zequenceOvenWerks: Bumber. Should ask someone with skills, then06:40
zequenceI must have done something wrong with whisker configs. Icon still not showing07:01
zequenceAlso, we have that old problem with Ubuntu indicators showing when they shouldn't07:02
flocculantzequence: will you be doing release notes for beta 1? 08:28
zequenceflocculant: I'll gladly skip that.08:36
zequenceI'll wait until a later release08:36
sakrecoer_flocculant: what should the release note look like? or rather, i can probably help.11:23
sakrecoer_flocculant: but at the moment, there seem to be no beta1 iso available11:23
sakrecoer_flocculant: i found this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes/OTA-9.1 i'm going to copy it to write a skelleton for US :p11:42
sakrecoer_okok.. now i get it with the iso links and current things...11:49
zequenceWhere are the current release notes, anyway?12:16
zequenceNothing in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes12:17
zequencesakrecoer_: The latest ISOs are available. They were built yesterday http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/357/builds12:18
zequenceanyone able to test the i386 ISO?12:21
sakrecoer_zequence: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/Beta112:28
zequencesakrecoer_: Ah, right12:29
sakrecoer_i will create now https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/Beta1/UbuntuStudio12:29
zequenceYou may use other pages as reference, but in fact, there will be very little to report at this time about changes12:30
zequenceMostly updated packages, which is in some way self understood12:30
zequenceI'm zsyncing the i386 image. Will need to do the tests during a boat ride, and later in the studio, but that should be fine12:31
flocculantzequence sakrecoer_ - you don't have to have notes - I just won't link any in the release announcement :)12:42
sakrecoer_flocculant: we do have this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/Beta1/UbuntuStudio12:49
flocculantThis page does not exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or use one of the page templates. 12:49
flocculantthat's what I see - hence me saying :)12:49
sakrecoer_i just spent 1 h working on it12:50
flocculantthen when you go back it should tell you about the draft :)12:50
sakrecoer_and it didn't save... i'm locked out12:50
flocculantsakrecoer_: ok - I'll link to it anyway - then when it's live it'll be ready to roll :)12:51
sakrecoer_flocculant: i can't login to wiki anymore...12:51
flocculantmaybe IS have locked it again12:52
sakrecoer_flocculant: saved it in a textfiles first \o/12:53
sakrecoer_yupp, wiki is on hold.12:54
sakrecoer_i have to desynchronise with maintainensies (gah, that word)12:55
sakrecoer_trying to say is: maintainer of wiki and i seem to work at the same hours12:56
sakrecoer_tomorrow i will have the priviledge to highfive zequence in  live and direct :)12:59
zequenceI was unable to install the i386. ubiquity bug15:25
zequenceNo one else doing any testing?15:26
zequenceI won't release the Beta 1 until someone confirms it installs15:26
zequenceDidn't have internet, so couldn't report a bug15:28
zequenceOk, got the amd64 installer to start at least.15:29
OvenWerkszequence: zsyncing now.15:36
zequenceOvenWerks: Alright15:43
zequenceHi there Rosco2 15:44
Rosco2Hi there15:46
Rosco2Arggh. Enigmail tells me it needs updating everytime I open an email!15:49
flocculantzequence: did anyone from your release team do a rebuild? 15:54
flocculantI'm guessing not if you get ubiquity bug15:54
flocculant64 bit did 15:55
flocculantwhich is why it worked for you :)15:55
zequenceflocculant: I rebuilt both15:57
zequenceubiquity didn't even start15:57
zequenceon i38615:58
zequenceRosco2: Any chance you can set the ISOs ready once someone has confirmed the i386 installs?15:59
zequenceWould be good to get that done within an hour or two if possible15:59
zequenceI'm a little busy currently. Will have some time in an hour or two15:59
zequenceWith that I got to go. bbl15:59
Rosco2SUre - just firing up the tracker now16:00
flocculantzequence: 32bit is showing the old ubiquity but new upower16:00
flocculantrebuilding it now16:01
OvenWerksflocculant: so I will need to update my 32bit DL again?16:04
flocculantOvenWerks: not yet - it's not done16:05
OvenWerksflocculant: My zsync isn't done either :)16:05
flocculantzequence: ubiquity working smoketest sufficient? 16:05
flocculantOvenWerks: ha ha 16:05
flocculant30 minutes away at least16:06
OvenWerksflocculant: I will keep dling as my old copy was less than 50% right.16:07
flocculantoh yea - quite a way then :D16:07
flocculantsakrecoer_: ftr - your release note is still 'new'16:15
Rosco264 bit marked ready16:18
Rosco2going to eat something16:40
Rosco2I see that 32 bit rebuild is finished16:40
Rosco2Will check in here and there to see how OvenWerks is getting on16:41
flocculantjust zsyncing 32 bit - will do an install smoketest for you16:41
