tm_Tbecause without unplugging it doesn't get fastboot connection09:18
Tm_TFlashing version 10 from ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en channel and server https://system-image.ubuntu.com to device arale09:18
Tm_TFailed to enter Recovery09:18
mcphailTm_T: when it reboots to recovery, have you then tried the "boot device" entry on the menu?09:19
Tm_Twhat menu, there's no menu09:19
Tm_Tthere's nothing except ubuntu logo09:19
mcphailbig or small?09:19
Tm_Tthumbnail size09:20
mcphailhave you left it to work for a few minutes?09:20
Tm_Teven hours before, I've never seen anything useful in Meizu recovery mode09:21
mcphailyou don't get a menu in the recovery?09:22
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davmor2Tm_T: Okay try the following.  Drop the device into fastboot, in the terminal type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and then try the ubuntu-device-flash command again09:22
Tm_Tdavmor2: thanks, will try that (:09:22
davmor2mcphail: it's a issue with mx4 it enters recovery but slow so times out the adb session09:23
mcphailOn the bq I have to press the "volume up" button to go from the Ubuntu logo to the menu in recovery09:24
Tm_Tdavmor2: recovery flash seemed to go in just fine, trying ubuntu-device-flash now09:27
mcphailTm_T: if it sticks at the Ubuntu logo again, try pressing "Vol up" to see if that works on the meizu09:27
Tm_Tmcphail: nope, never had09:28
Tm_Tdavmor2: no luck09:28
Tm_Tadb still doesn't see the device, flash tool still spits out the same error09:28
mcphailTm_T: can you connect with adb now when the device is in recovery mode? Just a simple "adb shell"?09:29
Tm_Tmcphail: no09:31
Tm_TI managed to adb say the device is there but offline09:31
mcphailhmm. Sounds like you're getting close to having this working09:31
Tm_Tooooh now we're getting somewhere09:32
Tm_Twhen it failed again, I fiddled with it and "adb devices" listed the device in recovery09:32
Tm_Tthen "ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en --device arale"09:33
mcphailsounds promising09:33
Tm_T.... and now we're "2016/02/25 11:33:07 Rebooting into recovery to flash09:33
Tm_Tso with good timing one can get that working it seems09:34
Tm_Tworth documenting09:34
mcphailTm_T: I usually get a "failed to enter recovery" error at that point, but it can be ignored09:34
* lotuspsychje brings out the fireworks09:34
Tm_Tit's booting up...09:35
* mcphail crosses fingers09:35
Tm_Tit's up, and I don't see any data lost09:37
mcphail!yay | Tm_T09:37
ubot5`Tm_T: Glad you made it! :-)09:37
Tm_Tthanks mcphail lotuspsychje and davmor209:37
lotuspsychjeso what did the trick now?09:37
Tm_Tflashing the recovery mode + timing09:38
Tm_Tapparently that adb in recovery mode is online only for a short time09:38
Tm_Tso you have to retry flashing with correct timing09:38
lotuspsychjeTm_T: maybe you can file a bug and solve it right away for future reference?09:38
Tm_Tlotuspsychje: ye, that too09:38
mcphaillotuspsychje: sounds like the known problem davmor2 mentioned above09:39
lotuspsychjemcphail: yeah09:39
davmor2timing is out of our hands unfortunately plays up more on usb3 and certain usb leads over other and the list of parameters goes on but you get the hint09:40
Tm_Tdavmor2: ye, I understand09:40
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robin-herohey all11:00
robin-heroI've found this pic on trello in Unity8 landing for OTA-10: http://picpaste.com/pics/indicator-FMruC8JY.1456397893.png11:01
robin-heroWhat is this blue color and the new toggles. Is this a new theme for OTA-10?11:01
Tm_Tka, elisa11:02
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davmor2robin-hero: voodoo11:28
robin-herodavmor2, ?11:28
davmor2robin-hero: the blue and new toggles, you asked what it is, it is voodoo :P11:29
robin-herodavmor 2, Thanks, but I'd really appreciate if somebody explain the real situation :P11:30
sakrecoer_too bad it is not #009bf9 would match ubuntustudio :p11:30
davmor2robin-hero: :D  man you just want the moon on a stick don't you :D11:32
sakrecoer_could someone please tell me where can i find what the OTA-10 adressed? :)11:32
davmor2sakrecoer_: ota10 isn't released yet11:33
sakrecoer_well, i got a 40mb package yesterday that said OTA-10 (o.O)11:33
robin-herosakrecoer_, that was OTA-9.111:33
sakrecoer_or rather, it said "ubuntu 10"..11:33
robin-heroa hotfix release11:34
Tm_Tdavmor2: you clearly need a crystal ball11:34
sakrecoer_ok :)11:34
davmor2sakrecoer_: no it said image 10 if you open system settings and click on about  is will say OTA-9.111:34
