jesper_Bashing-om: It lists my installation as 15.04 but I downloaded and md5summed 15.10, this is weird00:00
k1l_jesper_: what says "lsb_release -d"?00:01
jesper_k1l_: Command not found00:02
jesper_k1l_: wait, spelled it wrong00:02
jesper_It says Ubuntu 15.04 which is weird since all I have is 15.10 on my USB-drive00:02
Bashing-omjesper_: k1l_ and Jordan_U Are all old hands at this, great they look over our shoulders .00:03
jesper_Bashing-om: Could I be making a mistake with the installation entirely?00:03
jesper_Bashing-om: and that's why I'm getting these weird errors and crashes?00:04
Bashing-omjesper_: That begs the question ,, are you booting the USB or booting the install on the hard drive ?00:04
jesper_Bashing-om: I'm booting from the SSD after I boot from the installation media00:04
jesper_I'll try re-installing, I hope you've got time to spare Bashing-om haha - sorry for all the problems00:05
Bashing-omjesper_: Real tough to do that .. What you have set in the UEFI settings is what will boot . Rither the USB OR the SSD. not both .00:05
Bashing-omjesper_: We have the time .. help is what we do .00:06
jesper_Bashing-om: I mean at first when I boot I use something on my motherboard called "Boot override" and that is what I use to boot the installation media (my USB) and after that I use my SSD - which I now see might be the wrong ssd...00:07
k1l_jesper_: can you pastebin a "sudo parted -l" and a "mount"00:08
Bashing-omjesper_: What we are going to do is boot that SSD. the USB drive should be removed and not a part of this equation .00:08
jesper_Bashing-om: That's what I'm trying now, k1l_ I'll do that when I've re-installed it and not booted from anything but my main SSD00:09
salamanderrakehow do I get ubuntu/unity to stop using the super key00:09
xanguasalamanderrake: easier to use another desktop00:10
jesper_Bashing-om: I don't think it's booting from the USB after I've installed. I think it's booting one of my VMs if that's even possible because I know I have 15.04 installed as a VM, going to try and wipe all my other drives and then install00:10
dlamis there a thing to show additionally show UTC date in the top right of the desktop?00:11
jesper_Bashing-om: When asked now how I wanted to install it - it asked if I wanted to install 15.04 along 15.04.. I don't understand why.. I double-checked and I have 15.10 on my USB00:12
Bashing-omjesper_: K .. Might I suggest that you read the manual and learn how your EFI interface works ? Mind you every manufacturer implements the interface different .00:12
Bashing-omjesper_: Is there a reason you want Mate as the desktop ? Let me see if I can find a download link for 15.10 Mate then .00:14
jesper_Bashing-om: The only reason is that I think it looks good from the get go00:15
Bashing-omjesper_: 'buntu ! all about choice . Ok .. os this the link you are using to download : https://ubuntu-mate.org/wily/ ?00:17
jesper_Bashing-om: Yes, that is where I downloaded it00:17
jesper_Bashing-om: Could you tell me the correct partitioning for my SSD? I have a 240GB SSD and I do not want to use any SWAP partition, sorry if this is a bothersome question00:18
ouroumov__jesper_, you have to have a swap00:18
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jesper_ouroumov__: why is that?00:19
k1l_jesper_: do you want to use hibternation?00:19
ouroumov__Linux requirement I think, I've never tried but I doubt you can even install without a SWAP partition00:19
jesper_k1l_: not relaly00:19
k1l_jesper_: how much ram you got?00:19
jesper_k1l_: 16GB00:19
frostschutzif you have enough ram and don't hibernate, you don't need swap00:19
k1l_ouroumov__: you can00:19
jesper_ouroumov__: I'm certain I've installed VM's without swap before00:20
ouroumov__I need to go re-learn some things00:20
k1l_jesper_: ok. than you can go without a swap. but you cant use hibernation then. (except you would make a swapfile....)00:20
Bashing-omjesper_: Again back to " < k1l_> jesper_: can you pastebin a "sudo parted -l" and a "mount" -- we see what it is that we are working with .00:20
jesper_Bashing-om: Can I do that whilst installing Ubuntu?00:20
MaimsterHow's everyone doing tonight?00:21
daniel331__hey, you know what?00:21
daniel331__you guys rule00:21
daniel331__goodnight everyone00:22
Maimsterdaniel331__ Goodnight00:22
Bashing-omjesper_: No, but from the liveUSB you can provide what we are looking for . Else only a matter of minutes to await this new fresh install IF you are certain that it is 15.10 and that the md5sum matches .00:22
jesper_Bashing-om: Then I will try my best to do that00:23
JadesDJa long time ago they talked about the "cube" in ubuntu...is it still possible?00:26
k1l_JadesDJ: see the ccsm: compiz config settings manager00:26
JadesDJah, ok00:27
jesper_Bashing-om: Can I install pastebin on a liveUSB?00:27
jesper_Bashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1519235400:29
Bashing-omjesper_: Yeah .. can install pastebin, but will not persist a reboot . at this time i am looking to find the Mate15.10 md5sum got kinda hung up on downloads . Bear with me .00:29
jesper_Bashing-om: Weirdly enough the power button is actually there now, not just a missing image.. The menu is still gone though00:31
Bashing-omjesper_: Quite the system . 4 hard drives .. with 'buntu to be installed to the 1st drive -sda- / the other 3 are Windows .00:31
jesper_Bashing-om: Yeah, 2 ssds, 1 hard drive and 1 external drive. It says install ubuntu mate 15.04 on the installation icon...00:33
Bashing-omjesper_: Then that is a 15.04 install ... let my download complete and I check the md5sum and we continue .00:34
JadesDJby the way...can i slap the new desktop on the older Warty-distro?00:34
LEPTOSPIRAHi folks, I need some help with bash scripting. I am new to this.00:35
k1l_JadesDJ: warty? really?00:35
Bashing-omJadesDJ: I Highly doubt it ! That old release would not have the GTK support of the modern desk tops .00:35
LEPTOSPIRAI want a script that will play in cvlc a random album from my music directory. This is what I have so far: find "${MUSICDIR}" -follow -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -type d | shuf | head -n1 | (read RANDALBUM; find "$RANDALBUM" -maxdepth 2 -mindepth 2 -exec vlc {} + | sort)00:35
JadesDJk1l_: yes...i mean, why not?00:35
LEPTOSPIRAThe problem is that the songs are not sorted in their track order. I don't know how to combine -exec with sort00:36
LEPTOSPIRAAny ideas?00:36
JadesDJbesides, i like to experiment with stuff00:36
k1l_JadesDJ: because everything. missing all libs needed.00:36
c0feCan Juju be used to deploy containers?00:36
c0feOr is it just for cloud management00:36
k1l_c0fe: its for cloud, iirc00:37
c0fei see that's unfortunate00:37
ouroumov__LEPTOSPIRA, find "$RANDALBUM" -maxdepth 2 -mindepth 2 | sort | xargs -I I vlc "I" ?00:37
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LEPTOSPIRAouroumov__, when I try the following, I get the error "syntax error, unexpected end of file":00:40
LEPTOSPIRAfind "${MUSICDIR}" -follow -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -type d | shuf | head -n1 | (read RANDALBUM; find "$RANDALBUM" -maxdepth 2 -mindepth 2 | sort | xargs -I I cvlc "I"00:40
ouroumov__Where's the closing parenthesis?00:41
LEPTOSPIRAWhere's the opening parenthesis?00:41
ouroumov__Before read00:41
LEPTOSPIRAI had to change the "I" to 'I' and now it works00:42
Bashing-omjesper_: OK, I have a 15.10 Mate md5sum .. show us what your result is and we compare .00:44
jesper_Bashing-om: My result: 0c720005e21cc1ae99a521fc79d7acd3  ubuntu-mate-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso00:44
shubihallo, when i shut-down my ubuntu 14.04.4 it freezes and doesnt shutdown, happened also with suspend.00:45
Pantsuenjoy it blowing up if you have a music file with a space in the name00:45
Pantsuor \n00:46
shubiI upgraded today, never had an issue before.00:46
k1l_jesper_: could it be you bootet a 15.04 ubuntu on the 2tb disk?00:46
jesper_k1l_: That's what I was thinking, and that's why I wanted help with the partitioning00:46
k1l_jesper_: that is why i would like to see a "mount" from that 15.04 system running00:46
k1l_jesper_: partitioning is easy: 15GB for / rest for /home. both ext400:47
jesper_Then I will do that, have to re-install the boot device though00:47
shubiAny ideas?00:48
jesper_k1l_: It's very daunting to someone who isn't used to doing any partitioning haha, I've only done it with Arch before and that was a complete walkthrough00:48
Bashing-omjesper_: Confirmed, same sum as I have .. so we are working with 15.10 !00:49
jesper_Bashing-om: Glad to hear it haha, I'm installing it again on the USB drive00:49
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Bashing-omjesper_: K, when it is installed to the USB drive . we verify the copy . boot in UEFI setting to the USB as soon as the bios screen clears repeatedly depress and release the escape key -> language screen, escape key again to accept the default -> boot options scren -> "check disk for defects" .00:53
jesper_Bashing-om: Checking for defects now00:54
yeddersonI want to enable apparmor for firefox, I'm getting this error : Could not open 'tunables/proc'00:54
jesper_"Errors found in 2 files!"00:55
jesper_Bashing-om: It doesn't say which files though00:55
Bashing-omjesper_: Good, we know the copy is bad ! /// recopy the image and try again .00:55
jesper_Bashing-om: re-installing to the USB00:57
Bashing-omjesper_: What tool are you using to make the copy to USB ?00:58
jesper_Bashing-om: Yumi00:58
jesper_Bashing-om: Checking disc for defects again01:00
jesper_Bashing-om: Again, error found in 2 files01:00
k1l_jesper_: what did you use to create that usb?01:01
jesper_k1l_: Yumi01:01
k1l_this is on windows?01:02
jesper_k1l_: Linux Mint01:02
Bashing-omjesper_: I defer to k1l_ But 'dd' works to make that copy .01:02
k1l_jesper_: use "dd" then01:02
jesper_k1l_: Never used that before01:02
k1l_jesper_: other programs tend to change files to make their own menu or logo into it.01:02
jesper_I have no clue how to use 'dd'01:03
k1l_jesper_: sudo dd if=/path/to/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1M && sync01:03
jesper_k1l_: Just copy-paste that into the terminal?01:04
Bashing-omjesper_: ' sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdd bs=4M && sync ' where with 'parted -l ' you confirm that the USB drive is seen as "sdd" !!01:04
k1l_make sure /dev/sdX is X for the correct drive and not sdX1 for the first partition01:04
k1l_jesper_: need to adjust if and of to your needs01:04
jesper_I'll go looking for all the paths01:04
teerlI feel conv=sync would be better than && sync01:05
teerlthat's just my preference though01:05
Bashing-omteerl: And that sounds like you have the greater experience .01:06
jesper_k1l_: If the ISO is in "Downloads/ISO.iso" then do I write it straight up as sudo dd if=/Downloads/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1M && sync01:06
jesper_And how to I know which sd I'm using?01:07
k1l_jesper_: "sudo parted -l" will list the devices. seee there what your usb is01:07
romarehey I wanna install skype on my ubuntu 14.04 LTS. is that possible?01:08
jesper_sudo dd if=/Downloads/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1M && sync should work then? (I renamed the ISO to ubuntu.iso)01:08
k1l_romare: enable the partner repo. then you can install skype01:09
Bashing-om!info skype trusty01:09
ubottuPackage skype does not exist in trusty01:09
derp_commanderBashing-om: is it under the multiverse section?01:09
k1l_jesper_: when sdb is your usb. yes.01:09
romarek1l_: how do I enable partner repo? I'm quite new at this btw.01:09
web2009Is there a way to identify a PCMCIA adapter without EEPROM present?01:10
web2009PCMCIA card*01:10
k1l_romare: see system settings: software and updates. then on the 2nd tab01:10
jesper_No such file or directory... k1l_ I don't know what I'm doing wrong, is it the path?01:10
Bashing-omderp_commander: I see it as " Filename: pool/partner/s/skype/skype_4.3.0.37-0ubuntu0.12.04.1_amd64.deb " om mu 14.04 install.01:11
k1l_jesper_: leave the first / in front of Downloads (you can use tab key to use automatic completion)01:11
romarek1l_: and now from which source should I install it?01:11
k1l_romare: sudo apt update && sudo apt install skype01:11
derp_commander!skype | Bashing-om01:12
ubottuBashing-om: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga01:12
jesper_k1l_: I think it's loading01:12
jesper_k1l_: Nothing is happening in the terminal01:13
jesper_k1l_: Nevermind01:13
k1l_derp_commander: Bashing-om its in the partner repo. due to licence from microsoft01:13
k1l_jesper_: there is no output untill its done01:13
jesper_k1l_: I got output but my USB is empty01:13
k1l_jesper_: is sdb your usb?01:13
web2009Plugged in a saa713x PCMCIA card, dmesg gives over 190 results when modprobed01:14
k1l_is it still the same system like you showed in pastebin?01:14
Bashing-omjesper_: Show us ' parted -l ' in a pastebin . maybe you have the wrong target ?01:14
jesper_No, I'll paste it again01:14
web2009When a card is chosen, modules enter loop of saa7134 depending on saa7134_alsa, etc., removing any of these crashes the kernel01:15
web2009Is there any way to identify the correct card?01:16
nname31hello, i used binwalk and dnot take any analyze,01:16
nname31have any alternative analyze tools?01:16
jesper_I'm getting a warning when using parted -l, it says that my USB drive contains GPT signatures01:16
jesper_I don't know if it is a GPT partition table01:16
jesper_This is what is says exactly: Warning: /dev/sdb contains GPT signatures, indicating that it has a GPT table.01:17
jesper_However, it does not have a valid fake msdos partition table, as it should.01:17
jesper_Perhaps it was corrupted -- possibly by a program that doesn't understand GPT01:17
jesper_partition tables.  Or perhaps you deleted the GPT table, and are now using an01:17
jesper_msdos partition table.  Is this a GPT partition table?01:17
Bashing-omK1 jesper_ Reformat the drive ? should it not be fat16 ? and as such would not have a GPT partition table ???01:18
jesper_Bashing-om: it's FAT3201:18
Bashing-omk1l_: ^^ enter key got the better of me .01:19
sta7icSo i booted into ubuntu flash install cuz i want to fsck my ext4 partition unmounted. my partition is encrypted.. When i double click i can unlock but i dont want it mounted i just want to luksopen it01:20
k1l_jesper_: why do you think its empty?01:20
jesper_This is the entire output: http://i.imgur.com/MnZUcCp.png01:20
jesper_k1l_: Because it is empty when I check devices01:20
jesper_k1l_: Why does it say it's only 500~ MB?01:21
k1l_jesper_: try to boot it.01:21
jesper_k1l_: Okay01:21
k1l_jesper_: because you just "burned" the exact image onto it. its not bigger than the .iso01:22
xgptHey! I'm looking for a guide to a persistent installation of a linux server for a **very** light, single user wiki&ssh host. I would like to be able to boot into a linux distro (preferably debian or ubuntu) and have it load my server software from USB, (maybe into RAM?!) and use the rest of the free space of the USB drive as a disk for writing on. Is this possible?01:22
jesper_k1l_: Checking for defects01:23
jesper_k1l_: no errors found01:23
jesper_k1l_: do you want me to show you "mount" whilst loaded into the LiveCD?01:24
k1l_good. keep this in mind for "easy" live usb making :)01:24
k1l_jesper_: no. just install onto that ssd.01:24
jesper_k1l_: using my own preferences or using the standard installation?01:24
k1l_manual partitioning.01:24
k1l_then make a ~15GB partition and the rest into another one. the small one will be ext4 and mounted as /. the large one will be ext4 and mounted as /home. then accept changes and go on with install01:26
jesper_k1l_: Should I remove all the other partitions from the other drives as well? To minimize the chances of what happened earlier?01:27
k1l_jesper_: no01:28
jesper_k1l_: so, 1 partition which is 15GB, primary, beginning of space, ext4, mouted at "/"01:29
jesper_k1l_: It says 15.10 now btw, not 15.04! :D01:29
k1l_jesper_: yes.01:30
jesper_k1l_: and the second partition will be: the rest of the space, primary, beginning of space, ext4, mounted at "/home"?01:31
jesper_k1l_: it is now installing!01:32
Bashing-omjesper_: :)01:32
jesper_Bashing-om: Now hoping it works! haha01:33
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Bashing-omjesper_: Much much closer than we were a few hours past :)01:34
jesper_Bashing-om: It sure does feel that way at least haha, it actually said 15.10 now - instead of 15.0401:35
jesper_k1l_ Bashing-om : here's to hoping I'm not using that USB again!01:38
jesper_Bashing-om, k1l_ : "The application MATE Settings Daemon has closed unexpectedly."01:39
jesper_And it is yet again lagging massively01:39
k1l_jesper_: where?01:39
k1l_on the new install booted?01:39
jesper_k1l_: yes, the new install01:39
k1l_what video card is installed?01:40
jesper_k1l_: I do not know, hopefully my 97001:40
WACOMaltHey folks. Can anyone help me track down why my xserver wont start?01:41
WACOMalthttp://pastebin.com/Y1FrUP3K is my Xorg.0.log file01:41
k1l_jesper_: that sounds like you need to install the nvidia driver from ubuntu first for better running gui01:41
jesper_k1l_: and there are no icons, the only icon currently on the desktop is the firefox icon, my "home" folder does not have an icon and neither does my power-button or my menu-button01:42
WACOMaltI am on NVidia 36101:42
jesper_k1l_: the last time I did that it wouldn't start again01:42
k1l_jesper_: could be it needs "nomodeset" as boot option then01:42
jordy_Hello. I currently do not have internet at home and only have access to University computers and public wifi. I would like to download a couple of packages and bring them back to my home computer on a flash drive. What would be the best way to do this? Thank you.01:43
k1l_!nomodeset | jesper_01:43
ubottujesper_: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:43
k1l_jesper_: this is worth a try after installing the matching ubuntu nvidia driver01:44
squintyjordy_,  apt-get --help   and use the download only option01:44
k1l_but i am leaving now. but i am sure others will help. bb01:44
jesper_k1l_: byebye, thanks for the help01:44
jordy_The university computers that I would be using for the downloads would be Windows computers. If I download a package from the ubuntu package manager website, would I need to also download all of the prerequisite packages or is there some way to get them bundled?01:45
squintyjordy_,   sudo apt-get -d install <package name>    personally I use gdebi to install such01:45
dyfiHello. I know that there is a dedicated channel for Ubuntu Snappy, although the main channel seems to be more active. Would there be anybody here who is familiar with loading a Snappy image on to the Beaglebone Black, or might be able to point me in the right direction? I have tried following the installation instructions on https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/ (I've tried flashing the microSD card both on an Ubuntu machine and a01:46
dyfiissue. Thank you for your help!01:46
WACOMaltWhoops that was the wrong log file. Here's my xorg log from when I boot with an xorg.conf as saved out by NVidia (when I had no xorg.conf and it was booting fine)01:46
path0genive utilized xinput to reduce my mouse sensitivity as much as possible01:46
path0genbut i cant lower it anymore. i need it lower01:46
path0genfor gaming01:46
path0genany ideas?01:46
jesper_Bashing-om: I am back where we were a while back it seems01:46
jesper_Bashing-om: except this time I am using the correct version01:47
Bashing-omjesper_: Yepper, yuk /// Let's look at what X is doing . ' pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log ' .01:47
Bashing-omjesper_: Reading http://paste.ubuntu.com/15193005 .01:49
Bashing-om!info linix-image-generic wily01:49
ubottuPackage linix-image-generic does not exist in wily01:49
Bashing-om!info linux-image wily01:50
ubottuPackage linux-image does not exist in wily01:50
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic wily01:50
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (wily), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB01:50
Bashing-omjesper_: Again. " 2.335] (WW) Warning, couldn't open module nvidia " the driver did not build . what have we on the system ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' .01:53
Bashing-omjesper_: AND for mu piece of mind, what returns ' sudo grub-probe -t device /boot/grub ' ?01:55
jesper_Bashing-om: /dev/sda1 which is my SSD01:56
Bashing-omjesper_: Then yeah .. we are on the DDS device for sure .. now tha bad news, " ii  mate-optimus >> MATE Desktop applet for controlling NVIDIA Optimus graphics cards01:57
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Bashing-omjesper_: ^^ I do not have a clue what Mate is doing or how ! ... never ever seen such in a 'buntu install before !01:58
jesper_Bashing-om: Those are some very bad news...01:58
Bashing-omjesper_: How about we try a maninline install of say xubuntu ? ( as I happen to like xfce for the DE) see what that looks like ???02:00
jesper_Bashing-om: sure thing02:00
jesper_Bashing-om: should I go for LTS release or the latest?02:00
Bashing-omjesper_: If that works .. we know it is a Mate thing ... IF you find that you do not like xubuntu, well only a matter of minutes to change it ! You are practiced now !// we want the latest due to support for that new graphic's card . Hang on one and I get ya the link .02:02
jesper_Bashing-om: Thanks, please get the ISO direct link, not the torrent one02:02
Bashing-omjesper_: http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/ .02:02
jesper_Bashing-om: Found it, good thing Sweden is a download location02:03
Bashing-omjesper_: Sweden huh ... ya burning the Mid-Night oil here ?02:04
jesper_Bashing-om: No kidding, I'm so tired haha02:05
Bashing-omjesper_: What we do for the love of our computers :)02:05
jesper_Bashing-om: Currently 3AM here02:06
littlebearjesper_, wow02:06
jesper_Bashing-om: You could say that again02:06
jesper_littlebear: Good thing I'm not working tomorrow02:06
littlebearjesper_, why not?02:06
jesper_littlebear: I'm not on the schedule to work haha02:07
littlebearjesper_, nice, but you should go to sleep soon for your health :)02:08
jesper_littlebear: I'm thinking about it, believe me haha. Just thinking of trying this and if it doesn't work then I'm off to bed (even if it does work I'm probably off)02:09
jesper_Bashing-om: Are there any settings that might be able to fix it in BIOS you know of?02:10
Bashing-omjesper_: In this new install .. might consider to leave a 50 gig space for future dual boot .. ( ya might find that you like xubuntu just fine, though ) . as to bios - UEFI - nope no change that I know of .02:12
jesper_Bashing-om: The download is complete now, do I have to do anything else with dd besides what you told me before with k1l_?02:13
xgpthey!!! how do I install ubuntu server (barebones no GUI) from the ubuntu desktop image? is there a way?02:14
jesper_xgpt: it's called the headless version I believe02:14
gabrielAtheosHey, occasionally when I put my computer to sleep, when I try to wake it I get a black screen02:15
gabrielAtheosAny idea what I could do?02:15
WACOMaltHey folks. Wondering if someone can help me.02:16
WACOMaltI'm on Linux Mint, running Mate. I installed the NVidia 361 drivers, which went fine. However I had issues with vsync not working even when enabled in nvidia settings.  (Which I recall also happened on 352, the current recommended drivers)02:16
WACOMaltSo I found that I needed to add a line to my xorg.conf at the end of the Devices section. (Option "TripleBuffer" "True") I didnt have an xorg.conf file in /etc/X11 so I saved it from nvidia-settings (as sudo) and added the line and copied it to /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Vsync isnt working after a reboot. Dragging windows causes tearing, and games tear too.  What's odd is the "tear line" is always in the same location, unlike usual teraing where it wil02:16
WACOMaltl move around. So I think its "working" but maybe is hitting an issue with my not consistent monitor sizes? One is 1920x1200 the other is 1920x1080.  here is the current conf as saved by nvidia, and edited: http://pastebin.com/gPM7bY6g02:16
jesper_Bashing-om: are you there?02:16
xgptjesper_: any guides? the installer seems very set on not giving me options. it's stupid-proof. I've downloaded the desktop iso that boots into a full desktop. I would only like to install the server though..not the full desktop :)02:17
Bashing-omjesper_: Yeah ... attending to dogs . as to 'dd' nope same same procedure .02:18
jesper_xgpt: why not try: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server/install-ubuntu-server02:18
jesper_Bashing-om: thanks! what kind of dogs? race that is02:18
xgptjesper_: I can't burn any CDs02:18
xgptI only have a single usb drive too02:18
jesper_xgpt: try using that usb drive then02:19
xgptbut the problem is I'd like to INSTALL *to* that USB drive :P02:19
jesper_Oh, that shouldn't be a problem should it?02:19
xgptI can boot into the graphical livecd and use the "toram" option to load it into ram...and then install to USB from RAM02:19
jesper_Can't you use the media you're currently on to install the server onto?02:19
xgptbut I'm not confident the server installer loads itself fully into ram02:19
jesper_xgpt: It doesn't seem like I'm the right person to answer these questions haha, I'm a beginner myself so you know02:20
xgptif I could load the server installer into RAM that would fix my problem...but I'm not sure how to02:20
Bashing-omjesper_: Oh many ... Basset hound, Daush hounds and shih-tzus .02:20
Kirejiwhy does "mail" require mysql ?02:21
jesper_Bashing-om: that's nice, I have an English springer spaniel here02:21
Kirejiapt-get install mailutils wants to install:  "guile-2.0-libs libkyotocabinet16 libmailutils4 libmysqlclient18 mysql-common"02:21
Bashing-omjesper_: good comapnions also . Off topic we best stay on it .02:22
jesper_Bashing-om: When I hit the "Turn off" button - everything stops lagging weirdly enough02:22
Bashing-omjesper_: On a USB device, going to be laggy .02:23
squintyxgpt,  if you already have a linux/grub2 installed then the following may be of use  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot02:23
jesper_Bashing-om: I was talking about the mate installation on my SSD02:23
Bashing-omjesper_: That should absolutely scream with your hardware !02:24
jesper_Bashing-om: I think there might've been a problem - I'm seeing "Install Ubuntu MATE" instead of the Xubuntu02:24
Bashing-omjesper_: Uh Huh ... we have a problem .. verify .iso and insure that you 'dd' the correct .iso file .02:25
jesper_This was the output I got from dd: http://imgur.com/7c5HQzN02:25
jesper_Bashing-om: It acts like there are 2 different USBs now02:26
jesper_Bashing-om: One is called "Ubuntu-MATE .." and the other is just called "efi"02:27
Bashing-omjesper_: Well, verify that the desired .iso is present ' ls -al Dounloads/xubuntu.iso ' .02:27
jesper_Bashing-om: -rw-r--r-- 1 jesper jesper 1104052224 Feb 25 03:11 Downloads/xubuntu.iso02:28
Bashing-omjesper_: correct to be 'ls -al Downloads ' and see what .iso files are there .02:28
xgptsquinty: that's the thing...there's no HDD on this laptop I'm trying to install to. I'm trying to install a full system to a 16gb USB drive.02:29
romareI installed mIRC by using wine and now I want to crack it but I don't know how to reach the source folder of mIRC, where would that be?02:29
