Nairwolfapparently, there is a workaround. I need to delete all the disk before installation. I will try that tomorrow00:37
zequenceYou have the ubuntu indicators too? Meaning, double occurances of some stuff, like clock, batter power, etc06:59
Unit193zequence: Do you have xfpm and indicator-power?07:22
zequenceUnit193: Not sure what xfpm is, but yes, there's an indicator for power08:22
zequenceIt's the same problem we've hade the last few years08:23
zequence..before release, that is08:23
zequenceSo far it's been something that Ubuntu devs had to correct08:23
zequenceSome dependency problem08:23
zequenceUnit193: But, you don't have that?09:17
zequenceflocculant: You know anything about that?09:39
Unit193zequence: No?10:31
bluesabrezequence: screenshot?10:44
bluesabrezequence: quick comparison of our indicators from the iso manifests, https://paste.ubuntu.com/15196225/10:47
bluesabreflocculant: b1 is looking fine to me11:06
bluesabre(in vbox)11:06
Akxwi-daveflocculant, has the slide show been updated yet or is that going to be done on RC?11:42
Akxwi-davealso logged a new bug 1549732 from latest iso11:43
ubottubug 1549732 in imagemagick (Ubuntu) "Duplcate Imagemagick entries on menu, none work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154973211:43
bluesabreAkxwi-dave: Slideshow is usually updated later, around UI freeze or a bit later11:44
bluesabreNew catfish release last night, https://launchpad.net/catfish-search/1.4/1.4.1, in -staging, will upload to xubuntu tonight11:48
bluesabrealso expecting to make the switch to the Noto font tonight11:49
bluesabreSo a few goodies expected in tomorrow's image11:49
knomebluesabre, i just looked at the issue with mousepad search highlights, and it seems like mousepad will always show the search highlight with the same yellow bg, eg. it doesn't seem to understand the setting in the theme11:50
knomebluesabre, want to hack mousepad? [:11:51
Akxwi-davecheer bluesabre, wont bother with that yet then..11:53
bluesabreknome: that sounds annoying, suppose I can take a look11:56
bluesabreknome: in case I do find it, what's the offending setting?11:56
knomebenonsoftware, <style name="search-match" foreground="white" background="green" />11:56
knomeerr, bluesabre 11:56
knomeas you can see, i don't ask for the yellow highlight11:56
knomei'll update the bug too11:57
bluesabreknome: thanks11:57
knomethe bug actually says that11:57
knomeok, updated bug 150819211:58
ubottubug 1508192 in mousepad (Ubuntu) "Mousepad search highlights hard to see" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150819211:58
knomealso posted an URL i bumped into when looking at the issue which might be useful11:59
bluesabreknome: seeing the same search highlight in gedit11:59
ochosihey everyone12:00
knomewell apparently it has worked in gedit, since the description says so...12:00
knomeochosi, hello12:00
knomeochosi, do you have 15 mins or so?12:00
bluesabreknome: https://i.imgur.com/rXlWzDY.png12:01
knomebluesabre, oh right, sure12:01
knomethat's the "selection" style12:01
knometype "pizza" twice in the document12:01
knomeand make sure gedit highlights them all12:01
knomethat style isn't working (at least)12:01
knomei can fix the "current selection" style, i think12:02
bluesabreyes, it turns green after the search finishes12:02
knomeso that's not working in mousepad at least12:02
bluesabrethat's probably the bug12:02
knomethat's the other bug12:02
bluesabrehey ochosi12:03
ochosiknome: hmm, 15mins not really12:03
ochosibut let's try12:03
ochosiwhat's up?12:03
Akxwi-davehi ochosi 12:03
knomeochosi, http://wiki.xubuntu.org/website/series12:04
knomeochosi, since we both like gmb, we could simply collaborate on the article so no need to merge it up12:04
knomeand that we don't repeat stuff too much12:04
knomeochosi, http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-mm-gmb12:12
ochosihumm yeah, with the only downside that i don't really use it anymore...12:13
knomewhat do you use then? :P12:13
