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Saviqmzanetti, morning, can you please make launcher hide by default for now, until there's UI to change the behaviour09:23
mzanettiSaviq, just out of curiosity: why?09:24
mzanettibecause you like it better? or does it introduce an issue?09:24
mzanettiI mean, the default for unity7 is to show it too09:24
mzanettiand all the mockups do show it too09:24
Saviqmzanetti, design review09:25
mzanettiah ok09:25
Saviqmzanetti, it just changes behaviour without a (UI) way to go back09:25
mzanettiso bascially in unity7 we use a default that we shouldn't use09:25
Saviqmzanetti, no, it's just about that there's no UI for changing it09:25
Saviqmzanetti, we'll make it stick by default when there's a setting UI09:25
mzanettimy point is, we're changing it now because the majority doesn't like it to be always shown. why not have that as default then?09:26
mzanettiSaviq, should I push it to launcher-sizing or create a new branch?09:26
Saviqthat's not why we're changing it ;)09:26
mzanettinot sure then why :D09:27
Saviqmzanetti, because it's a behaviour change without UI to go back09:27
mzanettiit's not really a behavor change... there is no release of the desktop stuff yet09:27
mzanettipushing to launcher-sizing then, ok?09:28
Saviqmzanetti, yeah09:29
tsdgeosthe "use this screen as a pointer" thing disappears with silo 10 after touching09:30
tsdgeosis that on purpose?09:30
tsdgeosmzanetti: ↑09:30
Saviqtsdgeos, yes, it always disappeared09:31
Saviqthe text I mean09:31
tsdgeosok, i had a different memory09:31
tsdgeosSaviq: i think https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/desktopRotatedCamera/+merge/287137 fixes the camera problem, or at least does with mako+silo 10+forcing desktop mode09:43
tsdgeosnot sure if it does fix the problem with flo09:43
Saviqtsdgeos, ack, will check09:43
tsdgeosas far as i understand it should09:43
Saviqtsdgeos, how about min/max window dimensions?09:44
tsdgeosSaviq: how are they related?09:45
Saviqtsdgeos, same way requestedSize is, no? we need to transform them wrt the counter rotation?09:45
tsdgeosbut this is for fullscreen apps only, no?09:45
Saviqtsdgeos, no09:46
tsdgeosok, then this won't work :D09:46
Saviqtsdgeos, camera isn't fullscreen in windowed any more (there's a .click for it in the silo "Manual Download" section, should've mentioned it)09:47
tsdgeoswill review a few things first and go back to it09:49
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cimitsdgeos, ping10:10
tsdgeoscimi: hi10:10
cimihola hola companero10:11
cimi(not sure is correct)10:11
tsdgeoskind of yea10:11
tsdgeosyou can't type ñ10:11
cimiI was reading your comment on the review of review preview10:12
cimiTitle of the Rating & review widget to be same size as the others (i.e.: “Info”, “Updates”) and sizes of stars must be x1.5 current size.10:12
tsdgeossee the Wireframe10:12
cimiit's unrelated to my modifications? just a bug10:12
tsdgeosit is and it is not10:12
tsdgeosthe whole bug is "it's hard to do this"10:13
tsdgeosnow with your changes is almost even harder10:13
tsdgeosbecause you can barely find where to do the review10:13
tsdgeossince it's so small in the grand scheme of thigns10:13
cimitsdgeos, why are we using semi transparent text?10:15
cimieverywhere in the previews10:15
cimitsdgeos, wouldn'd be faster to blend the color with the background color of our scopes and have it opaque?10:15
Saviqcimi, it's still antialiased10:18
Saviqso still needs to be blended10:18
tsdgeoscimi: did we ever get a scope to test https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/preview-sharing-string-and-array/+merge/287008 ?10:18
cimitsdgeos, private message10:19
cimitsdgeos, shall I also move the rating stars under the "rate this" label?10:27
tsdgeoscimi: yeah10:27
tsdgeoswell at least that's what the wireframe seems to want10:27
cimitsdgeos, still, padding and star sizes are different from wireframe10:28
tsdgeoscimi: they also the star bigger, no?10:28
cimitsdgeos, yeah10:30
