Fudgeanyone aware if isc-dhcp-server has known issues in xenial currently?01:56
Fudgeusing my config from trusty but02:09
ChibaPetFudge: It should throw errors in a log if it doesn't like your config.02:17
Fudgethere are errors, about permissions on /var/;iob/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases02:17
ChibaPetNext, use something like netstat -nap to see if it's listening.02:18
Fudgethere are errors about  not being able to append to /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases02:18
ChibaPetAh. Then check the ownership and permissions of that file.02:18
Fudgewho should own it, dhcpd or root?02:18
ChibaPetIt's 0644 root:root on my Debian DHCP server here. They could have changed it, though.02:19
Fudgeso i jsut deleted the dhcpd.leases02:20
Fudgethen clients are getting assigne dip addresses02:20
Fudgewhich are online02:20
Fudgebut not all02:20
ChibaPetdip addresses?02:22
ChibaPetYou should see lease negotiation traffic in syslog anyway.02:22
ChibaPetor... somewhere. I'm still an Ubuntu noob.02:22
Fudgebug #153595202:32
ubottubug 1535952 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu) "isc-dhcp-server.service fails on xenial with "Can't open lease database /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases: No such file or directory"" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153595202:32
ChibaPetOr, that.02:33
Fudgeso for the tiem being things are working02:34
Fudge-rw-r--r--  1 dhcpd dhcpd 2335 Feb 26 13:34 dhcpd.leases02:35
Fudgeit creates the files as root but apparently needs to be owned by dhcpd02:35
ChibaPetAh, it opens its priv'd port as root and then drops privs. So they *did* change it. That's a good change.02:36
Fudgeyeah should be pretty easy fix02:40
Fudgei didnt see the upgrade as i  didnt have proposed enabled04:52
Fudgenow using isc-dhcp-server                   4.3.3-5ubuntu804:52
Fudgeso it seems that if i have a static client that those are not getting assigned ip addresses, how can i debug dhcp-server04:53
Fudgeany ideas?04:58
lotuspsychje!info isc-dhcp-server xenial05:23
ubottuisc-dhcp-server (source: isc-dhcp): ISC DHCP server for automatic IP address assignment. In component main, is optional. Version 4.3.3-5ubuntu7 (xenial), package size 438 kB, installed size 1542 kB05:23
Fudgeisc-dhcp-server                   4.3.3-5ubuntu805:34
Fudgefrom proposed05:34
lotuspsychjebut proposed can break right05:35
Fudgei upgraded because it was supposed to be fixed lol05:36
lotuspsychjeFudge: did you clean install xenial?05:36
lotuspsychjeor wily do-release-upgrade -d05:36
Fudgelets downgrade and see what happens05:37
Fudgeyep fresh install05:37
lotuspsychjekk nice05:37
Fudgebut i did use my bind dhcp folders05:37
Fudgefrom trusty05:37
lotuspsychjeyeah try out without the proposed one, maybe thats more stable05:37
Fudgejust downgraded05:37
Fudgeback here again, Can't create new lease file: Permission denied05:47
Fudgei am using service isc-dhcp-server start, is that righ tor should i be using systemctl05:47
lotuspsychje16.04 uses systemd05:48
ubottusystemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers05:48
Fudgeand a combination of my firewall05:51
Fudgei have this ongoing problem of some other rules being loaded05:52
lotuspsychjeFudge: maybe the #netfilter guys can help on that1?05:52
Fudgethanks mate, im on #networking, they are good guys but ill try there too05:53
lotuspsychjeyeah networking is pro05:53
ChibaPetnote that service still works06:02
ChibaPetBut it's probably better to succumb. :P06:02
Fudgelotuspsychje:  yeah a guy there is really helpful06:06
FudgeChibaPet:  lol06:12
alteregoaupdate-manager -d doesn't find 16.04 in repo09:24
ngaiois it by design that applications stored in /usr/local don't show up in the menu until the next restart? I don't see that same behavior in 15.1010:37
ngaiothat is, install an application that puts its resources /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/share, and it doesn't show up in the launcher (I've tested Unity and Mate) until after reboot10:39
Fudgeis anyone experiencing any isc-dhcp-client issues, where leases arent being renewed11:18
lotuspsychjeFudge: cant you file a bug against this one?11:19
Fudgelotuspsychje:  i dont really have any concrete evidence11:20
lotuspsychjeFudge: ubuntu-bug isc-dhcp-client11:20
lotuspsychjeand explain what your situation is...the devs might find out whats the issue11:21
Fudgetrue, thanks11:22
Fudgebug  #155028911:26
ubottubug 1550289 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu) "after my isp lease is due to be renewed isc-dhcp-client does not seem to be renewing, have to take interface down on internet and up again before a new external ip is assigned." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155028911:26
lotuspsychjeFudge: good, lets see where that brings us :p11:28
Fudgeplus downgrading again too, i forgit it updated to the proposed version11:28
lotuspsychje!info isc-dhcp-client xenial11:29
ubottuisc-dhcp-client (source: isc-dhcp): DHCP client for automatically obtaining an IP address. In component main, is important. Version 4.3.3-5ubuntu7 (xenial), package size 233 kB, installed size 674 kB11:29