Rosco2I get in trouble if I don't come when called :-)16:42
flocculantha ha ha 16:42
flocculantRosco2: ok - that installed as expected17:03
Rosco2OvenWrks: Are you still planning to give 32 bit a spin?17:07
Rosco2 OvenWerks:17:07
OvenWerksRosco2: im at 77% dl.17:09
Rosco2no probs17:10
zequenceGot the latest i386 too. ubiquity started, so I'm assuming it'll work. Installing now18:17
* OvenWerks is too slow.18:18
flocculantRosco2 zequence how goes it? 18:45
flocculantlooking a publishing ~ 19:30 UTC18:46
Rosco2Had no 386 image to zdiff - so waited for Len & Kaj18:49
Rosco2Assume they should be done by then - just confirmation anyway18:49
flocculantk - thanks Rosco2 :)18:49
Rosco2Getting image now anyway for next time18:50
OvenWerkszequence: in the live session in /etc/xdg/xdg-ubuntustudio/xfce4/whiskermenu/defaults.rc I find a line: button-icon=xubuntu-logo-menu18:54
zequenceflocculant: Still installing. Almost finished18:54
zequenceOvenWerks: Ok18:55
OvenWerksbutton-icon=ubuntustudio-logo-menu might work better18:55
OvenWerksParole certainly crashes on start from context. xine (old ancient xine) works just fine as always.19:02
OvenWerksubiquity no longer shows the connected to network/you have enough disk space info.19:11
flocculantOvenWerks: that's expected after a change ot it19:24
flocculantzequence: ready? 19:25
flocculantOvenWerks: "  * Redesign the prepare screen for less clutter." http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/u/ubiquity/ubiquity_2.21.46/changelog19:26
flocculantbasically you will see the disk size warning if size too small, you'll see net one if no network19:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1549045 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity drive space and connectivity checks are missing" [High,Invalid]19:27
flocculantOvenWerks: did it install ok - any blockers you can see?19:31
flocculantRosco2: - you ok to mark them? 19:37
Rosco2Yeah - I'll mark it. Looks like at least Len was able to boot into the live image from IRC chatter19:38
flocculantKaj had almost finished installing 30 minutes19:39
flocculantcheers :)19:39
flocculantsooner they start publishing the sooner I can publish the website page and turn off for the night :)19:40
Rosco2We can still work on what they found when back online19:41
flocculantyea ofc - it's all out of date tomorrow :)19:41
* OvenWerks has installed as well. lots of bugs in the installed version though.20:00
OvenWerksACK! synaptic is not installed by default. USC is not in my trusted list20:09
* OvenWerks tried to imagine what would happen if someone used USC to install jackd1...20:12
flocculantOvenWerks: usc is on it's way out20:14
Rosco2thanks all for the thorough testing. Taking a short screen break20:16
OvenWerksflocculant: we used to ship synaptic, but I am guessing it got dropped in one of the sync to xubuntu events.20:17
zequenceSorry, I got caught up in something. Installed ok20:18
OvenWerkszequence: no problem, it all got done. bugged plymouth and -menu (irc)20:19
zequenceplymouth won't work in virtuabox, but we probably need to fix it also for real macines20:20
flocculantOvenWerks: we used to - then it dropped for usc - that's going from Ubuntu (and unmaintained afaik) - replaced by gnome software20:25
flocculantwhich I think is awful tbh20:25
flocculantI apt-get usually or synaptic20:25
OvenWerksflocculant: synaptic is a wonderful tool. It is an easy gui to use to find out what files a package has installed where, what depends for a package are.20:26
OvenWerksUSC just installs whatever the consquences20:27
* OvenWerks installs gnome software for a look20:28
flocculantgood luck 20:29
OvenWerksGS doesn't give much info about a package either.20:30
OvenWerkszequence: the fix I meantioned above: 10:54 < OvenWerks> zequence: in the live session in  /etc/xdg/xdg-ubuntustudio/xfce4/whiskermenu/defaults.rc I find a  line: button-icon=xubuntu-logo-menu20:43
OvenWerksis confirmed to work. Editted that file and removed file ~/.config/xfce4/panel/whiskermenu*.rc20:45
zequenceWould you care to change it in -default-settings?21:12
zequenceI can do that later too, no problem21:13
zequenceJust heading to bed now21:13
OvenWerkszequence: good night.21:16
OvenWerkswierd... the file in -settings is not the same as the installed file.21:26
OvenWerksAh, ubuntu-default-settings 0.57 was never uploaded/released.21:53
OvenWerkszequence: I made a slight change to the icon filename to use the menu specific file rather than the generic logo, but I have not changed the changelog because I don't know if it should be upped a release or still use 0.57 which was never uploaded in which case the changelog entry is fine.22:04
OvenWerkszequence: also feel free to roll back the commit and release as was for 0.57  :)22:05
OvenWerksdon't ask for a sync for jackd (1 I think) right now. Something in the last few commits is bad.22:12

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