Bashing-omjesper_: Looks right to me . that command ( paste ) showld be correct .02:29
xgptsquinty: but that HDD fried and I'm trying to just revive it with a single USB drive........it's just for SSH and a light HTTP server for just me...02:29
xanguaromare: that doesn't sound like an Ubuntu support question, sorry02:29
romarexangua: can someone see the location of the application he installed?02:30
jesper_Bashing-om: Ignore what I said previously, it is showing it as 2 different USBs and the other one isn't called "efi" it's called "Xubuntu 15.10 amd64"02:30
squintyxgpt, afaik, then you need a second usb or dvd02:30
xgptsquinty: but I can load the full desktop installer to ram02:32
xgptso I can install the desktop version to the USB02:32
romarelol, at least this question must be something to answer: isn't there a way to know the location of the app you installed via Wine?02:32
Bashing-omjesper_: ?? and "Xubuntu 15.10 amd64" USB verifies ' check disk for defects ' ?02:33
jesper_Bashing-om: I have the USB plugged in to this computer now and it shows up as 2 different usbs, I did the check disc for defects earlier but I noticed that was with Mate and now Xubuntu, I'm thinking that I just remove all the Ubuntu mate files and try again02:34
jesper_Bashing-om: I didn't get the option to install Xubuntu when I plugged it into the computer02:35
squinty!wine | romare02:35
ubotturomare: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu02:35
jesper_Bashing-om: Never mind, I can't remove any of the files02:36
Bashing-omjesper_: I would have expected 'dd' to completely overwrite the USB ... beats me what took pplace ... while on my mind ... I thought that the DDS drive was seen as 'sda' are you sure you want to 'dd' the .iso to 'sdb ' as in that screen shot ? 'parted -l ' to remove any doubt .02:36
xgptapt-get remove --purge ubuntu-desktop apt-get autoremove apt-get install ubuntu-server \02:36
xgptdoes this still work on the current LTS version of ubuntu? ?? : apt-get remove --purge ubuntu-desktop apt-get autoremove apt-get install ubuntu-server02:37
jesper_Bashing-om: It's still sdb, I'm thinking I should go to sleep and continue tomorrow02:37
Bashing-omjesper_: Maybe best .. tired minds can do real bad things ... We will still be here tomorrow . Up to you. I am still good for a couple more hours .02:38
jesper_Bashing-om: and to top it all of, it doesn't show up as 2 different "drives?" in parted -l...02:39
jesper_Bashing-om: I will join you guys in the morning, I'll go to sleep now haha - good night and thanks for all the help!02:39
jesper_and good night to the rest of you as well02:40
dogarrheagood evening my fellow poobuntu users02:40
dogarrheahow do i run a specif enviornment file whenever the terminal is opened/02:40
Bashing-omjesper_: ' sudo parted /dev/sdb unit s print ' shows what ?02:41
sabrehagenon xubuntu, what program is responsible for the simple text bubble notifications in the top right hand corner of the screen?02:45
SchrodingersScat!info libnotify-bin | sabrehagen is it libnotify?02:48
ubottusabrehagen is it libnotify?: libnotify-bin (source: libnotify): sends desktop notifications to a notification daemon (Utilities). In component main, is optional. Version 0.7.6-2svn1 (wily), package size 6 kB, installed size 64 kB02:48
sabrehagenSchrodingersScat: that's it, thanks02:49
SchrodingersScatnotify-send to create bubbles, etc.02:49
sabrehagenSchrodingersScat: ermahgerd02:50
zottaHi, I recently did "sudo apt-get upgrade" on my ubuntu 14.04 laptop. networking and backlight do not work with the new kernel version. I can select the old kernel version in grub and it works again that way. what to do?02:51
sabrehagenSchrodingersScat: one thing i've never figured out is how to run an application on the viewport of the logged in user when using ssh. how would i send a notification to the currently logged in user via notify-send from an ssh connection?02:51
zottaI do not want to select an old kernel version every time i resart my laptop.02:52
hilsabrehagen, ssh user@host 'DISPLAY=:0 notify-send "shoobidoo."'02:55
SchrodingersScatoh hey, that does work.  why does DISPLAY=:0 not need a ; or etc?02:58
hilwhy would it?03:00
WangDangHi, I'm trying to install virtualbox guest additions on a new Ubuntu 14.04 guest OS. The host system is debian 8.3 (jessie). When I run VBoxLinuxAdditions.run it fails : http://paste.debian.net/hidden/18922 I don't understand why it can't find the headers for the running kernel.  They are installed. Anyway, paste refers to /var/log/vboxadd-install.log which is here (truncated) : http://paste.debian.net/hidden/dcef1e8a Can anyone suggest what is wrong and h03:00
Madhumper69when connecting to vpn with ubuntu works fine when i disable my firewall however when its enabled with port 1723 i cant connect???03:00
=== mojo is now known as Guest52634
SchrodingersScathil: idk, didn't know you could set a variable then continue a new command03:00
Guest52634i need help in installing clawmail plugins03:00
Bashing-omzotta: Reset in grub to boot the older kernel, and await a new kernel release - see if that fixes your issue ?03:01
hilSchrodingersScat, for the ssh command its just a parameter03:01
Guest52634need help in installing claw mail Gtkhtml2Viewer plugin03:01
Guest52634can't find any link to download or in apt-get packages03:03
Guest52634need help in installing claw mail Gtkhtml2Viewer plugin03:03
Guest52634need help in installing claw mail Gtkhtml2Viewer plugin03:04
Guest52634need help in installing claw mail Gtkhtml2Viewer plugin03:05
Guest52634need help in installing claw mail Gtkhtml2Viewer plugin03:05
Guest52634need help in installing claw mail Gtkhtml2Viewer plugin03:05
Guest52634need help in installing claw mail Gtkhtml2Viewer plugin03:05
Guest52634need help in installing claw mail Gtkhtml2Viewer plugin03:05
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:05
Madhumper69when connecting to vpn with  works fine...  however when firewall is enabled with port 1723 i cant connect???03:06
Guest52634was that auto response?03:08
reisiodoes it matter?03:08
Guest52634nah, just wanna know..03:10
Madhumper69its the matrix ;)03:11
postmodernis there a util that can re-number mkv chapters?03:12
reisiopostmodern: the order?03:12
postmodernreisio, add a number to the chapter string and UID03:12
reisiopostmodern: I imagine you'd want mkvpropedit from mkvtoolnix03:12
Madhumper69my vpn is frustrating me why wont it work with port 1723 open i need to disable my firewall?? the interwebs are not helpful03:13
postmodernreisio, i have several mkv files each with chapters numbered 1,2,3... i want to renumber them so i can mkvmerge them03:13
reisioman mkvpropedit, /chapters03:13
reisioalternatively you could mkvextract and re-mkvmerge03:13
reisioI'm not really sure which would take more time; one would hope mkvpropedit would be simpler03:13
postmodernreisio, that just lets me replace the chapters xml03:13
reisioMadhumper69: in seventeen-hundred-twenty-three, columbus didn't do nothin' I don't think03:13
reisiopostmodern: then mkvextract & re-mkvmerge03:14
Madhumper69haha, im sure he didnt apperently he was to drunk or high and saw ufo's03:15
goddardhow can i installl python 3.3 dev in 14.04?03:15
reisiogoddard: what does 'type python3' say?03:19
Guest52634any help in installing claws mail plugin03:21
rypervencheGuest52634: What do you need help with?03:21
Guest52634can't figure out how to install Gtkhtml2Viewer plugin for claws mail03:23
Guest52634it's not in apt-get packages03:23
Guest52634can't find any direct dl link03:24
reisioask apt-file about it03:24
xgptcan i install ubuntu to a external drive without using wubi??03:24
goddardreisio: it is 3.4.303:24
xgpti.e. is it possible to install ubuntu from inside windows?03:24
SchrodingersScat!wubi | xgpt in fact, please don't use wubi.03:24
ubottuxgpt in fact, please don't use wubi.: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.03:24
reisioSchrodingersScat: ...03:25
reisioxgpt: yes, but it's far more straightforward to do it from a live OS03:25
SchrodingersScatreisio: is that wrong?03:25
naccGuest52634: is it not just: "claws-mail-fancy-plugin - HTML mail viewer using GTK+2 WebKit"?03:25
reisioSchrodingersScat: yes, did you even read what he said?03:25
reisioanswer: no you did not :p03:25
reisioit's just spam if you send factoids for no reason03:25
reisiojust sayin' :D03:25
rypervencheGuest52634: http://www.claws-mail.org/plugin-gtkhtml2.php03:25
SchrodingersScatreisio: but he was talking about wubi.03:26
reisioSchrodingersScat: the string 'wubi' did occur in his msg, that is the very minimum I will grant you :p03:26
* reisio says 'wubi', waits for irrelevant factoid spam03:26
SchrodingersScatsteering him away from a cliff03:26
Guest52634i already checked that link, no link to directly dl or any instructions..03:26
reisioSchrodingersScat: so you still haven't read his first msg03:26
xgptbut is it possible to install ubuntu server edition from the regular desktop livecd??03:27
roygbivhi excellent people03:27
reisioxgpt: yes... but again, more straightforward to use the server install image03:27
naccGuest52634: looking at http://www.claws-mail.org/plugins.php?section=downloads, i think you want the above mentioned fancy plugin03:27
reisioxgpt: are you trying to setup a semi-professional server, or just something to tinker with?03:27
xgptbut is it possible to boto the server install image into a RAMDISK?03:27
reisioxgpt: if the latter, you can get there easily from the desktop image03:27
xgptlike using the "toram" option?03:28
reisioxgpt: yup03:28
xgptreisio: just a tinker thing I guess, something to run SSH and a simple LAMP stack for a single wiki for personal use03:28
reisioxgpt: yes, the desktop image will be fine, if you can't get another03:29
xgpthow do I install the headless server from the desktop image?03:29
xgptIt's a nice computer, but I don't want the wasted resources or bloat of the full desktop03:29
reisioxgpt: you'll start with a desktop all you have to do is disable the GUI starting at boot, install any server software you want (tasksel, etc.), and optionally remove desktop stuff03:30
reisiogj: 'lo03:30
gji installed ubunut03:30
Guest52634fancy plugin didn't help03:30
reisioGuest52634: /nick pluginguy03:30
gjit says elcome to Ubuntu03:30
gjis the install complete03:31
rypervencheGuest52634: If you want to be able to view HTML in your emails, then fancy will work for you. You need to configure it though.03:31
gjnot it shows ubuntu@ubuntu:~s03:31
gjand 2 IO Errors03:31
gjbut i can still type03:31
gjwhat should i do03:31
=== tiresias is now known as Guest45630
Guest45630hello all03:32
Guest45630sound problem: i only see HDMI channels03:32
Guest52634ok, but i think my main problem is, after installing any plugin i don't see any change in claws mail, no new pref setting or anything03:32
reisioGuest45630: meaning you don't hear them?03:32
reisioGuest45630: /nick hdmibummer03:32
reisiogj: hi again03:32
Guest45630reisio: no, only HDMI channels available03:32
reisiogj: you ran the installer, rebooted, and it says welcome to ubuntu with a $ prompt?03:33
xgptoh, I'll just install from virtualbox! *doh*03:33
reisioGuest45630: not sure what you're saying03:33
reisioxgpt: not entirely sure vbox has a facility for installing to metal; though you can always transfer afterwards... it will be slightly less straightforward03:33
xgptI think it's working, I'm just booting the livecd in vbox and then will try to install the the mounted USB drive03:34
WangDangI've installed Ubuntu 14.04 in Virtualbox vm.  When trying to install the guest additions on this machine, I get an error about not being able to find the kernel headers for the running kernel (https://paste.ubuntu.com/18922920).  I've checked, and the headers for the running kernel are install.  Does anyone know a way around this?03:34
gjanyone had problems with nvidia on ubuntu03:35
reisiogj: not a useful question03:35
reisioif you have a problem, describe it03:35
wafflejockgj: not personally but it varies for different chipsets and drivers how well things work03:35
reisioWangDang: min03:35
wafflejockgj: what reisio said03:35
gji have had many problems03:35
gjall forums point to the fact that it could  be due to nvidia03:36
Guest45630reisio: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15193929/03:36
reisioWangDang: http://virtualboxes.org/doc/installing-guest-additions-on-ubuntu/03:36
wafflejockgj: we need to know the specifics of your problem to weigh in really03:36
gjok right now03:36
reisiogj: pick one problem, describe it03:36
gjill give u background..03:36
gji was getting white screen .. so i activated nomodest and noquet nosplash and acti-off03:37
reisiophiona: apt-get -f install, as it says, not just 'apt-get -f' on its own03:37
gji could go ahead with install03:37
gjbut now on ubuntu command .. i used startx..03:37
roygbivphiona, maybe try what the help suggests, “sudo apt-get -f install linux-headers-3.13.0-79-generic”03:37
gjit gave xauth: file.. /.Xauthority does not exist03:38
WangDangreisio: I've seen that page.  That's the procedure I'm following, but it is giving me an error about not being able to find the kernel headers.  It's not working as smoothly as described in that link03:38
gjand it said system problem detected in GUI03:38
WangDangthe kernel headers are installed03:38
xgptreisio: it's working well! :D03:38
gjnow i tried to go back by CTRL+ALT+F103:38
gjhow do i get GUI03:39
reisioxgpt: gj03:39
reisiogj: F703:39
gjF7 not working03:39
reisiogj: ps aux | grep -i lightdm03:39
xgptreisio: huh?03:39
reisioxgpt: good job03:40
xgptreisio: thanks for the help!! :D03:40
reisioroygbiv: saw that one coming, what? :p03:41
wafflejockgj: the nomodeset is going to use the vesa drivers which should be fine for minimal stuff but won't get any hardware acceleration from your gpu and isn't really using the GPU specific drivers03:41
roygbivlol yep, too funny03:41
gji am not able to install dont care about graphics card now03:41
wafflejockgj: should be able to have lightdm running and get a session going though03:41
wafflejockgj: did you run the command from resio?03:42
gjcould not get03:42
gjnow again i rebooted03:42
gjline:7 cant open dev sr0 no medium found03:42
Madhumper69VPN not working when firewall is enabled and i ahve port 1723 pptp open? its this a bug i cant find a solution online03:42
wafflejockgj: sorry back up one more step, have you already installed or are you just trying to get through the installation at this point? also what version are you installing?03:44
xblue555I am trying to install ubuntu on 2 hard drives, I have a 150 Gb and a 250 Gb, I know I can have ubuntu / and /swap on the 150 Gb and the /Home on the 250. But  what I want is like a / and /swap and /home on the 150Gb and anouther /home on the 250Gb can anyone help I am doing a fresh install03:44
gjxblue555: i am trying to install03:45
phionaroygbiv: http://pastebin.com/qzfs48EA03:45
gji got the welcome to ubuntu message once with ubuntu@ubuntu prompt ,, i used startx for GUI .. it is 14.04.403:45
roygbivphiona, disk full error? do you have a filesystem out of space?03:46
wafflejockxblue555: you can really just mount the 250 GB somewhere within the home as an alternative/extra home folder03:46
gjall i want to do is install ubuntu fresh on my hdd, and lose windows and all data...03:47
gji have backup of data03:47
wafflejockgj: you got the desktop installation download too right not trying to do this with the server install disk (sorry just eliminating the obvious)03:47
gjcan sm1 guide me the best process.03:47
gji downloaded the iso its 1020 MB.. server install disk is i think 40MB03:47
xblue555wafflejock: so should I set the 250Gb's format to a windows format?03:48
gjlogin timed out after 60 seconds03:48
gj@wafflejock i downloaded ubuntu iso desktop03:50
wafflejockxblue555: sorry didn't catch the part about integrating any of that with windows? can just use ext4 if it's just going to be another filesystem for linux, if you want to share the filesystem I think FAT32 might really be the most cross platform compatible option03:50
Gallomimia40meg install disk is probably a network install. you need to download all the packages off the net as it installs03:51
wafflejockyeah the server one is 596 desktop one is 1020 though actually a bit smaller than I thought03:51
gji have 1020 MB03:51
wafflejockseems it's the right one though03:51
gji feel the disc is fine problem is with hardware03:51
xblue555so ext4 what should the mount point be?03:52
phionaroygbiv: gparted says  i have about 1.5 gb left of unused space on root  and i still have plenty on home partitions.03:52
Gallomimiaxblue555: why do you want a windows format for something?03:52
phionaroygbiv: they are all ext4.03:52
wafflejockgj yeah I mean you can md5 checksum the download and the disc to be sure on that part but typically I've been able to get through installations with at most using the nomodeset boot flag if there are problems with the drivers03:53
wafflejockreally when I've encountered that kind of thing it usually gets through the install then is using the wrong drivers on first boot and I have to correct03:53
Gallomimiamy personal preference is to put the extra big drive as mounted at /data and just put the big files on it. like steam games and videos and music and such.03:53
Gallomimiaclaudia: hablas inglis?03:53
gjerror is /init line 7 : cant open /dev/sro0 : no medium found03:54
claudiano :(03:54
Gallomimia!es | claudia03:54
ubottuclaudia: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:54
roygbivphiona, well dpkg seems to think whatever filesystem “/usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-79-generic/include/config/have/user/return” is mounted at, is full03:54
wafflejockxblue555: regarding the mount point can really be wherever you want, I would probably really just set that up after installation using gparted to do the partitioning then just configure your fstab file to mount the drive to the location you want03:54
wafflejockgj: looks like it could be a boot image writing problem actually https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/500822 not entirely sure but google does come back with some results for that error03:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 500822 in Ubuntu "/init: line 7: can't open /dev/sr0: No medium found" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:55
xblue555ok thnks03:55
wafflejockxblue555: yup np some general instructions on setting up and mounting locations then using fstab here http://sourcedigit.com/8194-customize-ubuntu-14-04-mount-hard-disk-partitionsdrives-automatically-system-startup/ uses ntfs though, general instructions here http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/man5/fstab.5.html03:58
Madhumper69vpn wont connect with firewall enabled and port 1723 is open for pptp??? driving me mad :P03:59
jayjoif I want to capture just the standard error in a cron job, is it sh my_script.sh 2>03:59
wafflejockMadhumper69: maybe check with nmap to be sure on the port or, sudo netstat -tulnp | grep 1723, to see the process bound to it, aside from that start digging in logs :)04:00
Madhumper69i have in var logs but nothing has helped me its chinese to me04:01
wafflejockMadhumper69: what's the VPN server software you're running? does it have a log? if so try to tail -f /var/log/vpn/access.log or whatever the file is for access or error logs, tail -f will show the end of the log and any new logs will show up in the console as they happen04:02
=== sins-_w is now known as sins-
wafflejockwould do the netstat first too to be sure the VPN server software is running the process bound to that port on the system too04:03
Madhumper69its frootvpn no software it wroks when i disable the firewall however i have port 1723 open and it wont work when enabled04:03
wafflejockand can nmap from the client to the server to see what ports are open04:03
wafflejockhrm must be using other ports for some other part of the traffic or something but no VPN expert for sure :)04:04
wafflejockMadhumper69: yah denada sorry I don't have a good answer for ya but at least some things to poke at it with... let me know if you figure it out04:05
Madhumper69its strange how it works with the firewall disabled and yet when i have port 1723 open it wont conn when firewall is active04:05
Madhumper69i will for sure04:05
Madhumper69do you know the command for restarting the vpn service in ubuntu?04:06
phionahow do i get info on how much space is reserved on my partitions  with tune2fs?04:07
wafflejockMadhumper69: depends on the particular service/process the typical command looks something like, sudo service frootvpn restart, but think that assumes it has upstart scripts that say what "restart" actually means for that process04:08
Madhumper69its iputed directly no software04:08
reisiophiona: tune2fs -l /dev/foo# | grep -i reserv04:08
phionareisio: tune2fs -l /dev/foo# | grep -i reserv04:12
phionatune2fs: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/foo#04:12
phionaCouldn't find valid filesystem superblock.04:12
Rachephiona I think /dev/foo# needs to be your drive like /dev/sda1 or something04:13
hack-wizardI've got an issue with trusty LTS on VMWare Player on Windows ... the VMWare tools installation does not work correctly because it says it needs open-vm-tools, and the repos do not have that version or higher04:13
hack-wizardis there a PPA with the correct version available?  Seriously, this is a major functionallity breaker here.04:14
hilhack-wizard, open-vm-tools-lts-trusty04:16
roygbivwhen i install postfix using apt-get, it stops during the install and asks a couple of postfix configuration questions. is there a way to answer those questions on the command line? i want to do an automated install04:16
hack-wizardhil: that's a metapackage though04:16
hack-wizardhil: doesn't install
hili c04:17
phionareisio: i cant make sense of this... sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda6 | grep -i reserv04:17
phiona[sudo] password for bong:04:17
phionaReserved block count:     24999604:17
phionaReserved GDT blocks:      102204:17
phionaReserved blocks uid:      0 (user root)04:17
phionaReserved blocks gid:      0 (group root)04:17
Ben64roygbiv: maybe sudo apt-get -y install <whatever>04:18
roygbivBen64, well but the questions are from a postfix installation process that apparently gets run by apt-get or dpkg maybe, like some sort of post-install configuration program04:19
gjwhat settings should i use in boot options while installing04:19
gjcurrently it is file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper only ubiquity04:20
phionareisio: i cant make sense of this.... http://pastebin.com/Vj2ZA8R704:20
roygbivaaah! i just found this site that might help me http://serverfault.com/questions/143968/automate-the-installation-of-postfix-on-ubuntu04:20
phionaRache: : i cant make sense of this.... http://pastebin.com/Vj2ZA8R704:21
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Ben64phiona: what don't you get04:23
roygbivwhy not use df -m to see how much free space /usr has?04:23
Rachephiona: I will see what I can find, I only knew the part about the /dev/foo#04:23
reisiophiona: what is it you want to accomplish?04:23
hack-wizardOne would think that it would be a priority to ensure the LTS version can run properly in current virtualization software .... guess not04:25
=== learnit_ is now known as learnit
* reisio yawns04:26
reisiohack-wizard: need help with something, or just venting?04:27
ngocokHi, how do you move Close button, Minimize & maximize button to the left on Kubuntu 15.10?04:27
gjcan anyone tell me the boot options for install while using CD04:27
hack-wizardreisio: both ... current VMWare tools require open-vm-tools or greater to operate ... the version available in the LTS repos is, like, 5.something04:28
reisiongocok: unity-tweak04:28
reisiogj: hrmm?04:28
ngocokreisio: it's not Ubuntu04:29
phionareisio: i just wanted to see how much is the reserved space on my partition  because it is reporting as disk full even though gparted says i still have about  1,.5 gb left on my 20 gb root partition.04:29
gjreisio: hrmm?04:29
reisiongocok: not Unity, you mean? What then?04:29
ngocokreisio: Plasma 504:29
reisiophiona: you might want df -i04:29
reisiophiona: man mkfs.ext4 has the defaults, it's to avoid fragmentation, and also your system utterly dying04:29
reisiophiona: if you're out of space, make space04:29
reisiongocok: I'd ask #kde04:30
hack-wizardreisio: meaning that the VM is very very awkward to use ... especially if you want to actually do anything with it and the hard installed OS at the same time, which is kinda the whole point of a virtual install04:30
phionareisio: what do u mean utterly dying?04:31
Ben64hack-wizard: and it's up to ubuntu to support your choice of vm software?04:31
reisiohack-wizard: you try vbox/04:31
reisiophiona: like, ceasing to process anything, requiring a reboot04:32
reisiorunning out of space is bad, create more space04:32
wkmanirereisio: "man foo has the defaults". he he he, That sounds like "foo" has a mundane illness.04:32
phionareisio: how do i make space? gparted?04:33
reisiowkmanire: heh04:33
hack-wizardreisio: ok I guess I'll try it ... but I really wanted it to be able to actually use my USB 3.0 ports, guess that's too much to ask though04:33
reisiophiona: no04:33
reisiophiona: you either delete cruft you don't need, or add another storage device04:33
reisiothe latter is a more efficient use of time04:33
reisioof time/money04:33
reisiothe former is worth keeping up with, if you have the time04:33
reisiohack-wizard: not for nothing, but reverse psychology doesn't work on hardened IRC volunteers :p04:34
wkmanireSo with 16.04 beta 1 on the way in a few days, I noticed that the next milestone will include a UI freeze.04:34
krobzaurHello all! Whats the best way to transfer an ubuntu installation from one disk to another? I would be transferring from a large 3TB spinning hard disk to a 512GB NVMe SSD. I was thinking about running the ubuntu installer on the SSD, installing all my packages, then copying over the entire root filesystem from my old disk04:35
wkmanireDoes anyone know of any large UI changes that are supposed to land between the beta and the freeze?04:35
=== julien is now known as Guest88515
reisiowkmanire: I can tell you that it's unlikely GNOME 3 or compiz are going anywhere04:35
phionareisio: i would prefer gparted bcoz i still do not have funds to get another storage device.04:35
wkmanirekrobzaur: What does your FS look like?04:36
reisiokrobzaur: well, copying over /home/ alone at the end might be more sensible04:36
=== Guest88515 is now known as nonnatus
reisiokrobzaur: you _can_ actually just rsync the entire installation over, and reconfigure your kernel, reinstall grub, etc.04:36
wkmanirereisio: I'm a huge fan of Gnome 3, but I'm also excited to see what the new Unity release is like.04:36
reisiokrobzaur: there are some provisos, but it's quite doable04:36
Bashing-omphiona: 'df -h ; df -i04:36
Bashing-om to see the disk usage, where to ficus attention on removing ctuft .04:37
krobzaurwkmanire: FS? As is filesystem?04:37
krobzaurcd /home/04:37
wkmanirekrobzaur: Yep. What kind of filesystem layout do you use?04:37
krobzauroops lol04:37
wkmanirekrobzaur: Do you have everything on one big partition? Do you have separate partitions for /boot, /home etc?04:38
roygbivphiona, you might be able to go into /usr/src and delete old kernel headers to free up a little space. but i’m not sure if that’s dangerous or not04:38
