magicaltroutalthough that seems to be haproxy only and not apache200:04
magicaltroutisn't there a webpage with a list of available interfaces on it?00:07
* magicaltrout can't wait for the updated docs and stuff to get properly indexed00:07
magicaltroutinterfaces.juju.solutions that bad boy00:09
lazyPowermagicaltrout - you hit the nail on the head. that works as expected due to the interface being provided for you01:02
lazyPowerapache2 being an older charm has no such interface documentation, and its painful to integrate with charms that dont use interface-layers as competing implementations of the same interface exist01:03
blahdeblahwallyworld: ping - quick question: do you guys have a standard recommendation for how to manually move a bootstrap node to another system?05:14
blahdeblahcc: ^ anastasiamac axw05:22
axwblahdeblah: sounds like a job for backup/restore05:26
blahdeblahaxw: You do know that is one of our trigger words, right? :-)05:26
axwblahdeblah: had bad experiences with it? there are known issues, slated for fixing in 2.1 I believe05:27
axwblahdeblah: but I think it's the only "standard recommendation" we have05:27
blahdeblahaxw: Ask wallyworld to tell you the story sometime :-)05:27
axwblahdeblah: ah, I think I may know what you're referring to :)05:28
blahdeblahSo should it basically work on 1.24.7?05:28
blahdeblahactually, no; I think it's
* blahdeblah checks05:28
axwblahdeblah: I'm not aware of any major bugs with it that would, say, delete all your machines. just usability issues05:29
blahdeblahCool - thanks; I'll have a read of the doco later05:30
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ryotagamijamespage: I have a quick question, if you have time.08:58
admcleod1i have a leadership question.. i have 2 nodes in a peer relation, and both report is_leader false (in the charm, and in a debug hook). apparently both were denied leadership: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15204742/10:41
admcleod1and http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15204752/10:43
admcleod1hmm maybe looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/146530710:49
mupBug #1465307: 1.24.0: Lots of "agent is lost, sorry!" messages <landscape> <regression> <juju-core:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1465307>10:49
magicaltroutright sod it11:33
magicaltroutits friday11:33
magicaltroutI'm bored11:33
* magicaltrout rents a cheap server to try Jorge's Xenial blog stuff11:33
magicaltroutwoop shiny new server with 6TB of storage11:57
magicaltroutshould keep me going11:57
magicaltroutboom xenial here i come12:20
jamespagebeisner, zul : I raised merges for mongodb and mysql compat for xenial btw14:03
jamespagemgz, I guess jelmer is a good person to poke right?14:29
jamespagebeisner, I'm getting nowhere fast with the bzr fast-import problem14:32
mgzjamespage: well, he does know more about the import process than me, though not sure he has any more time14:38
jamespagemgz, ok - that's what I thought but its worth a punt14:38
jamespagemgz, trying to import git repo's back to bzr - all but one of the 24 repositories works just fine14:39
jamespagebeisner, I can think of ways to workaround this but they are not pretty14:41
mgzand it's ghost revs or some other form of odd history?14:41
mgzjamespage: one option would be working out what's odd about the history, redo the git import with that part rewritten, then you'll get a clean import back14:42
jamespageABORT: exception occurred processing commit :39314:43
jamespagebzr: ERROR: An inconsistent delta was supplied involving '<unknown>', 'havana-20160226144309-u3xhs67nd4l2ygof-220'14:43
jamespagemgz, how do I resolve that back to the original bzr export git import?14:46
mgzjamespage: not clear just from that, what's the diff of that commit14:49
jamespagemgz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15206137/14:50
jamespagehmm - I wonder whether is those symlinks...14:50
mgzthose do look some odd filemoves14:51
jamespageyes agreed14:51
jamespagemgz, its like the ordering on those fast-import statements is wrong14:52
mgzD templates/havana14:53
mgzbet its an issue from git not versioning directories14:53
mgzso, we lost the rev info in the export/import roundtrip through git14:53
