ali1234site is ded00:07
m0nkey_boom. ubuntu finally on the desktop00:12
AzelphurI feel like I deserve a medal for writing this, ^(?:(?P<days>\d+)[Dd]|)(?:(?P<hours>[1-9]|1[0-9]|2[0-3])[Hh]|)(?:(?P<minutes>[1-9]|[1-5][0-9])[Mm]|)(?:(?P<seconds>[1-9]|[1-5][0-9])[Ss]|)00:16
m0nkey_Anyone know why lightdm would hang for about 30 seconds prior to allowing me logging in?00:16
diploMorning all08:25
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Thursday, and happy Chocolate-Covered Peanuts Day! 😃09:43
davmor2JamesTait: got this one dude https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aORAz-pzY6Q09:49
zmoylan-pithose poor people with peanut allergies will never know the joy of chocolate coloured peanuts...10:16
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:18
davmor2zmoylan-pi: but how else do you expect them to find out they have peanut allergies10:24
zmoylan-pihow can i enjoy my choccy covered peanuts when someone is on the ground gasping for air?10:25
zmoylan-pi...and what's the polite amount of time before i can bend down and pickup their pack of choccy covered peanuts that they have no further use of?10:28
awilkinsYou can treat peanut allergy with frequent really tiny injections of peanut11:39
awilkinsThere are sufferers who can now eat a whole peanut without dying!11:39
awilkinsThis may seem trivial but it means they can tolerate nut fragments that would previously have killed them.11:40
awilkinsAnd they can also start to view chocolate-covered peanuts in the same food bracket as fugu, only a lot less expensive.11:40
foobarryRAID card has veeery slow writes. reads seem ok11:52
zmoylan-piwriting to be sure, to be sure...11:53
foobarrymight have a bad battery in which case, cache might be disabled, but still shouldn't be this bad?11:53
awilkinsWe had RAID cards with knacked batteries that really had a very significant effect11:56
awilkinsThe dead battery showed up in kernel logs though11:56
awilkinsICT were so helpful. It was on a pair of servers. We pointed out that the other card would fail in short order as well and could they just send the engineer to replace both, saving them a trip and reducing costs.11:57
foobarryhmm, think i have to install oipenmanage11:57
foobarryout of warranty11:58
Laneyradio 4 can't play any clips on its news report13:02
Laney"so and so reports" <silence>13:02
diddledanI saw popey tweet this link last night, but did anyone else see the link I pasted at 2am? https://blog.xamarin.com/a-xamarin-microsoft-future/14:25
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\svhey how come spotify wont work ubuntu15.10?15:20
popeyat a guess15:21
Laney"To be a functioning member of society today, Skype is pretty much unavoidable"15:26
* Laney goes back to scratching symbols in the dirt15:27
diddledanyeah, that's a bit of an overstatement methinks15:33
popeyhyperbole? from el reg?15:34
popeyno wai15:34
popey<owl pic>15:35
diddledanpopey: INORITE15:36
diddledanI really cannot read hyperbole without forming the word sounds as "hyper" and "bowl"15:36
awilkinsFunctioning member of the tech press, maybe15:46
awilkinsWe don't use Skype for our corporate meetings, we use Zoom.us15:46
awilkinsEven that's bullshit when every major browser now supports WebRTC15:47
Laneyit was a quote from reddit15:47
Laneyso not prone to exaggeration15:47
awilkinsOh, sorry for the minor swear15:47
awilkinsThought this was that *other* channel15:47
m0nkey_omg. this can't be happening16:03
m0nkey_i'm actually beginning to grasp regex16:03
diddledanwho are you and what have you done to m0nkey_ ?!16:04
m0nkey_i've been doing some regex stuff in python this time, and i'll be. i'm using regex like a pro :(16:04
m0nkey_damn capture groups16:04
diddledanI only really understand perl-compatible style and even then there are many things that confuse me or I just plain can't grok16:05
awilkinsYeah, the main thing that confounds me about regex is all the different implementaitons16:05
m0nkey_well, perl and python are very similar16:06
* awilkins learned on Java and .NET regex :-)16:06