wkmanireBefore you just start copying your FS around you have to think about things like this.04:38
krobzaurwkmanire: Super basic. Just ext4 for my root partition, 1 swap partition, and then a small efi system partition for grub04:38
wkmanireAre you going to be putting a new drive in the same machine? Or will this be another machine?04:38
krobzaurSame machine04:39
wkmanireSo the EFI system should work the same. The next thing to to think about is that your new drive is 1/6th the size of your current drive right?04:39
krobzaurYeah, but I'm barely using any space on my current drive04:39
wkmanireYou can't just dd the disk across because there's no telling how the data has been distributed across the disk.04:40
wkmanireProbably the safest thing for you to do, is to get a list of all of the user space apps you have installed and save that somewhere04:40
wkmanireThen put the new disk in, do a fresh install to it, and rsync your /home across04:41
wkmanireThen reinstall all of your apps from your list.04:41
krobzaurwkmanire: Yeah thats what I was thinking as well, simple and low risk04:41
wkmanireIf the destination disk was the same size or larger you could just dd it, but alas it is not so.04:42
reisiodd's just the wrong tool04:42
wkmanirereisio: Why do you think so?04:42
krobzaurYeah, unfortunately so. And clonezilla can't handle going from a larger disk to a smaller disk04:42
roygbivi’d probably use dd myself04:43
krobzaurI would have as well if I didn't have the size restriction. Just kick it off overnight and be done.04:43
roygbivso you’ll use rsync?04:44
phionaBashing-om:  hi http://pastebin.com/amv1BsTL04:44
phionaroygbiv: http://pastebin.com/amv1BsTL04:44
wkmanirekrobzaur: Another good option would be to use a backup utility like deja gnu and copy /home to a third disk (like a thumb drive)04:44
krobzaurYeah probably. One question though. Should I install all my packages first, then copy over /home/ with all my configs and whatnot? I feel like the order should be important04:45
wkmanireThen recover from the third party disk to your new disk. You'd get the benefit of a compressed backup on an external disk.04:45
wkmanireDeja-gnu I think?04:45
roygbivphiona, yep you’re cutting it pretty close on both space and free inodes04:46
krobzaurdeja-dup ?04:46
roygbivthat’s an amazing amount of inode usage on /.04:46
Bashing-omphiona: "/dev/sda6        19G   17G 1001M  95% / " does terminal command ' sudo apt-get autoremove ' help a bunch ?04:46
wkmanirekrobzaur: Yes, deja-dup, deja gnu is a unit testing thing. lol04:47
wkmanireAnd as far as the order of copying vs installing. I cannot say if it makes a difference.04:47
wkmanirePackages might choose to look for existing configs during installation, but that would vary from package to package.04:47
roygbivgitlab is an unholy monster04:48
phionaso what do i do now??  i still do not have funds for additional storage.04:48
roygbivphiona, i’m curious what the heck is using all your inodes. do you have a gazillion files in /tmp maybe?04:49
Bashing-omphiona: ^^ remove all cruft .04:49
krobzaurwkmanire: Gotcha. Is there any way for apt-get to install all the packages output by dpkg-query --list ?04:49
wkmanirekrobzaur: http://askubuntu.com/questions/17823/how-to-list-all-installed-packages04:50
reisioused to be a !clone factoid :/04:51
wkmanireBut you shouldn't try to re-install *everything*. Just the userspace programs you're using for the most part. Unless you've installed any servers or anything.04:51
krobzaurNot much else, just a webserver which is pretty simple04:51
wkmanireMy advise here would be to not worry about it. Just get the most complex ones listed down.04:52
wkmanireLike your webserver. It's so quick and easy to reinstall a package when you need it, you may as well just wait until the need arrises for the specific program.04:52
wkmanireUnless you plan to go work offline for an extended period of time in the near future.04:52
krobzaurfound a neat trick here though: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReinstallingSamePackages04:55
phionaroygbiv: NO I DONT HAVE A LOT OF FILES IN /TMP. maybe its bcoz when i delete something i  just open trash and then select all and then hit  delete key,. is that good?04:57
reisiophiona: quite often normal04:58
roygbivphiona, that wouldn’t cause the inode issue04:58
roygbivand yes that’s a fine way to go about deleting things04:58
reisiophiona: https://wiki.debian.org/ReduceDebian04:58
reisioif you're out of inodes, your FS was probably made incorrectly04:58
reisioless likely: you have a disproportionate amount of tiny files04:58
roygbivphiona, run this command and tell me what number it prints: sudo find /tmp | wc -l04:59
wkmanirekrobzaur: nice05:00
phionaBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/VnqsDyGF05:01
krobzaurwkmanire: It kind of bothers me that doing it this way doesn't keep track of dependencies though. So in the future old, unused libraries that were dependencies of packages installed by that method won't be cleaned out by autoremove05:01
wkmanireIt's probably not worth futzing around with.05:02
=== sins-_w is now known as sins-
phionaroygbiv: 1905:02
roygbivhmm, ok05:02
krobzaurYeah your probably right05:03
Bashing-omphiona: " Depends: linux-headers-3.13.0-79-generic but it is not installed " == not enough space to complete installation .05:03
roygbivphiona, that link that was posted earlier is probably your best resource, https://wiki.debian.org/ReduceDebian05:03
wkmanirekrobzaur: I have this bad habbit of playing with my Linux too much. This breaks the Linux.05:03
krobzaurhahah too true. Probably best to keep this whole procedure simple and straightforward05:06
phionareisio: ok. ill check it out later. im hungry.05:06
roygbivi suspect phiona’s actually running out of inodes05:06
roygbiv1001MB free in /, but only 7979 unused inodes05:07
Bashing-omphiona: ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' see what we can do manually .05:07
reisiophiona: what will you eat?05:07
reisioa gig isn't that much05:08
Madhumper69could anyone tell me why vpn wont work if firewall is enabled even with ports open for pptp 1723 ?05:08
phionaBashing-om:  ok. ill do  it later. im hungry.05:08
reisioanyway, I think a number of people have mentioned df -i already05:08
roygbivreisio, but installing the linux kernel headers shouldn’t need a gig right?05:08
Bashing-omroygbiv: ^^ and that too is a fact .. a biggy .05:09
wkmanireroygbiv: Most probably not. I know there is a lot of code, but not a GB of headers.05:09
roygbivbut i bet it’s a huge number of small files == heavy inode usage05:09
krobzaurwell, thanks for all the advice!05:10
phionareisio: food . goodbye.05:10
Madhumper69any vpn guru's in here05:10
wkmanireMadhumper69: I'm no guru, but I've used a couple of different VPN packages.05:11
reisioroygbiv: dunno, the distro I use doesn't separate sources & headers05:11
Madhumper69well im using frootvpn no software i can use vpn when firewall is disabled not when enabled... ports 1723 for pptp are open?05:12
reisiooh I guess it does05:12
wkmanirecrestcore: Why hello there.05:12
crestcoreWhich linux version is most stable and of small size for a gateway on X8605:13
wkmanireMadhumper69: Depends on your configuration. Are you running the firewall?05:13
wkmanireHave you checked your configurations with ufw?05:13
roygbivcrestcore, gateway == router?05:13
Ben64crestcore: you keep coming here and asking variations of that question. this is the ubuntu support channel, for ubuntu support only. if you want distro recommendations, please ask in ##linux05:13
Madhumper69yes came standard with ubuntu?05:14
wkmanireMadhumper69: Yep. I haven't used frootvpn before. Figure out what the needed ports are and then use ufw to enable them.05:14
Madhumper69yes the port is open and listed for ip4 and ip605:14
crestcoreGateway- Home automation gateway05:14
Madhumper69well pptp should be 1723 ?05:14
wkmanireMadhumper69: open for incoming and outgoing?05:15
wkmanireCould be that your VPN is using a range of ports too. What does the documentation say?05:15
roygbivphiona left05:16
Madhumper69i tried open05:16
Madhumper69and then closed not both?05:17
mahdihi all05:17
wkmanirecrestcore: Some folks really dig OpenBSD for network appliances, but any Linux distro with a current kernel will probably be good too.05:17
wkmanirecrestcore: You very likely don't want to install xorg, window manager or desktop environment.05:17
mahdithere is any way for backup installed ubuntu and restore it on the other system ?05:17
crestcoreYes, only headless05:18
Madhumper69i looked on the website but theres nothing but how to configure it https://www.frootvpn.com/guides/mikrotik/2505:18
wkmanirecrestcore: headless isn't really a good way to describe a linux installation without GUI. It's still just linux.05:18
wkmanireMadhumper69: firewalls can be configured to block/allow incoming traffic, outgoing traffic or both.05:19
crestcoreYes, we want something that takes very little space on disk, something like 200-300 mB05:19
Madhumper69i only have the option to allow in or out not both at same time? create 2 rrules?05:20
wkmanirecrestcore: I can make some suggestions, but before I do that, I saw it mentioned that you have come here before on more than one occassion asking this question.05:20
Ben64crestcore: either use the ubuntu minimal install, ubuntu server install, or ask ##linux for a different distro05:20
wkmanireHave you tried any advice that you have received thus far?05:20
wkmanireMadhumper69: Have you had a chance to look over of the ufw documentation?05:21
crestcoreOnly now I am getting some responses05:21
crestcoreCan you pl advise05:21
wkmanireit sounds like you're missing some key concepts for managing a firewall.05:21
Madhumper69well i might be but i have a basic understanding05:21
Ben64crestcore: incorrect, you were receiving responses the whole time05:21
Madhumper69i have enabled all my other ports to work for different things but i cant get vpn to go05:22
crestcoreokay, what was your suggestion pl05:22
wkmanirecrestcore: If you want complete control over your distribution, i.e. smallest possible installation size you can try Linux From Scratch or LFS. But this is only recommended for very advanced users who have a lot of free time to experiment. The next step up from that as far as ease of install while retaining the ability to customize would likely be Gentoo. You're still building from source in Gentoo. Next up is Arch, fully customizable05:23
wkmanirelike Gentoo but you don't have to wait for stuff to build.05:23
wkmanirecrestcore: My advice is to start with the simplest thing that *could* work and then drop down to the more customizable options as it proves necessary. And lastly, realize that it will take a lot of research and trial and error to find the ideal solution for you. Nobody can tell you the perfect answer outright.05:24
Ben64crestcore: http://pastebin.com/hFKxwaq205:24
crestcore_hi am trying to install minimalcd and got an error bad archive mirror05:24
wkmanireMadhumper69: If it works when the firewall is disabled, but not when it is enabled then you very likely have a bad configuration in your firewall.05:26
crestcoreBen64- okay, just checked that was colleague.05:26
Madhumper69yes but i tried everything and its a no go, i just tried now to allow in and out for 1723 and nothing05:26
wkmanireSo the first step is to find the documentation for your VPN and nail down exactly what the ports are. Second step is figure out if you need outbound and inbound or just outbound or just inbound.05:26
crestcoreHe is online now trying to install05:26
wkmanireThird step is to learn how to configure those port(s) with ufw as required by the VPN softwar.e05:27
Madhumper69the site doesnt give much info https://www.frootvpn.com/guides/linuxdebian/19         trying to get pptp going05:27
crestcorehi am trying to install minimalcd and got an error bad archive mirror05:29
wkmanireMadhumper69: According to the site, https://www.frootvpn.com/features/openvpn-pptp-l2tp, they support other protocols.05:30
wkmanireHave you tried following directions for enabling openvpn? I saw quite a few hits when I did a web search for that.05:30
Madhumper69no i have not05:31
Ben64crestcore: pick a different mirror05:31
Madhumper69If interested in PPTP, make sure PPTP port (TCP 1723) or GRE Port (47) is not blocked on in between firewalls.05:31
Madhumper69ill try to enable 47 gre port whatever that is05:32
crestcore_tried singapore us uk uae china nothing is working05:32
wkmanireDoes GRE stand for "greather than or equal"?05:32
Madhumper69what does that mean? lol05:33
crestcore_Ben64 : tried singapore us uk uae china nothing is working05:33
Ben64what version did you download05:34
wkmanireMadhumper69: I'm not familiar with PPTP, but I can tell you that it is common for secure services to first connect on a standard port (like 1723) and then securely negotiate to communicate on another port within a given range. Since this is a commercial product you should probably send them an e-mail and ask for a clarification of how to configure your firewall to enable PPTP with their client.05:34
wkmanireYou might need a fancier configuration than just opening 1723 and 47.05:34
Madhumper69well you would think they would be hits online when you search for firewall frootvpn05:34
wkmanireMadhumper69: The VPNs I've used have always been third party corporate things like Cisco or Juniper Networking stuff.05:35
Madhumper69says the vpn service failed when i enable firewall for vpn and when i disable firewall it connects??05:35
Madhumper69vpn message that say connected says vpn service failed when i enable firewall and try to connect to vpn05:36
Madhumper69when i disable it just connects ... its like the firewall is messing with the vpn service in ubuntu05:36
Madhumper69could this be a bug?05:36
wkmanireWhy would you think that?05:37
Madhumper69because the vpn service has failed it wont try to connect when i eneable the firewall its like the service screws up until i disable the firewall05:38
wkmanireBut why would you think there is a bug in either VPN or the firewall?05:38
Madhumper69well when firewall is enabled and i click to connect to vpn it says the service failed... the service that handles the vpn connection in ubuntu05:38
wkmanireYes, but I don't see how you can correlate that to there being a bug in the software. This is almost certainly a configuration issue.05:39
Madhumper69why would the vpn service tell me it failed when the firewall is active and trying to connect its not an error from dialing to the vpn05:39
Madhumper69how do you take a screenshot in ubuntu?05:40
wkmanireI didn't understand your statement.05:40
Madhumper69ill paste bin05:41
Madhumper69firewall disabled works normal http://picpaste.com/VPN_DISABLED-Z9gS2Py7.png05:45
Madhumper69firewall enabled http://picpaste.com/vpn_enabled-gvF6GgfU.png05:45
wkmanireDoes frootVPN write to any log files?05:46
Madhumper69i seen logs in logs but i dont understand any of it05:47
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wkmanireAt this point you should really appeal to the company for help05:47
wkmanireSince you've paid for this VPN software they should support you.05:47
Madhumper69you see what i mean now? its weird eh05:48
SquarismI mean, how severe of a problem is there? When you cannot unbind middle mouse as paste?05:56
mgorMadhumper69, check their FAQ which ports needs to be open in the firewall. Looks like for L2TP atleast 500/UDP needs to be let through the firewall05:56
Squarismubuntu/linux some sort of rabbit hole of infinity?05:57
Madhumper69i have looked and cant find nothing05:58
Madhumper69i must be blind or something05:58
mgorSquarism, what have you tried?05:58
Squarismi googled it some weeks ago i learned its near impossible wo 5 really lowlevel commands.05:59
Squarismit makes you wonder how the codebase looks like06:00
reisio'lo shubi taylor06:04
shubii have a problem since i updated my ubuntu from 14.04.3 to 14.04.4 - the shutdown or suspend freezes everything.06:05
alex10791hello, I'm using lubuntu and I'm trying to allocate a hugepage (2MB) like this "mmap(NULL, (size_t)2*1024*1024, PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE, MAP_PRIVATE | MAP_ANONYMOUS | MAP_HUGE_2MB, -1, 0)", the pointer I get back though is 0x7f0923773000 which is not a 2MB page, do you know what the issue might be?06:05
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shubiforcing me to shutdown with the power button.06:06
roygbivalex10791, i haven’t used hugepages before but i do know that DPDK uses them. you might browse their source for how they allocate them06:07
=== ludovic is now known as Guest405
Madhumper69thanks Squarism for your help06:08
alex10791roygbiv: ok, thanks, I'll have a look at it06:09
SquarismMadhumper69, It was just a reflection. I think its sane to vent such a problem. Something is dead wrong somewhere.06:10
roygbivDPDK is very nicely written code, too06:10
Madhumper69yeah im going to connect while disabling the firewall and then ill figure out what port06:10
Madhumper69if not ill use openvpn or something else other then pptp06:11
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shubiis there any other channel for ubuntu support?06:11
reisioshubi: does there need to be?06:12
reisioroygbiv: you develop a lot of data planes?06:12
shubii don't know, i don't seem to have luck getting a response here...06:12
roygbivreisio, i’ve only recently gotten involved in it, and for freebsd, not linux06:13
reisioshubi: hrmmm, it's hard to hold a conversation with you when you say that :p06:13
reisioroygbiv: what is it?06:13
reisioit's all hellenic to me06:13
Gallomimiashubi: i scrolled up and noticed you didn't give many details on your problem. that's probably why you didn't get a response06:13
roygbivthe data plane is the part of a router that decided what to do with packets06:14
linuxlovehello to all06:14
linuxlovei have ububtu 15.1006:14
Gallomimiathat's great :)06:14
linuxloveif i want use my system as a server should i get a static ip?06:15
linuxlovehow can i get that?06:15
shubiokay. I have a Thinkpad W500, Ubuntu 14.04.03 worked perfectly on it (for the most part). Ever since I updated through the update app, I can't shutdown or suspend. The computer freezes completely forcing a hard shutdown. Anything else I should add?06:15
Gallomimiawell that's a tough question to answer06:15
roygbivlinuxlove, talk to your network admin guys06:15
roygbivtell them roygbiv sent you :-D06:16
Gallomimiait probably depends on your own network. and your ISP. or possibly you could use some kind of dyn-dns service06:16
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linuxloveGallomimia, can i put a domain on the ip later?06:17
Gallomimiashubi: very concise. i've personally heard that updating which distro version you're using often causes strange problems like so06:17
roygbivlinuxlove, you’re mixing terms there. IPs don’t have domains06:17
Gallomimialinuxlove: yep. first thing you need to do is set your system to a static ip. likely you're behind a router and have a private ip. i'm with roygbiv/rainbow-guy there. it seems you should learn some more about networking06:18
shubiGallomimia, so I need to revert back? How?06:19
Gallomimiarevert back? oh no sir. i've heard clean installs are best.06:19
Gallomimiaanyway afaik there's no "revert back"06:20
shubiOkay, so should I download 14.04.4 or 14.04.3 (that worked)?06:20
Gallomimiawell, which do you want?06:21
shubiwell, i guess .3 since it worked?06:21
Gallomimiabut before you get carried away, it sounds like you should report/search-for bugs about this.06:21
shubithe first time it happened i got the "Send Bug Report" window when i rebooted.06:22
shubiSo I sent it to the ether...06:22
ouroumov__shubi, have you try shutting it down from the command line and does that change things?06:23
shubididnt try, how?06:24
ouroumov__shubi, "sudo init 0" is the radical way06:25
ouroumov__"sudo shutdown now" might be somewhat better06:25
shubiwell.. i'm looking for the "regular" way I think?06:25
Ben64sudo poweroff06:26
ouroumov__right there's poweroff too06:26
shubiisn't it the same thing as the gui option?06:30
reisiosame end result, though, /usually/06:30
shubiokay, thanks. this is a usb install. would I be able to clean install over it by using the livecd?06:32
reisioshubi: yes, although I'm not sure what you mean by usb install06:33
reisioyes regardless, though06:33
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zendkhello, I have been trying to find a reverse proxy setup which allows clients to add and remove domains to their respective servers, but I cant find something that fits my needs, do you guys have any suggestions ?06:38
shubireisio, I installed ubuntu on a USB so that my system stayed the same.06:51
wkmanireUSB 3 I hope06:52
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Gallomimiafolks linuxlove and i need a reminder what is best (easiest) way to renew dhcp lease07:13
hateballGallomimia: sudo dhclient eth007:13
Ben64sudo dhclient eth007:13
hateballor whatever interface07:14
Ben64damn, beaten by a second07:14
Gallomimiaindeed. might be a problem with the interface name. it's something funny07:14
linuxloveauto lo07:14
linuxloveiface lo inet loopback07:14
linuxlove#iface dsl-provider inet ppp07:14
linuxlove#pre-up /bin/ip link set wlp9s0 up # line maintained by pppoeconf07:14
linuxlove#provider dsl-provider07:14
Sirius__what dhcp lease used for? do i need to re-leased regularly?07:15
Sirius__Will I get new IP(dynamic) from ISP when I re-leased DHCP?07:16
hateballSirius__: Only your ISP knows that07:17
afrokarlssonhi, do you know why dinosauruses died, they eats all food, and fish calls they back into ocean, and fish eats they for that. In bermuda triangle.07:17
jushurSirius__: depends on your isps config, if you want to force a new ip you can spoof your mac address.07:18
wkmanireSirius__: Also depends on if you have a home network (very very likely these days)07:19
wkmanireIf you're connected to a home router or WiFi adapter you'll just be asking your local device for another local IP address. It would have no noticable effect on the outside world at all.07:20
reisiozendk: nginx has a builtin reverse proxy, no?07:21
Sirius__Oh, got it. Thanks for crystal clear explanation07:21
jushurafrokarlsson: did you know bermuda triangle has a few vulcanos at its area, interfering with water viscosity. basicly things dont float as they should there.07:26
jushurreisio: https://www.nginx.com/resources/admin-guide/reverse-proxy/07:27
zendkreisio, yes but, I need a client area web interface aswell07:27
Madhumper69yep and the gases released make engines choke in the air :P07:30
Logicwaxmy journald has been pegging almost 100%....when i type in "sudo journalctl" im getting thousands of messages in the last hour or so, with "gnome-session" throwing the messages "24/02/2016 01:05:24 PM      some_random_ip"07:30
Madhumper69and probably makes the compases go batcrazy07:30
Logicwaxare those logins to gnome-session?07:30
jushurLogicwax: dont have firewall enabled?07:31
Logicwaxi do07:31
LogicwaxFeb 24 13:31:04 mycomputername gnome-session[6932]: 24/02/2016 01:31:04 PM      someIP07:31
Logicwaxtons of lines like that07:31
Logicwaxwhats it mean when gnome-session throws out a message that just is a timestamp and an IP?  is that a remote login?07:31
reisiojushur: funny, you don't look like zendk :p07:33
jushurreisio: who knows, maybe im his doppleganger!07:37
zendkjushur, you wish :p07:38
reisiodoppelboch, mmm07:39
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micwwill we have the beta1 of 16.04 today?07:48
Ben64micw: #ubuntu+107:48
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Mr_Tampan_30yeah any07:56
Myrttibetter luck if you ask the actual question07:56
Delphinhey does anyone know if its possible to block out one video card if their the same model card with pci_stub ?07:58
Mr_Tampan_30what do you come from?07:58
PantsuDelphin: define "block out one video card"07:58
MyrttiMr_Tampan_30: Internet. did you have a Ubuntu related question?07:59
DelphinPantsu: I'm trying to blacklist one video card, we have two installed in the machine.. trying to follow this guide https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Multiheaded-NVIDIA-Gaming-using-Ubuntu-14-04-KVM-585/07:59
lotuspsychjeDelphin: can you disable one in bios?08:00
Delphinlotuspsychje: checking08:01
Delphintrying to reserve one card for a virtual machine so not sure if that will work08:01
lotuspsychjeDelphin: there is also a #kvm channel that could perhaps help you in your layout08:05
Delphinok thanks08:05
phionabashing-om: this is the result of  dpkg -l | grep linux- == http://pastebin.com/FGwJhzLk08:07
lotuspsychjephiona: bashing-om went to sleep, can you rephrase where your stuck at?08:09
phionalotuspsychje: he told me to dpkg -l | grep linux- to see what we can do manually to free up space on my root partition.08:12
gabrielAtheosDoes anyone know how to get OpenShot to show audio waveform08:13
lotuspsychjephiona: install bleachbit and cleanup your system08:14
lotuspsychjegabrielAtheos: there's a small #openshot channel :p08:17
phionalotuspsychje: should i run bleachbit as root or  bleachbit plain?08:17
lotuspsychjephiona: as root yes08:17
phionalotuspsychje: what should i put a checkmark on?08:20
lotuspsychjephiona: like you wish to clean08:20
phionalotuspsychje: is there an undo?08:21
lotuspsychjephiona: no, what you clean is gone08:22
phionalotuspsychje:  should i check free disk space, localizations, memory?08:25
lotuspsychjephiona: default scan will do alot allready, all the rest is deep extra scan08:25
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Mathisenlotuspsychje, can that tool " bleachbit " run in with cli only ?08:27
lotuspsychjeMathisen: yes bleachbit can be run from terminal aswell, see man bleachbit08:27
Mathisenlotuspsychje, thx08:28
thuginchi all08:32
phionalotuspsychje: help. http://pastebin.com/FWnCXYuf08:43
lotuspsychjephiona: reboot, then sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade08:45
phionalotuspsychje: still the same.. http://pastebin.com/23mcWjnW09:05
ysryI keep getting this alert sign on the top screen on my window, theres like red warning sign and when I click it it says that the update information is outdated, yet when I click 'show updates' it says the software is up to date09:06
ysrybut the warning sign doesnt go away09:06
ysrywhat to do?09:06
lotuspsychjephiona: did you install ppa's of any kind? whats your ubuntu version?09:07
pers3usysry: open terminal and type $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade09:07
ysrythe error still appears lotuspsychje09:08
lotuspsychjeysry: wich ubuntu version are you on?09:08
lotuspsychjeysry: lsb_release -a09:09
ysrybtw there were a few errors in the update command thaet you sent me09:09
lotuspsychjeysry: its pers3us that sended, you09:09
ysryhow do I copy the log of the error and pastebin it?09:10
lotuspsychjeysry: pastebin the output to the channel please09:10
lotuspsychje!paste | ysry09:10
ubottuysry: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:10
phionalotuspsychje:  yes i have installed a ppa or two. im on Lubuntu 14.0409:10
ysryhow do i pastebinit in regards to the log?09:10
lotuspsychjephiona: purge all ppa's first please09:11
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | phiona09:11
ubottuphiona: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html09:11