jamespagemgz, I see the same if I just try to re-import the original export directly back into bzr14:54
jcastroaisrael: xenial vagrant boxes do exist: http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/xenial/current/14:54
jcastrothey're just not listed in on the vagrant page14:54
aisraeljcastro: Ahh. I tend to use the vagrant-registered ones because that supports versioning14:55
mgzjamespage: so, my prefered solution would be manipulating the original export of merge/mung the problem history14:55
mgzso you're clean from there on14:55
jcastroI think it was just an oversight, I let gaughen know14:55
jcastroor they may be doing it on purpose because it's a beta14:56
jamespagemgz, so the data in the original fast export file ?14:56
mgzjamespage: yeah, there are also rewrite options to the fast export command14:58
mgzand I think on the git import side14:58
gaughenjcastro, you're specifically looking for it in the beta? because we're building dailies but it does seem to be missing from beta 115:08
jcastrogaughen: I was just wondering why we're not listing it on vagrantcloud.com15:16
jcastroI was assuming because we're not released yet, which would make sense15:19
gaughenjcastro, I'll follow up on that specific item15:35
apuimedojamespage: I have the mem-manager with amulet and unit tests15:36
apuimedoshould I add it to the existing bugs?15:36
apuimedofor review and promulgation15:36
jamespageapuimedo, new charm bug please15:38
apuimedojamespage: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/155039415:44
mupBug #1550394: New charm: mem-manager <Juju Charms Collection:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1550394>15:44
apuimedoI tried assigning it to you but I don't think I'm allowed to15:44
apuimedoI ran the amulet tests with the local lxc provider15:44
apuimedoand tried it on ha15:44
apuimedoas well15:44
jamespageapuimedo, let it run through the normal review process - with my current workload its likely someone else will pick it up forst...15:46
apuimedojamespage: understood15:47
apuimedocory_fu: did you merge that cassandra change again?15:49
apuimedo(wondering if I should update my bundles)15:49
cory_fuNot yet.  I was going to shortly15:49
jamespageif anyone has a spare moment - https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/mongodb/forward-compat-xenial/+merge/28731215:50
jamespagefixes up compat of the mongodb charm with xenialk15:50
apuimedook, let me know, cause I'll also have to send changes to cs:trusty/midonet-api amulet tests and also cs:trusty/midonet-agent and cs:trusty/neutron-agents-midonet15:51
apuimedocory_fu: ^^15:51
lazyPowerjamespage - approved and merged15:55
jamespagelazyPower, thankyou15:55
lazyPowerthanks beisner and ci :) the passing results made that a no brainer merge15:56
admcleod1jamespage: hey james, did you have any ideas about the leadership stuff i mentioned earlier in here?15:59
jamespageadmcleod1, missed that16:09
* jamespage reads backscroll16:09
cory_fuapuimedo: Ok, I'm going to merge now.  Link me to the MPs for the test fixes and I'll do those as well16:16
apuimedook, just a moment16:17
apuimedocory_fu: do you know how to put the three sources on a string for amulet?16:23
apuimedoI only got your multiline example for bundle/config file16:24
apuimedoshould I add "\n - "16:24
apuimedobetween the different sources16:24
cory_fuapuimedo: You can also do "[source, source, source]"16:25
pmatulis'juju sync-tools' is apparently deprecated in juju-core2 . where do its features go? what does one do if the agents do not have internet access?16:27
apuimedocory_fu: https://code.launchpad.net/~celebdor/charms/trusty/midonet-api/cassandra/+merge/28733416:29
apuimedoI'll do the other two now16:29
magicaltroutoooh jcastro not putting all your signups on bcc, thats a bit naughty! :P16:32
stokachuso juju 2.0 has accounts which list admin@local as the admin user for a controller16:32
stokachuhowever, you can't login to the api with admin@local only user-admin16:33
stokachuis the because the api doesn't support the login from accounts yet?16:33
* magicaltrout returns to bashing his head on an LXD shaped wall16:34
jcastromagicaltrout: ack16:34
jcastromagicaltrout: it's email, it's all spam16:34
admcleod1jamespage: any ideas?16:35
jcastroI am hoping the next beta of juju will fix my lxd problems16:35
