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cory_fuNot sure if this is the right place to ask, but https://jujucharms.com/cassandra/ is not ingesting the most recent commit (reverted a merge, then reverted the revert), and `charm2 publish` is failing with "Alias [cs] has more than one indices associated with it [[cs-bc968f36-3d9a-4329-8551-fce8e052058c, cs-a300c88c-19cc-4f6e-80e3-4b20c21374a5]]"19:36
urulamacory_fu: thanks, that's interesting20:04
urulamacory_fu: you're right about the issue, we'll fix it and then ingestion and publishing should work again20:09
cory_fuurulama: Is it the "merge, revert, re-apply" that broke it?20:11
urulamacory_fu: no, no, there were reboots ov VMs over the day due to glibc bug20:11
cory_fuAh, I see20:12
cory_fuurulama: Should the ingestion be working yet?  Still seeing the old version21:32
urulamacory_fu: waiting on webops21:43
cory_fuAh, ok21:43
urulamacory_fu: cassandra updated, "Id":"cs:~charmers/trusty/cassandra-14","PublishTime":"2016-02-26T22:17:10.485Z"}22:21

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