sakrecoer_maybe, i did it now, don't know how to check again11:34
robin-herodavmor2, why is this that hard to answer my question? :D11:34
sakrecoer_i'm pretty impressed i must say11:35
davmor2sakrecoer_: the image number is sequential so we can't change that 9.1 is a tag we can modify so we know the image you are actually on11:35
davmor2robin-hero: because I know nothing about it11:36
sakrecoer_ah yeah! found it! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes/OTA-9.1 hehe. i actualy need to write one for ubuntustudio beta1 so i will learn from you11:38
sakrecoer_one=release note article11:39
jibelrobin-hero, yes it's the new theme for OTA1011:40
robin-herojibel, \o/ and can I see some other screenshots somewhere?11:41
jibelrobin-hero, I don't have any, but you can install the silo :)11:42
jibelor wait until it lands in rc-proposed11:42
robin-herojibel, OK :)11:43
villThe lack of documentation hurts. Half of the links in the porting wiki are broken11:46
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elijahhola, anyone know of any individual working on a port to Nexus 6? Can't find anything easily on the tubes.12:32
mcphailelijah: you can vote with a donation at https://devices.ubports.com/#/12:34
elijahmcphail: ahh, that is the site I saw the other day, thank you!12:34
elijahSo, I have a Nexus 6 that crashes once a day, even in safe mode which is the catalyst reason I want to move to Ubuntu Touch (my daily driver is 14.04). Now, it may crash the same in UT too but that is yet to be seen. I can sacrifice this device and try to get a Nexus 5 so I can run UT on it. Do you think my Nexus 6 that is in good condition other than the12:38
elijahfact it crashes once a day would be accepted as a debug/test device?12:38
nik90charles, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/154978312:38
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1549783 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Indicator shows "Tomorrow" for an alarm happening today when checked after midnight" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:38
mcphailelijah: I think it would be one of those things you'd never know until you started working with the device. If there is a major hardware problem, it is going to be incredibly frustraing working with the device. However, I suspect mariogrip would be very pleased to get hold of a device to try hacking it12:41
elijahmcphail: Yah, just saw the page to donate devices, emailing @mariogrip now12:43
mcphailelijah: he's usually active on this channel as well, although I suspect he might be at MWC showing off his devices ;)12:44
elijahmcphail: Fun12:48
elijahmcphail: Interestingly, @mariogrip is the one who gave me some hope with the switch because he posted something showing Project Fi working on a Nexus 5 with Ubuntu Touch. I thought it was interesting that he was also leading the UBPorts project!12:51
mcphailelijah: I get the feeling he is some kind of godlike genius12:51
elijahmcphail: I also would like to eventually help developing for the platform/OS12:51
elijahmcphail: Maybe a little bit of that but probably just someone who has surpassed 10,000 hours ;)12:52
elijahmcphail: Oh, I stand corrected, it wasn't @mariogrip with the project Fi, it was Ian Santopietro -> https://plus.google.com/+IanSantopietro/posts/5HjpzEKtLG512:53
peat-psuwitabeato: I've pushed new version of code fixing formatting issue. Could you please have a look again?12:54
elijahEither way, I welcome the pain that will come with switching12:54
abeatopeat-psuwit, sure12:54
slvn_Hello, I am looking for someone who can give a try to my .click app/game before I uploaded to the store.13:50
slvn_This is an update of an existing app. I want to see if it works because I have no ubuntu device.13:50
slvn_preferably, I'd like to know if it's still work with device with ota 8. let me know if you can try it.13:51
lotuspsychjeslvn_: there is an ubuntu-touch emulator out there you can install13:51
slvn_lotuspsychje,  this is for final testing, I would prefer a real device. I have already use to the build bot marvin, to make sure it starts. but just want a double check.13:52
jgdxmzanetti, hey, are you going to use QSystemInfo 5.5 now in the shell, or are you waiting for something in the uitk?14:49
mzanettijgdx, "something in uitk"? Not sure what you mean. I'm going to use QSysteminfo 5.5, yes14:49
jgdxmzanetti, yeah, ken said the uitk was exposing abilities in the uitk. But okay14:50