lotuspsychjephiona: they are mostly the root of the errors09:11
lotuspsychje!pastebinit | ysry09:11
ubottuysry: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com09:11
lotuspsychjeysry: same goes for you, purge all ppa's, their not supported here09:12
phionalotuspsychje: how to purge ppa's?09:12
ysrylotuspsychje, how09:13
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | ysry09:13
ubottuysry: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html09:13
lotuspsychjephiona: ^09:13
lotuspsychjeread first please09:13
ysrylotuspsychje, which repository name and subdirector to us?09:13
ysrycan you please just give me the full comman and not just the syntax of it?09:13
lotuspsychjeysry: please read the link first09:13
ysrylotuspsychje, you're hard09:14
lotuspsychjeafter all ppa's are cleaned, reboot sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade09:14
lotuspsychjeysry: not hard, ppa's arent supported here sorry09:14
ysryyou're making this unncessarily difficult09:14
lotuspsychje!ppa | ysry09:14
ubottuysry: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge09:14
ysrythese man pages arent helpful09:14
ysrysince i dont know which parameters to use09:14
lotuspsychjeysry: they surely are, have a read09:14
ysrycan anypne help me?09:15
reisiono, but lots of ones can09:15
ysryhow do i resolve this?09:15
ysryi dont know how to purge this ppa09:16
ysryI keep getting this alert sign on the top screen on my window, theres like red warning sign and when I click it it says that the update information is outdated, yet when I click 'show updates' it says the software is up to date09:17
reisioysry: screenshot?09:19
ysryits gone now09:20
shreddingI've done lots of server things lately and docker and stuff and want to dipe deeper into devops to get all the basics.09:24
shreddingWhat are good resources for that? Preferably online courses.09:24
reisiodevops is just a buzzword, good luck finding "basics" for it09:25
lotuspsychjeshredding: maybe #ubuntu-server channel would be a start09:25
shreddingYeah, I know. Or sysadmin.09:25
shreddinglotuspsychje: Why's that?09:25
lotuspsychjeshredding: server related?09:25
shreddingyeah, but it's an irc channel, not a learning resource.09:26
lotuspsychjeshredding: talking to likewise users, can be a starting point09:26
shreddingIs this channel more or less for the desktop ubuntu?09:27
lotuspsychjeshredding: main ubuntu support09:27
shreddingI'll ask my question there, thanks.09:27
lotuspsychje!alis | shredding to find a specific channel09:27
ubottushredding to find a specific channel: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http09:27
reisioda shreddah09:28
phionalotuspsychje: i have found in synaptic that i have 18 ppa's. how do i remove all off them in one go?09:28
lotuspsychjephiona: 18 external ppa's?09:28
lotuspsychjephiona: make sure you dont delete official sources right09:29
lotuspsychje!sources | phiona09:29
ubottuphiona: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.09:29
phionalotuspsychje: yes. i looked in synaptic. all of them starts with LP-PPA09:30
lotuspsychjephiona: use ppa-purge or go to your sources and delete09:31
phionalotuspsychje: is ppa-purge installed by default?09:33
lotuspsychje!info ppa-purge | phiona09:33
ubottuphiona: ppa-purge (source: ppa-purge): disables a PPA and reverts to official packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.8+bzr57 (wily), package size 5 kB, installed size 44 kB09:33
lotuspsychjephiona: =optional09:34
k1l_phiona: no09:34
anesDear Friends , there is a problem in lintian when i create a deb in ubuntu : http://pastie.org/1073686909:35
anesplease advise09:35
lotuspsychjeanes: this might need the full story, what did you try to do?09:37
anesI created a deb file from a make , makeinstall system09:37
lotuspsychje!compile | anes09:38
ubottuanes: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall09:38
phionalotuspsychje: http://pastebin.com/FXdm1Nvi09:38
anesit's work fine in dpkg , but show bad package warning when use software center09:38
lotuspsychjephiona: yeah thats not handy, try to remove them manual from your sources09:40
lotuspsychjephiona: another option would be the recoverymode/fix broken packages or extreme, fresh reinstall09:42
lotuspsychje!recovery | phiona09:42
ubottuphiona: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode09:42
lotuspsychje!ask | light_09:42
ubottulight_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:42
phionalotuspsychje: u mean from synaptic? or where?09:42
lotuspsychjephiona: not sure where it sits at lubuntu, maybe try from software center?09:43
pers3usphiona: lotuspsychje /etc/apt/sources.list.d iirc.09:44
lotuspsychjepers3us: yeah but in this case, we might need gui :p09:44
Delphinis it possible to blacklist one of two GPU's of the same model using pci-stub module in grub config?09:44
lotuspsychjebbl guys09:44
k1l_phiona: can you show a "sudo apt-get install -f" in a pastebin?09:45
pers3uslotuspsychje: Any particular reason? simply typing command on terminal won't work?09:45
phionalotuspsychje: i have gui.09:46
pers3usphiona: Can you explain ur problem again?09:48
vincent42in ubuntu 14.04 , if I do "su someuser - ", start a process, kill it with ctrl+c, it also exit from su09:53
Logicwaxwhats it mean when gnome-session just outputs a timestamp and an IP address in journald?09:53
vincent42leaving the terminal in a strange  state09:53
vincent42is there a bug about this, and maybe some workaround  ? this is really  annoying09:54
reisioLogicwax: that your logging level is too high?09:54
reisioor your attention to your logging is :p09:54
reisiovincent42: you probably want su - someuser09:55
k1l_vincent42: ubuntu is build to use sudo. sudo can siwtch users too09:56
Guido1Hello, I have a laptop with Ubuntu and Windows 8.1. My plan is to upgrade windows to 10. Now i'm worried that this will damage my linux. Is that the case? what do i have to back up and how can i restore linux afterwards?09:56
reisiodoesn't matter what tool you use if you use it "wrong"09:56
noname-45question related with smartcrl , monitor tool for hard disk09:58
reisiothe answer is: no, it's not worth using09:58
algernon_if you have a dual boot - the OSs are on separate partitions - just make sure you don't change your partitions - the windows upgrade may mess with your bootloader - you could have to reedit the bootloader to see ubuntu again09:58
noname-45how do I read specific attribute value09:58
noname-45and its threashold ?09:59
reisioGuido1: don't cross post09:59
crestcorecan nyone tell me what all packegs can be removed from ubuntu10:00
ufki'm trying to increase max opened files in order for mysql to be able to increase the max_connections property. i edited /etc/security/limits.conf, added 4096 on soft and hard, and rebooted. ulimit -a shows 4096, but when i can /proc/<mysql_proc_id>/limits and i see that the soft limit is set to 1024. why is that ?10:00
crestcorei have freshly installed ubuntu 140.4 LTS10:00
crestcore14.04 LTS10:00
phionasomeone told  me to dpkg -l | grep linux- to see what we can do manually to free up space on my root partition. then lotuspsychje told me to purge all ppa's.  since i cant install purge-ppa bcoz of my problem, it brings us to ur solution. now do i delete all of these ppas?10:01
noname-45smartd help10:01
k1l_phiona: ok, lets start again. your hdd is full? can you show a "df -h" in a pastebin like paste.ubuntu.com?10:01
crestcoreis there someone to help me out10:02
EriC^^crestcore: what's the problem?10:03
crestcoreeric : i want to remove the unwanted packages from the ubuntu 14.04 LTS10:04
EriC^^crestcore: which packages?10:04
crestcoreEric : that is my questions10:04
k1l_crestcore: we cant know what you think is unwanted. so you need to read and think about that yourself10:04
elWanderinoso i did WHO and found a user i dont recognize10:05
pers3usphiona: so basically problem is ur primary partition is full?10:05
elWanderinohow can i find out more ?10:05
crestcoreEric : i have freshly installed ubuntu 14.04 LTS10:05
vincent42reisio: same issue with su - someuser10:06
elWanderino~# who10:06
elWanderinoguest-i3sYSi :1           2016-02-20 17:49 (:1)10:06
crestcoreEric : and i want a system which can run JAVA Tomcat MYSQL so what are the packages that are not requied?10:06
k1l_elWanderino: that is the guest account10:06
noname-45can anybody help on smartctl ? smartd , Hard disk monitoring tool on ubuntu10:06
vincent42actually, yo ucan try it easily : "su - youusername" then ctrl+c -> it exit from the shell10:06
elWanderino~# locate guest-i3sYSi10:06
vincent42and mess with thte terminal10:06
elWanderinok1l_, so nothing to worry about then?10:06
Logicwaxreisio: i have 1000s of lines like that10:06
k1l_elWanderino: no10:06
Logicwaxim waanting to know what it means10:07
elWanderinoCool, thanks k1l_10:07
Logicwaxfrom tons of different IP addresses10:07
EriC^^crestcore: i guess you can remove the libreoffice stuff10:07
reisiovincent42: nope, su - user will work fine10:07
reisioLogicwax: ...like what?10:07
Logicwaxso why is gnome-sessions posting messages to journald with timestamp and IP address?   are these failed login attempts?   why is gnome remote login-able anyway??110:07
reisiooh journald guy10:07
crestcoreother than that?10:08
crestcoreEric : other than that?10:08
EriC^^crestcore: up to you, there's lots others10:08
Logicwaxreisio: i want to see why gnome-sessions is saying that all these IPs are connecting to it....or even if thats the way to interpret these log lines10:08
crestcoreeric : i have installed using minimalcd10:09
vincent42reisio: strnage10:09
vincent42I'll try with different terminal emulator then (using terminator )10:09
EriC^^crestcore: did you install ubuntu-desktop?10:09
vincent42ha ! it works wit hkonsole10:09
crestcoreEric : do you any idea about the base supporting packages to run ubuntu 14.04 LTS?10:09
k1l_Logicwax: can you show those logs in a pastbin?10:09
vincent42so it's a terminator bug10:09
crestcoreEric : not desktop i have installed server10:10
reisiovincent42: or you've just used su foo - so much you had simply confused that session10:10
crestcoreEric : this is what i have installed "Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.13.0-79-generic x86_64)"10:11
reisio(would be my guess)10:11
phionak1l_: http://pastebin.com/vnLgBWza10:12
EriC^^crestcore: that would be pretty stripped down10:12
k1l_crestcore: "dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall" lists all packages installed. then decide if you need them or not.10:12
crestcoreeric : hmm ty but it took 1.1G of size is there any other version which can takes lesser size?10:13
crestcoreeric : hmm ty but it took 1.1G of size is there any other version which akes lesser size?10:13
crestcoreeric : hmm ty but it took 1.1G of size is there any other version which takes lesser size?10:13
k1l_phiona: ok. there is nearly all space and all inodes used on /10:13
SevenLiesI have a question about setting up 4 monitors in 15.10.10:13
Logicwaxk1l_: http://pastebin.com/9E1PUS2y10:14
k1l_phiona: please run a "sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean". after that please show the "dpkg -l | grep linux-headers" and put that into a pastebin10:14
phionapers3us: yes . i think my root partition is full. it was partitioned at 20gb.10:15
SevenLiesHas anyone successfully managed to get 4 monitors running?10:15
crestcoreeric : hmm ty, but it took 1.1G of size is there any other version which takes lesser size?10:15
EriC^^crestcore: i think the mini.iso lets you choose what to install, it's pretty stripped down i think10:16
EriC^^crestcore: how big do you want it to be?10:16
k1l_Logicwax: do you have samba shares running?10:17
Logicwaxk1l_: i do10:17
Logicwaxk1l_: it goes on for 1000s of lines, tons of foreign IP addresses10:17
crestcoreEric : i want it to be like 300-400Mb10:18
Logicwaxk1l_: then i see this every so often: http://pastebin.com/BLPXcaMs10:18
phionak1l_: http://pastebin.com/u1bVLham10:18
Logicwaxk1l_: you think its brute forcing my vino server?10:18
Logicwaxi mean why the heck does gnome-session just bark out a timestamp and IP......it could be a little more verbose!10:19
k1l_Logicwax: ah, its a vino server running. that it could be login attempts to that10:19
ufkcan't increase max_connections in mysql. question at http://serverfault.com/questions/759692/increase-max-connections-in-mysql-on-ubuntu-wily10:19
Logicwaxk1l_: so these are vino server login attempts.....NOT gnome-session remote login?  (aka x-forwarding and all that jazz)   right?10:20
k1l_phiona: ok, just carry on with the other commands.10:20
k1l_Logicwax: i am not sure.10:20
k1l_Logicwax: anything from that comming in the auth.log?10:20
Logicwaxwell my fail2ban picks up some of those IPs trying to brute my sshd10:21
Logicwaxand no, not in auth.log10:22
vincent42reisio: no, there's deinitely a bug with terminator and su10:22
k1l_but seems to be known for bruteforcing10:22
reisiovincent42: doubt it10:22
Logicwaxyou mean publicly known?10:23
phionak1l_: http://pastebin.com/nP2mv69x10:23
vincent42reisio: seems you're right10:26
vincent42how did I do my test10:27
reisioyou killed all terminator processes and started a fresh one10:27
reisioyou went back in time10:27
k1lphiona: ok, next one10:28
vincent42but I don't understand what does "su user - " do10:28
Triffid_Huntervincent42: makes a login shell with that user10:29
phionak1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15196147/10:29
vincent42I mean, how is that different from "su - user"10:29
vincent42actually, this last form, which work ! seems forbiden from the man of su10:29
vincent42When - is used, it must be specified as the last su option. The other forms (-l and --login) do not have this restriction.10:30
akkonradI have text document with few lines that looks like this: VARIABLE_NAME=variable.value.com10:30
akkonradI would like to extract value of that variables10:30
reisiovincent42: man pages aren't perfect10:30
Ben64su [options] [username]10:30
reisiomy guess would be that - at the end is simply misinterpreted10:31
Ben64su - username... how is - not the last option10:31
reisiopossibly as stdin10:31
reisiopossibly as a strange command10:31
vincent42so "su - user" actually pass "user" as a command ? I don't understand10:31
akkonrad"VAR_NAME=var_value" - how to extract this var_value from string?10:31
Ben64user is the user10:31
vincent42Ben64: user is not an option of -10:31
reisioakkonrad: it's already in the variable10:31
vincent42actually - takes no argument10:31
akkonradreisio, no, it's in string10:31
vincent42reisio: the thing is that only the form "su - user" works properly10:32
akkonradI'm parsing command output10:32
reisioakkonrad: eval, cut -d '=' -f 2-, taster's choice10:32
vincent42so I'm trying to understand why it should be like that10:32
Ben64vincent42: yeah, just like the man page says it will10:32
k1lphiona: ok, we need to do some manual cleaning first to get the package-system running again to do the automatic cleanup: "sudo rm -rf /usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-4*"10:32
vincent42Ben64: but the man page say the opposite , it should be "su user -"10:32
Ben64it doesn't say that at all10:32
reisiovincent42: the man page isn't perfect, but I'm not sure whether it's wrong or not10:32
vincent42Ben64: ok I see now, I confuse "last option" and "last argument"10:33
reisioyou might see if su user -l works10:34
reisiofor lulz10:34
reisionot actual usefulness10:34
vincent42reisio: it does !10:34
reisiovincent42: which'd be in line with the man page10:35
phionak1l: im back at the prompt immediately. is that it?10:36
k1lphiona: yeah, there is no other output. can you chech df -h and -i if there is some more space/inodes now?10:37
vincent42reisio: yeah except in the beginning they don't seem to allow user before options10:37
vincent42but I guess it's fine10:38
reisioprobably down to tradition (su - foo) vs disambiguity (not having options that are nothing but the option switch char '-')10:39
reisiohence, special rules10:39
phionak1l: wait , i did not see the *. can i reissue the command?10:39
casahello everyone,10:39
k1lphiona: yes, just attach the * and run again10:39
casai am having problem updating the system10:40
casaevery time it saying operation Failed10:41
casacan some one please help me10:41
EriC^^casa: paste the error in paste.ubuntu.com10:42
baizon!paste | casa10:42
ubottucasa: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:42
casaPackage operation failed10:42
phionak1l:  nothing happened. there is no prompt now.  do i need to include the "10:43
k1lphiona: no, without the ".  you can copy&paste the commands to make sure there is no typo10:44
=== user0 is now known as v2
k1lphiona: let it run for some seconds.10:44
phionak1l: ok . now there is a prompt.10:45
phionak1l: whats next?10:45
k1lphiona: no please check "df -h" and -i if there is some space now10:45
Mathisenhello is there any diffrence doing 1. sudo aptitude install NAME then 2. sudo apt install NAME .. it should not right ? still i get NAME missing when i did just apt version of it10:46
Ben64Mathisen: aptitude did (does?) have a problem with multiarch, so it could possibly not work properly10:47
k1lMathisen: use tab completion to make sure there is no typo. and what is "name"?10:47
reisiothey're different, particularly if you're removing instead of installing, IIRC10:47
Mathisenk1l, it was a python package.. i think it was python-mysql my terminal history is gone now10:48
Ben64so whats the actual problem10:48
Mathiseni thought it was strange.. when installed it with  aptitude  it worked but not with just apt10:49
Mathiseni just go on with my life then10:49
k1lthere should not be a difference10:50
JoniiHello. I tried installing proprietary AMD graphics card drivers in case they helped me run something. They didn't, so I switched back, but now xrandr tells me "Failed to get size of gamma for output default"10:50
JoniiGoogle doesn't seem to return anything particularly relevant10:51
Mathisenokej something strange is goin on.. now i get  Resource temporarily unavailable when using apt10:52
dammert89Hi everyone. I was wondering... in my fstab file i want to mount an external hdd. It will be plugged in 90% of the time but when it isn't I don't want there to be mounting errors caused by it not finding the hdd. And then secondly, when I plug it in after system has booted that it will still automount. What should my options be in the fstab file?10:52
Mathisenhow do i check what is using it ?10:52
k1lphiona: does "df -i" show less then 100% now for /?10:53
phionak1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15196245/.... THANK YOU VERY MUCH.10:53
k1lphiona: wait, we need to install missing packages now and then make more free space10:54
k1lphiona: "sudo apt-get install -f"10:54
_jdhey guys, I want to get a laptop for ubuntu, and I can choose between 2 with similar specs, one has RTL8723BE wireless card and another has Intel Dual Band CA 316010:57
_jdwhich one has better support?10:57
Mathisensomething is blocking apt for me suddenly, how do i check what is using it ?10:58
k1lMathisen: what is the errormessage?10:58
Mathisen11: Resource temporarily unavailable)10:58
k1lMathisen: close all softwarecenters, updaters etc10:58
phionaK1rk: ok were done with sudo apt-get install -f10:58
Mathisenk1l, i have nothing running10:58
k1lphiona: ok, now run "echo $(dpkg --list | grep linux-image | awk '{ print $2 }' | sort -V | sed -n '/'`uname -r`'/q;p') $(dpkg --list | grep linux-headers | awk '{ print $2 }' | sort -V | sed -n '/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\([0-9.-]*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/q;p') | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge"10:59
k1lphiona: make sure its copy&pasted correctly and run as one line10:59
casathis is the message the is give me. Package operation failed the installation or removal of a software package failed10:59
vbotka_jd take a look at https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/iwlwifi10:59
k1lphiona: that will get rid off all the old and unused kernels and header files using your disk and not needed anymore10:59
casacan someone please telling what to do, i've been having this problem for many months11:00
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Mathisenk1l, can i check what is using it and kill it from terminal ?11:01
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k1lMathisen: sudo lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock11:02
_jdvbotka: and new ubuntu has kernel 3.10+?11:02
Ben64_jd: yep11:02
Mathisenk1l, >> lsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfsd-fuse file system /run/user/121/gvfs11:03
vbotka_jd, 15.10 has 4.211:03
_jdBen64: thank you. I guess I got my answer. Intel will be the one :)11:03
k1lMathisen: what system is that?11:03
Mathisenk1l, wily11:04
_jdvbotka: yea, but the user of the laptop will be using it for work, and I'm not sure about his UNIX skill level11:04
NetekI am doing some work on an ERP system and the website designs are written in XML.  Are there any HTML to XML converters for Ubuntu that can be recommended?11:04
swenzeltrying to install some sdk from nvidia I get a pretty useless error message from apt-get, so I tried aptitude and got this: http://pastebin.com/r4yd1mcU what am I supposed to do? Try to find all those packages and install them manually?11:04
_jdso I wanna give him LTS so I don't have to worry for the next 2-3 years :)11:04
Ben64_jd: good idea. 14.04 comes with 3.13 normally, but with 14.04.4 you can get 4.211:06
_jdvbotka: thank you for that link11:06
Ben64and then 14.04.5 will get whatever kernel 16.04 gets11:06
hateball_jd: I saw your question about wifi earlier, always go with intel if you can :)11:07
Mathisenk1l, any idea ?11:08
_jdhateball: thanks for the tip. My no1 choice used to be Atheros, but they told me that support for 10k is not that great11:08
k1lMathisen: please put the full outputs on paste.ubuntu.com11:08
_jdplus it's really hard to find a laptop with Atheros11:08
k1lMathisen: and put a "ps ax "there11:08
dammert89Any help with fstab?11:08
Mathisenk1l, output from lsof  ?11:08
Ben64Mathisen: why are you running under uid 12111:09
hateball_jd: Intel tends to be a bit more expensive, but it also always "just works"11:09
k1lMathisen: yes, and from apt11:09
MathisenBen64, i dont even know what that means :(11:09
django_hey all11:09
Ben64Mathisen: are you sure you're running actual ubuntu, not a "based on"11:09
django_is it cool if i ask about hosting a website on a ubuntu VPS?11:10
Ben64django_: possibly, ask and find out11:10
Ben64Mathisen: what is the output of "id"11:10
Mathisenk1l, >> http://pastebin.com/CJ2Pf3fy11:12
JoniiOkay, solved my problem. I had tested fglrx drivers, and after deeming them not-good, they stayed installed and kept screwing up the system, so I had to manually uninstall them :p11:12
MathisenBen64, uid=1000(mathisen) gid=1000(mathisen) groups=1000(mathisen),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),113(lpadmin),115(sambashare)11:12
Ben64very weird11:12
k1lMathisen: you have several apt processes running11:13
Mathisenk1l, but i dont see em11:13
Mathisenthey must be frozen somehow11:14
k1lMathisen: is there still a shell open with aptitude install python-mysql?11:14
Mathisenkilled it long time ago11:14
Mathisenclicked the window away11:14
Mathisendid not kill pid no11:14
k1lplease make very sure its not just minimized.11:14
Mathiseni am11:14
Mathisenif not guake has hidden it11:15
k1lkilling apt/aptitude processes can cause damage to the packagesystem which will be a pain to restore11:15
Mathisenokej so how do i kill all guake terminals running11:15
Mathisenif one of them are still running in background11:16
k1li dont use quake. but seems like you have 4 terminals running there11:16
phionak1l:  there are msgs that seem to go on forever. i cant copy them bcoz  they flash by so fast.11:17
k1lphiona: let it run untill the end. it will take like 20times from the last rm command11:17
Mathisenk1l, so should i just reboot ?11:18
Mathiseni dont want to break my system :(11:18
k1lMathisen: if you know its closed run "kill 27914"11:18
Mathisenk1l, yep working again now11:21
Mathisenit was guake11:21
phionak1l:  what rm command?11:25
ren0v0hi, when i mount NFS the user on ubuntu shows as "98"  and i can't even CD to the directory ?11:25
MathisenBen64, may i ask why asked why i was " running under uid 121 " is this a bad thing ?11:26
k1lphiona: the command we used to make some space before. this long command needs to remove a lot of kernels and header files. so let it run and wait untill you get a prompt.11:26
phionak1l: ok . now i have PROMPT.  whats next? df -h and df-i again?11:30
k1lphiona: yes11:30
reisiothose were some numbers, there11:33
phionak1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15196423/11:35
k1lphiona: "df -i" there is a space between :)11:36
k1lphiona: but that looks really better now. 10GB old kernels removed.11:36
k1lphiona: i would suggest to run a "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" to make sure you have all updates. then you are good to go :)11:37
phionak1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15196444/11:40
k1lphiona: good. see my last message. then you are good to go11:40
ren0v0NFS mounts as user >  libuuid      98   how i prevent this?11:44
reisioconfig your nfs11:44
reisionb: this is impossible11:44
phionak1l: apt full-upgrade returns this on the last part....Errors were encountered while processing:11:47
phiona /var/cache/apt/archives/clipgrab_3.5.6~trusty1_i386.deb11:47
phionaE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)11:47
rahcI have an IPv6 router sending advertisements to my network, which I can see with wireshark11:48
k1lphiona: can you pastebin all of that again?11:48
rahchowever, the Ubuntu machine that I'm running wireshark on isn't autoconfiguring its network interface11:48
rahcany ideas why that might not be happening?11:49
phionak1l: from where?11:49
reisio'lo Izimh11:49
k1lphiona: run that command again and copy the output and paste it on paste.ubuntu.com11:51
phionak1l: ok . this is as far as i can go anyway..... http://paste.ubuntu.com/15196507/11:53
Mathisenis a easy way to get pantheon on wily ?? i tried this > http://askubuntu.com/questions/696650/install-pantheon-desktop-on-ubuntu-15-10 but dont seem to work "Unable to locate package elementary-desktop "11:55
bazhang!info elementary-desktop11:56
ubottuPackage elementary-desktop does not exist in wily11:56
bazhangMathisen, thats for elementary os, is that what you are running11:56
k1lphiona: tha package clipgrab (from a PPA) is doing that issue11:56
phionak1l: so what to do now?11:57
Mathisenbazhang, nope11:57
k1lphiona: or to be more specific, it is interfering with the other PPA package ffmpeg11:57
k1lphiona: try  a "sudo apt-get install -f"11:57
bazhangMathisen, which based on ubuntu is it11:58
k1lMathisen: run a "sudo apt update"?11:58
Mathisenbazhang, im on 15.10 wily11:58
Mathisenk1l, i have done it,11:58
k1lMathisen: and be aware, that you make your ubuntu a elemtary os then.11:58
Mathisenk1l, i understand that12:02
Mathiseni want to try the desktop12:02
phionak1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15196580/12:02
Mathisenbut after i add the ppa and update i still get " Unable to locate package elementary-desktop " and it seem to work for others..12:04
andreea_nuu ca veede lumea12:08
mattkimHi. Can somebody help me to fix this problem?
