Kilosmorning everyone04:53
chesedomorning all06:09
inetprogood evening06:51
chesedoevening inetpro, have you tried spotting Jupiter next to the full moon yet :P07:03
thatgraemeguymorning peoples08:07
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy 08:09
superflymorning thatgraemeguy, Kilos, chesedo, inetpro, Cryterion_08:50
Kilosohi my fly08:50
Kilosoh and hi kmf too08:51
Kilossorry im busy outside lots today08:51
superflyKilos: some of the developers of the LoCo portal are trying to update it and get development on it going again. I remember that we used it for some stuff, and then the wiki for other stuff. What was the reason for using the wiki over the LoCo portal?08:54
kmfhiya Kilos 08:55
* chesedo wonders who the ? is for09:03
dlPhreakMawnin yawl09:04
Kilosfor the fly09:12
Kilosi saw  that in mails but head to sore to follow up09:13
Kiloshi dlPhreak 09:13
dlPhreakKilos: How are you ?09:13
=== Kilos is now known as Kilos_
Kilos_alive ty09:15
=== Kilos_ is now known as Kilos
dlPhreakWell that's more than some of us can say.. lol vampire joke :)09:16
Kilosinetpro  sop die reen ne14:41
kmfrained lekker in JHB15:00
kmfspelling like a boss15:01
Kiloswe had 11mm in 10 mins and long power off15:05
inetproKilos: 15mm + 7mm last night18:14
inetprogood evening18:14
Kiloshello inetpro 18:14
Kilosis bell.ogg the sound know as system beep18:14
* Kilos goes hunting for bell.ogg18:30
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:56
Kilossee ya more18:56

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