ochosii've pretty much switched to spotify12:13
ochosimaybe not a definite switch, but for now it's the most practical solution12:14
zequenceHmm, wonder why we get those. Ok, thanks bluesabre 12:14
ochosihi Akxwi-dave 12:14
knomeochosi, for purposes of this article series, i think it would be fair if you pretended like you use it though12:15
* ochosi is the big pretender12:37
ochosi(not to confuse with the big spender)12:37
knomeochosi, i've left you the honor to talk more about shimmer for gmb12:40
flocculantbluesabre: thanks - I'll mark them then 12:43
bluesabreflocculant: great, thanks!12:45
flocculantbluesabre: no upgrade testing has gone on - and there are apparently issues - I will put a warning to that effect on the release note12:45
flocculant"There be dragons here" or something :p12:46
knomeflocculant, announcement too, plz12:47
flocculantknome: mousepad - are we saying we can't do anything about the useless highlighting?12:47
bluesabreflocculant: cool\12:47
bluesabreflocculant: just means somebody needs to fix it ;)12:48
flocculantknome: ack12:48
knomeflocculant, we can do something for the "current" highlight12:48
flocculantbluesabre: for lts? 12:48
knomeflocculant, but not the "highlight all" stuff... unless bluesabre or somebody else fixes mousepad12:48
flocculantknome: ok - that's certainly better than nothing 12:48
bluesabreflocculant: Haven't had a chance to run upgrade tests, tried cranking out a bunch of tests last night/this morning12:48
flocculantI assume that current would move if there was many items?12:48
knomeflocculant, it moves when you press "next"12:49
flocculantbluesabre: yea - same - not going to worry about upgrades12:49
flocculantknome: ok cool :)12:49
knome(or "prev")12:49
knomeflocculant, ok, can you try something for me12:51
knomeflocculant, in /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/styles/xubuntu-light.xml12:51
knomeflocculant, find the line that says <color name="bg_contrast_low" ...12:52
knomeflocculant, should be line 1012:52
knomeflocculant, change the value of that to "#cccccc"12:52
knomeflocculant, then close all mousepad instances and run one again and see if the search match/selection color is better12:52
flocculantknome: lunchtime - I'll look this afternoon12:52
knomesure, no rush12:52
knomeflocculant, then, if it's not ok, change the value to "#bbbbbb"12:53
flocculantknome: would you like the website page linked on the announcement? 12:53
knomewhat website page?12:53
flocculantthe draft 12:53
knomeyou mean would i like the announcement on x.org linked to from the notes in w.u.c?12:53
flocculantno - the mail I will send to announce today - currently it has image url/wiki url - I can also put the x.org page one there too 12:54
flocculant< in charge :D12:54
knomeyeah, i think that would be good12:54
flocculantokey doke 12:54
knomeper the target audiences for websites (described at http://wiki.xubuntu.org/website/start), the x.org website is the number one place for users12:55
knomewell, it actually doesn't say number one :P12:55
flocculantyea 12:55
flocculantbut a mail to announce probably isn't a target - though it will get fridgified 12:55
knomemaybe it should...12:55
knomeit's fine really12:56
knomeif we thought it shouldn't be linked, then it would be weird to publish it12:56
flocculantnot sure up to now we've done so12:56
knomegood time to start :)12:56
flocculantbut probably because time etc12:57
Nairwolfhi guys, I've found that this morning : http://dev.xubuntu.org/#tab-details (with specification "bugs"). What is it ? Is it bug you want to fix ? 12:57
Nairwolfok, who are developpers here ? 12:58
knomethe xubuntu developer tema12:58
NairwolfON this page, I see there are 87 members. That's pretty big !13:01
flocculantknome: #a6a6a6 is better13:01
NairwolfI'm more interesting by development, but I'm beginner, do you tink I could receive some help, if I need ? 13:02
NairwolfOr, do you think it's possible to list some "easy bug" like libreoffice does, for example ? 13:03