apuimedocory_fu: https://code.launchpad.net/~celebdor/charms/trusty/neutron-agents-midonet/cassandra/+merge/28733616:35
lazyPowerrick_h_ SHARED MODELS?!16:35
magicaltroutaye well lxd beta2 and juju trunk don't work but I don't know if its me messing something up or elsewhere16:35
magicaltroutbecause when I roll back to alpha1 and stuff it still seems broken16:36
jcastroit's a known issue, they're working on a release now16:36
jcastrolet me find the bug for you16:36
mupBug #1547268: Can't bootstrap environment after latest lxd upgrade   <juju-core:In Progress by jameinel> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1547268>16:36
jcastrois what you want16:36
jcastromagicaltrout: core tells me new beta early next week with this resolved, so this is the one thing we're waiting on16:37
magicaltroutyes to the api_compat bit16:37
apuimedocory_fu: https://code.launchpad.net/~celebdor/charms/trusty/midonet-agent/cassandra/+merge/28733816:38
magicaltroutso I got the various LXD/LXC beta2 packages and installed them16:38
apuimedothere, that was the last one16:38
jcastroare you on trusty?16:38
magicaltroutso i've downgraded which gets rid of api_compat16:38
stokachuwallyworld: do you know when logging into the api will use the admin user from the accounts (admin@local) instead of 'user-admin'?16:38
* apuimedo taking a 30min break16:38
magicaltroutI just bought a random server in the cloud and walked through your blog, so i'm sat in xenial16:38
magicaltroutbut with a downgraded lxc lxd stack16:38
magicaltroutso I dont' get the api_compat error16:39
jcastrooh, I don't think that would work16:39
jcastrojam: ^^ that shouldn't work right?16:39
cory_fuapuimedo: Ok, I'll get to them shortly16:39
magicaltroutwell, I figured that as well, so I folled the juju source right back16:39
magicaltroutand it made no real difference16:39
magicaltroutthe bootstrap node comes up16:39
magicaltroutbut then can't authenticate against it and fails16:39
magicaltroutmaybe i didn't rollback far enough, I got to 2.0 alpha 116:40
jcastroI think beta2 is the one you want16:42
jcastroor did you try that one too?16:42
magicaltrouthold on, LXD/LXC beta 2?16:42
jcastrono, juju16:42
magicaltroutdunno, i'll go dig out a tag16:42
magicaltroutbeta2? not alpha2?16:43
magicaltroutcause it didn't get into 1.25 did it16:43
magicaltroutso it ended up on the devel ppa which became 2.016:43
jcastroI'm sorry, I meant juju _alpha_216:45
magicaltroutbuilding... lets see what she does16:49
magicaltroutna exactly the same connection refused error16:50
magicaltroutwhich makes me wonder what on earth its doing16:50
tvansteenburgh1frankban: when you have time can you put the latest juju-deployer from pypi into juju/stable please?16:51
=== tvansteenburgh1 is now known as tvansteenburgh
frankbantvansteenburgh: sure, I'll do that next week16:54
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tvansteenburghfrankban: ta16:55
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stokachuanyone on the juju team able to answer my question(s) to the mailing list?19:17
alexisbstokachu, yes, I would like wallyworld to answer that one, the short answer is yes it will be there but target depends on progress for the new bootstrap/controller work his team is doing19:21
alexisbstokachu, I will loop him into the thread to make sure he sees it19:21
stokachualexisb: ok perfect thank you!19:21
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firlyou around lazyPower ?20:36
lazyPowerfirl you betchya20:36
firlgot it up and running20:37
lazyPowerawww yeaaaa20:37
firlhad a questiona bout services though, how to get an external ip mapped to them20:38
lazyPowerWe've been talking through this ourselves, mbruzek and I20:38
lazyPowerwe had some success with consul as service discovery and putting that behind a reverse proxy20:39
lazyPowerthe other option is ot launch a pod with host port mappings which expose them on the network of the machine, like docker run -p 80:80 style20:39
mbruzekfirl: TL;DR; it is hard20:39
firlwhat about openstack20:40
firlmake it even harder? ;)20:40
firlwhat about implementing the tcp load balancer service?20:41
lazyPoweri like this idea20:42
magicaltroutthe talk of loadbalancers and reverse proxies are banned in this channel20:43