tsdgeosalso -> also want10:30
cimitsdgeos, pushing http://paste.ubuntu.com/15196182/10:36
cimitsdgeos, even if it looks like we need different icons for the rating, those are small10:37
tsdgeoscimi: ask design for bigger ones?10:39
cimitsdgeos, yeah I will10:40
tsdgeoscool :)10:40
tsdgeoscimi: tried just enlarging the ones we have now by setting the size and checking how they look?10:41
tsdgeosmaybe it's acceptable10:41
tsdgeosafter all it's just straight lines10:41
cimitsdgeos, I'll get double size10:42
tsdgeosok, i think this big size is only for "your" review, not for the others people have made10:42
cimitsdgeos, yeah10:43
cimitsdgeos, so matthieu gave me new svg10:57
cimitsdgeos, question is, will using svg make reviews slower to view?10:57
cimitsdgeos, or qml smartly caches the texture?10:57
tsdgeosit should cache it, but not for the first render as far as i remember10:59
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cimitsdgeos, yeah that was my guess11:01
cimiit shouldnt be a problem11:01
tsdgeoscimi: two comments on https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/preview-sharing-string-and-array/+merge/28700811:04
tsdgeosdavmor2: when you have some time, i think https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1535798 "fixed itself" with the media-hub changes11:14
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1535798 in Canonical System Image "My Music scope, tracks with odd characters in the path play but don't update the icon or show progress bar" [High,In progress]11:14
davmor2tsdgeos: I'll give it a go when I get a few minutes11:15
cimitsdgeos, resolving an url is not simple ad I thought11:57
cimitsdgeos, I did                 console.log(Qt.resolvedUrl(shareData["uri"][i]), exportedItems[i].url)11:57
cimi                verify(exportedItems[i].url == Qt.resolvedUrl(shareData["uri"][i]));11:57
cimitsdgeos, however one of them has path of the test file, the other the real qml component path11:58
tsdgeoscimi: don't resolve the url11:58
tsdgeoscimi: just give it an url as input11:58
tsdgeosa fake one11:58
cimiah ok11:58
cimitsdgeos, fixed12:01
tsdgeoscimi: does compare work instead veify?12:04
cimitsdgeos, I asked myself the same, I guess it will12:04
cimitsdgeos, pushed with compare12:05
tsdgeosSaviq: yeah confirmed, bugfix doesn't work with non fullscreen windows, back to drawing board12:05
cimitsdgeos, how do I get the suru icon inside actions/scalable/ ?12:26
cimitsdgeos, I tried with image://theme/starred12:27
tsdgeosthat should be it12:27
tsdgeosdoesn't work?12:27
tsdgeoslook at the other theme icons we have12:27
cimitsdgeos, it works, just matthieu gave me a different name12:28
tsdgeoswe have image://theme/clear works12:28
cimitsdgeos, starred worked, unstarred didnt12:28
cimiwas non-starred12:28
mzanettiSaviq, found a bad merge. fixed it. now we should be ok12:35
Saviqmzanetti, uh oh, does it conflict with spread-visual-updates?12:36
alan_ggreyback: are we ever going to land the initial window management MPs in qtmir?12:37
mzanetticould be...12:37
Saviqalan_g, trying12:37
greybackalan_g: what he said ^12:38
mzanettiSaviq, easy one. resubmitting visual-updates12:39
* alan_g wonders what can reasonably take 3 months of trying12:39
mzanettilike landing the launcher branches?12:39
Saviqalan_g, the usual, $reasons12:40
alan_g$reasons need fixing12:41
Saviqwe're on it12:41
alan_gReally? Soon MPs will be landing in hours?12:42
Saviqif someone takes care of landing them, sure12:44
alan_gEXPECT_THAT("takes care of landing", Eq(TA))12:45
cimitsdgeos, after lunch, https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/preview-rating-input-tweaks/+merge/28706512:47
cimilook at the changes12:47
cimilike, visual changes12:48
alan_gSaviq: are you conflating "land" with "release"?12:57
Saviqalan_g, yes, we don't, and we won't, have a staging/devel branch like Mir does12:58
Saviqtrunk == release12:58
alan_gThat is soo last century.12:59
SaviqI'm hoping for implementing a twist on the staging approach, will let you guys know how it goes12:59