_SpongeLooks like the bq phones are getting a_lot of cover-flak from ebay.14:50
mzanettijgdx, not really sure what that would be... except duplicating the API?14:50
_Spongepopey, Not sure if this is legit. But hey-ho . http://ebay.eu/1S3AGWa14:50
mzanettiwhich doesn't seem to make too much sense to me14:50
jgdxmzanetti, while on the subject, do you have a branch for u8 moving to QSystemInfo?14:52
mzanettijgdx, not pushed somewhere yet... gimme a sec14:52
jgdxmzanetti, thx14:52
mzanettijgdx, lp:~mzanetti/unity8/move-to-qinputinfo14:53
mhall119kenvandine: ping15:10
mhall119kenvandine: The "Wi-Fi Displays" page of System Settings is broken on Nexus 4: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/154960515:11
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1549605 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Wi-Fi Displays page fails to load on Nexus 4" [Undecided,New]15:11
mhall119I'm on rc-proposed15:11
mhall119I think the package is missing some files15:11
kenvandinemhall119, huh?  Wi-Fi Displays hasn't landed....15:12
kenvandineor it wasn't supposed to have landed :)15:12
mhall119kenvandine: well....it has15:13
mhall119in system settings anyway15:13
kenvandinemhall119, do you maybe have silo 0 installed?15:14
kenvandinei don't have wifi displays on my arale15:15
kenvandineand the branch hasn't been merged15:15
mhall119I do have silo 0 installed, but I haven't apt-get upgraded in quite a while15:15
davmor2mhall119: rc-proposed or rc-proposed-pd15:15
kenvandinemhall119, it's been in silo 0 for weeks15:16
mhall119channel: ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en15:16
kenvandinepurge silo 015:17
mhall119kenvandine: ok, maybe I did get it that way15:17
kenvandinehad to have :)15:17
mhall119but I *like* silo 0, it has all the fun stuff :)15:17
kenvandinewhew... /me breathes again15:17
mhall119yeah, I think I got aethercastcrl from there15:17
kenvandineso my mako has silo 0, and that page loads15:17
mhall119hmm, maybe I just need to apt-get upgrade then15:18
kenvandineregardless, that code is no where near ready to land :)15:18
mhall119that's what makes it "fun stuff"15:18
kenvandinemhall119, it's taped together just enough for demo purposes :)15:18
mhall119what version of ubuntu-system-settings do you have?15:19
mhall119the overlay PPA has a newer version than silo0 it seems15:19
davmor2kenvandine: I can confirm no widi here in settings on todays rc-proposed15:21
dobeyCannot add PPA: 'ppa:~ci-train-ppa-service/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay'.15:21
dobeyThe team named '~ci-train-ppa-service' has no PPA named 'ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay'15:21
dobeycitrain seems to be unhappy15:21
davmor2kenvandine: I assume it is in the Network section like hotspot or is it in a section15:22
mhall119davmor2: it's in Wifi section15:22
kenvandinedavmor2, yeah, it never landed :)15:23
davmor2kenvandine: we are right and mhall119 is wrong stick with that I'll back you up :D15:23
davmor2mhall119: did you install the pocket-desktop version on your mako?15:24
kenvandinei am curious why the page isn't loading for mhall119 though15:24
kenvandineit definately should15:24
mhall119davmor2: not this one, no15:24
kenvandinesilo 0 is extremely experimental, i don't think it's included in ubuntu-pd15:25
mhall119kenvandine: it's because it doesn't have the Displays component, which I assume should be in /usr/share/ubuntu/settings/system/qml-plugins/wifi/aethercast/ but that whole directory doesn't exist15:25
davmor2kenvandine: ha I bet I know what it is, mhall119 will of upgraded at some point that's probably broken connections when the new image got installed15:26
mhall119that sounds likely,yeah15:26
kenvandinecould be15:27
kenvandineit loads here15:27
kenvandineand i know it's been working for morphis15:27
kenvandinemhall119, warning... don't try to upgrade with silo 0 installed15:37
kenvandinemhall119, i just did, it removed the shell :/15:37
kenvandinei think it downgrades mir15:37
* kenvandine wasn't paying attention and now has the google screen15:37
kenvandinetime to flash15:38
mhall119I got very good at rebooting to recovery and flashing when I last played with silo015:38
kenvandinei think i see why, it downgraded mir15:38
mhall119At one point I even modified the citrain tool to make me confirm the package install/upgrade/remove list instead of doing it automatically15:40
mhall119so I could check if Unity was being removed15:40