flocculantwish I'd known where to change that - I'd have done an mp for it 13:03
NairwolfI admmit it's difficult to know if it's an easy bug or not, and it involves more work13:03
bluesabreNairwolf: our development team is actually quite a bit smaller, most of those are from the larger Ubuntu developer community, https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+members#active13:05
bluesabretime for work, bbl13:06
bluesabrehf everyone13:06
flocculantcya bluesabre - thanks :)13:06
flocculantbluesabre: you've got lock on wiki ... 13:06
Nairwolfoh, I see that bluesabre !13:06
bluesabreflocculant: woops13:07
bluesabreflocculant: hopped off13:07
bluesabreflocculant: is the lock released?13:07
flocculantyep - have fun :)13:07
Nairwolfbluesabre: I see you've developed a lot of software (catfish, menulibre, parole). Have you started this software from scratch ? When have you started to contribute to Xubuntu ? 13:08
Akxwi-daveflocculant, I've run 14.04 to 16.04 upgrade which failed drastically.. 15.10 to 16.04 ran nice and smoothly  both testcases were logged.. Happy to do some extra upgrade tests13:10
flocculantok - bbl 13:10
flocculantAkxwi-dave: yea upgrade failed on me last week too - I'll be warning on our notes there are dragons there13:10
flocculantwe could perhaps spend a bit of time in vm's with upgrades next week 13:11
NairwolfActually, until April, I will not have time to develop for other projects that I'm currently doing. 13:11
flocculantvan is beeping it's horn - time to off again :)13:11
Akxwi-daveGcya lter mate13:11
NairwolfOh, I think I've found something strange with xenial. There is two launchers for ImageMagick, and no one seems to work (but I'm almost sure I don't know how to use it)13:29
NairwolfWhat are difference between this two launchers ? Isn't better to have only one ? And what is supposed to do after click to one of them ? 13:30
knomeflocculant, well, that's really dark :)13:45
knomeflocculant, but i'll check it13:45
knomeafter all, i don't use the light theme...13:45
knomeok, fine, let's go with #a6a6a613:47
knomeactually nope13:50
knomewant to keep the text readable too, so i'll go with #bbbbbb13:51
knomelet's review this after you've used that for a while13:52
knomebluesabre, pushed the new color schemes to xubuntu-artwork trunk13:58
knomebluesabre, tell me whether you want to land this fix and the new wallpaper (WIP) in two uploads or if you prefer waiting the wallpaper and doing just one upload13:59
jjfrv8bluesabre, did a quick test of catfish 1.4.1. It looks like the custom date search is finding the correct range, but it's still displaying the file modified time in UTC. Should that be the case?14:03
knomeochosi, any estimation when you would have time to write some answers for the article?14:04
jjfrv8bluesabre,for example, if thunar shows a file date of Monday, 21:00, catfish shows it as Tuesday. This is for US Eastern time.14:06
knomeochosi, ok, i mostly have finished my part of the article, and moved that to x.org14:26
knomeok, cloud player users14:28
knomewhat do you want to say about them?14:28
knomei don't think the generic questions are too appropriate in most cases, because i would imagine the selection of tracks affects your choice substantially too...14:28
Nairwolfif someone can help me to understand why there is two ImageMagick by default in the menu, I would appreciate ;)14:48
NairwolfAlso, the second one doesn't have any icon. I suppose it's not normal. 14:48
NairwolfIf it's not normal, I would like to open a bug report, but I need help to know where to post it. 14:49
Nairwolfwhere to report it14:49
Akxwi-davenairwolf its bug 154973214:54
ubottubug 1549732 in imagemagick (Ubuntu) "Duplcate Imagemagick entries on menu, none work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154973214:54
Akxwi-daveIf your testing the ISO, logg that bug against it14:55
Nairwolfthank you Akxwi-dave15:07
NairwolfHave you just opened this bug ? 15:08
