locodir-userAnybody there?22:31
valoriewhat's up, locodir-user?22:32
locodir-userOh I have a presario f500 and I have unbuntu 14 latest stable release and it did not detect the broadcom WiFi hardware. Any ideas or suggestions?22:36
locodir-userAny packages or software suggestions?22:37
locodir-userI did find broadcoms driver for the hardware that is for Linux.22:38
valorieoh, please use #ubuntu for these questions22:38
valoriethis isn't a support channel; rather it is for Washington *buntu users 22:38
valorieand honestly, I have fixed my own wifi problems, but the broader issues are rather beyond my ken22:39
locodir-userI just figured I would get to know the group this way and I am in Washington22:39
valorievery cool22:39
valoriewhere do you live?22:39
* valorie lives right outside Black Diamond22:39
valoriesouth east of Seattle22:40
valorieah, we'll soon meet then!22:40
valorieat lfnw22:40
valorieI'll be up there staffing a *buntu table22:40
locodir-userDon't know what lfnw is22:40
valorieBellingham is so lovely22:40
valorielinuxfest northwest -- join #lfnw22:41
valorieit's in April, soon after Xenial is released22:41
locodir-userNo idea what denial is I'm new to the I.T. occupation22:42
locodir-userXenial auto correct is annoying at times22:43
valoriexenial is the code-name for the next release, 16.04 which is LTS22:45
valorieso there will be a strong demand for ISO images22:45
locodir-userOh interesting22:45
valoriewe keep busy burning DVDs for people22:45
valorieor thumbdrives, if they bring them22:45
valoriewe don't have the funds to buy thumbdrives to give out22:46
locodir-userLots of server traffic also22:46
valorieI seed torrents for all the *buntu releases -- I'm active in Kubuntu, myself22:46
locodir-userNice I actual want to take some sort of classes in it22:47
valorieclasses in what?22:48
locodir-userUnbuntu just software engineering22:49
locodir-userJust learning on my own right now22:49
valorielfnw is held at a college, so you might find out some cool stuff at the talks and also at the college itself22:50
valorieit's hosted by BLUG, which you might want to look up and get involved in22:50
locodir-userYeah I went to Bellingham tech for a little while22:53
locodir-userTrying to design software right now to adjust fuel and other settings on a new motor to also work with a auto drive system22:57
valorieoooo, neato!22:58
valorieembedded linux is growing so fast22:58
locodir-userYes indeed22:59
locodir-userHave to design the computer hardware around the software which is a challenge23:00
locodir-userWe are thinking of using only ram mostly like puppy23:01
locodir-userTrying to get faster reaction times, had one of our engineers suggest using fiberoptics and a system they would use in a jet23:03
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