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LinnakHi, Is Uubuntu Touch java based like Android?16:53
LinnakOn which smartphones does it run properly?17:00
V99bq aquaris E5 for example17:00
LinnakI mean which doesn't comes straight from factory. And a bit stronger and faster that that bq17:01
dobeythere are a few retail phones available17:01
dobeythe nexus4 is the development phone17:01
LinnakThanks. It's a shame that it doesn't have an sd card slot and it's battery life is pour.17:03
dobeybattery life on nexus4 is basically fine here17:04
dobeywell, with ubuntu anyway17:04
LinnakSounds good17:04
dobeyyou can't assume that the battery life complaints from people running android 4.2 on the nexus4 are going to be valid if you are running ubuntu17:05
dobeyjust the same as that battery life aren't necessarily equal between windows and ubuntu on a laptop17:05
Linnakdobey, True17:05
LinnakDo you use Ubuntu on Nexus?17:06
LinnakEverything is fine?17:07
dobeyi have a nexus4 for development; it doesn't have a SIM in it though, so perhaps a bit better battery life than with a SIM, but battery life is plenty fine on it17:08
LinnakOh, By the way did you have you already tried the Plasma version?17:08
dobeywell, my nexus4 is broken all the time, because i use it for development :)17:08
dobeyi haven't, no. i don't think it maintains the same security model/policies that ubuntu does17:09
LinnakIt has the same apps like on Ubuntu? It it has, is the GUI optimized for mobile phone, if it doesn't have has it an Ubuntu "app store"?17:12
popeyLinnak: you'd be better asking the plasma people that one really.17:14
LinnakI'm asking Ubuntu Touch and not plasma17:14
popeyoh, i misunderstood17:18
k1lLinnak: ubuntu-touch uss click packages (and will switch to snappy in the future iirc). you can use apt-get if you make your systempartition rw but that will stop getting OTA updates.17:19
LinnakCan I see somewere what kind of and how many packages are there already?17:20
k1lyes, someone made a mirror for the store. but i dont know the link right now17:21
davmor2Linnak: https://uappexplorer.com/17:21
Linnakdavmor2, tHANK YOU17:21
P_E_T_Ohi, can you help me? cp: cannot create regular file ‘/usr/share/locale-langpack/sk/LC_MESSAGES/ubuntu-system-settings.mo’: Read-only file system17:25
mcphailP_E_T_O: if you want to modify anything under /usr/, you have to make the root mountpoint rw rather than ro. This is not generally recommended, and can affect future updates17:26
P_E_T_Omcphail: then how can i test my translated locale?17:27
mcphailP_E_T_O: you can remount rw and accept the risks ;) - your phone can always be reflashed if it breaks...17:27
P_E_T_Omcphail: sudo mount -o remount,rw '/usr'  -- will work?17:28
mcphailP_E_T_O: "sudo mount -o remount,rw /" is the command, iirc17:28
P_E_T_Omcphail: thanks it works :) and for the translation i need just .mo file? can you help me?17:38
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mhall119mariogrip: have you had a chance to document those kernel issue yet? I'd really like to get that info to the Fairphone guys to look at head of our next call18:00
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ba2095Hi, guys! I have some questions on UT topic.. As I understood BQ M10 UT tablet is not able to run x86 apps, for example TeXstudio. Am I right?18:26
mcphailba2095: I assume so. It is an ARM device, so will only run ARM apps18:30
ba2095As I got it.. Made me sad, not able to be a real day-to-day machine than, will wait for something like Core-M based tablets w UT. And another one, didn shure if it's system or app related. On my krillin when I'm listening to music via Music app using18:34
k1lba2095: while you could run the traditional .deb packages you dont want them to run since they are not made for convergence18:34
k1lba2095: nearly all packages in the ubuntu repos are build for arm too.18:35
k1lbut that is again .deb packages vs click packages on UT.18:35
ba2095urbaneaers headphones w mic, no reaction on button pressed(next/prev track or stop/play even). Ok w ipod18:36
timeaxHi peoples ;)18:40
ba2095should I adress this as bug/feature-request to UT sysimage or to Music app?18:40
ahayzenba2095, there are already existing bugs for that, let me see if i can find them18:41
dobeyk1l: huh?18:41
ahayzenba2095, and only recently has the music-app/platform added support for this to be even possible. Now they need to just link up the button presses18:41
k1ldobey: ?18:41
dobeyk1l: the "convergence" feature of the m10 is exactly running traditional .deb packages, in a chroot18:42
