GeekDudeI've rebooted, but it would be nice to know what happened00:58
craigbass76Anyone else having trouble with Chromium locking up?  I'm pretty sure it's Facebook related, but can't prove it.06:10
xanguaFacebook crashes my Firefox06:11
xanguaSo I avoid it06:11
craigbass76I'm not sure why I stay on...06:16
xanguaI just use the chat, but I can use it with Pidgin06:19
mucushiya, so i've got a .sh and it reads like http://pastebin.com/ndJSesLZ , but when i try to execute it i still get http://pastebin.com/2eLMibzd06:34
mucusam i doing something wrong?06:34
mucusokay, so i manually updated openjdk8, and then set that to be recognized as the default java, then commented that line out of the script.06:59
xubuntu83iHi, Im currently instaling xubuntu - not my first time hover I cant get my trackpad to work?08:19
xubuntu83iSeems to work with usb mouse08:19
well_laid_lawnxubuntu83i:  have you checked the X log ?08:22
xubuntu83iYep: xubuntu@xubuntu:/$ xinput list ⎡ Virtual core pointer                    id=2[master pointer  (3)] ⎜   ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer              id=4[slave  pointer  (2)] ⎜   ↳ Razer Razer DeathAdder 2013             id=14[slave  pointer  (2)] ⎜   ↳ Razer Razer DeathAdder 2013             id=15[slave  pointer  (2)] ⎣ Virtual core keyboard                   id=3[master keyboard (2)]     ↳ Virtual c08:23
well_laid_lawnthat's not the X log08:24
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GeekDudeDrCool: Are you using intel graphics by any chance?17:14
DexterFtoday is the official U16.04LTS beta1 date, does xubuntu follow that roadmap?18:30
sorinelloHello. I have an issue with my xubuntu instalation. After I boot, I see t he services loading, then the login screen should appear, but all I see is the cursor not blingking18:43
sorinellocould someone guide me on how to investigate this ?18:44
sorinellolast 2 entries in my syslog file are18:44
sorinelloFeb 25 20:42:25 localhost console-kit-daemon[1003]: (process:1312): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed18:44
sorinelloFeb 25 20:42:25 localhost console-kit-daemon[1003]: missing action18:44
sorinellobut dunno if this is related to my problem18:44
sorinellook, I have isolated a bigt of the problem. It seems that the problem is caused by the latest kernel, the 4.2.0-30. Using 4.2.0-27 work19:39
sorinellohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1548587 ok, found the bug also19:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1548587 in linux (Ubuntu Wily) "Ubuntu 15.10 VMWare guest won't show UI after upgrading to 4.2.0-30" [High,In progress]19:41
sorinellocould  someone explain to me why is this bug invalid ?19:50
sorinelloI am having issues understanding the launchpad page19:50
geniisorinello: There are specific posts which do not relate to the topic of the original post and those have been marked invalid, not the original bug itself.19:59
sorinellogenii, could you point me to the original bug ? I am having exactly the same issue, using Vm Ware also20:01
sorinellogenii, I am mostly referring to the Affects table, where Trusty is marked with invalid, but in the linux-lts-willy, Trusty is maked as in progress20:04
geniisorinello: linux-lts-wily refers to a backported kernel20:07
genii!info linux-image-generic trusty20:09
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 29 kB20:09
geniisorinello: So the reason it's marked invalid there, is because the default linux-image-generic for Trusty is as the bot indicates, and not the problemmatic version of  4.2.0-3020:15
sorinelloI see. thanks. Could you estimate an ETA until this update/fix will be distributed via channels ?20:17
geniisorinello: Sorry, I don't know20:23
DexterF16.10daily: known issue with intel wireless 4965AG(N)? got one on iwl4965 in xub live, wont connect20:36
RoadRunnercan't save changes to /etc/default/hddtemp - get: "/etc/default/hddtemp" and can't seem to change permissions; is loging in as root the only answer or can I do it somehow from my user account?21:42
knomethere's hardly ever (read: never) a reason to log in as root.21:44
RoadRunnerso what's the simple solution? :)21:45
knomewell, if you read my comment closely, you would notice i said there's (always) a simple solution available21:46
knomeerr, i *didn't* say21:46
RoadRunnerto cut to the chase, can you suggest A solution for the above issue :) ?21:48
knomeno, i'm not familiar with that.21:48
Piciuse sudo21:49
RoadRunnerPici: me being a newbie, could you tell me the full command systax for saving a changed text file with sudo?21:53
PiciRoadRunner: you'd need to re-open it with sudo. i.e: sudo nano /etc/default/hddtemp21:54
RoadRunneris nano a part of xubuntu distro?21:55
RoadRunnerany reason to using nano rather than Mousepad?21:57
flocculantnone - unless you're not at a desktop21:57
flocculantpkexec mousepad /path/to/root/owned/stuff21:57
RoadRunnerflocculant: tried the above command and am getting "Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)" but sudo mousepad /etc/default/hddtemp seems to work...22:04
RoadRunnerand time for another newbie question... how do you save in nano?22:10
NairwolfI think it's Ctrl+O22:15
NairwolfIsn't displayed at the back ?22:15
RoadRunnerNairwolf: you are right, I wonder what genius came up with "O" considering it isn't present in the word "save" or "write"?22:18
NairwolfIt's to annoy newbies ^^22:19
RoadRunner:) they have succeeded beyond measure :)22:20
RoadRunnerflocculant: you mentioned nano is better than mousepad if "you're not at a desktop", could you explain?22:27
NairwolfRoadRunner: It's because you run nano in a terminal. And mousepad is a gui application22:33
NairwolfSo, for example, if you're at a server, usually, you don't have graphical windows, so, you use nano (or vim) to edit text files22:33
RoadRunnergot it22:34
RoadRunnernow, any idea why am I getting "Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)" with pkexec?22:35
NairwolfI'm sorry, I don't know what is pkexec22:37
mpmctooI assumed that because Ubuntu has dropped the software center that Xubuntu would drop it too, I've just upgraded and it's still there?22:40
GeekDudeRoadRunner: If you modified the file, you will be prompted save your changes during exit (Ctrl-X)22:42
GeekDudeSomewhat more straightforward than Ctrl-O, but not excessively so22:43
GeekDudeAt least X makes sense, eXit22:43
RoadRunnerGeekDude: not sure how that answers my "core dumped" question...22:46
xanguampmctoo: probably the gnome appstore has many gnome dependencies?22:46
GeekDudeRoadRunner: it does answer the "how do you save in nano" question though22:47
GeekDudeIn a different, yet still informative manner22:47
mpmctooxangua: Yep I understand that, just wanted to know what the replacement might have been :p22:47
RoadRunnerGeekDude: thank you :)22:47
xanguampmctoo: you can try the Lubuntu store22:48
xanguaDon't remember how the package is called exactly22:48
mpmctooxangua: Yep was hoping Xubuntu would pick something different though =P22:49
xanguaOr just use synaptic22:49
RoadRunnerthanks to all for all the help and guidance! (I almost feel like a big boy now) :))22:50
mpmctooxangua: I usually just use apt-get if I can remember the name :p22:50
t4nk147hy can someone help me I have a black screen after yakeup my laptop23:00
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nanotubeGeekDude: ctl-o is for 'write Out', innit? :)23:53
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