tjaaltonpushed mesa 11.2.0-rc1 to ppa:tjaalton/ppa10:20
alkisgHi, is xserver-xorg-lts-wily supposed to be installable in 14.04/amd64? Its dependencies are not satisfiable here... (a long list)14:20
tjaaltonsee the wiki on lts kernels14:21
tjaaltonit needs a special command to pull in all that's needed..14:21
alkisgAh, thanks, looking...14:22
alkisgsudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-wily xserver-xorg-core-lts-wily xserver-xorg-lts-wily xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-wily xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-wily libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-wily 14:28
alkisg...doesn't do it for me either14:28
alkisgI also removed all my custom sources.list, in case the interfered, they didn't14:28
tjaaltonwhat does it say?14:29
alkisgMaybe the problem is related to me having installed the -lts-vivid ones first?14:30
alkisgLet me paste both the apt-get and aptitude outputs, as apt-get is vague14:30
tjaaltonneed to revert to stock packages first14:30
alkisgOK, reverting, thank you...14:31
alkisgThat was not the case in 12.04 btw14:31
alkisgIt was possible to e.g. install 12.04.3 and upgrade to 12.04.414:32
tjaaltondon't think i've even tried a direct upgrade14:32
tjaaltonmaybe wiki is missing some pkg14:33
alkisgMeh downgrading also has issues :-/14:33
alkisgDigging deeper...14:33
alkisgMy xorg-vivid installation line was: http://paste.debian.net/403581/14:36
tjaaltonthat command works on a trusty chroot14:37
alkisgI'm guessing the xorg-vivid package pulled some things that apt doesn't know how to get rid of now14:38
tjaaltondo you have some dev pkgs installed?14:38
tjaaltonguess that's not the issue here tho14:39
* alkisg tries it partially, first installing linux-generic, rebooting, removing linux-*lts-vivid and then going on to xorg14:45
tjaaltonthe error looks familiar, though I can't remember what it could be..14:45
tjaaltonthe kernel is totally separate iirc14:46
tjaaltonat least there should be no conflicts14:46
tjaaltonoh, haha. the chroot has no X by default14:47
alkisgtjaalton: my bad, the second command (multiarch) did it14:48
alkisgMaybe it's related to wine pulling wine:i38614:49
tjaaltonmight be14:49
tjaaltonlooks like wily installs fine over vivid, at least on the chroot14:49
tjaaltonso the revert to stock was just for robustness testing14:50
tjaaltonnot actually needed14:50
alkisgGot it, thanks a lot tjaalton :)14:50
tjaaltonI should install sudo on all chroots.. .)14:51
tjaaltonschroot rocks14:51
alkisgUnrelated, will we ever be able to install the nvidia* drivers and fglrx* drivers in a system, and only have them loaded when they detect an actual nvidia or fglrx card?14:53
alkisgIt's been a long standing wish of ltsp users :)14:53
tjaaltonfglrx is gone14:54
tjaalton16.04 won't have it14:54
alkisgAh, that's one good thing!14:54
tjaaltonlibglvnd will happen once redhat (ajax) makes it work14:54
tjaaltonthen you can have nvidia and mesa installed14:54
tjaaltonor something like that14:54
alkisgFinally! :)14:54
* alkisg wishes he'll see that in 18.0414:55
tjaaltonand vulkan was designed with this in mind14:55
tjaaltonI guess we can have it backported, it's just one library14:55
alkisgIf it goes in some lts* stack for 16.04, even better!!!14:55
tjaaltonyeah ajax has said he'll look into it in the coming months14:56
tjaaltonso maybe 16.10 timeframe, maybe not14:56
alkisgThank you tjaalton, rebooting to the newer -wily stack... :)14:57
alkisgAll good! Purging the -vivid kernel...15:00
marlincMmm tjaalton not sure why the crashes are happening again17:21
marlincIt only happens when I move my second screen from the default location on the right to the left17:21
marlincThat's what happened before as well17:22
marlincThis is the monitors.xml config that causes it to happen, not sure what's so special about it: https://gist.github.com/Marlinc/e4cde9f72b600ca3219717:23
tjaaltonmarlinc: feel free to test ppa:canonical-x/x-staging now, it works with nvidia prime17:26
marlincOkay, will do that ;)17:34
marlincOkay, this might be a bit unfair as I have a ton of updates that I got to install but lets see what happens17:40
marlincIt appears to work tjaalton 17:50
marlincAny time frame on the stuff arriving in main and universe?17:50
marlincNeed me to do some more testing?17:50
tjaaltonearly next week17:54
marlincAnything you'd like me to test tjaalton? If not I'll reboot, thanks a lot :)17:57
tjaaltonif it works then fine17:58
tjaaltonthat's enough for me17:58
marlincOkay :)18:00

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