celestehHi, I'm trying to compile SuperCollider and cmake needs the path to qt. I am not guessing right at all. any advice?17:45
OvenWerkscelesteh: have you installed the libqt4-dev or the qt5 equiv?18:12
OvenWerkscelesteh: I would not suggest using qt5 unless your qt5 is at least version 5.5.18:14
OvenWerksbut if that is required that is ok.18:14
zequencecelesteh: You need to export the path as an environment variable probably18:22
zequencecelesteh: Also, #lad is a perfect channel for asking about this kind of stuff18:23
celestehThe latest version of supercollider requires qt5, which I seem to have installed.  This is my output: http://pastebin.com/bcYu2psb19:43
OvenWerkscelesteh: do you have qtbase5-dev qttools5-dev-tools and libqt5x11extras5-dev installed?20:07
celestehThat was it. Thank you20:09
celestehI thought I did, but I was missing a couple of those20:09
OvenWerkscelesteh: I actually got that list from the qjackctl package :)20:11
celesteh(y) !20:13

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