Akxwi-daveI opened it around lunch time today..  :-)15:08
Nairwolfok, ok, I should have searched more15:09
NairwolfI've reported that on the iso tracker. Thank you Akxwi-dave.15:12
NairwolfAkxi-dave, but I'm not sure it's caused by the imageMagick package itself. 15:18
Nairwolfbecause ImageMagick can be launched with a picture in argument15:18
Akxwi-daveIf you could add that to the bug report as a comment that will help them to narrow things down.15:26
Akxwi-daveits probably just stray shortcuts that need cleaning up..   :-) 15:27
NairwolfI've done that : http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/357/builds/113243/testcases/1628/results15:29
NairwolfIs it okay ?15:30
Akxwi-davecheers.. 15:32
Akxwi-davethats fine15:32
Akxwi-daveright time to get back to work,,, cya all later15:34
knomeslickymaster, how much have you thought about the installer slideshow for xubuntu 16.04?15:45
knomeflocculant, "When contributor docs live - rework website QA page"15:46
knomeflocculant, isn't that done?15:46
knomeflocculant, not "blocked"15:46
flocculantknome: not blocked - not done15:49
knomenvm then15:49
flocculantprobably needs wording so other people understand it :p15:49
knomeor then noy15:49
knomeas long as you are on top of it, and keep the item up-to-date15:50
flocculantthe cont docs are live - I've not reworked the x.org page yet :p15:50
NairwolfWho is actually the XPL ? 16:24
knomeNairwolf, currently, ochosi is16:25
Nairwolfnice to know that ;)16:27
knomei would also say that it's not too hard to find out yourself16:27
NairwolfAnd who is Pasi ? I've seen his mail right now at xubuntu-users16:27
knomesure, we'll help you where needed, but it's expected that you do something yourself16:28
knomei'm pasi.16:28
knome/whois knome16:28
Nairwolfyes, you right knome. I would do more next time16:28
knomeslickymaster, lp:~xubuntu-doc/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/xubuntu-1604 for the working branch16:33
flocculantknome: "giving the XPL full access to administrate all Xubuntu teams" > "giving the XPL full adminstration access for all Xubuntu teams"17:24
knomecommitted a new revision17:27
dkesselYay... My xenial won't get to lightdm anymore. Instead it hangs before that18:48
dkesselKnown? Good evening18:48
flocculantnot known to me no - fully updated?18:50
dkesselMhh honestly.. Don't know. Don't have time to investigate seither, too Bad. Back to using teisty for today18:51
* genii immediately blames systemd19:24
flocculantgenii blames systemd for that too 19:42
geniidkessel: Is your Xenial hanging on some message like g-io-error-quark19:42
geniiflocculant: I just fixed the lightdm issue on my box here by sudo systemctl enable lightdm19:42
genii...so yes, it was systemd19:43
flocculantyou updated lately? 19:43
* flocculant wonders if he's doing the same next boot 19:43
dkesselgenii: so you had that too?19:44
geniidkessel: Yes, but going from 15.04 to 15.10, not on Xenial. But I suspect likely same or similar issue19:48
flocculantknome: published21:25
pleia2social mediaz time21:27
flocculantyup :)21:27
flocculantthe ubuntu-release mail is there - but no-one at present to moderate the devel-announce one21:28
flocculantbut we can do what we want21:28
pleia2ok, fb, g+ and twitter all done21:30
flocculantpleia2: thanks for that :)21:30
pleia2I'll just prep the -release one for fridge for now, hopefully announce can be let through soon21:32
flocculantawesome :)21:33
pleia2nice quote :)21:34
_Spongepleia2:   ˗ˏˋ ♡ ˎˊ˗21:34
flocculantpleia2: it felt rather apt :D21:34
knomethanks pleia2, our social media princess21:38
flocculantknome: I changed a word in your gmb draft 21:38
knomedid you make the change in the pad too?21:39
knome14:12  knome: ochosi, http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-mm-gmb21:39
Nairwolfhi, no new daily iso tonight ? 20160225 isn't here21:39
flocculantwell guess I missed that one knome - must be because I'm not being pinged on ochosi or knome :p21:40