alan_gCI is widespread and proven to be more effective12:59
SaviqI've yet to be convinced13:00
alan_gWhat do you need convincing of? That it is better to identify problems early?13:00
Saviqalan_g, of a different process that works for us reliably13:01
alan_gThat "release" doesn't need to deal with conflicts that could have been resolved weeks ago?13:01
alan_gThat it is good to have a branch with the latest changes?13:02
Saviqtoo many times have I had to pull things, that have supposedly been "ready to go", from a release13:02
alan_gWouldn't it be better to detect the problem when marking "ready to go" than when releasin?13:03
Saviqoh sure, let me know when you solve how to do this ;)13:03
alan_gWhat's the problem with that? Why don't you detect problems earlier?13:04
alan_gIs there something you don't do until release?13:05
alan_gWhy not?13:05
Saviqwe don't have enough autotest coverage atm, it's easier to do manual testing when things are in a silo already, and doing it once together for a bunch of changes is less time consuming than per chnage13:07
alan_gYep, reliance on manual testing is disruptive to an effective workflow. But that's not really solved by DI.13:09
alan_gUnless you address that you're going to get very poor throughput.13:10
alan_gAnd if you address it you'll be happy with CI?13:11
SaviqI don't see me merging into trunk without release, no – I do plan to have a staging branch onto which self-contained changes (not dependant on other projects) will be... staged13:14
Saviqbut that's just potehto, potahto, I want our trunks to equal what's in ubuntu, you have a separate lp:mir/ubuntu branch for that13:15
Saviqwe will have a lp:project/staging to stage things - you have lp:mir to do that13:16
alan_gThat's likely just a contectual terminology thing. Usually developers refer to the active development branch as "trunk" whereas packages refer to the current distro as "trunk"13:19
alan_gThe point is that CI is about integrating somewhere continuously13:20
Saviqalan_g, sure, that I want to do, with the caveat that I only want to include self-contained changes, to not introduce interdependencies between development branches of different projects13:21
Saviqit does feel like we're missing a MP state that differentiates Merged vs. Released13:22
alan_gThat too can be managed by automation (I've done it a few times). But agree it isnt the next step.13:22
alan_gIt is a state of the piece of work. But the MP specifically is just merged.13:24
alan_gSo the trello card or bug fix can be "merged/waiting for release"13:24
alan_gAnd those states exist13:25
Saviqyeah, but that means we have multiple tools to track the progress of something, I can't easily look at an MP to know whether it's released or not13:25
Saviqif all of them were backed by bugs, we could do what you do in Mir; but not all of them are (and for good reason)13:26
Saviqmy biggest beef, with projects that have a staging/devel branch today, is that I need to hunt for whether a particular MP got released yet13:27
alan_gSure it could be easier than comparing the "merged at revision" and the tag for the release13:30
alan_gBut you're saying that QtMir is getting a branch for CI to target and that things will land there without waiting for a release?13:32
Saviqalan_g, that's the plan, yes13:36
Saviqalan_g, note I won't allow "updates for Mir 0.21" in there, though, those would have to land in train as they do today ;)13:37
Saviqotherwise we'd have to wait for you to release Mir 0.21 to land our staging13:37
alan_gSaviq: would you allow them if they have #if conditionals on the Mir version?13:38
Saviqalan_g, sure, if I can land them without landing new mir, fine by me13:38
alan_gThat ought to cover most things then. :)13:39
alan_gThat would let us set up builds against both release and development versions of Mir - and maybe also populate a "development" ppa13:41
Saviqalan_g, that said, devel-mir-next is a kind of "staging" for new Mir releases13:42
