dholbachgood morning07:51
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davidcallemhall119: wow, very nice :)08:41
davidcalledholbach: do you want a second pair of eyes on the links bug?09:02
dholbachdavidcalle, I'll put together a minimal test case and let you know09:02
davidcalleok :à)09:03
dholbachdavidcalle, http://pad.ubuntu.com/oRcuTY5ZJ309:49
dholbachsorry it took a bit longer to put it together09:49
dholbachthe test case is actually quite close to what I test on the live system, so I'm not quite sure yet what the issue is :)09:49
* davidcalle looks10:07
dholbachdavidcalle, when I add some print() statements in article.rewrite_links(), it looks like the link is changed, but maybe it's not saved correctly?10:14
davidcalledholbach: still branching pips... :p10:14
dholbachsure sure, take your time10:14
davidcalledholbach: that's weird10:58
dholbachI think I'm getting closer10:58
davidcalledholbach: looks like the self.html changed in replace_links is not the one used at the publication step10:59
dholbachyep, I'm looking into that now11:00
dholbach /o\11:00
dholbachdavidcalle, ok, looks like that was it - I'll need to fix a few bits around it again, but I'm on the right track11:19
dholbachthanks for your help11:19
dholbachwe arrived at the same conclusion, at the same time :-)11:19
dholbachlunch time, bbiab11:52
redwolfmorning all12:05
redwolfanybody having problems with wiki.ubuntu.com?12:05
dholbachdavidcalle, I pushed a bunch of changes the the links are now correct... a new problem I'm seeing now is a broken test and some escaped html, ie <body>13:10
dholbachbut I'll figure that out13:10
davidcalledholbach: escaped html would suggest the doc is passed twice through the md->html function13:10
dholbachI'll take a look, it could also be something in beautifulsoup(?) or the clean_html from djangocms_text_ckeditor.html we use13:13
dholbachjust wanted to let you know how things are going13:13
dholbachah, I know what it is - we prettify the HTML, so our regex in _remove_body_and_html_tags is broken :)13:18
davidcalleOh right!13:18
dholbachgetting there :-D13:19
davidcalledholbach: one thing I've noticed after pulling your branch, replaced links should start with a "/"13:25
dholbachok... I'll note this down13:27
dholbachit was beautifulsoup's prettify :)14:12
dholbachnow the broken test14:12
dholbachdavidcalle, the last issue I'm chasing is that a second import (with same content) seems to result in a new publish cycle (which would break the translations dashboard as we discussed before)16:59
dholbachI'm closer already, but haven't 100% figure it out yet :-/16:59
davidcalledholbach: bzr (well, git) status and only work on modified and new docs? (just throwing out the first idea that comes)17:01

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