flocculantNairwolf: no - we just released b1 ... 21:40
knomeflocculant, just making sure that i don't just for some reason copy it over again and revert your fix..21:40
knomeflocculant, bah, you should!21:40
Nairwolfflocculant: ok21:40
knomeflocculant, add all team nicks to hilight!21:40
flocculantknome: no - I really really shouldn't :p21:40
knomethat'd be fun...21:40
NairwolfSo, I'm free tonight ;)21:40
knomeNairwolf, you can always do package testing... :P21:41
knome(just kidding, it's sensible to take breaks)21:41
flocculantknome: changed pad for Justin21:41
Nairwolfknome: that ? http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/350/builds/105268/testcases21:42
Nairwolfknome: that seems fun21:43
flocculantknome: upgrade warning is a lot more in your face on release notes - not much I could on x.org post21:53
knomei can work on it21:54
knomejust a sec..21:54
flocculantyea - thanks :)21:56
flocculantif anyone says 'upgrade didn't work' 21:56
flocculantI shall blunt21:56
flocculantif you'll all excuse me for a day - sick to death of the sight of the tracker - not looking till Saturday :D21:59
knomeflocculant, sure, this is only related to the maintaining anyway22:01
flocculantknome: I didn't mean our one - but iso.qa and package.qa :)22:02
knomeoh, hah22:03
knomefair enough too22:03
knometake the weekend off :P22:03
flocculantthanks ;)22:06
flocculantgoing to make like zebedee now - cya tomorrow :)22:07
pleia2knome: should the beta1 article be on the front page?22:20
pleia2I forget what bits to fiddle for that22:20
knomepleia2, nope; i talked through it with flocculant, and he said it's better if it's not visible22:21
knomeand due to our configuration, it shouldn't show up automatically either (only "articles" are shown)22:22
pleia2        okie22:25
pleia2eep, wifi22:26
Nairwolfthe article about the release is nice ;)22:31
bluesabreevening all22:49
knomehello bluesabre 22:49
bluesabrehey knome22:50
bluesabreNairwolf: I've done some from scratch (mugshot), some based on other work (menulibre from alacarte), some rewritten (parole with ochosi's help), and some just maintaining (xfce4-settings)22:54
bluesabreNairwolf: I started with reporting bugs until ochosi got annoyed and dragged me into IRC22:54
bluesabreknome: when are we expecting the wallpaper?22:56
knomewhen do you need it?22:56
bluesabrejjfrv8: darn, will take a look. Timestamps are in UTC, so that's that confusion22:57
bluesabreknome: no hurry, was in response to your Q about one or two uploads22:59
knomei know22:59
bluesabreknome: UI freeze is march 10, so pretty please before then :D22:59
knomeyeah, it's almost ready22:59
knomejust the last 20% taking 80% of the time..22:59
knomeanyway, i think it's fine enough to land the color change on UIF day too23:00
knomeor practically before23:00
knomeit still gives us some time to react even before b223:00
* bluesabre looks forward to a 4-dimensional wallpaper featuring a mouse in the future23:00
knomeyou might just get one!23:00
Unit193bluesabre: Don't forget taking over catfish! ;)23:02
bluesabreUnit193: yeah, was only giving a few examples23:02
Unit193Gotta give an example of each type! :--D23:02
bluesabreUnit193: just reminds me of all the work I have to do :D23:06
Nairwolfbluesabre: nice to know that ;) I hope being able to follow the same way as you ;)23:10
NairwolfI've started to read code of menulibre this afternoon. It would be great for me to write some Python again23:11
bluesabreNairwolf: Patches are welcome, definitely more bugs exist than I can reasonably fix or manage to look at23:13
Nairwolfbluesabre: okay, I will tell you when I will look more seriously code23:28
NairwolfNow, I can't really, but maye in April, I will have more free time. And I will need your help to understand some modules or other things. 23:29
NairwolfSee you23:29
knomeeither i don't know how to do this right, or a function in php or the launchpad api doesn't work as they should23:45

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