k1lMathisen: which ppa did you add?12:08
mattkimi just downloaded it using wget12:09
Mathisenk1l, > sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:elementary-os/daily12:09
phionak1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15196580/12:09
PerlinNoisemattkim, link is invalid12:09
k1lphiona: so that is good now12:09
mattkimPerlinNoise: Oh I'm so sorry12:09
k1lphiona: does "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" name any still to update or held back?12:10
k1lMathisen: the desktop is not in that ppa12:11
Mathisenk1l, can you tell me what i should add ?12:11
mattkimcan somebody help me to fix this problem? http://goo.gl/QQ9ch412:12
k1lmattkim: your 3rd party ruby and metasploit install makes this error.12:13
mattkimk1l, thanks. so could you please teach me how can i fix it?12:14
dammert89hi all. I have a quick fstab question regarding external hdd12:15
k1lmattkim: sorry. dont know how to solve the 3rd party issues.12:16
mattkimk1l, ok, Thank you very much :)12:16
k1lMathisen: dont know. that PPAs seem to be a mess and dont even include a 15.10 repo. and most times someone used that PPAs their system became a elementary OS.12:18
phionak1l:  clipgrab still holds me back...http://paste.ubuntu.com/15196668/12:18
dammert89What are the options I should use when creating the fstab entry? so far I have the following : nofail,auto,noatime,rw,user12:18
gaeli try to extracct some emaile addresse from a txt file with grep but its not working, what is wrong: grep -o ‘[0-9a-zA-Z-_]*@[0-9a-zA-Z-_.]*.[a-zA-Z]*’ infile > outfile.txt12:19
Mathisenk1l, okej i remove the ppa and look for other solusion then. thx12:19
dammert89My problem is that when the external is not plugged in on boot and I then plug it in it doesn't automatically mount. I have to mount it with mount -a12:20
k1lphiona: sudo dpkg --force-overwrite -i /var/cache/apt/archives/clipgrab_3.5.6~trusty1_i386.deb12:20
k1lphiona: but that is a very bad state of that PPA.12:21
phionak1l:  it doesnt matter. im removing clipgrab anyways. what matters is that i now have so much free space. gtg. THANKS A LOT.12:23
k1lphiona: i suggest to remove that noobslab ppa with "ppa-purge"12:23
phionak1l: how about deleting its entry in /etc/apt/sources.list.d12:25
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist and !alis - See also !Guidelines12:25
k1lphiona: that still leaves the PPA packages installed.12:25
k1lphiona: and then you dont get ubuntu updates12:26
k1l!ppa-purge | phiona12:26
ubottuphiona: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html12:26
pahas canonical ever made or commissioned a poll about the acceptance of unity among its users?12:26
JoniiThis is support channel, not discussion channel12:26
pawhich one is discussion?12:27
bazhangtry #ubuntu-discuss12:27
JoniiDunno, I just joined #Ubuntu-discuss12:27
reisiopa: not really Canonical's prerogative12:27
pareisio, "prerogative"?12:28
pawhy would it have to be a "prerogative" in the first place?12:28
phionak1l: ok. ill do ppa-purge later. gtg.12:28
reisiopa: you're right, s/prerog/concern12:28
bazhangreisio, pa please take this to the other channel12:29
reisiopa: don't try to apply reason to what companies and entities in general do :D you'll be happier in the long run12:29
reisiopa: what's worth remembering is that you don't have to use anything you don't want to12:29
pareisio, if i would be spending my money on something for people to use/buy/whatever, i would be concerned that what i make will be liked by people, or it will be just a fail, and nobody wants to put resources into a failure, right?12:31
reisiothat's one way to look at it12:31
bazhang!discuss | reisio pa12:31
ubottureisio pa: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.12:31
k1lpa, reisio canonical did a lot of testings and polls. but since we focus on technical issues on not discussions in here, please move this discussion in the discussion channel. (3rd time requesting this  now!)12:34
reisiowhat discussion12:36
reisioderbie: that from apt?12:37
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k1lderbie: make sure gtk2-engines-equinox is installed12:39
derbiei unpacked it12:39
Mathisenk1l, you seem to know alot, can i ask you how i can change my resolusion higher then 1024*768 i cant choose any higher in X if i check the settings12:39
derbiei think12:40
derbieShould i just reinstall it?12:40
k1lMathisen: what video card and what video driver is it?12:40
k1lderbie: please install the ubuntu version of eclipse12:40
derbiek1l: how shall i remove eclipse from the system?12:41
k1lderbie: remove that folder in /opt12:41
Mathisenk1l, im using the integreted one on the motherboard so its a intel something i think12:41
k1lMathisen: pastebin a "lspci" and a "uname -a"12:42
Mathisenk1 > http://paste.ubuntu.com/15196818/  & Linux Mega-Jobb 4.2.0-30-generic #35-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 19 13:52:26 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:43
Mathisenk1l, its a ati card it seem > Radeon HD 6530D12:45
derbieRemove completely12:46
derbieHow do i properly install eclipse JAVA SE for ubuntu 14.04 64bit ?12:46
MonkeyDustderbie  also try   sudo aptitude purge ~c   <-- that's a tilde12:47
derbiewhy ~c ?12:47
MonkeyDustderbie  that's the syntax, didnt invent it12:47
MonkeyDusttest it with search ~c12:48
derbiesudo: aptitude: command not found12:48
MonkeyDustderbie  install aptitude12:48
am3who here ?12:49
MonkeyDustderbie  then type:  sudo aptitude search ~c12:50
derbiec   arduino                         - AVR development board IDE and built-in lib12:50
derbiethat's it12:50
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Nicholas1 how to check if an app is running fine?12:51
Nicholas1i mean how to check its integrity and reliability?12:51
lotuspsychjeNicholas1: what app are we talking about12:52
Nicholas1if an app shows no errors in terminal when running. does it means its fine ?12:52
Nicholas1any app?12:52
Nicholas1i mean i want to check , if its broken or not?12:53
Nicholas1does running through terminal ensure this. say if it starts and exits cleanly?12:54
k1lMathisen: see on systemsettings: software and updates: last tab. if you can install another driver12:54
MonkeyDustNicholas1  are you experiencing issues with some app?12:55
Nicholas1 MonkeyDust yes .  i am getting random lock ups and freezing issues in gnome-system monitor and vlc player12:56
derbieDo i still run sudo aptitude purge ~c ?12:56
Nicholas1 though most of the time they run fine. but sometimes they crash for no reason Monkeydust12:56
MonkeyDustderbie  it will remove what's listed, for you: arduino12:56
derbieOkay i suspected as well12:56
MonkeyDustNicholas1  so the lockups, is what brings you here?12:57
Nicholas1it occurs on vlc player and gnome-ssytem monitor12:57
Nicholas1even the terminal does not shows error messages when they freeze ?12:58
Nicholas1i am confused12:58
Nicholas1i have checked my hardware. its fine12:59
Nicholas1no issues with ram and hdd12:59
mike3It's to early to work. :)13:09
hexhaxtronI installed Compiz and went to ccsm but I don't see anything. What should I do?13:10
MonkeyDusthexhaxtron  blank/black screen?13:13
fedoenHi, I've been googling for a while and can't seem to find a solution for my problem: I deleted a virtual disk of 8.9G, before the delete I had 4G of free space, after the delete 9.1G, on Ubuntu 15.10 fstab: /media/drive    ext4    defaults        0       2, fdisk -l: /dev/sda2         8626176 252207247 243581072 116.2G  7 HPFS/NTFS/exFAT, trash is empty, no .Trash folder on the partition13:13
MonkeyDustfedoen  this is cleaner for technical pastes ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/13:14
mcphailfedoen: was the virtual disk a sparse file?13:16
am3why we don't use hexchat13:16
fedoenmcphail: how can I check, I copied the file to duplicate a clean install, can I verify somehow?13:18
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mcphailfedoen: if you copied the file, it will no longer be sparse (unless you have specifically asked it to be). I suspect it was a sparse file in the first place, so not taking up as much space as you thought13:19
derbieSo how do you recommend i install it?13:19
derbieeclipse i mean13:20
derbieusing its installer?13:20
lotuspsychje!info eclipse | derbie like this?13:20
ubottuderbie like this?: eclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.8.1-8 (wily), package size 15 kB, installed size 122 kB13:20
derbiesudo apt-get install eclipse ?13:21
lotuspsychjederbie: correct13:21
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jpmhI have created a small utility that I want all my users to be able to share, whch directory should I be putting it in, I have ALWAYS been confused by linux's /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin: - or is the answer none of the above13:22
lotuspsychjejpmh: whats your endgoal exactly, sharing what?13:23
jpmhlotuspsychje, it is a small utility that I need all of my shell users to be able to access13:24
fedoenmcphail: thank you for your help, I deleted the new file and it freed up 8.9G as it should, I will pay more attention next time13:25
mcphailfedoen: to explain, type "truncate -s 1000G sparse.img". This will create a file which can expand _up_to_ 1000G, but will actually start off at, essentially, zero bytes until you write to it. If you run "ls -l sparse.img" it will look as if it takes up a lot of space, but it doesn't really13:25
lotuspsychjejpmh: i think gksu can run stuff from other users already13:25
sly01hi everyone I have got two question13:26
sly01any of you available ?13:26
lotuspsychjesly01: start with one at the time :p13:26
jpmhlotuspsychje:  that is true, but then the need the full path and I would need to place it somewhere accessible13:26
mike3- /usr/local/bin13:26
MonkeyDustsly01  let's hear it, in one line13:26
jpmhmike3: thank you13:26
sly01MonkeyDust: Which version is the stable one ? I am newbie13:27
lotuspsychjesly01: version of what?13:27
MonkeyDustsly01  14.04 if you want long support, 15.10 if you want the latest13:27
sly01lotuspsychje: I mean 14.04 12.04 what is the diffirence between 12.04 and 12.1013:27
MonkeyDustsly01  12.10 is dead13:28
lotuspsychjesly01: 12.10 is end of life13:28
sly01Thank you so much guys13:28
lotuspsychjesly01: 12.04 and 14.04 are LTS versions13:28
lotuspsychje!lts | sly0113:28
ubottusly01: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)13:28
Revian1sly01: 12.04 (released in April of 2012), 12.10 (released in October of 2012) 15.10 (year.month)13:29
lotuspsychjesly01: in april a new LTS versions comes out as 16.0413:30
BluesKajHey all13:34
derbieHey! How would one go about mocking the USBConnection  https://gist.github.com/Sergiu-Ghita/96239cd7c6a3ae1c9bac ?13:35
lotuspsychjehow many time between sudo commands it asks the password again?13:39
max-mlotuspsychje, as far as I know sudo remembers the password (or keeps the session up) for 15 minutes13:40
lotuspsychjemax-m: so if someone intrudes the system somehow, he has 15min of free sudo time?13:41
lotuspsychjemax-m: (if that terminal remains open and away from keyboard)13:41
derbieWrong channel oups13:43
m1dnight_Is it safe to install xfce on a default ubuntu *desktop* machine so that I can use xfce for vnc?13:44
lotuspsychjem1dnight_: vnc isnt very recomended to use for security reasons13:45
lotuspsychje!vnc | m1dnight_13:45
ubottum1dnight_: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX13:45
m1dnight_I know, but that's not a problem, though.13:45
m1dnight_Its over LAN en not exposed to the internet.13:45
max-mlotuspsychje, I don't know, but sudo has a “-K” option to remove the user’s timestamp which should prompt for the password on the next invokation, as far as I know13:46
lotuspsychjem1dnight_: an intruder over the network can exploit vnc also..13:46
lotuspsychjem1dnight_: you asked 'safe' right?13:46
m1dnight_Ah, yes. Let me rephrase :D13:46
lotuspsychjemax-m: tnx for that hint mate!13:46
m1dnight_Will installing xfce4 on a desktop ubuntu machine break the current windows manager? (unity, or what's it caled)13:47
m1dnight_I just want to use XFCE for vnc only.13:47
m1dnight_And leave the default window manager in tact.13:47
lotuspsychjem1dnight_: ah no, you can safely unstall xubuntu-desktop from your current system13:47
lotuspsychjem1dnight_: or lubuntu-desktop as you wish13:47
lotuspsychjem1dnight_: logout/and login to your new desktop13:48
WangDangCan anyone help installing guest additions in an Ubuntu virtualbox vm?  When I run the guest additions script, it says it can't find the headers for the currently running kernel, then part of the script fails. (https://paste.debian.net/hidden/18922920/)  I've checked, and the headers are installed for the currently running kernel (uname -r = 4.2.0-30-generic, linux-headers-4.2.0-30 et linux-headers-4.2.0-30-generic installed)  Does anyone know a way to mak14:02
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k1lWangDang: is linux-generic installed?14:03
WangDangk1l: linux-generic-lts-wily is installed, but not linux-generic14:05
k1lWangDang: also: what guest os exactly?  what host OS?14:05
k1lWangDang: then 4.2.0-30-generic is wrong. that should be named differently when its the hwe kernel14:06
WangDangUbu 14.04 as guest on a debian 8.3 (jessie) host14:06
k1lWangDang: sorry, i was wrong. they didnt name the wily backports with 14.40 in the naming.14:07
WangDangk1l: I have linux-image-4.2.0-30-generic and linux-image-generic-lts-wily installed14:08
k1lWangDang: is this a server install in vbox?14:08
WangDangno, desktop14:08
k1lis xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-core installed?14:09
WangDangk1l: not xserver-xorg and xserver-xorg-core themselves, but I do have xserver-xorg-core-lts-wily and xserver-xorg-lts-wily14:12
k1lWangDang: could be an issue that the script for virtualbox is only looking for that packages and not the LTS-backports packages14:13
WangDangwould it screw anything up to install the ordinary packages rather than the backported ones?14:14
k1lWangDang: worth a try14:16
jesper_k1l: Hello again!14:19
jesper_k1l: I'm having the exact same issues as yesterday haha, only this time when I used dd to move Xubuntu (trying to see if there's a problem with just MATE) I accidently made my USB to be seen as 2 different deviced14:21
k1ljesper_: be sure not to dd to sdb1 but sdb14:21
jesper_k1l: I dd'd to sdb not sdb114:21
jesper_k1l: do you know any way to remove the ubuntu mate dd from my USB-drive?14:22
jesper_or maybe wipe it clean entirely14:23
EriC^^jesper_: dd creates 2 partitions14:23
EriC^^2 odd ones14:23
jesper_EriC^^: oh, ok - do you know how to wipe the usb clean?14:24
k1ljesper_: just format the usb in gparted. create a new dos partition again14:24
EriC^^jesper_: sudo gdisk /dev/sdb , press o, then w14:24
k1ljesper_: and i would not recommend to install over and over again, but better look at what exactly is going wrong and fix that14:24
k1ljesper_: did you try nomodeset?14:25
jesper_k1l: I did not14:25
jesper_EriC^^: I got an error... "Proble opening dev/sdb for readong! Error is 2. The specified file does not exist (yet it does when I write sudo parted -l14:26
EriC^^jesper_: try lsblk14:26
jesper_oooh, it split into sdb1 and 214:26
jesper_EriC^^: But sdb itself still exists as a disk as well14:27
EriC^^jesper_: did you write /dev/sdb or dev/sdb ?14:28
jesper_when I did the 'dd'?14:28
EriC^^no with sudo gdisk14:28
jesper_I wrote dev/sdb14:29
EriC^^ok write /dev/sdb14:29
jesper_EriC^^: Thanks!14:29
EriC^^no problem14:29
jesper_EriC^^: Now I just do the dd thing again but with the new ISO? (right k1l?)14:30
jesper_EriC^^: WHen I write lsblk it still shows up as 2 different sdb1/214:31
k1ljesper_: i would rather try to boot the install with nomodeset and see if you dont need to install over and over again14:31
jesper_k1l: okay, how to I do that?14:31
k1ljesper_: its like buying new cars instead of filling them with gas again.14:31
k1l!nomodeset | jesper_14:31
ubottujesper_: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:31
jesper_k1l: haha I understand14:31
jesper_I think bashing went trough that and said that it might not work for later versions or something?14:32
jesper_k1l: I don't exactly remember but I'll try i14:32
k1ljesper_: use the version to edit the kernel line in "grub". that is only for one boot and not persistent. but if that works we can make that alsways use nomodeset14:33
jesper_k1l: I didn't get in to the grub menu with pressing shift14:34
k1ljesper_: you need to press (and hold) it right after the start14:35
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jesper_k1l: Still didn't work14:36
jesper_k1l: I held it from just after the mobo splas14:36
BluesKajjesper_, left shift14:37
k1lleft shift.14:37
jesper_BluesKaj: Yup14:37
k1lor space on some mainboards14:37
k1lor even esc14:37
Gnomethrowerhey everybody14:37
GnomethrowerI have a weird issue with nginx... service nginx reload gives no output14:37
Gnomethrowerbut sudo /etc/init.d/nginx reload gives the expected output ( * Reloading nginx configuration nginx                                                                                                [ OK ])14:38
jesper_k1l: It's really weird, usually everything is sooo laggy but when I turn it off - during the part before it acctually shuts down it doesn't lag at all14:38
jesper_k1l: none of shift, space or esc worked it seems - I might just be doing it wrong though14:39
Lothenonmaybe it helps pressing the key again and again fast directly after turning on the computer14:41
hateballjesper_: I tend to hammer shift rather than try and hold it14:41
jesper_hateball: I tried that aswell haha14:42
k1ljesper_: you need to press right after the bios is done loading. so try to hit it several times right from the start.14:44
jesper_k1l: I have done that but I can try again14:45
k1ljesper_: i dont know what to tell you else than: this needs to work14:45
jesper_k1l: I understand, I still find it weird that I'm missing icons though14:46
jesper_k1l: Grub loaded!14:47
k1ljesper_: that could be due to video driver issues. that is why we should try nomodeset14:47
jesper_k1l: I just pressed Ubuntu on the top and it's working now14:48
jesper_k1l: No lag or anything14:48
nemoThanks to the long-standing (yet easily fixable) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vmware-view-client/+bug/1268770  I've been maintaining my own personal .deb for opensc14:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1268770 in vmware-view-client (Ubuntu) "Error loading shared library for smart card authentication to server" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:48
k1ljesper_: did you edit the nomodeset into the line?14:48
nemoSome ubuntu person long ago told me how to get ubuntu to stop nagging me to update this package14:49
nemoI can't recall exactly what the command was. Could #ubuntu help?14:49
nemo(it keeps trying to replace my locally fixed .deb with the broken official package)14:49
k1lnemo: apt-pinning14:49
nemok1l: that soudns right14:49
jesper_k1l: I only changed the video drivers before I tried going into grub14:50
nemok1l: is there a guide somewhere? searching now for "apt-pinning"14:50
jesper_k1l: could that have done it?14:50
k1ljesper_: from what driver to what driver?14:50
drac0666Got problem with alsa, like after each reboot there is no sound but when i type alsamixer press MUTE and then UNMUTE its start to work14:50
k1lnemo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto14:51
nemok1l: hrm. this doesn't quite look right. I basically want it to never update14:51
nemok1l: the guide I'm reading seems more oriented at a release/version. but it is trying to replace the local build w/ an upstream identical version14:51
jesper_k1l: from the xorg to the nvidia proprietary 352.6314:51
jesper_k1l: proprietary, tested drivers14:51
nemok1l: oooh. that guide looks like it has the command "hold"14:51
k1ljesper_: i thought you were already on that nvidia driver. that was what you told me last time14:51
nemothat probably is what I want14:51
k1lnemo: yes, setting in hold is the thing to do14:52
jesper_k1l: I was on the X.org driver, I don't think I knew which driver I was using yesterday14:52
swenzelhow do I see which BLAS library I've got?14:52
nemok1l: echo opensc hold | dpkg --set-selections  seems to have worked. thanks!14:52
k1ljesper_: ok. so that is sorted now.14:52
nemonow if only they actually update the package w/ the upstream fix :/14:52
Tachyon_Hello. I am trying to install nvidia drivers, but it seems it "hates" me. I tryed using sudo apt-get install nvidia-current and downloading directly from their website(the .run file). Always ended up in ubuntu recorvery with apt-get purge nvidia*. When I have it installed, I am not able to log in :( . I saw few people on askubuntu with the same problem, but their answers couldn't help me. Any ideas ?14:53
jesper_k1l: The thing that matters haha!14:53
pambuaI'm running ubuntu 15.10, after a few weeks of working well I get an orange/red warning triangle that tells me: "The update information is outdated. This may be caused by network problems or by a repository that is no longer available. Please update manually by selecting 'Show Updates', and watch for any failing indicators'".. when I follow these instructions, it always tells me my system is up to date. any ideas how to resolve this?14:54
jackcomsudo apachectl restart  <—— who know that ‘ctl’ meaning among ‘apachectl’ ?14:54
k1lpambua: please run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" and show the output in paste.ubuntu.com and link it here14:55
BluesKajjackcom, ctl = control14:55
jackcomoh thanks BluesKaj :)14:55
pambuak1l, so: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade | pastebinit ?14:55
pambuais that a single command?14:55
k1lpambua: you can use manually marking and copy&paste too14:55
BluesKajpambua, it's 2 commands joined by &&14:56
pambuawill they both work?14:56
pambuaor do I have to enter each one seperatedly ?14:56
Tachyon_any ideas :( ?14:56
jesper_k1l: I ran into another problem... I connected my headset (Corsair Void) and I can't click anything now14:56
k1lpambua: give it a try14:56
BluesKajpambua, copy and paste then enter to findout14:56
k1lpambua: the && means: run the first command and when that is finnished run the second14:57
pambuahere ti is14:57
kashhi, looking for a way to get newer libvirt in 14.0414:57
drakeyanyone here?14:59
drakeyhi anders_14:59
k1lpambua: ok, you got 2 old repos in there. the first is the node.js one, that doesnt support anything newer than 14.10. the other one is the acestream repo just using 13.10 files14:59
pambuais it possible to updateit?14:59
pambuaor remove it14:59
Tachyon_isn't this ubuntu support channel ?15:00
drakeyyes it is15:00
Tachyon_then, may I get some help ?15:00
drakeywhat is it?15:00
Tachyon_Hello. I am trying to install nvidia drivers, but it seems it "hates" me. I tryed using sudo apt-get install nvidia-current and downloading directly from their website(the .run file). Always ended up in ubuntu recorvery with apt-get purge nvidia*. When I have it installed, I am not able to log in :( . I saw few people on askubuntu with the same problem, but their answers couldn't help me. Any ideas ?15:01
hateballTachyon_: First off, what chipset do you have?15:01
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k1lpambua: remove the node.js ppa in the system settings: software&updates: 2nd tab15:01
k1l(or 3rd tab)15:01
hateballTachyon_: and are you using 14.04 or 15.10 ?15:01
Tachyon_gtx 97015:01
hateballTachyon_: I'd advise against using the run file from the site, it tends to cause pain with kernel upgrades15:01
Tachyon_hateball: I think I am now on processor graphics15:02
Tachyon_and trying to open a game led me to a lot of lag15:02
hateballTachyon_: can you pastebin the output of "lspci -k |grep VGA" ?15:03
Kinder-PingviWho has laptop with new intel skylake processor? How your GPU (intel HD) works?15:03
Tachyon_one moment15:03
Tachyon_01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM204 [GeForce GTX 970] (rev a1)15:03
Kinder-PingviAs I read that normal support of skylake hardware will added only newer of 4.3 kernel version15:03
Kinder-Pingviit is right?15:03
hateballTachyon_: while PPAs are unsupported, I use https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa15:03
pambuak1l, i think i removed it - i still have the triangle error15:04
Tachyon_so I have to run "sudo apt-get install phoronix-test-suite" or something ?15:05
hateballTachyon_: so you would do "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-graphics-drivers-361"15:05
pambuak1l, how do I fix it?15:05
k1lpambua: run that command from above again15:05
Tachyon_ok running now15:06
jusrianyone here using windows ?15:06
k1ljusri: ##windows for that15:06
pambuak1l, http://pastebin.com/NZvNfmk315:06
hateballTachyon_: and once it all completes without errors you need to reboot for new modules to load, and it *should* be smooth sailing15:07
Tachyon_hateball: http://pastebin.com/KdZAY8Uh15:07
nname31i have one firmware from satellite receiver15:07
nname31the letters are difficult to distinguish from the background15:07
nname31and i want modify this firmware.abs15:07
nname31can help me?15:07
nname31how can unpack .abs, and after modify pack all file in one .abs file?15:07
hateballTachyon_: right, perhaps it is called just nvidia-36115:07
drac0666Got problem with alsa, like after each reboot there is no sound but when i type alsamixer press MUTE and then UNMUTE its start to work15:07
Tachyon_hateball: so now I have to reboot ?15:08
hateballTachyon_: I am not on a machine where I have the PPA added right now, but you should be able to find out15:08
hateballTachyon_: no no, the driver hasnt installed since it couldnt find it15:08
hateballTachyon_: so run "sudo apt-get install nvidia-361"15:08
k1lpambua: there is still the old acestream repo on. but the error should be gone now.15:08
pambuak1l, it is gone :D15:08
pambuak1l, i think Kodi uses that15:09
Tachyon_installing ..15:09
Tachyon_actually downloading :-?15:09
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com15:09
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!15:10
k1ljusri: please keep this channel clear for ubuntu support.15:10
Tachyon_hateball: http://i.imgur.com/puUgRtl.png15:11
hateballTachyon_: no idea what might have crashed, let the installer run its course in the terminal15:11
Tachyon_Errors were encountered while processing:  nvidia-36115:12
hateballTachyon_: I wonder if it's because you have tried installing using the .sh from nvidias site before and there's some leftover cruft15:13
hateballTachyon_: But sadly I have to leave now, so I hope someone else can try helping you15:13
JaffaI’ve been reading mised reports and wanted to find out whether 16.04 will come with Unity 8 or whether we’ll be waiting for a while longer?15:13
Tachyon_good bye and thanks for your help15:13
xanguaJaffa: no15:14
Tachyon_may anyone try to help me ?15:14
k1lJaffa: it will not have unity8 and MIR as standard15:14
Silentlordi am creating a trayicon but on ubuntu 14.04 unity is not showing15:14
Silentlordbut other tray icons are shoing15:14
Silentlordwhat can i do?15:15
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ARM9Why on earth am I getting this warning from the default repositories when trying to install libsdl2-dev? >Warning You are about to install software that can't be authenticated! Doing this could allow a malicious individual to damage or take control of your system.15:15