lazyPowerfirl - i took a look here http://kubernetes.io/v1.1/docs/user-guide/services.html#type-loadbalancer, see the subsection about External IP's20:43
lazyPowerlooks like we just pass it config and the kubes-router does all the iptables magic20:44
firlit’s up to the kubernetes implementation to be able to implement it20:44
lazyPowerok so, lets talk through this - thats an integration with neutron right?20:44
firlmagicaltrout :)20:45
firllazyPower ya20:45
firljuju has access to the networking id's20:46
firljuju already does this for the maas / lxc implementation also right?20:47
lazyPoweryeah, but this is also apples/oranges too, juju has deep integration with lxd/lxc20:49
lazyPowerdocker is only being modeled by the charm, so all that is on us, and how our charm talks to the components, so the comparison there was a bit off in terms of whats being given automatically20:49
firlwell my thought is, doesn’t juju also expose the network side of openstack to the juju subsystem20:50
firlif juju had a way to map an IP address from neutron to the container, you can easily forward it20:50
lazyPoweryeah, i haven't done a lot with networks spaces *yet*20:50
lazyPowerbut its there in 2.020:50
firljuju already controls the security side20:50
lazyPowerhave you looked at juju network spaces docs yet?20:51
firlfor 2? no I haven't20:51
lazyPowerwe should look at that and figure out how to do this :)20:51
firlI have seen some stuff for LACP20:51
firlI think that would be one of the right ways20:51
firlthe other thing you could do is just implement the service to spawn up a haProxy charm20:51
lazyPowerthere's also vulcand, nginx w/ consul-template or etcd/confd20:52
firli think vulcand has done more with kube also20:52
firl( If I remember correctly )20:53
lazyPowerI think it really depends on the workload, and this is going to take a few bundles to get the right options together20:53
lazyPowerwe looked into this before, and our best success was with the reverse proxy and template watchers20:53
lazyPowerbut thats been 6 or 7 months ago20:53
firltemplate watchers being when the kube services change?20:53
lazyPoweryeah, as they come up, down, etc.20:53
firl+,- pods?20:53
firlyeah I saw a great article on it20:54
lazyPowerthe containers registered in consul, and consul-template was rewriting an nginx config20:54
firlI can’t seem to find the article, but ya essentially what you have mentioned20:58
firlso in the mean time until that gets resolved / figured out. how should I create a mapping? create a private subnet route to the network server and do iptables to map to the internal ip?20:59
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mbruzekfirl: That looks like it would work, if you get that working I would love to read more about it21:02
firlit’s easier for me because I have pfsense as the backend and can do that via simple routes21:02
firlbut that solution doesn’t lend itself to most people21:03
lazyPowerI hear ya firl21:09
firlI think the proper solution would be to leverage the juju networking stack21:10
firlfor exposing kube services, however being able to do ssl termination of load balancers would be a nice add with a juju bundle21:10
bdxcore, charmers: I'm experiencing behavior I can't understand or explain when deploying to the openstack provider using 1.25.3 released/released .... when I `juju deploy postgresql`, my machine goes into error state. juju-env -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/15209811/ , machine-0.log -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/15209834/ , nova-api-os-compute.log -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/15209842/21:24
bdxcore, charmers: but when I `juju deploy postgresql <anyname other then postgresql>` I have successful deploys .... has anyone heard of anything like this?21:26
bdxcore, charmers: my machine-0.log is also getting spammed with "2016-02-26 20:49:17 ERROR juju.rpc server.go:573 error writing response: EOF"21:31
bdxcore, charmers: I can reproduce this to no end -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/15209967/21:40
firllazyPower is there a way to specify what internal networking namespace to use?23:21
firl( I see it )23:21

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