k1ldobey: ah its the regular .deb isntall on "dockmode"?18:42
dobeyba2095: you should be able to run texstudio on the M10; it's open source and has armhf packages18:42
k1ldobey: good to know18:42
dobeyk1l: that is what libreoffice/gimp are yes. it's running them with XMir in a chroot18:42
dobeyk1l: so they are confined a bit still18:43
k1lba2095: then you can use all usual ubuntu packages when the tablet is docked.18:43
dobeywell, you can use anything that is built for arm, pretty much18:43
k1lonly tricky bit are PPAs then, because they dont get build for arm as standard18:43
ahayzenba2095, found at least bug 1309731 and bug 1473134, i believe there were others as well18:44
ubot5`bug 1309731 in Canonical System Image "headphone button does not play/pause music." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130973118:44
dobeyyou could theoretically use qemu to emulate x86 and run some things, but it would be low18:44
ubot5`bug 1473134 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "handle headphone button" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147313418:44
dobeyk1l: i don't know that PPAs will be "supported" anyway18:44
ba2095Great! And the last one.. Using terminal app i was able to use python/perl scripts on my phone, but cant run gcc compiled binaries, cos container restrictions. Edited container configs for terminal app by hand, but maybe will be better to have kind of "~/Projects" folder w execution rights for binaries?18:45
dobeywhat do you mean you can't execute binaries?18:45
dobeybecause of bug #1534807 ?18:47
ubot5`bug 1534807 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Cannot run "sudo chroot ." in Terminal" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153480718:47
ba2095Created helloworld.c in "~/Documents" folder. Compiled w "gcc helloworld.c -o helloworld". Than cant run "./helloworld"18:48
dobeyprobably the same issue18:49
dobeyif you installed gcc/etc to /, you would be better off creating a chroot and doing such things inside the chroot, rather than messing with the / partition18:50
ba2095I have writable devmode device, this one helped me to run compiled on device c app http://askubuntu.com/questions/556041/why-ubuntu-touch-terminal-cannot-execute-app18:56
ba2095but it's not so secure to wipe out container restrictions + I should do this for EVERY terminal app update. Just wondering should Terminal app have system-wide access or at least execution rights or kind of "~/Projects" folder? Understood why same not secure for "~/Downloads", etc.19:00
ba2095But just to make it more convinient for powerusers.19:01
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dobeywhat do you mean?19:04
ba2095dobey, maybe I'm mistaken but cant find texstudio arm builds on packages.ubuntu.com nor official site. Where have you seen this?19:04
dobeyyou shouldn't need to touch any "container restrictions"19:04
dobeyba2095: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/texstudio19:05
dobeyyou really should not use a writable image. apt-get upgrade is not supported, and will eventually break things; as well as fill up the root partition fairly quickly19:05
ba2095I should if i want to run binaries from "~/Documents" for ex. Running binaries from "/bin" etc not affected19:06
dobeyno, you shouldn't :)19:06
dobeybug #1534807 needs to be fixed19:06
ubot5`bug 1534807 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Cannot run "sudo chroot ." in Terminal" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153480719:06
dobeyballoons: around?19:07
balloonsI am19:07
dobeyballoons: ^^ can you reply to jdstrand's comment on that bug ^^? it's incomplete waiting for you :)19:08
ba2095dobey, thanks for making me happy w armhf texstudio builds link)19:08
balloonsohh, lovely. I still amnot filtering lp email well enough I see19:08
dobeywould definitely be nice to get that fixed19:10
ba2095PS: OTA-9.1 was awesome, fixed kind of unusable(as daily driver) krillin :D19:10
balloonsdobey, done. jdstrand can simply remove anything blocking you. I remember doing a commit awhile back to remove all those rules, but perhaps we missed some19:11
dobeyballoons: huzzah! thanks. :)19:12
dobeyjdstrand: ^^ maybe we can get that fixed for the next OTA then? :)19:12
balloonssorry you missed out on 9.5 dobey19:12
dobeyballoons: story of my life19:12
jdstrandthat should be possible19:12
balloonseveryone runs rc-proposed anyway right? So it'll be fine ;-)19:13