ARM9I've ran apt-key update and apt-get update15:15
Jaffak1l: ok, that clears that question up quickly! so what’s with all the talk about unity 8 and mir coming for 16.04 in the blogosphere?15:16
BluesKajTachyon_, try sudo apt install nvidia-361, then pastebin the output if there are errors15:16
k1lJaffa: like where? most times i have seen people not knowing anything just dreaming about things. and not really fact based articles15:17
Tachyon_ok.. working15:17
CraigwellAnyone have a recommendation for RDP software for ubuntu?15:18
Jaffak1l: I can’t recall exactly, was reading it on the train home and I was confused as to why one blogger was adamant that it would be there while another was saying the opposite15:18
Jaffak1l: perhaps I misunderstood the blogger, but who knows lol15:19
Jaffagot to run, kids running a muck! thanks!15:20
jesper_Can someone help me do something basic? haha15:20
DHMHas it been decided which version of PHP comes with the new Ubuntu?15:21
k1lDHM: which ubuntu?15:21
drakeydo you know how to install mysql in ubuntu?15:21
jesper_I'm trying to make my wireless headset work (Corsair VOID RGB) but I can't follow the instructions from someone who posted them on the corsair forums15:21
BluesKajTachyon_, are you a guest user on thast machine?15:21
anonimdrakey: did you look on google yet?15:22
k1lDHM: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=xenial&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=php15:22
BluesKajTachyon_, did you run sudo apt-get autoremove ? If not do so.15:22
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Tachyon_ok, I did now15:23
ahah ok thx15:24
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Tachyon_Errors were encountered while processing:  nvidia-36115:24
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Tachyon_E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)15:24
Tachyon_BluesKaj: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15197948/15:25
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jesper_that was weird15:28
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BluesKajTachyon_, pastebin the output from, lspci |grep VGA15:29
Tachyon_andrei@andrei-desktop:~$ lspci |grep VGA 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM204 [GeForce GTX 970] (rev a1)15:29
BluesKajI need to know the gpu15:29
Tachyon_BluesKaj: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15197985/15:30
ioriaTachyon_, ps -A | grep  nvidia-persistenced  , get the pid number  and try to kill it15:31
Tachyon_no result for "ps -A | grep  nvidia-persistenced"15:31
Tachyon_did I miscopied the command ?15:32
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ioriaTachyon_, ps -A | grep  nvidia-persiste15:32
Tachyon_for "ps -A | grep  nvidia-persiste"15:32
ioriaTachyon_, can you paste  ps -A  ?15:33
ioriaTachyon_,  check if you have !info  nvidia-persistenced installed15:36
CraigwellI connect to my office network with MS Server 2008. Can anyone suggest a good alternative on Ubuntu?15:37
Tachyon_ioria, have no idea how .. may you use quotes "" for terminal commands :D ?15:37
CraigwellI find the win 7 environment incredibly bloated and slow15:37
Craigwellwant to go dual boot with 14.04 and find an RDP that will work best. I only need to access remote desktop for word files, and exchange email.15:38
Taeevwhat service or program do i have to install and run to accept SCP connections?15:44
PiciTaeev: ssh-server15:45
Tachyon_ioria: welcome back15:45
PiciTaeev: sorry, openssh-server15:45
ioriaTachyon_, thanx .... have you solved ?15:45
Tachyon_ioria, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15198019/15:46
ioriaTachyon_,  your original issue ? what are you trying to do ?15:46
jesper_Can anyone here help me? I can't get my headset to work... It freezes the clicking completely15:46
ioriaTachyon_,  installing nvidia drivers ?15:47
Taeevi have on running15:48
Taeevi can connect through putty15:48
Taeevbut when i try winscp it wont connect15:48
Tachyon_ioria, I was trying to play minecraft and the game was lagging a lot so I thinked I'm on processor graphics. tryed to install nvidia drivers with apt-get install nvidia-current and with .run from their website, but everytime after insatlling I was stuck at logging and had to enter recorvery mode and purge nvidia*15:48
ioriaTachyon_,  so you purged them ? are you using nouveau now ?15:49
Tachyon_I tryed several times this.. first time when I remained stuck at logging I was reinstalled ubuntu15:49
Tachyon_ioria, when I came here it were all purged ..15:50
Tachyon_ioria, then someone tryed to help me but with no success15:50
ioriaTachyon_,  lspci -k | grep VGA -A 2 | grep Kernel15:50
Tachyon_ioria, Kernel driver in use: nouveau15:51
Tachyon_ioria, this sounds like french :-?15:51
ioriaTachyon_, :)  ok, and you got errors if you try to install or remove packages '15:51
ioriaTachyon_,   if you use the .run Installer , you have to remove nvidia in the same way ...15:52
jesper_Is no one able to help me?15:53
putohello, can anyone help me to install mysql?15:53
ioriaTachyon_,  locate where you download the installer and run    sudo sh NVIDIA* --uninstall15:53
Piciputo: sudo apt-get install mysql-server15:53
Tachyon_ioria, and what need is for the installer ?15:54
putoPici: and it should be just like that? after that, can i access localhost on the browser?15:54
Piciputo: on the browser?15:54
Tachyon_ioria, I mean, have I to replace your NVIDIA* with the installer name or something ?15:55
putoPici: https://localhost//15:55
Piciputo: mysql is a dbms, not a webserver.15:55
ioriaTachyon_,  no, just run the command15:55
ioriaTachyon_,  wait...15:55
putoPici: sorry maybe i mean xampp something like that15:55
Tachyon_ioria, sh: 0: Can't open NVIDIA*15:55
Pici!lamp | puto take a look15:55
ubottuputo take a look: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.15:55
ioriaTachyon_,  where you downloaded the installer ? can you paste the folder content ?15:56
putoPici: well, it sounds good15:56
Tachyon_ioria, I can make a photo ..15:56
putoPici: let me see it, thanks15:56
ioriaTachyon_,  paste the installer filename15:56
CalimeroHey guy's I'm trying to download a program from a PPA , that doesn't have any compiled thing for the version of Ubuntu I'm using, is there any way to install one for an older version ?15:56
BlackHornDoes anyone know of a program for ubuntu that is like AutoHotKey? I want to have text substitution, but also remapping keyboard shortcuts, including stuff like caps lock and Ctrl+capslock. Any ideas anyone?15:56
Tachyon_ioria, NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-361.28.run15:56
CalimeroBlackHorn: Xbinkeys15:57
BlackHornOk. Thanks. I'll take a look.15:57
ioriaTachyon_,  run it with the    --uninstall     flag,   but you should do it in console after stopping lightdm  ,  sudo service ightdm stop15:58
Tachyon_ioria, the command like ctrl alt f1 and then those commands ?15:58
ioriaTachyon_,  yes, open a console,  sudo service lightdm stop and run the installer with --uninstall     flag15:59
Tachyon__ioria, it said there are no current nvidia drivers installed16:02
ioriaTachyon_,  modinfo nvidia|grep version:16:03
Tachyon__alvarr .. his name sounds like my board administrator on a forum.. nvm16:03
oneindelijk@tachyon__ Try apt-get install nvidia-current ?16:03
Tachyon__ioria, andrei@andrei-desktop:~$ modinfo nvidia|grep version: modinfo: ERROR: Module nvidia not found.16:03
Tachyon__oneindelijk, this was the first command I have try16:03
ioriaTachyon_, if you run  sudo apt-get purge nvidia*   again ?16:04
k1lTachyon__: "dpkg -l | grep nvidia"16:04
tonycampHi! I'm new to Linux. I just installed Kubuntu to a VMWare machine. I'd like to see kwin working. What should I do? I'm logged in as Plasma. I tried Alt + Tab and nothing. I should be able to see something right?16:04
k1lTachyon__: pastebin that to paste.ubuntu.com16:04
CalimeroHey guy's I'm trying to download a program from a PPA , that doesn't have any compiled thing for the version of Ubuntu I'm using, is there any way to install one for an older version ?16:04
Tachyon__kll, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15198345/16:04
ioriaTachyon_, so you haven't purge them ?16:05
sadhi people16:05
sadi have a problem with skype16:05
Tachyon__ioria, I think I did.. omg I'm so noob on linux.. but still I remember I did ..16:05
k1lTachyon__: iF means its not fully installed due to errors. so there has been an error while install. what was it16:05
k1lTachyon__: "sudo apt install nvidia-361"16:05
Tachyon__kll, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15198366/16:06
Pianist35Hello, How are you?16:07
Tachyon__a little hungry16:07
Pianist35Hi Teachyon16:07
ioriaTachyon_, if you run  sudo apt-get purge nvidia*   again ?  get stuck ?16:07
Tachyon__ioria, is doing.. something16:08
k1lTachyon__: hmm16:08
Tachyon__ioria, done16:08
ioriaTachyon_, run sudo apt update16:08
Tachyon__All packages are up to date.16:09
ioriaTachyon_, "dpkg -l | grep nvidia"16:09
ioriaTachyon_, try reboot16:09
Tachyon__ok, if I'm not back in few minutes.. probably again stuck in something16:10
ioriaTachyon_, it'as a laptop ?16:10
k1lthe issue with the latest driver insatll was a lockfile on 7etc/passwd. so the install abborted16:12
ioriaTachyon_,  ubuntu-drivers list16:12
Tachyon_nvidia-358 nvidia-355 nvidia-352 intel-microcode nvidia-361 nvidia-352-updates16:12
ioriaTachyon_,   lspci -k | grep VGA -A 2 | grep Kernel    , again please16:13
Tachyon_Kernel driver in use: nouveau16:13
ioriaTachyon_,   ok, so if you want to install nvidia , i suggest Additional Drivers16:13
Tachyon_ioria, please be more explicit what to do16:14
ioriaTachyon_,   using Unity ?16:14
k1lTachyon_: did you try the 352 from ubuntu? what was the issue with that?16:14
Tachyon_ioria, I am using linux for about one week and I still don't know very much16:14
ioriaTachyon_,   what Desktop Environment are you using ? Unity, xfce, gnome ... ?16:15
Tachyon_kll, don't think I did try16:15
Tachyon_ioria, no idea16:15
Tachyon_I can make a photo16:15
Pianist35Do you speak english?16:15
ioriaTachyon_,  cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep cdrom16:15
k1lPianist35: yes. just ask your ubuntu question16:16
Tachyon_# deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 15.10 _Wily Werewolf_ - Release amd64 (20151021)]/ wily main restricted # deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 15.10 _Wily Werewolf_ - Release amd64 (20151021)]/ wily main restricted16:16
ioriaTachyon_,  so Unity ? if you press the Windows Key ?16:16
=== benjamincrom is now known as bcrom
ioriaTachyon_,  that is Dash16:17
gsilvaptHello all. I'm having an issue: My Ubuntu partition now loads with weird colors in the unity bar and sometimes with sand. none of this happens in the loading screen (where you input your password) or in my windows partition16:17
gsilvaptAny suggestion to fix this?16:17
Tachyon_ioria, http://i.imgur.com/FCvLjMB.png16:17
gsilvaptI've recently overclocked my Windows partition but I tend to leave it to the defaults before loading my Ubuntu partition (not sure if they're connected somehow)16:17
ioriaTachyon_,  right... type Additional Driver there, in Dash bar16:18
Tachyon_ioria, found something16:18
ioriaTachyon_,  click on it16:19
Tachyon_I did16:19
ioriaTachyon_,  what you see ?16:19
Tachyon_ioria, http://i.imgur.com/Sn9hJzF.png16:19
ioriaTachyon_,  right.... from there you can install nvidia drivers16:19
gsilvaptRestarting lightdm solves the issue, FYI16:20
Tachyon_ioria, this is a lot easiar with geforge experience on windows :-?16:20
ioriaTachyon_,  yep16:20
Tachyon_ioria, system program problem detected16:21
ioriaTachyon_,  brb16:21
ioriaTachyon_,  what ?16:21
ioriaTachyon_,  go on ...16:21
Tachyon_ioria, clicked on another one and apply changes16:22
Tachyon_and it show system program problem detected16:22
ioriaTachyon_,  ls /var/crash16:22
k1lioria: there was a problem with the /etvc/passwd last time during the nvidia install16:23
Tachyon_ioria, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15198525/16:23
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ioriaK1l ok16:23
ioriaTachyon_,  so, not installing or the process is running ?16:23
Tachyon_ioria, it stopped16:24
Bassemi can't run .sh files from mounted hard disk partition16:24
ioriaTachyon_,  that's weird16:24
Tachyon_ioria, now is checked the one I did click ..16:24
k1lTachyon__: "dpkg -l | grep nvidia"16:24
BluesKajTachyon_, remove nvidia-352-updates if possible16:24
k1lBassem: sh /path/to/file.sh16:25
ioriaTachyon_,  again16:25
k1lTachyon_: wait16:25
k1lTachyon_: do a "sudo apt install nvidia-352-updates           "16:25
Tachyon_now my minecraft launcher don't even starts :(16:25
k1llets see the exact issue16:25
ioria!info nvidia-persistenced16:26
ubottunvidia-persistenced (source: nvidia-persistenced): daemon to maintain persistent software state in the NVIDIA driver. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 352.21-1 (wily), package size 18 kB, installed size 102 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf)16:26
k1lioria: see, again that isue16:27
iorianever heard of this pkg16:27
ioriaK1l yes16:27
k1lso lets stop installing nvidia drivers over and over again. and fix that issue first16:27
Bassemk1l, Permission denied16:27
Tachyon_this is a good idea !16:27
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=== wolfmitchell_ is now known as wolfmitchell
scrabcakeshi I'm trying to get nouveau driver working but disabling nomodeset causes my vga monitor to show "mode not supported"?16:27
k1lTachyon_: sudo rm /etc/passwd.lock16:29
=== t4nk358 is now known as CrAzYWolF
Tachyon_kll, done16:29
k1lTachyon_: sudo apt install nvidia-352-updates16:29
Tachyon_kll, same16:29
ioriaTachyon_,  ps -e | grep nvidia-*16:30
k1lTachyon_: please show16:30
Tachyon_nothing for ps -e | grep nvidia-*16:30
k1lTachyon_: did it remove the file with rm?16:30
Tachyon_idk :-?16:30
k1lsudo rm -rf /etc/shadow.lock16:30
Tachyon_no errors, just ran16:31
Tachyon_for sudo rm -rf /etc/shadow.lock16:31
k1l<k1l> Tachyon_: sudo apt install nvidia-352-updates16:31
CrAzYWolFquick question using ubuntu desktop, how many users i can connect via vpn?16:31
=== peter is now known as Guest10465
Tachyon_it's funny because I don't understant any of this commands; if you want to harm me, it would be so easy :D16:32
k1lBassem: please show a "mount" in a pastebin16:32
k1lTachyon_: ok, now its good16:32
Tachyon_ioria, kll, BluesKaj : http://paste.ubuntu.com/15198621/16:32
k1lTachyon_: lsmod | grep nvidia16:33
Tachyon_kll, no "response"16:33
k1lTachyon_: ok. logout and in again16:33
Bassemk1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15198632/16:33
Tachyon_kll, just logout or reboot ?16:33
nanookanyone here good with x86 asm16:34
k1lBassem: the noexec is the issue16:34
k1lTachyon_: relogin should be enough16:34
Tachyon_how do I just logout :D ?16:34
Tachyon_oh nvm16:34
Bassemk1l, i dont know what is noexec im brand new to ubutnu but can you please tell me how to fix this issue16:35
k1lBassem: sudo mount -o remount,exec /media/E16:35
nanookoh shit i though i was in #security lol16:35
Tachyon__and now ?16:35
Bassemk1l, Remounting is not supported at present. You have to umount volume and then mount it once again.16:36
ioriaTachyon_,   lspci -k | grep VGA -A 2 | grep Kernel16:36
Tachyon__Kernel driver in use: nouveau16:36
k1lBassem: then umount and then mount manually16:37
ioriaTachyon_,   what ?16:37
Bassemk1l, how16:37
CrAzYWolFif windows machines are connecting to my ubuntu box do i need to install network-manager-pptp?16:37
ioriaTachyon_,  sudo lshw -c Video16:37
k1lTachyon__: relogin or  reboot?16:37
ioriaTachyon_,  no, rebopt16:37
Bassemk1l, i right click on the partition and unmount it then right click and mount16:37
CrAzYWolFor openvpn would do the trick too?16:37
ioriaTachyon_,  no, reboot16:37
Bassemk1l, still same issue16:38
joehogan_I hve a Dell Precision 450.  I have a small graphics card.  But, I found a new card.  AGP 8x Radeon 965016:38
ioriaTachyon_,  you need a  reboot16:38
Tachyon__ioria, do you mean I have to reboot ?16:38
k1lBassem: manually like in terminal16:38
ioriaTachyon_,  yes16:38
joehogan_I want to make sure that I can get drivers before buying it.  Any help?  Ideas?16:38
Tachyon__ioria, ok, wait ..16:38
BluesKajioria, he did reboot16:38
ioriaBluesKaj, i think i lodded out16:39
scrabcakesk1l: My problem sounds similar to Tachyon__'s. To do with nouveau16:39
ioriadon't understand this pkg ' nvidia-persistenced', it's not present in Trusty16:40
oneindelijkTachyon__: Have you tried blacklisting the Nouveau driver ?16:41
k1lno dont blacklist stuff16:41
Tachyon_kll, ioria : I'm on laptop now16:43
oneindelijkk1l: No ? Why is that  ?16:43
Bassemk1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15198739/16:43
Tachyon_kll, ioria : can't login in ubuntu :|||16:43
k1loneindelijk: because you dont have a fallback then when you mess up the nvidia.16:43
k1lTachyon_: means what? you see the login screen?16:43
oneindelijkk1l: IC16:44
Tachyon_yes, I see it16:44
k1lTachyon_: and then?16:44
k1lTachyon_: does the guest-account work to login?16:44
Tachyon_kll, not even the guest account16:44
Tachyon_kll, flashes for a moment than back to login screen16:44
Tachyon_kll, exactly like the lasts times ..16:45
k1lTachyon_: with ctrl+alt+f1 you can get to a konsole. there login. then do "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log" and show the link here16:45
Tachyon_the program is not installed16:47
k1lsudo apt install pastebinit16:47
Tachyon_yes, installing right now16:47
k1lwhat nvidia card was that again?16:47
k1lBassem: sudo is needed for mounting16:48
Tachyon_kll, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15198788/16:48
DexDeadlyHello, I have a question.  I'm currently setting up a couchpotato vm using unbuntu. What I am looking to do is when it renames it to move it to my NAS box.  I have mounted my NAS CIFS share as /mnt/folder but it will not allow me to paste anything into the diretor.  It will create a directory and put a lock on it.16:49
Tachyon_kll, GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 970 OC WindForce 3X 4GB DDR5 256-bit16:49
reisioDexDeadly: fix your config16:50
Tachyon_kll, ubuntu hates me16:50
fathomHello, what does it mean when I get " System program problem detected" on an ubuntu start up?16:51
k1lTachyon_: "pastebinit /var/log/syslog"16:51
oneindelijkDexDeadly: and your file-permissions16:51
Tachyon_k1l, lol, I always saw kll.. not k1l.. lol16:51
DexDeadlywhich config16:51
Bassemk1l, same thing nothing change16:51
DexDeadlyi created a line in fstab16:51
Bassemk1l, cant remount16:51
DexDeadlythe cifs share is also on an active directory if this matters16:52
Tachyon_k1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15198833/16:52
oneindelijkDexDeadly: check with ls -l for the permissions in that directory16:52
ioriaTachyon_,  you can't login ?16:52
oneindelijkif necesdsar change with chmod -R16:53
Tachyon_ioria, I can't16:53
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oneindelijkDexDeadly: the share is on a linux box ?16:54
k1lTachyon_: NVRM: installed in this system is not supported by the 304.13116:55
Tachyon_k1l, english please16:55
Tachyon_k1l, what I have to do16:55
k1lTachyon_: please show a "dpkg -l | grep nvidia | pastebinit"16:55
fathomHello, what does it mean when I get " System program problem detected" on an ubuntu start up? I cannot toggle details16:55
fathomDoes that mean reinstall?16:56
k1lTachyon_: that syslog says its using nvidia driver 304. which would be bad since that doesnt support your card. its supported since nvidia 342 or such.16:56
Tachyon_k1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15198875/16:56
ioriaTachyon_,  top kernel: [    9.486459] NVRM: installed in this system is not supported by the 304.13116:58
fathomUbuntu is getting better, but it seems that all it takes is a few updates to bork your system.16:58
fathomLinux and amd/ati I suspect...they still don't play well together16:59
k1lTachyon_: ok. lets go to the open source driver again to get you a working desktop: "sudo apt-get purge nvidia*"16:59
stavHi Everybody.16:59
stavI have a little question. I'm not sure if I should ask the Ubuntu community or other team, but maybe you could at least tell me where I should write.16:59
k1lTachyon_: after that restart with "sudo reboot now"16:59
andyworkstav: if you have a question regarding ubuntu, you may ask it here17:00
fathomstav, They may not answer17:01
bunjeeI'm back pleading for help17:01
nook24Hi, does someone know a good backup solution with web interface? (!backuppc !bacula)17:01
someone235Hi, I have problems booting from USB. In my boot options I have USB-FDD,USB-ZIP, and USB-CDROM, but none of them works17:01
reisionook24: if it has a web interface, it probably can't be good17:01
bunjeeI cannot get this HP C7200 all-in-one printer to even print a test page17:02
someone235someone knows what can I do about this?17:02
Tachyon_ok, back on ubuntu17:02
nook24reisio: it just need to be good enough for my raspbarry17:03
Tachyon_k1l, ioria, when I logged in : http://i.imgur.com/BCrL0vc.jpg17:03
bunjeeI installed LinuxMint and had no problem with a test page "wirelessly"17:03
k1lTachyon_: thats ok. you can cancel that, we know something wen wrong17:03
stavI want to make a new locale: en_CL (English, Chile)17:03
stavChile is Spanish-speaking country, but we have more than 1 million of English speakers, and I know o lot of people who are using their OS in English. The problem is that neither en_US not en_GB locales fit for us. We write with american spelling (we write behavior, center, defense, traveling etc.), but in the same time we use Matric system, European paper formats, etc.17:03
k1l!mint | bunjee17:03
ubottubunjee: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:03
ioriaTachyon_,  you can get rid of those removing the content of /var/crash ... but i think the issue is elsewhere17:04
stavIs it possible to write the new locale and add it to Ubuntu and other linux distrs?17:04
k1lTachyon_: ok, now try in terminal "sudo apt install nvidia-361"17:04
bunjeeI am using Ubuntu 14.04 to try and get my HP printer to work17:04
ioriaTachyon_,  do you use encryption ?17:06
k1lTachyon_: please paste the output again when its done17:06
Tachyon_ioria, no.. what .. idk :=?17:06
ioriaTachyon_,  ok17:06
jespersonHey guys, I really need help (I was here earlier on my laptop by the name Jesper_)17:07
Tachyon_k1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15198999/17:07
nook24jesperson: dont ask to as, just ask :)17:08
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k1lTachyon_: ok, reboot time17:08
Tachyon_kll, but I like this song :( ok ..17:08
BluesKajlooks like 361 installed ok that time17:08
k1lyes. installing works now. booting is the new issue :)17:09
jesper_Jesperson here, rebooted my pc haha. My headset isn't working on Ubuntu (Corsair VOID RGB)17:09
joehogan_Had to leav emy desk.  Anyone have any ideas for drivers and the AGP 8x Radeon 9650 for my old Dell Precision 450?17:09
BluesKajjoehogan_, whoah , AGP?17:10
Bassemk1l, Remounting is not supported at present. You have to umount volume and then mount it once again17:11
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "sudo" - See !sudo17:11
joehogan_BluesKaj, I know.  But, I am hoping to replace the 16MB cad with a 256MB vard17:11
Tachyon__k1l, I'm on ubuntu17:11
k1lTachyon__: does it work now?17:12
joehogan_JUst for daily usage.  No video manipulation:)17:12
Tachyon__k1l, I succesfully logged in17:12
DexDeadlyapologize I stepped away, so my share is on a nas4free box, it is currently setup with cifs/smb and I also enabled nfs shares17:12
Tachyon__k1l, but still the message box with "problems" showed up17:12
k1lTachyon__: ok last check: lsmod | grep nvidia17:12
DexDeadlywould nfs be easier17:12
Tachyon__k1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15199061/17:13
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k1lTachyon__: ok, that seems to work now. just click cancel on the reporting thing. that is from the last unsuccessful boots17:13
Bassemk1l, ok i fix it now, it had to be mounted as exec17:14
Tachyon__k1l, so now *minecraft test* ?17:14
Bassemhow can i have my sda3 mounted as exec by default17:14
k1lseems like your video card is not supported with the older drivers, even when nvidia says they should work.17:14
k1lTachyon__: yes17:14
k1lBassem: yes. you need to mount it manually with the exec and not with noexec17:14
k1l!mount | Bassem17:14
ubottuBassem: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount17:14
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DexDeadlyso when I look all folders in there are drwxrwxrwx when I create a directory its doing drwxr-xr-x17:16
DexDeadlycould this be my nas?17:16
Bassemk1l, thats for mount command,but i want it to be done automatically with Ubuntu not manually to be mounted as exec17:17
DexDeadlyif i create a directory on my windows machine in the same folder it creates as the drwxrwxrwx17:17
k1lBassem: then put it into fstab17:17
k1lthan it gets mounted on boot17:17
k1l!fstab  | Bassem17:18
ubottuBassem: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions17:18
Tachyon__k1l, it runs very good !!17:19
Tachyon__k1l but ...17:19
Tachyon__k1l, if I alt tab while I'm in game it I can't click anything :(17:20
k1ldont know about minecraft.17:20
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=== bbcrom is now known as bcrom
tgm4883Tachyon__: have you tried non-full screen, pausing the game and then clicking elsewhere?17:21
Urchin[emacs]hello, I'm on Ubuntu 12.04, and, since the last update firefox hangs on javascript heavy sites every few minutes since the last update, does anybody have a problem like that?17:21
Tachyon__tgm4883, working with windows mode17:21
Tachyon__tgm4883, pausing the game.. I was already joined a online server17:22
Tachyon__k1l, ioria, thanks you very much for your help17:22
tgm4883Tachyon__: by pause, I mean bring up the menu by hitting escape17:22
ioriaTachyon_,  very happy for you17:22
Tachyon__tgm4883, yes, I can with this "pause" and window mdoe17:23
Tachyon__mode *17:23
DexDeadlywould the issue I"m having be that I am creating a directory under an account that is not root?17:24
someone235Hi, I have problems booting from USB. In my boot options I have USB-FDD,USB-ZIP, and USB-CDROM, but none of them works. someone knows what can I do about this??17:25
consolejazzhello. any **etckeeper** users here? curious to know what a secure setup for it would be. some guides make no mention of the `/etc/shadow` which it'd capture when initializing the package17:26
joehogan_ AGP 8x Radeon 9650 on a dell precision 450.  Anyone can confirm that this will work fine?  Old, but only want to make an old computer work again:)17:27
reisioconsolejazz: be utterly secure if you encrypt where you store things17:27
consolejazzinvestigating possibility of using etckeeper and duplicity (for encryption of backups)17:28
consolejazzi'ver used neither yet, unfortunately17:29
consolejazzusing etckeeper seems like i'd be giving over too much control to that sort of automation17:29
DexDeadlyso when I look all folders in there are drwxrwxrwx when I create a directory its doing drwxr-xr-x they all show the owner as root the account my machine is logged in as is antman17:29