m0nkey_this tool is great for testing regex16:06
diddledanit seems nobody invented "regex" and had people use it, but the concept was theoretical and several interpretations appeared with zero thought about what other folk were doing16:07
m0nkey_just pushed my commit to our git server16:07
m0nkey_commit text: More regex please!16:07
diddledanit would have been much more appropriate for a standard to be incepted by someone like ECMA (because they're obviously the most appropriate place for software standards :-p)16:08
awilkinsSame for Markdown16:09
awilkinsSo many different infuriating implementaitons16:09
awilkinsI kinda like Textile better anyway16:09
diddledanwith markdown it's often really subtle differences that glare at you when you hit them16:10
awilkinsI've even considered making my own Markdown parser as a plugin for Word though16:10
awilkinsBecause Pandoc is *terrible* at Word16:10
awilkinsAnd docx is so horrible that it must be easier to teach Word to do Markdown than it is to teach anything else to do docx16:10
diddledan*cough* pdf16:11
diddledanpdf is an evil concoction apparently16:11
diddledanI read that pdf is kinda like a Frankenstein monster where data structures are all different for various features so you need a bespoke parser for every feature you want to implement in your viewer or editor16:13
diddledanzero consistency16:13
awilkinsBUT IT'S A STANDARD.16:13
awilkinsLIKE DOCX.16:13
awilkinsEven Word doesn't write standard DOCX16:14
awilkinsUnless you tell it to. And then it probably breaks.16:14
awilkinsDOCX is pretty much a direct XML serialization of all the crufty old C structs in Office.16:14
diddledanodf support is bad. word is supposed to support it but even if you save in word to odf it still doesn't look the same when you use that file in libreoffice16:15
davmor2diddledan: they can't get their own format correct do you really think they would get someone elses correct?16:16
diddledanI think the only reason MS put odf support into word was because of governments like the british one that are mandating open document usage16:16
davmor2diddledan: correct France, Germany and UK16:17
diddledanthe holy trinity16:17
awilkinsThe only reason they made up MOO-XML in the first place was because of that16:17
* diddledan imagines carrie-ann moss in his mind16:17
awilkinsI mean Microsoft Office Open XML? .... scared of Open Office XML much?16:18
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celestehHello, I'm trying to build something and it says I need to cmake -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/path/to/qt5 . I have qt5 installed, just via apt-get. How do I find out what path to give this?16:46
diddledanit'll be in /usr/lib16:47
celestehthank you diddledan16:47
m0nkey_diddledan, tell me why lightdm hangs on boot?16:48
m0nkey_my keyboard/mouse freezes16:48
m0nkey_before you ask, not tried 15.1016:49
diddledanpas d'idée16:49
m0nkey_And nothing in the logs16:49
m0nkey_me non plus16:49
celestehAlas,  /usr/lib is not the answer. Cmake says it can't find a configuration file for Qt5WebKit. I definitely have that package installed and the dev version.16:53
m0nkey_make sure you install the -dev package16:55
celestehThis is the output I'm getting. http://pastebin.com/bcYu2psb I do have deve versions installed17:19
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gebbione_hi all, an hardrive of mine feels slow compared to the past19:53
gebbione_is there any way to measure its performance >#19:53
diddledanhdparm I think19:55
diddledanI haven't ever done it tho19:55
zmoylan-piis there anything to access the smart doohickey?19:56
gebbione_ok i tried now19:58
gebbione_it looks like it is running at less than half its official speed19:59
gebbione_is that possible for SATA?19:59
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AdriannomHi, I'm using AntiMicro and once two "keys" are held down, pressing another won't register. Any idea if this is a hard limit?23:12
AdriannomNevermind, got it :)23:23

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