dobeywell, ota10 is fine19:13
dobeyi just want people to stop using writable / partitions for anything other than testing a silo19:14
dobeyand this fix will go a long way toward that :)19:14
christofgood evening19:58
christofanyone know if multiboot can still do ubuntu touch on nexus 7 2012, or did i miss this opportunity?19:58
dobeynexus 7 2012 is not supported any longer, by any type of boot20:01
dobeythe hardware is not amicable to ubuntu20:01
christofmeans it won't run smoothly, or won't run at all?20:03
christofand if i want to give ubuntu touch a try, what is the most affordable option?20:04
dobeyit means images haven't been built in like 2 years20:05
dobeyare you in EU?20:05
dobeyyou can buy the retail ubuntu phone from bq20:05
christofhm... you think it's better to wait for the retail tablet from bq?20:06
dobeyit's probably the cheapest option for hardware with ubuntu; unless you can perhaps find a nexus4 second hand for cheap20:06
dobeyi was just saying the e4.5 is like 150 eur or something20:06
JanC169 or 179 IIRC20:07
christof... since nexus7 2012 was discontinued, might the same happen sooner or later to the nexus4 or nexus7 2013?20:07
JanCunless they lowered the price20:07
dobeychristof: it's possible, but they have more reasonanble hardware, so less likely20:07
dobeythe nexus 7 2012 is a tegra, which is the problem20:08
sbeattieis it known that webapps are broken with rc-proposed/mako (r247)? I can't find anything that will launch successfully, they all die immediately. And for whatever reason, the updates mechanism is not finding r248 (or anything, it just spins).20:08
sbeattie(channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en I think)20:09
christofwhich one is the better device: nexus4, nexus7 2013 or bq e4.5?20:09
timeaxHi guys somebody know how could i solve this error when i try to build a porting for my phone pls?20:10
timeax(timeax) It says warning : string 'status_bar_device_locked' has no default or required localization for 'nl_NL' in frameworks/base/core/res/res20:11
timeaxAnd there are a lot more of this errors, the message just differ in the 'nl_NL'20:11
timeaxChristof i think that if u want an ubuntu device...its better the bq20:13
timeaxCoz its born with that os20:13
timeaxSo i think its better optimized20:14
dobeychristof: none of them is objectively "better" really. it depends on what you use it for20:15
dobeytimeax:  try "LANGUAGE=C.UTF-8 LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 LANG=C.UTF-8 make"20:16
christofhmm, i plan on developing web-apps, which would be native to ubuntu touch, with ports to Android and later possibly iOS and windows phone.20:18
timeaxI have to place this command before when i type make -jx ?20:19
dobeydo you mean html5 apps?20:19
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dobey"webapps" on ubuntu are apps which are a confined browser opening a specific URL with limited chrome20:20
timeaxOr i have to modify some .mk files? Dobey20:20
dobeytimeax: i mean, the problem seems to be that your environment's locale is dutch. try building with the C.UTF-8 locale set instead20:20
timeaxWhere exactly i should put this command?20:22
christofdobey: probably html5 apps is the better term, admitedly i often confuse technical terms20:22
dobeytimeax: the stuff before "make" in what i said are just environment variables. you can export them, or just insert them in the command line in front of "make"20:22
timeaxOh ok20:23
timeaxTnx a lot, now i try20:23
timeaxIts starting to build,later ill let you know if it worked ;)20:25
taiebotAnyone reported, that if you get a miss call on rc-proposed the sound icon in the dash disappear?20:33
dobeytaiebot: do you have anything in /var/crash/ ?20:35
sergiusensrenatu, does the trakttv app update the database at all?20:37
taiebotdobey: there is quite a few20:38
taiebotdobey: nothing from the time but it does not look like a crash as i soon as i move the volume in the dash the icon comes back20:41
dobeytaiebot: well is there a crash file for indicator-sound?20:42
dobeytaiebot: i'm pretty sure it's set to restart if it dies, so having it appear again makes sense20:42
taiebotdobey: nope20:42
dobeywell that's weird then20:42
timeaxDobey i had another error now but i'll try to solve tomorrow20:42
timeaxTnx for help20:42
timeaxBye all guys ;)20:43
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_Spongemariogrip: Just donated another set of clams to ubports, for you :-)20:57
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