consolejazzbefore i really understand the value in `/etc/` itself, and what are the most suitable directories to backup from my very simple, non www-serving debian vps17:30
consolejazz*oops, i meant ubuntu17:30
upbeta1I have successfully run Ubuntu15.10 on my new Dell XPS15 9550 (credits to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2301071) however, webcam is not detected on cheese and on skype..  I already tried installing cheese but still no luck.. lsmod is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/15199286/17:31
Emersont1i'm getting an issue in 15.10, when i boot up i get "fsck on util-linux 2.26.2"17:32
Emersont1with /dev/sda8 ...17:32
Emersont1how would i fix this?17:32
fedoenEmersont1: I got that after a power failure on my ssd, I just ran fsck /dev/sda8 (was another partition on my system) as instructed and after some confirms the next reboot was ok17:36
fedoenEmersont1: I don't remmember the parameters if any but it should give you the exact command to run17:37
fedoenEmersont1: http://linuxpoison.blogspot.ro/2009/04/how-to-checkrepair-fsck-filesystem.html fsck -y /dev/sda8 will skip confirm and assume yes17:38
Tachyon__k1l, ioria, ok guys (or girls :-?), thanks very much for your help, I'm going to eat something. thanks !! goodbye17:39
ioriaTachyon_,  bye bye17:39
al8989hello i am trying to install the printer driver for my hp printer i downloaded the linuxprint drivers, however when i runthe install  it gets hung up on dependancy and conflict resolution any suuggestions?17:44
DeeJayTwoI just did a release upgrade17:47
weadjeadhi everyone is here somone that can help me to display errors in a php script ?17:47
DeeJayTwoI lost the connection when it was comparing config file to install new/keep current/merge...17:48
DeeJayTwois there a way to restart this process?17:48
LaykeI"m attempting to fix a corrupted raid5. How bad is this.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/15199496/17:50
LaykeThat might be totally normal output, but not sure.. looks like it's about to wipe everything.. rather than recover17:50
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tgm4883DeeJayTwo: you were doing it over SSH?17:57
Emersont1fedoen: can i run that from GRUB?17:59
linuxlovehow can i run a program in start up at ubuntu 15 ?17:59
linuxlovehow do i start up my noip client at system reboot in ubuntu 15.1018:00
GallomimiaRead the README file in the no-ip-2.1.9 folder for instructions on how to make the client run at startup. This varies depending on what Linux distribution you are running.18:00
Gallomimiait says that ^ in the page i was reading18:01
al8989hello i need help installing thehp linux printing drivers18:01
gnomishCan anyone recommend a tool similar to rsync, but faster? I've got really fast disks and a fat pipe, but rysnc is very inefficient for the 100,000s of files I'm transfering.18:01
[Tahinihummus]hi there! is there anyone who was able to  make wi-fi work correctly on an ASUS 1215B?18:03
Gallomimia!wifi | [Tahinihummus]18:04
ubottu[Tahinihummus]: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:04
Gallomimiathis will give you some tips18:04
[Tahinihummus]unfortunately I read possibly all the documentations I could find but didnt work out :(18:05
[Tahinihummus]I just cannot make the damn card to work in the correct wat18:05
[Tahinihummus]it either does not connect at all, or it connects with extremely slow connection, or it connects with a/b/g connection only even though it supports N-netwok18:06
icken b,mn18:08
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reisiosttep backwards18:08
Kang0Hi all18:11
LaykeWhat does fd mean in http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/karmic/man8/fsck.ext2.8.html18:14
Layke  [  -C  fd  ]18:14
LaykeInitially I ran using:  fsck.ext4 -yvf -C0 /dev/vg1/volume_118:16
adeon_anyone in here have a xps 9343?18:18
NeepuHi. Will a 14.04 LTS / 15.10 edition of Ubuntu easily be upgraded to 16.04 LTS?18:19
Kang0what is port forwarding and why it is used or useful18:20
NeepuKang0 port forwarding is to open up a port, and make it available to the internet from your computer.18:20
Neeputldr edition, if you want to learn more about it read about NAT.18:21
adeon_its so that the world can see your internal service that is being ran18:21
Kang0I m not sure what are ports and why it is required even though physical ports are accessible to all18:21
adeon_its used for gaming... http-webservers. services18:22
Neeputo access the internet, you need a IP address and port. For www.google.com, it would be
Neepuwhere 80 is the port.18:22
adeon_Kango, pretend your running a web server that only you can see it at home, then you go to starbucks expecting to be able to reach it, but you wont unless you do port forwarding.18:22
Neeputo access a website/service*18:23
Kang0Oh i see i thought earlier it is only ip address18:24
Kang0Same applicable for ftp?18:24
Neepuyep, except different port18:24
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Kang0What is ftp port no??18:24
Neepui think..18:24
QORRiE21 is default FTP port, yes18:25
Kang0Is it fixed irrespective of ftp address?18:25
CraigwellThis is a new one to me..18:25
QORRiEKang0, no, any port could be used by FTP software18:25
CraigwellFor whatever reason, 14.04 is defaulting to trying to install on the thumbdrive I'm booting from....... ?!18:25
Kang0Can we use http address instead of ftp address for file transfer?18:25
Craigwelldoesn't want to cooperate.18:25
Kang0Which is faster ftp or http?18:26
adeon_That all depends on your internet speed18:26
QORRiEi would expect FTP to be faster, because of the lack of headers; it's just files being transferred18:26
QORRiEbut it pbly makes no difference18:27
QORRiEin practice18:27
NeepuHTTP is more responsive for request-response of small files, but FTP may be better for large files if tuned properly. FTP used to be generally considered faster.18:27
ouroumov__Craigwell, pretty sure you can pick the drive with the installation wizard18:27
C0r3I made a bootable usb for installing ubuntu 14.04 LTS. When I boot my pd, I'm getting an error '/casper/vmlinux.efi' file not found. And when I check the file opening the usb in pc I can locate the file.18:27
Craigwellouroumov__ yeah something else is going on.. It's a work computer, and I don't think it likes the fact there are 3 windows partitions as primary, and i made one primary for ext4.18:27
Craigwellusing gparted18:28
Kang0Http ftp what are other transfer methods??18:28
linuxlovei cant find /etc/init.d/rc5.d in ubuntu15.1018:28
adeon_ssh/sftp/scp is the same18:28
Kang0Does wifi Bluetooth also carry unique port no?18:28
Kang0What is use if ssh or sftp?18:28
alkisgC0r3: is the usb formatted as ntfs? efi doesn't read ntfs18:29
reisioKang0: hrmm?18:29
C0r3alkisg: FAT18:29
CraigwellSo, if I use the install wizard and choose "something else", select the correct sda for bootloader, will it automatically install on my ext4 partition? Should I change mount point on it to / ?18:29
GallomimiaKang0: bluetooth and wifi don't have "ports"18:29
alkisgC0r3: how did you make the stick? did you use some software or tutorial, or did you use the dd method?18:30
reisioKang0: why what?18:30
C0r3alkisg: When I check in the properties of the usb it says, Filesystem type:  msdos18:30
Kang0So which items require port nos and which not?18:30
C0r3alkisg: I used 'Start Up Disk Creator' in ubuntu18:30
adeon_Craigwell make sure you back up before messing with your bootloader :-p18:30
Gallomimiatcp and udp networking protocols.18:30
alkisgC0r3: sudo blkid should tell you the type18:30
Craigwelladeon_ grub usually doesn't ruin my day,18:30
Kang0So wifi or Bluetooth is not part of tcp and udp?  Gallomimia18:31
GallomimiaKang0: no. that's a different layer of the network18:31
Craigwelladeon_ but just to be clear, i should install bootloader on sda, correct? not on sda4 (in this case the ext4 partition i wish to use)18:31
Gallomimiayou can transport tcp and udp over those wireless protocols. then it has ports. but tcp and udp won't know about whether it's wireless or not18:31
adeon_I usually install it on sda and it hasnt gave me any issues18:32
adeon_sda# is usually within that partition number18:32
C0r3alkisg: I think its vfat18:32
alkisgC0r3: is it easy for you to try `sudo dd if=ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdb, where sdb is the stick? But do watch out not to erase any disks if sdb is a disk and not the stick... I'm not sure if the ubuntu usb creator properly supports efi18:32
linuxlovehey guys18:32
linuxlovewhy cant i find /etc/init.d/rc5.d in ubuntu18:33
Gallomimiayes please be careful with dd. be sure before you press enter18:33
Craigwelladeon_ yeah, thats what i was thinking. telling me to select a mount point / is sufficient, no? I'm not splitting it up for upgrade purposes or anything18:33
ouroumov__C0r3, if you go with dd you should type "sync" after the dd command and wait for the prompt to return18:33
k1llinuxlove: ubuntu uses systemd since 15.0418:33
ouroumov__To flush the I/O buffer18:34
Kang0Gallomimia may i ask this?  What is tcp and udp?  And what do you mean by transport?18:34
Gallomimiai think you should study more about networking friend18:34
Craigwelladeon_ I think it's good now, I just never saw the wizard default to wanting to install on the ..install media itself! weird18:34
adeon_cragiwell, it should be fine18:34
adeon_yea, ususally happens on upgrader too18:34
C0r3alkisg: ouroumov__: Any links that can guide me through this??18:34
=== karin is now known as kkarin
samBioticwill 16.04 support root on zfs?18:36
Craigwelladeon_ I think it has to do with the fact there were already 4 primary partitions on my hard drive and no room for swap.18:36
baizonsamBiotic: #ubuntu+118:36
Craigwellbut i wont hibernate this i guess, so it's all good. plenty of ram18:36
samBioticbaizon, cheers18:36
ouroumov__You don't really need one C0r3. dd command with "if=/path/to/your/iso.iso" "of=/dev/yourTagetDrive", then sync command18:37
ouroumov__C0r3, after those two steps you'll have a "burned" USB stick18:37
C0r3ouroumov__: Alright... I'm trying it out!!18:37
ouroumov__To locate your USB stick C0r3, use the "df command"18:37
ouroumov__"df" *18:38
C0r3ouroumov__: Yes I did that... df -k18:38
qwerkusHello, hdd problem here: formatted to ext4, I can only see my partitions when plugged into an external hdd case. Whenever I try to plug the hdd internally on my mobo, no partition table is found, and the disk is shown as defective. Any chance to fix this without having to reformat the disk ?18:38
alkisgOr sudo blkid if it's not mounted18:38
scrabcakesmy ubuntu is freezing on startup, it gets to the 'dot loading' screen and stops. can't get into tty either18:38
alkisgqwerkus: what's the output of `sudo fdisk -l` ? Put it to paste.ubuntu.com18:38
reisioqwerkus: it's _possible_ you haven't support for your controller18:38
tobiahim new to ubuntu18:39
qwerkus<alkisg> nothing, it's a gpt disk. Should I paste the output of gdisk ?18:39
reisiobut your mobo being broken might honestly be more likely (since that would suck more, though, naturally, best consider this last :p)18:39
reisiotobiah: hi18:39
tobiahis it possible to play windows games on ubuntu18:39
alkisgqwerkus: paste the output of `sudo parted -l`18:39
C0r3alkisg: It's mounted.18:40
C0r3alkisg: But thanks. I didn't knew about blkid18:40
qwerkusalkisg: here you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15200080/18:40
reisiotobiah: via Wine, quite frequently18:40
xangua! Wine | tobiah18:40
ubottutobiah: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu18:40
reisiotobiah: any particular games?18:40
BrewwwHi i'm running a ubuntu 14.04 server running a lamp server. however how do i downgrade php from 5.5 to php 5.4?18:41
alkisgqwerkus:  did you install in uefi mode, or in bios mode?18:41
alkisgDoes your motherboard support uefi?18:41
qwerkus<alkisg> uefi, yes - mobo supports it: asrock q1900-itx18:41
C0r3qwerkus: To run linux you must disable uefi18:42
linuxlovei am going to start up a program in ubuntu 15.10 what should i do?18:42
alkisgC0r3: that's not true18:42
tobiahassasins creed syndicate18:42
drac0666what kernel version you have in 15.10 ubuntu?18:42
qwerkus<C0r3> you kidding ? Running linux in uefi on all comps for years now without troubles18:42
tobiahhow to i reply a message from a particular user?18:42
alkisgqwerkus: your sdb1 should be a fat32 file system, with grub*.efi in it, does it have that?18:42
reisiotobiah: /msg user, /notice user, etc.18:43
hibernanthelp me18:43
reisiotobiah: or /query user, to explicitly open a window _first_18:43
C0r3When I try running linux with uefi enable I see that boot loader not found18:43
reisioin case you are quite paranoid about keeping the msg private18:43
alkisgC0r3: that's where the dd command will help you18:43
alkisgIt will allow you to boot under uefi18:43
C0r3And when I disable uefi (or enable legacy it runs fine)18:43
tgm4883C0r3: if you install with uefi disabled, then enable uefi, I believe that causes issues18:44
C0r3alkisg: Okay. So I depends upon the method of making bootable?18:44
xangua!appdb | tobiah18:44
ubottutobiah: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help18:44
alkisgC0r3: yes, absolutely18:44
qwerkus<alkisg> sdb1 is marked as EF00 (efi partition) but no grub.efi installed. Seems to be installed on sda118:44
tgm4883I've installed and used Ubuntu with both UEFI and secure boot enabled18:44
tobiahwould try that18:44
alkisgqwerkus: and when you're trying to boot, do you have sda1 there? or is it removed? and, is it fat32?18:45
qwerkus<alkisg> yes sda works fine. ssd with 3 partitions, grub on the first one. It's sdb - 3TB hdd - causing the trouble18:45
alkisgqwerkus: then you should tell grub-efi to get installed to sdb118:45
C0r3I'm done with the booting. Is there a method to check whether my usb is actually booted or not?18:46
alkisgC0r3: you've booted with the usb stick and you want to know if you've booted from the stick or from the internal disk?18:46
qwerkus<alkisg> problem is: if plugged onto the mobo, I can't even see /dev/sdb1 - nothing. Just a corrupted partition table. When plugged in the external hdd case, if works fine. ???18:46
C0r3alkisg: No no. I have used dd to make my usb bootable. Now can I check it without restarting my pc18:47
qwerkus<alkisg> I wonder if /dev/sdb1 is conflicting with /dev/sda1, as there can only be one uefi boot partition. One Idea would be to disable it - what do you think ?18:47
nicomachusC0r3: what do you mean check it? an MD5 sum?18:47
alkisgqwerkus: no, I don't think it can conflict that way.  dmesg should tell you the issue, but maybe you could use gparted and create a new proper partition table? (losing the data)18:48
C0r3nicomachus: Nothing leave. I'll restart and check it. I wanted a way to verify whether my usb drive is bootable or not. Thanks any way18:48
alkisgC0r3: you cannot easily test it, no. You could with kvm but it's a bit of a trouble, better just reboot.18:48
linuxlovehow can i start up a program in ubuntu 15.10 while it is systemed18:49
alkisgqwerkus: some tools like testdisk also try to fix problematic gpt cases, maybe that will save your data (but do backup if it's valuable)18:49
k1llinuxlove: what program?18:50
linuxlovek1l, noip client18:50
linuxlovei have readme file for it18:50
linuxloveit is not for systemed18:50
k1llinuxlove: do you have a router on your network? doesnt that offer a client?18:51
linuxlovek1l, problem is that i need to run noip2 program from start up18:52
qwerkus<alkisg> I can't backup - not enough space on other disks. Brb checking for dmesg18:52
linuxlovebecause when i restart i have to run noip2 command again18:52
k1llinuxlove: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers#Automatic_starting18:53
alkisglinuxlove: if it's a program that runs in a window (inside the user session), read this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/37957/how-do-i-manage-applications-on-startup-in-gnome-318:54
jamie1hey im having and odd issue, my computer after going to sleep (lid close) the wifi no longer works correctly, when i try to connect to wifi it just has the spinner like its looking and says no networks found and i have to reboot to get it work correctly again18:56
qwerkusalkisg: dmesg output is simple: sda: unknown partition table18:57
reisiojamie1: see if just restarting the networkmanager service fixes it18:58
jamie1reisio: sudo networkmanager restart?18:58
jamie1or restart networkmanager18:58
alkisgqwerkus: testdisk has a read-only mode, it will tell you more details about what's wrong with your partition table... you could back it up with dd, and play with testdisk, but I'm afraid in the end you'll need to write it to get the pc to see it18:58
reisioprobably sudo service network-manager restart18:59
jamie1okay, will do, thanks18:59
C0r3alkisg: I'm unable to boot through my pd.19:01
ouroumov__Your pd?19:01
EriC^^of course19:01
C0r3My bad!19:01
alkisgC0r3: sudo apt-get install kvm; sudo kvm -m 512 /dev/sdb, where sdb is your pendrive. This tests booting from the stick (in one way)19:02
alkisgC0r3: sudo umount /dev/sdb first19:02
EriC^^C0r3: how'd you make it?19:02
alkisg...or whatever it is19:02
C0r3mine is /dev/sdb119:02
C0r3EriC^^: Used 'dd' command.19:03
Guy1524hey guys, when does 16.04 beta one come out?19:03
alkisgC0r3: wait, did you dd to sdb or to sdb1?19:03
=== jamie3 is now known as jamie1
C0r3alkisg: I used this command: sudo dd if=ubuntu-14.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb1/19:04
ouroumov__Guy1524, anytime now19:04
alkisgC0r3: you needed to put sdb there19:04
alkisgsudo dd if=ubuntu-14.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb19:04
alkisgThat's the whole disk, not its first partition19:04
Guy1524ouroumov__: k19:04
C0r3alkisg: Okay... I'll do it again. And I think I didn't umount it before.19:05
alkisgC0r3: right, unmount it as well19:05
ouroumov__C0r3, and don't forget to "sync" after19:08
C0r3ouroumov__: I will not. I did that in the previous attempt too. :)19:08
scrabcakesCan someone help I've completely destroyed all my hopes and GUIs19:09
ouroumov__scrabcakes, reinstall?19:09
scrabcakesouroumov__: I'd rather avoid that :/ I have unmet dependencies but install -f doesn't fix them19:10
sorinelloHello. Could someone guide me on how to debug an issue I am having with ubuntu ? After starting the PC, I don't gat the login screen at all. I get the cursor that is not blinking19:10
ouroumov__scrabcakes, and you've killed your GUI?19:10
=== PhonicUK2 is now known as PhonicUK
scrabcakesouroumov__: I've basically dug a hole. I started by removing nvidia drivers because they didn't work properly with gnome, now I can't get any graphical output19:11
alkisgscrabcakes: try sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf; sync; sudo reboot19:12
scrabcakesthe closest I can get is the gnome 'dots' loading when it freezes. also the package I can19:13
scrabcakes*I can't install is lightdm, one post said remove and reinstall19:13
alkisgThat probably removed ubuntu-desktop too then?19:13
scrabcakeswould you like me to shout louder from this deep hole I have dug?19:13
alkisgMaybe `sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop` ?19:14
scrabcakesthat doesn't work either, it still says unmet dependencies19:14
alkisgWhich ones?19:14
C0r3ouroumov__: `sync` without any arguments right?19:14
alkisgscrabcakes:  You run `sudo apt-get update` before apt-get install, right?19:15
alkisgOK, put the output of apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, to paste.ubuntu.com...19:15
alkisgYou can use the pastebinit package, or scp if you know it19:15
scrabcakesyes, do you want install ubuntu-desktop or lightdm? lightdm has more problems19:15
alkisgOr put both of them, apt-get install ubuntu-desktop lightdm19:16
alkisgok, it depends on lightdm, it's the same in any case19:16
C0r3alkisg: I tried `sudo kvm -m 512 /dev/sdb`. It opened up a new window and it's giving the same error: '/casper/vmlinux.efi: file not found' <No Texts!>19:17
alkisgC0r3: try rebooting with the stick19:17
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest76133
C0r3alkisg: Okay. I'll ping you back19:18
scrabcakesalkisg: also I get an error that isn't in that paste "Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages."19:18
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carlton_honeycomHello Guys19:24
C0r3alkisg: Not happening!19:25
kev999Hi - been using putty to connect from windows to ubuntu with public key authentication, but windows pc crashed. Restored PC, but want to revert to normal password putty ssh connection19:28
kev999I'm assuming I need to update sshd_config, but don't know how to revert - can anyone help pleeeaaase19:29
trunk_monkeyAny of you guys have experience w/ the i3 wm?19:30
=== GUSTAV___ is now known as gustav___
C0r3alkisg: It says, invalid or corrupt kernel image. What to do? ouroumov__: Any idea?19:31
ouroumov__C0r3, did you check your .iso's checksum before burning it?19:32
Loshkikev999: I don't understand. You say your windows pc putty client crashed. That should have no effect on the *server*. ?19:33
C0r3ouroumov__: No. How to do that?19:34
kev999Think I disabled password login, but was long time ago - forgot what step i took (stupid I know)19:34
kev999I get access denied - PAM auth.log not very helpful19:35
adeon_kev999 do you have access to that machine physically or locally/19:35
ouroumov__C0r3, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto19:35
kev999yes - access to both machines19:35
C0r3ouroumov__: Okay!19:35
adeon_so then just update the sshd_config that way19:35
adeon_if you dont have the password of the unit, drop to a root shell and change it19:36
kev999I have always used root - it's a local test server I have updated line permitrootlogin yes19:37
adeon_if you have root access you should be fine, just modify everything you need on that machine, generate a new key if you need it then you can login from external. I dont recomend you having a root account19:38
adeon_for ssh tho19:38
scrabcakesalkisg: did you leave? ><19:38
kev999it's currently got usepam yes and in the (pam) comments it says pam authentication may bypass permitroot login - not sure why that would be19:38
ldleworkThis page instructs on how to update Alsa drivers with DKMS however it only has i386 builds which refuse to install on this x86_64 machine. What gives? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/UpgradingAlsa/DKMS19:39
kev999adeon_ so your advise is to run through the process again and just replace keys?19:39
kev999and forget about normal login?19:39
ioriascrabcakes, did you install   ppa ? xorg-edgers  precisely  ?19:41
rasalghulguys, how can I change trash folder and make it mine??19:41
k1lrasalghul: what trash folder?19:41
rasalghulIt belongs to root19:41
adeon_kev999 yes, you canalso get the keys locally within that server19:41
k1lrasalghul: which location?19:41
rasalghulkil, trash19:41
adeon_kev999 wieht  re do it or get the keys from within the server19:42
k1lrasalghul: /path/to/where ?19:42
scrabcakescan anyone else help? I have unmet deps but they are in fact installed. also might have "held packages"19:42
ioriascrabcakes, did you install   ppa ? xorg-edgers  precisely  ?19:43
adeon_kev999 for security purposes i would not recommend you leave regular login enabled19:43
kev999adeon_ thanks for your help - I'll try that - point on root SSH noted - thanks19:43
rasalghulkil, /home/my_user/.local/share19:43
k1lrasalghul: either you messed with sudo and root or you mean the trash folder on another partition/drive made by the filesystem.19:43
rasalghulbelongs to root but it is my account19:43
kev999where is the regular login enabled set ? are you talking about root?19:43
scrabcakesioria: what do you mean?19:44
k1lrasalghul: ok, so you messed with root? i guess you used sudo nautilus or such. so now use "chown" to get it back: sudo chown username:username /home/username/.local/share/Trash19:45
ioriascrabcakes, how did you install nvidia drivers ?19:45
scrabcakesioria: install nvidia-current. I then removed them. I then removed lightdm as per a post but can't reinstall it!19:45
ioriascrabcakes, don't use ppa ?19:46
rasalghulkil, is because I can't delete files to trash, shows me this: You can not move "X" to the trash. Want to delete it immediately ?19:46
scrabcakesioria: how can I not use ppa?19:46
rasalghulkil, and I look for Trash permission and belongs to root19:47
rasalghulkil, I want make it trash mine19:47
rasalghulit's that ok?19:48
ioriascrabcakes, ppa are extra repos that can cause conflicts .... can you paste  ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d  ?19:48
k1lrasalghul: sudo chown -R username:username /home/username/.local/share/Trash19:48
=== coy is now known as Guest44830
k1lrasalghul: exchange the 3 username with your username19:48
C0r3ouroumov__: I'm unable to verify it. May be my iso image is corrupt.19:49
scrabcakesioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15200725/19:49
rasalghulkil, I'm grateful that it worked great :)19:50
ioriascrabcakes,  ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d          (note the .d)19:50
scrabcakesioria: ah sorry http://paste.ubuntu.com/15200751/19:51
k1lrasalghul: dont run sudo with GUI programs in future19:53
ioriascrabcakes,  ok, you have ppa then...  from where did you download the ubuntu iso ? because i see a 'Beta amd64'19:53
=== michael__ is now known as Guest64557
scrabcakesioria: I've had it ages and I'm fairly certain it wasn't a beta. is it possible to upgrade to a beta? maybe I did that accidently19:54
rasalghulkil, ok thanks I have it in mind :)19:54
ioriascrabcakes,  well, it is ... cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep Beta19:55
OnkelTemHi. I'm writing a startup script (service) and have some problems with identifying a process. It's actually the dropbox service process. It's started as ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd, but that is just a wrapper script which then "exec"s dropbox-lnx.x86_64-3.14.7/dropboxd binary. As result, I can stop the service using start-stop-dameon as the lanching and stoping paths are different. Any ideas how to workaround19:55
OnkelTemsuch cases?19:55
OnkelTemI can't*19:56
OnkelTemand I wished to use this var both for starting and stopping19:57
scrabcakesioria: is that not commented out? and as I say is it possible to upgrade to beta or do you have to install it from iso?19:57
ioriascrabcakes,  that's mine # deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS _Trusty Tahr_ - Release amd64 (20150218.1)]19:58
ioriascrabcakes,  anyways .... apt-cache policy libcheese-gtk2319:59
scrabcakesioria: do you want the output of that? also lsb_release -a doesn't have anything about beta it's Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS20:00
ioriascrabcakes,  yes20:00
scrabcakesioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15200846/20:01
ioriascrabcakes,  apt-cache policy unity-control-center20:02
scrabcakesioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15200862/20:03
ioriascrabcakes,  apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop | awk '/Depends:/ {print $2}' | xargs sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall20:05
C0r3Any theme suggestion for ubuntu gnome?20:05
