teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else13:15
jthanwaltman: You know this guy? https://sites.google.com/site/akohlmey/18:48
jthanI realize he's at Temple, but... ya know... it's pretty close :-)18:48
waltmanjthan: No, but it seems like I should! It looks like he's doing some very cool stuff.19:01
jthanwaltman: I have recently been working on compiling and learning to use (very basically) lammps.  He seems to be the most active member on the ML.. Kind of comes across as a jerk via email, but nonetheless realized he was in Philly.19:02
waltman"This page describes Tcl bindings for MPI." # OK, now I'm afraid...19:03
waltmanWe're generally working with cells, not molecules.19:04
jthanwhy do I feel like I /just/ read that19:04
jthanI did19:04
jthanhis page19:04
jthanYeah.. I would rather be working with cells, too!19:04
waltmanhe's using Tcl?!19:04
jthanThis is just  side project to get a group going on our cluster19:05
jthanCurrently trying to work with cell counting in Python, actually.19:05
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