sgclarkNow if we could just figure out the magic Jonathan did to get those approved so fast.00:00
sgclarkanyway, I am off, migraine all day. Need rest.00:01
sgclarkwow what is with all the merge fails..00:01
* sgclark runs off and cries00:12
valorieso strange!00:13
sgclarkEvery single one has - There is no stable or unstable branch! so what do we have... are all these qt4 apps?00:15
sgclarkno I am seeing qt5 apps going across00:15
sgclarksomething is very broken.. again.. sigh..00:15
sgclarkktux? really?00:15
sgclarkcome on give me a break!?!00:16
sgclarkkfloppy.. 00:16
valoriesitter, any insight?00:17
valoriethings were going so green.....00:17
sgclarkthese are all first time builds00:17
sgclarkwhy are they even there is what i want to know00:18
sgclarkvalorie: it is not quite as tragic as it looks, these are git branch merges not builds.00:18
valorieoh good00:19
sgclarkbut depressing non the less.00:19
valoriestill, red FAILUREs across the screen.....00:19
sgclarkI don't know what changed to trigger these, most of them should not be merging at all.00:19
sgclarkwe do not maintain qt4 apps in git, which is why there is no stable or unstable branches... point of failure00:20
sgclarkanyway, head hurts to much right now to even attempt debugging00:21
valoriesgclark: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}00:23
valorieget a nice lie-down in some quiet dark place00:23
* valorie puts on the soft music and hot tea00:24
sgclarkthese are all branch failures. I don't know what changed... but it has to do with backports. clivejo yofel ^^00:53
sitterI should make optimizations while doing updates I guess08:58
valorieeverybody left and kci blew up08:58
sitternah it's my fault08:59
sitterit created jobs it shouldn't create08:59
valoriepoor overworked kci09:00
sittergoing through it with a flamethrower now09:23
valoriethank you darling09:24
clivejositter: care to share the flame thrower, Id take great pleasure in roasting KCI!10:38
clivejositter: also, we have a few packages need their debian git URL changed/updated10:41
clivejocan you show one of us how to do that?10:42
sitterclivejo: debian git url updated?10:52
sitterthe jobs derive themself from the debian git repo10:52
clivejositter: KCI is using these http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kubuntu/10:53
clivejobut debian have created their own 10:53
sitterfork and change https://github.com/blue-systems/pangea-tooling/blob/master/ci-tooling/data/projects/kci.yaml10:54
clivejowe dont have the resources to maintance separate ones, so need to use the debian maintances repos10:54
sitterthen have someone with admin access setup an envrionment and run ./update-projects.rb --> https://github.com/blue-systems/pangea-tooling/wiki/Getting-Started10:54
clivejositter: could you update the following https://anonscm.debian.org/git/pkg-kolab/libkolab.git https://anonscm.debian.org/git/pkg-kolab/libkolabxml.git and http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kde-extras/libkgapi.git/11:22
clivejoand Ill make a start on getting the branches setup11:23
sitterwon't make a difference as long as the other repos have CI branches11:24
clivejositter: just trying to tidy up other packaging11:25
clivejositter: also is it possible to add other KDE projects to KCI?11:28
clivejoie calligra, kdevelop, digikam?11:28
sitterneed packaging11:36
clivejositter: any ETA on when KCI will be working again?11:45
* clivejo sings to himself11:57
clivejositter: why is executor 1 showing as dead?12:17
sitterthraed dead12:17
clivejohow come?12:17
sitterno clue12:17
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sitterclivejo: https://paste.kde.org/pad3p04s4 flamethrower. not that it has any use outside what I did :P12:57
BluesKajHiyas all13:19
clivejohi BluesKaj13:20
BluesKajhi clivejo13:20
ghostcubemeh srsly? https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=81506014:33
ubottuDebian bug 815060 in ftp.debian.org "RM: nvidia-graphics-modules -- RoQA; Violates kernel license" [Normal,Open]14:33
marco-parilloIt does seem analogous (though obviously not identical) to the current ZFS dust-up.14:45
marco-parilloBut, until anything chages, maybe better suited to -offtopic14:46
asequesI just upgraded my laptop to current kde using kubuntu-backports and got my first crash 16:30
asequesApparently drkonky is not triggering the install of the debug packages16:30
asequesIs there any shortcut to install all the required packages for kde debugging (basically to get useful traces)16:31
soeehmm i'm not sure16:38
soeebut their size would be huge :)16:38
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ahoneybunI can't install ubuntu-sdk20:08
ahoneybundep hell20:08
sgclarkinstalls fine here20:09
ahoneybunI'm getting "Some packages could not be installed"20:10
ahoneybununmet dependecies20:11
sgclarkdunno. did not get that and it is installling20:11
sgclarkthough I am on xenial, you?20:11
ahoneybunI cleaned install 15.10 yesterday, updated, added backports, updated20:11
ahoneybundid you install a daily or upgraded?20:12
sgclarkthis particular install has survived upgrades since vivid haha.20:14
ahoneybunoh wow20:14
ahoneybunmm do-release-upgrade -d did not find a new release20:22
acheron88ahoneybun: on a fairly fresh wily VM, I get: http://i.imgur.com/RQ16X4S.png20:32
ahoneybunsame thing here acheron88 20:33
ahoneybuneven with the backports ppa20:33
acheron88xenial seems fine, though didn't actually do the install20:33
ahoneybuna few packages must not be in wily for some reason20:34
ahoneybunvery weird20:34
acheron88or qt5 version?20:35
ahoneybunbut Ubuntu 15.10 works fine20:35
sgclarkisn't 15.10 wily?20:36
acheron88was a newer qt built in the ppa though?20:36
acheron88dunno to be honest. I skipped wily20:37
* ahoneybun starts his move to xenial20:50
soeevote please https://plus.google.com/u/0/110954078302330754910/posts/QxzTjSopu9x :)21:04
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ghostcubeoh wrong channel wrong window.. sorry guys :D  ... and i wondered why nothing happend21:07
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* clivejo kicks kidentitymanagement23:12
clivejostupid thing23:13
* sgclark kicks all of wily23:25
valorieoh dear, sitter's fix didn't fix everything23:30
clivejowhat fix?23:31
sgclarkvalorie: we are down to actual build failures. I am fixing.23:32
valorieclivejo: he showed you the code last night23:33
valoriesgclark: \o/ and {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}23:33
sgclarkwhat code where?23:33
sgclarkI would like to know how to fix that mess to23:34
valoriewhen they were discussing the "flamethrower"23:34
sgclarklooks like my bouncer decided it was not important23:35
valorieI'll paste, sgclark23:36
clivejosgclark: https://paste.kde.org/pixjtbiqx/yvurvr23:38
valorieor that!23:40
clivejoabout time!23:49
valorieyay for green!23:52
clivejosgclark: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_akonadi/23:55
clivejolots of missing files23:55
clivejoyou know what to do with them?23:55

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