ZimdaleSo you guys have been in the commuting tech industry for long than I in michigan.....whenever it snows did everyone always flip a shit and start sending people home early and freakin' out about commuting into work?12:42
jcastroiirc usually there's no flipping out12:53
jcastrousually it's like "everyone knows tomorrow will be a snow day"12:54
jrwrenright, and this wasn't just snow. this was a lot of snow in a short period of time.13:07
jcastrorick_h_: are you here or on the road?14:32
jrwrenremember Helix Code?15:01
jrwrenThe founders now work for microsoft.15:01
jrwrenremember GNOME?  1/2 of the founders now work for microsoft.15:01
cmaloneyZimdale: Depends on the job15:03
cmaloneyI know a lot of folks are at work15:03
cmaloneyI prefer to work from home whenever I can15:03
cmaloneyso I'm working from home15:03
jcastrosnow ain't no joke today15:05
jcastrohad to do everything three times15:05
jcastromaybe I should have gotten the more high end snowblower15:05
jrwrentry a shovel.15:17
jrwrenits quality cardio and strength training15:17
brouschYeah, good shovel day15:17
rick_h_jcastro: in orlando15:26
jcastrojrwren: I had to also shovel, it's just a hot mess all around, heh15:29
jcastrorick_h_: man, this 5x is awesome, I just got one for myself, gets here in a few days15:29
jcastrogoing to try this projectfi google MVNO as well15:29
cmaloneyso the 5X is jcastro approved?15:32
jcastroIt gets a +1 from me15:32
cmaloney(looking at phones and not sure I want to spend $$ on the 6p)15:32
jcastroThe normal 5 also got better with M15:32
jcastrowith L it was a piece of shit15:32
jcastrothe 6p is like the size of an xbox15:32
jcastroI can dig why people like that, but it's not for me15:32
jcastrothe 6p is also huawei, where as the LG 5x is a known entity to me15:33
cmaloneyYeah, that was was a big factor for me15:34
jcastroI've had LG in the past and they're decent, didn't feel like taking the plunge on a high end phone from a mfg. I've not used before15:34
cmaloneyWell, pretty much anything is a step up from my phone15:35
cmaloneystill rockin' the Samsung S2 Epic 4G Touch15:35
jcastroyou can have my 5 if my friend's GF doesn't take it15:35
cmaloneyCool. Thank you!15:36
jrwrenits only 12:20 and I really want that 4th cup of coffee... what to do.. what to do... ;]17:20
cmaloneyI believe you prep for your fifth cup of coffee and be done with it18:14
jrwreni've held for an hour to let some of the caffiene in my blood get processed :p18:17
brouschSwitch to decaf18:37
cmaloneyOne of my co-workers got me a postcard with that on it.19:25
cmaloneyIt's at work. ;)19:25
jrwrencmaloney: that is awesome.19:26
jrwrencmaloney: i was kinda hoping i'd click and see a variation of: http://www.tattoosymbol.com/just-for-site/death_before_dishonor_flash.html19:28
cmaloneyThere's several of those19:30
cmaloneyhttps://www.google.com/search?q=death+before+decaf (image search)19:31

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