wdblUbuntu used to install perfectly into a VirtualBox guest. Now when I install 14.04 64-bit, I get the lowest resolution (~640x480) and whenever I try to enable the "InnoTek: ... VirtualBox Graphics Adapter" the "Additional Drivers" dialog but every time I hit "Apply Changes" the change gets reverted and I get no errors. Can anyone help me out? I've tried everything I found online already (namely:20:06
wdbl"sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms" and the previously mentioned drivers dialog.)20:06
wdblVirtualBox should be available to everybody to test Ubuntu on - I don't understand how this could have gotten screwed up. It's like the most universal hardware ever.20:07
reisiowdbl: http://virtualboxes.org/doc/installing-guest-additions-on-ubuntu/20:07
scrabcakesioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15200909/ also "Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages."20:07
ioriascrabcakes,  uname -r20:08
scrabcakesioria: 3.19.0-42-generic20:08
ioriascrabcakes,  are you in console now ?20:09
scrabcakesioria: I'm on irc on laptop, on console on desktop (the broken one)20:09
wdblreisio: Why do I have to install it from the CD though? Ubuntu used to install everything that I needed during installation. This seems like a major regression.20:09
ioriascrabcakes,  have you tried to purge ubuntu-desktop ?20:10
constantin_mikehello. i have a ssh key, a *.ppk file. how do i add it to keys, so i could log in only with username@host ?!20:10
scrabcakesioria: "is not installed, so not removed"20:10
reisiowdbl: can't say I've ever experienced any distro doing it all on its own20:10
ioriascrabcakes,  sudo apt-get purge gnome-control-center20:11
scrabcakesioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15200951/20:12
ioriascrabcakes,  sudo apt-get purge  unity-control-center20:12
scrabcakesioria: tried that, not found20:13
wdblwhat does "sudo m-a prepare" do?20:13
ioriascrabcakes,  sudo apt-get purge  libcheese-*20:13
reisiowdbl: it prepares the system for building a module20:14
wdbl`which m-a` returns nothing20:14
wdblreisio: OK so I guess m-a is not a command20:14
reisiowdbl: might be in sbin20:14
reisiojust try it, as it is shown on the page I linked20:15
wdblI'm pretty sure it will work, but I like to know what commands do20:15
wdblI also was trying to avoid installing from the CD20:15
scrabcakesioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15200973/20:15
reisioman module-assistant20:15
reisiotakes a few minutes20:16
ioriascrabcakes,  sudo apt-get autoremove20:16
wdblI guess I need to find out what is the difference between the virtualbox-guest-dkms and what I get on the CD...I haven't installed software from a CD in years other than OS iso files...20:16
scrabcakesioria: same error20:16
wdblI'd much rather get this software out of a repository - I can't believe that installing it from CD is the best practice20:17
reisiowdbl: not sure why you need to figure that out20:17
reisioyou're already relying on VirtualBox20:17
reisiothe "cd" is _in_ the repository20:17
reisiothat's how it's available via the menu20:17
wdblOK, so why is there even a package in the repository?20:17
ioriascrabcakes,  sudo apt-get purge  libcheese720:17
wdblMaybe I'll just follow all those instructs and then install it from the repo instead of from the cd20:17
scrabcakesioria: not installed20:18
wdbl(because the CD is just a file on the host machine, and the repo will get updates)20:18
wdblthat's why I prefer the repo20:18
reisiowdbl: "Note: Ubuntu/Debian users might want to install the dkms package to ensure that the VirtualBox host kernel modules (vboxdrv, vboxnetflt and vboxnetadp) are properly updated if the linux kernel version changes during the next apt-get upgrade."20:18
ioriascrabcakes,  try again    apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop | awk '/Depends:/ {print $2}' | xargs sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall20:18
reisiowdbl: might be confusing host/guest facilities20:18
* reisio shrugs20:18
scrabcakesioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15200999/20:18
wdblreisio: i have a Windows host (or a Mac host) and I'm installing Ubuntu 14 guest. The quote you just pasted seems to say to install it from the repo, not the CD.20:19
reisiowdbl: the quote I pasted suggests it's a package for GNU/Linux hosts, not guests20:19
ioriascrabcakes,  apt-cache policy libcheese-gtk2320:19
scalperonce i do ln -s /home/mark/Dropbox/Concepten/www/ /var/www/html/ it will result in a new dir www inside /var/www/html/ but i just want to link the 2 paths, what do i need to type instead?20:20
reisiothat's from virtualbox.org, btw20:20
wdbloh - there's virtualbox-dkms too20:20
wdblreisio: Maybe I need the other one - ok THANKS for your help!!! sorry for being so stubborn :)20:20
scalperi want to make a symbolic folder called www in the /home/mark/Dropbox/Concepten/ dir20:20
scrabcakesioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15201011/20:20
* reisio shrugs20:21
ioriascrabcakes,  try to install  lubuntu-desktop20:21
wdblI guess my main complaint is that - at least in the past when I installed Ubuntu into a Vbox vm, I got a reasonable display resolution without installing anything20:21
wdblnow I get 640xsomething20:21
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reisioit's pretty easy to install the guest additions, anyway20:22
scrabcakesioria: same error but depends abiword20:22
ebolaai need some assistance wiht the install20:22
scrabcakesioria: tbh I've been stuck on this for nearly 4 hours, I might just reinstall :/20:23
ebolaawhen installing from the stick usb boot is says kernel fail or something20:23
ioriascrabcakes,  oh, sure .... if you want ... try   sudo apt full-upgrade20:23
ebolaaunsupported engine failed tu function invalid satus 020:24
ebolaaon my install wtf20:24
wdblI tried installing Ubuntu 14 directly on the hardware but it couldn't handle the "Optimus" Nvidia/Intel dual graphics crap without some major fiddling so I just gave up after like 4 hours of trying to get that to work20:24
scrabcakesioria: 'none to upgrade' I don't particularly want to reinstall but I've sunk so much time this evening into this. also cheers for your help anyway20:24
=== isReKT2000 is now known as Guest39704
ebolaaguuys please20:24
DeeJayTwoWhat's wrong with this? : http://www.pastebin.ca/338187120:24
DeeJayTwoIt was working with 12.04 and now it doesn't work with 14.04.420:25
ioriascrabcakes,  no problem   download the iso from the ubuntu site20:25
DeeJayTwothe interface isn't created anymore..20:25
wdblmaybe I'll just go back to 12...isn't Google Goobuntu still based on Ubuntu 12 or did they move onto 14?20:25
scrabcakesioria: yeah will do, thanks again for your patience20:25
ebolaaHey whats wrong with my install i wont work1!!!20:26
ioriascrabcakes,  you're welcome20:26
ebolaacant get the damn thing installing20:26
ioriascrabcakes,  what video driver are you using now ?20:26
k1lebolaa: what hardware? what iso is on that usb? how did you make the usb?20:26
sorinelloapw, Hello. Do you have an estimate until 1548587 is shipped via official channels ?20:26
reisiowdbl: should be able to use just intel or just nvidia with basically zero fiddling, FYI20:27
k1lebolaa: did you check the md5sum of the iso?20:27
scrabcakesioria: I have no video driver currently, it was nvidia... then nouveau... then nvidia :P20:27
scrabcakesioria: but neither seemed to work20:27
ebolaalga1151 i7 6700k skylake, ubuntu 86 on the stick made with universal usb tool20:27
k1lsorinello: what?20:27
ioriascrabcakes,   lspci -k | grep VGA -A 2 | grep Kernel20:27
sorinellok1l, ???20:27
wdblreisio: It worked, but it left mouse trails all over the place and an "Unknown Display" showed up in my Display properties...when I deleted it, everything broke.20:28
scrabcakesioria: nothing comes up20:28
k1lebolaa: what ubuntu exactly?20:28
ebolaai got 500 ssd split in half other half just waitting on linux20:28
reisiowdbl: usually requires a reboot20:28
ioriascrabcakes,   sudo apt-get purge nvidia*20:28
ebolaathis is lts20:28
reisiowdbl: and I'm not sure what all it can really do for Unity/compiz accelerated effects, particularly without a lot of vram, and the experimental 3d stuff20:28
scrabcakesioria: it comes up with lots of 'not installed so not removed'20:29
ebolaak1l any idea ?20:29
sstoryIs there any software that allows scanning from the command line?20:30
wdblreisio: yeah, I don't really need it to be performant but it was broken - and I did do a reboot after deleting Unknown Display and it showed up again and still had mouse trails20:30
ioriascrabcakes,   sudo lshw -c Video20:30
k1lebolaa: what OS did you use to make that system?20:30
ebolaaw7 ulti20:30
sstoryI love gscan2pdf, but need to scan using a set of setting straight to a file in a folder without GUI intervention20:30
ebolaai can burn this on dvd and says the same thing20:31
k1lebolaa: can you try with the rufus usb maker?20:31
apwsorinello, you should come to #ubuntu-kernel and ask that ... one of my collegues will know the plan20:31
scrabcakesioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15201102/20:31
k1lebolaa: then please check the "md5sum" of that iso to make sure its not brokem during download20:31
ioriascrabcakes,   GM204 [GeForce GTX 970]20:31
Abe_hey aehm we have connected a Pc to a Tv, it has the size of 40". We use 14.04 trusty tahr. the resolution is not wrong, but it's not in the middle, we can't find the adjustment setting on the tv. If I change it, will it still be like on windows "screen setting". or do I have to change it everytime?20:32
ebolaaive done dvd, with imgburn same image redownloaded and same happens20:32
scrabcakesioria: ?20:32
ebolaaseems it wont wanna work with my hardware20:33
ioriascrabcakes,   nothing ...so it's not purging anything ?20:33
squintysstory,   scanimage --help20:33
sstorysquinty: I'll look at that. Thanks!20:34
ioriascrabcakes,   i mean  sudo apt-get purge nvidia*20:34
scrabcakesioria: no it's not purging anything20:34
m3n3chm0Hello, unetbootin is not working. I create a live usb of Wifislax but i always get error boot... but if i use unetboot on windows it works... so anybody can tell me another gui tool or the correct command line ¿? :)20:35
ioriascrabcakes,   can you reboot ? because it should load nouveau id nvidia has been purged ...20:35
m3n3chm0using DD if... it does not boot either..20:35
k1l!md5sum | ebolaa20:36
ubottuebolaa: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows20:36
squintym3n3chm0,  pendrivelinux.com  or read about using the  dd  command20:36
scrabcakesioria: sure, with or without nomodeset?20:36
ioriascrabcakes,   without, please20:36
ebolaaits not the image same image works on anoter system20:36
ebolaapc says  drmj failed to create kernel channel when istalling20:37
scrabcakesioria: it comes up with gnome logo and three loading dots and freezes20:39
k1lebolaa: what exact errormessage? when does that happen? after settings the language?20:39
ioriascrabcakes,   can you ctrl+alt+f1 ?20:39
scrabcakesioria: no20:39
ebolaapgraphj 000:01.0j failed to load function, ffifoj 0000:00 0.j unsupported egine ,20:40
ioriascrabcakes,   you can use recovery mode from grub -> advanced options -> recovery mode -> enable network -> root shell20:40
ebolaadmrj failed to create kernel channel20:41
ebolaa3 lines20:41
scrabcakesioria: yup, then what?20:41
ioriascrabcakes,   but you're getting tired .... :þ20:41
scrabcakesioria: haha it's beating me down. I did some of this earlier. what's next?20:41
ioriascrabcakes,   did you enable network ? if yes, enter root shell20:42
scrabcakesioria: yep in it20:42
ioriascrabcakes,   dpkg -l | grep nvidia*20:43
scrabcakesioria: nothing20:43
ioriascrabcakes,   ok,   sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop20:43
scrabcakesioria: same errors as before20:43
ioriascrabcakes,   sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop20:44
scrabcakesioria: same as before20:46
ioriascrabcakes,   sudo apt-get purge xorg*20:48
scrabcakesioria: same, and with autoremove20:48
ioriascrabcakes,   sudo apt-get autoremove20:49
derfohI'm looking to set up dual booting on my laptop any advice before I take the plunge? (starting from a blank hdd)20:49
scrabcakesioria: same20:49
derfohDual booting Ubuntu and Windows 1020:49
ioriascrabcakes,   sudo apt-get purge xserver*20:50
k1lderfoh: install windows, then shrink the partitions, then install ubuntu20:50
scrabcakesioria: same, and same with autoremove. there's gonna be nothing left soon :P20:50
afrokarlssonsoon nanoroboticolympics helds on my bloodsystem, maybe some robots runs in your operating system20:51
ioriascrabcakes,   apt-cache policy xorg | nc termbin.com 999920:51
designbybeck_But will it run Ubuntu!? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/daryl-deino/razer-blade-stealth-tops-_b_9267556.html20:52
scrabcakesioria: I'm calling it a day, I have the iso ready now... sounds like I'm putting it down20:53
oppsartreisio: ops are trolling you at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/02/25/%23ubuntu-ops.txt20:53
ioriascrabcakes,   ^_^20:53
scrabcakesioria: thanks again, this has been a real headf...20:53
ioriascrabcakes,   yep20:53
reisiooppsart: that's what ops are for20:54
Abe_hey aehm we have connected a Pc to a Tv, it has the size of 40". We use 14.04 trusty tahr. the resolution is not wrong, but it's not in the middle, we can't find the adjustment setting on the tv. If I change it, will it still be like on windows "screen setting". or do I have to change it everytime?20:54
Abe_No it's not the TV something is wrong with Video output20:54
derfohk1l I left about 100 gb of 'unallocated' space, should I avoid installing grub?20:55
=== bgr is now known as Guest59310
derfohIt always seems to cause problems with uefi20:55
k1lgrub is fine20:56
Sky2939Hey guys, do you know if SASL authentication is needed? I have a small company with my own email server. (Debian 8) running standard postfix, dovecot, and squirrelmail20:58
Jordan_Uderfoh: Grub will be installed by default and you should not try to prevent that.21:00
sardsurferhello there, is it dangerous to spotify, megasync and google ppa? Are they bad ones? tnx21:00
baizonsardsurfer: im using the megasync and spotify repo, no problems with them21:02
nicomachussardsurfer: this is the best way to install spotify. every other way I have tried is broken, or gives an old, outdated version of spotify: http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-install-spotify-in-ubuntu21:02
markwaltsardsurfer, I'm using the google ppa for chrome, and it hasn't hut me21:02
baizonnicomachus: deb http://repository.spotify.com testing non-free, this adds the newest version, which is working very well21:03
sardsurfersounds googd21:04
nicomachusbaizon: that's literally what I just linked.21:04
baizonnicomachus: no, check again21:05
sardsurferstable vs testing21:05
sardsurferi wanna stay stable!21:05
baizonsardsurfer: im using testing, and its stable ;)21:06
baizon"stable" spotify is still 0.9, testing is 1.0.2321:06
baizonlinux testing isnt really a testing thing imho21:07
sardsurferwhat guide should i follow?21:09
sardsurferthey look different to me21:09
sardsurferbaizon, any idea?21:11
sstorysquinty: scanmode --help on mine shows --ScanMode with options of Simplex|Duplex. I tried specifying --ScanMode=Duplex, but it didn't work. Is that the right way to give values to args?21:11
faekjarzHey there, how to read the TBW (Total Bytes Written) of a SSD? Is that S.M.A.R.T.?21:12
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
baizonfaekjarz: https://serverfault.com/questions/238033/measuring-total-bytes-written-under-linux21:17
baizonsardsurfer: what guide do you have?21:18
sardsurferbaizon, http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-install-spotify-in-ubuntu    -----     https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Spotify   ---------    http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/Multimedia/Audio/Spotify21:20
dlamis there a way to show UTC date next to my local (PST) date on the desktop?21:20
baizonsardsurfer: use the guide on ubuntu.com21:21
sardsurferbaizon ok21:21
sardsurferbaizon, do i edit stable to testing?21:22
baizonsardsurfer: well if you want the testing repo, then yes, replace "stable" with "testing"21:23
scwizardHello, I ran this command:21:23
scwizardsudo apt-key adv --keyserver keys.gnupg.net --recv 1C4CBDCDCD2EFD2A21:23
scwizardit gives me: gpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect: Network is unreachable21:23
sardsurferbaizon tnx21:24
scwizardbut I'm able to ping keys.gnupg.net21:24
trunk_monkeyHey guys, anyone running i3wm or i3 gaps?21:24
baizonscwizard: its working for me21:24
faekjarzbaizon: thanks21:24
scwizardhmm it seems many have this problem21:25
baizonscwizard: https://paste.ubuntu.com/15201426/21:25
trunk_monkeyI'm having pretty nasty screen tearing w/ firefox using i3, wondering if anyone has run into it; Ubuntu 15.1021:25
scwizardit works with the ubuntu keyserver21:26
scwizardmaybe i can get the percona key from there21:26
Ben64trunk_monkey: usually it's best to ask how to fix something instead of asking if anyone here has x21:27
trunk_monkeySorry Ben64 is my IRC newness showing ;)21:27
k1ltrunk_monkey: which gpu?21:28
trunk_monkeyAnyone have recommendations for fixing screentearing using i3; Unity, no tearing whatsoever..it's integrated intel graphics. Intel 3300 I believe21:28
trunk_monkeyYeah intel 330; lenovo thinkpad t420s21:28
scwizardstrange that the ubuntu keyserver would work and the gnupg one would not21:28
ouroumov__trunk_monkey, maybe you can use Compton with i321:28
trunk_monkeyactually, compton seems to hvae cleared things up21:28
Ben64trunk_monkey: no problem. could be your gpu, gpu driver, firefox's hardware acceleration, something weirder21:28
ouroumov__Check it21:28
baizontrunk_monkey: enable OMTC21:29
ouroumov__Oh nice21:29
ouroumov__Compton Saves the Day21:29
trunk_monkeyYeah I've been furiously scrolling up and down and it seems be resolved when I use vsync w/ compton21:31
trunk_monkeyOMTC, a firefox setting it seems, no baizon ?21:31
baizontrunk_monkey: yes21:31
baizontrunk_monkey: layers.acceleration.force-enabled21:32
baizontrunk_monkey: then restart the browser21:32
rud0lfmy problem is skype ( on ubuntu 14.04 ; the receiver of my video call sees me with 1-2 fps, it's not webcam problem, it's not a upstream bandwidth problem21:40
rud0lfi've googled for hours and no result :(21:40
Ben64real solution is to stop using skype21:41
trunk_monkeySkype apparently stopped linux support, I tweeted to bitch at them the otherday, top post on /r/linux21:41
rud0lfmicrosoft doesn't like linux users, does it? :)21:41
trunk_monkeyrud0lf: do multiple people have this issue w/ your skype sessions?21:42
rud0lfeveryone i videocall sees me in 1 fps21:42
rud0lfi see them fine, and my webcam works ok in preview in skype options21:43
rud0lfseems like skype has problem with timing or a codec, but my english is not well enough to figure out a proper google query21:44
trunk_monkeyhave you tried another service, maybe google hangouts?21:45
rud0lfthe person i chat with has preinstalled skype in his windows machine21:46
ouroumov__<rud0lf> microsoft doesn't like linux users, does it? :) -> Microsoft doesn't like users.21:46
rud0lfcan't really use anything else21:46
Ben64hangouts only needs a browser21:47
MonkeyDustrud0lf  that's because is now property of MS21:47
MonkeyDustbecause skype*21:47
reisiorud0lf: sure you can21:47
trunk_monkeyYeah Ben64 is right, all you need is a browser, I would try that if you can21:47
reisiorud0lf: http://talky.io/21:47
* rud0lf takes a peek21:48
reisiotons of webrtc implementations21:48
reisioRIP Skype21:48
trunk_monkeyI've heard liveJasmine is pretty good too...21:48
rud0lfwow thanks21:49
trunk_monkeyDo you guys remember when ChatRoulette was big...weird times...weird times21:49
Ben64trunk_monkey: not appropriate here21:49
MonkeyDustglad i opened that one in a private window ;)21:50
trunk_monkeySorry Ben6421:50
* trunk_monkey 21:52
trunk_monkeyIs there a cheatsheet for IRC commands anyone can link?21:53
reisiotrunk_monkey: /help21:53
reisio/help, /help foo21:54
rud0lfreisio: thank you kindly for the link! it's all i needed, you saved me a lot of time :) *offers you a newborn goat liver*21:56
rud0lfthat's most precious thing i can give21:56
bprompttrunk_monkey:   https://gist.github.com/xero/2d6e4b061b4ecbeb9f9921:56
reisioyes $21:57
sasdsadashey guys.. I'm trying to connect to freenode from irssi, how would I do that?21:58
reisio/connect irc.freenode.net21:59
reisio/join #foo21:59
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sasdsadasreisio: I do `/connect irc.freenode.net`. Then after the `/join` command, I get `Irssi: Not connected to server`22:00
reisiowait after /connect22:00
sasdsadasI think maybe my organization is blocking irc or something22:00
reisioit takes a moment, you'll see some output22:01
reisiopossible, but not _incredibly_ likely22:01
sasdsadasI can wait a long time, nothing happens22:01
sasdsadasyea, I'm using webchat right now but don't want to rely on that22:02
reisiocan you ssh to another box and irc from there?22:03
reisio/join #bshellz22:03
sasdsadasactually, the outbound port is probably random right?22:05
sasdsadasI guess I'll test it at home later, if it works from home then there's something fishy going on here22:05
linuxthefishsasdsadas very fishy!22:06
sasdsadaslinuxthefish: are you a new linux flavor22:06
linuxthefishyeah :p22:06
bart_\join kodi-linux22:15
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cyberh99Do you think tor is secure?22:20
trunk_monkeysecure for what purpose?22:21
trunk_monkeyjust being anonymous?22:21
thebwtfor doing anonymous things no, for doing things anonymously yes22:21
k1lcyberh99: that topic is better in #ubuntu-offtopic22:22
cyberh99for being anonymous and browse for internet22:22
thebwtgood point22:22
cyberh99I ask for the posibility of a fake node of tor22:22
nicomachuscyberh99: try some of the TOR IRC channels.22:22
bekkscyberh99: thats possible.22:22
cyberh99Okay thank you :)22:23
k1lcyberh99: this is ubuntu support only. for chat or discussion please join #ubuntu-offtopic22:23
arunpyasiguys, is ubuntu 14.04 shipped with curl preinstalled?22:25
nicomachusit's in the repos if it isn't already installed.22:25
geniiarunpyasi: The curl package is not installed by default on a vanilla install.22:27
arunpyasinicomachus: yeah, but needed to know if its shipped preinstaled or not.. thats all.22:27
arunpyasioK genii thanks ! :)22:27
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kozukumihello, is there a way to make it so when i click a link in a program it activates the browser rather than just send the url?22:33
=== Guest18461 is now known as PDXLabCoat
b0s3dhello Ubuntu :) i am having a little problem understanding what the "authorized_keys" file/directory is in this post: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys i am assuming that it isene the ~/.ssh folder, is this correct?22:33
kozukumiim not quite sure how to explain it to search sorry :/22:33
EriC^^b0s3d: yes22:36
adeon_kozu which app and ubuntu version are you using?22:38
b0s3dthanks EriC^^, ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys#Troubleshooting )22:38
kozukumiadeon_ if i click a link in hexchat it opens a new tab in chrome but it doesnt switch to chrome. ubuntu 15.1022:39
kozukumii want it to switch to chrome22:40
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BinaryBanditHey Ubuntu I have a really strange problem22:53
BinaryBandithit enter to early22:54
MamikoI have installed IPB on localhost, vm's IP is but after clikin' something it redirects to how to fix it?22:54
BinaryBanditKubuntu (15.10) when I start it up X fails to start, but X is running. If I kill X it loads to the GUI correctly. Whats weird is the X logs show that its loading the Radeon driver on the second load but not the first one on bootup. Any idea what to try, I have tried reloading X and reconfiguring?22:56
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lernercan I use 2 or 3 firefox profiles simultaneously?23:12
=== arun_ is now known as Guest17076
AdriannomHi, I'm using AntiMicro and once two "keys" are held down, pressing another won't register. Any idea if this is a hard limit?23:16
opt1malI'm using a VPN for internet on ubuntu 15.10 and noticed DNS traffic going to my ISP's address, yet leak test websites show no DNS leak. Looks like a bug. I can use firewall to block my ISP DNS addresses to make things normal. Anyone else familiar with this on 15.10?23:19
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squintylerner,  might want to check in the #firefox channel here on freenode.   starting firefox in a terminal with the following command will bring up the profile editor   firefox -p23:20
catbeardhey guys, can anyone take a look at this ufw ruleset and let me know what's wrong with it, says wrong # of arguments23:20
b0s3dhi again :) i im stuck at the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys#Troubleshooting where i can't figure out how to login with the passphrase on the ssh server, any ideas?23:22
b0s3di get the usual password for the server but not the passphrase23:23
jackwebsanyone got any tips for speeding up ubuntu?23:27
jackwebsI've got a laptop that's had it on for a few years and it seems to be getting slower and slower23:27
jackwebsand freezing from time to time23:27
squintyjackwebs,  might want to install bleachbit (similar to ccleaner for windows) and see if it can clear some junk23:28
jackwebssquinty, cheers, I'll have a look. I'm toying with the idea of switching over to lxde or something to see if that helps23:30
jackwebsI've already disabled all the unity animations and what have you23:30
squintyb0s3d,  you should be prompted for the passphrase after starting the ssh name@ip.  it is the passphrase (password) you entered which you were prompted for when you generated your keys23:30
b0s3dsquinty: well i only get the usually password as if i was logging in with ssh without any keyfile installed23:31
adri_Hello people23:31
adri_can someone tell me where are the rooms for web developers23:32
BillD73I've got amount issue I cant seem to narrow down. The mounts work just fine but theexport for netuse is what gives me an issue after reboot. Issh in and run sudo exportfs -a  and then the mounts become available to the rest of network. Where shopuld I be looking?23:32
squinty!alis | adri23:32
ubottuadri: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http23:32
BillD73I'm sure it's just a syntax error due to my newbieness23:37
squintyb0s3d,  after generating the keys you will have to use a regular password to ssh into the host and copy the keys over (ssh-copy-id <username>@<host>)  then restart ssh (sudo service ssh restart)23:38
b0s3dok :)23:38
b0s3dlol, you did some magic right there squinty :P i did try it before but it worked now, thanks alot +123:39
squintyb0s3d,  good to hear  :-)23:40
squintyb0s3d,  btw, if you want to access a gui program on the host, you can use -X to accomplish that    ssh -X user@ip23:42
b0s3dalright, awesome23:43
Madhumper69anybody know a bit of the GRE port 47 for VPN with PPTP 1723 USING UFW??? i tried a few things but no go such as http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=111391123:44
SchrodingersScatsquinty: you don't have to restart ssh for ssh-copy-id, afaik.23:45
Madhumper69apperently GRE is a special port that needs to be configured into ufw firewall for vpn to work its a nightmare!23:45
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