Saviqalan_g, that could be backing the development PPA, following the "real" staging of qtmir at the same time13:44
alan_gSaviq: true, today that lets us release Mir without worrying QtMir changes.13:44
alan_gI think it would be nice to have /all/ the most recent changes for our little collection of projects in a PPA13:49
Saviqtotally doable13:49
alan_gHaving a CI job that highlights downstream issues (without blocking landing) ensures things don't get overlooked13:53
tsdgeoscimi: in https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/preview-rating-input-tweaks/+merge/287065 we don't have a test that actually checks that the thing grows after selecting a star, no?14:35
cimitsdgeos, we test if they are visible14:45
tsdgeoscimi: before and after clicking a star?14:45
cimitsdgeos, I can make a test to see if it grows14:45
cimitsdgeos, not that, indeed14:45
tsdgeoscimi: i'd like a test that shows that it is not visible before and it is after14:45
cimitsdgeos, well we do test that if there is a valid input of rating the review area is visible15:10
tsdgeosdo we?15:10
cimitsdgeos,             if (data.widgetData["visible"] === "both" && data.widgetData["required"] === "both")15:11
cimi                compare(reviewTextArea.visible, false);15:11
cimiso this is before15:11
cimitsdgeos, yeah I guess we miss that the flag turns visible after15:12
tsdgeosoki, can you add it?15:13
SilentlordI am creating a trayicon but on ubuntu 14.04 unity is not showing but other tray icons are showing, what can i do?15:16
greybackSilentlord: system tray has a whitelist specified in gsettings, look for systray-whitelist in com.canonical.Unity.Panel15:21
SaviqSilentlord, also check out https://unity.ubuntu.com/projects/appindicators/15:24
Silentlordi dont have that property15:25
SaviqSilentlord, systray-whitelist is no longer there - see bug #974480 ← greyback15:27
ubot5`bug 974480 in unity (Ubuntu) "Notification area whitelist is obsolete" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/97448015:27
greybackhuh, old memory then15:28
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tsdgeoscimi: i have a few branches waiting for review if you want15:42
cimitsdgeos, cool15:42
cimitsdgeos, I added a test for visibility after good rating15:43
tsdgeoscimi: here they come15:43
mterryI'm building in a chroot and getting the following error with u8 trunk.  Am I doing something dumb (file seems to be in place, u8 seems to have call to find it):15:58
mterry/root/u8/trunk/plugins/Lights/android-hardware.h:22:31: fatal error: hardware/hardware.h: No such file or directory15:58
mterry #include <hardware/hardware.h>15:58
alan_gmterry: I think kdub fixed something similar in Mir16:02
kdubmterry, there's been some shuffling of the android headers in archive16:03
tsdgeosmterry: dpkg -l | grep  android-headers16:12
mterryii  android-headers                                 23-0ubuntu1~overlay1                                  all          Android Platform Headers from AOSP releases16:12
mterryii  android-headers-19                              23-0ubuntu1~overlay1                                  all          Android Platform Headers from AOSP releases16:12
mterrytsdgeos, ^16:12
tsdgeosmterry: that is vivid or xenial?16:12
mterrytsdgeos, vivid + overlay16:13
tsdgeosno idea, xenial needs 23-0ubuntu216:13
tsdgeoswith 23-0ubuntu1 we had that error too16:13
tsdgeosbut we have the train building it16:14
tsdgeosso it is buildable16:14
mterrytsdgeos, ah... android-headers changed /usr/include/android to be a symlink. But looks like it doesn't handle upgrades.  So had to uninstall and reinstall.  :-/  ah well16:25
cimitsdgeos, https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/preview-rating-input-tweaks/+merge/287065/comments/73274616:27
tsdgeoswill check tomorrow16:30
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josharensonSaviq: any interesting bugs I can take on while I wait for reviews on yesterdays MPs?17:16
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