lotuspsychjeFudge: ouch, you placed the bug with the proposed package version11:29
lotuspsychjeFudge: make sure its the default one from xenial11:30
Fudgethats the version i was using though11:30
Fudgei cant file bugs against proposed versions11:31
Fudgedidnt realise, sh ould i remove my bug and re-file?11:32
lotuspsychjedefault version is  4.3.3-5ubuntu7 right11:32
lotuspsychjeand proposed one 811:32
lotuspsychjeFudge: well, how about you update the existing bug to avoid too many bugs11:33
lotuspsychjeFudge: and add version  4.3.3-5ubuntu7 saying, you have this issue on both versions right?11:33
lotuspsychjeFudge: update it at bottom with 'add comment'11:34
Fudgeyep, ill see if i get the same behaviour with this version11:34
Fudgeshoujld ahve read the changelog11:34
lotuspsychjeFudge: you could also try a systemctl restart11:35
lotuspsychjesee what it does11:35
lotuspsychjeFudge: try a few things out, and keep the comments updated, so the devs see what you have tried11:36
Fudgethanks cobber11:36
lotuspsychjeno sweat, we might have a nice clean xenial in april this way :p11:37
Fudgeupdated my bug, still does it on this version11:44
Fudgeyeah im looking forward to xenial11:47
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faekjarzHey there, seemingly i've missed a memo or something. By now i tested 2 daily-live ISOs - Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 x64 (20160225.1) and plain Ubuntu 16.04 x64 (20160226) - and none of them let me install onto a ZFS-root (/). What's the deal? Is this ZedFS inclusion limited to virtualisation, containers and stuff? Or is it not yet implemented in the installer?13:19
BluesKajHiyas all13:19
marlincfaekjarz, its not included in the installer13:23
marlincZFS works perfectly on 16.04 its just that you manually have to set up boot of ZFS if that's what you want13:24
DaekdroomAnd there's no reason for it to be in the desktop versions installer, really. It's a server feature.13:32
faekjarzmarlinc: yes that's what i intended :) Well, kind of. I've heard there's a non-DKMS solution - is there a guide how to properly set up ZFS boot13:35
marlincYes, there are. Wait a moment13:35
marlincYou will probably have to follow:13:36
marlincNot sure how up-to-date it is though13:36
marlincMy process in general is the following: 1. start using live usb, 2. install zfsutils-linux, 3. create pool, 4. create zvol with about 8 gb of storage, 5. start the Ubuntu installer like normal, install to the zvol (including the bootloader) the bootloader install will fail which is fine, 6. copy contents of zvol filesystem to a zfs dataset, 7. chroot into the dataset, 8. install zfsutils-linux in the chroot, 9. install GRUB13:39
marlincAnd then reboot :p13:39
marlincfaekjarz, ^13:39
faekjarzDaekdroom: meh, it's origin (Solaris) is indeed the server realm. My POV is not the separation of servers and desktops (clients / workstations) - i mean it's a file system. One with awesome features (integrity, snapshots, replication, and stuff) <- totally usefull on every machine, including desktops13:39
marlincThat's my thought on the matter as well faekjarz13:40
faekjarzyay :D13:40
faekjarzmarlinc: thanks for the link! Let's try \m/13:43
asperhi there. i configured and enabled systemd-networkd and added a bridge on eth0. the thing is: eth0 still gets an ip and my routing is fucked up. i disabled networking.service but i see that dhclient still runs at boot. any hints on how to disable it? dhcp should be handled by systemd-networkd, right?14:51
asperok. after removing the entries from /etc/network/interfaces for eth0 the problems go away. rather unconvenient setup.15:28
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FudgeBluesKaj:  g'day and good morning from Tasmania19:47
BluesKajHey Fudge, good afternoon from Ontario, Canada20:00
Fudgehey cobber, are you freezing there yet?20:02
Fudgestill having a hard time with my xenial server and dhcp20:03
BluesKajyeah still coolish here, -3C atm , but sunny20:04
Fudgewow thats pretty chilly mate, even overnight for us at the moment we are at about 1220:04
squinty_here on Vancouver Island BC we hit 16 yesterday...not quite as warm today20:05
BluesKajwell, you guys are in different climate zone altogether, but your server is not connecting with network manager or..?20:06
Fudgenot sure that I am using netwoork manager, its xenial-server. fresh install from a few days ago. i had same setup on trusty and it was rock solid but now on xenial i get disconnected all the time, this is a gateway so the machine is  disconnected from the net and i  have to take the interface down and back up20:09
Fudgepossibly when i get a new lease it doesnt update, not sure how to add some debugging to logs for it either20:10
Fudgemaybe this could be the problem20:11
Fudge-rw-r--r-- 1 dhcpd dhcpd   996 Feb 27 06:52 dhclient.enp6s7.leases20:11
Fudge-rw-r--r-- 1 root  root    498 Feb 26 20:20 dhclient.leases20:11
Fudgeyou can see that isc-dhcp-client and server are having problems with permissions, maybe if I chown the second file to dhcpd:dhcpd my problems will go away20:12
BluesKajmy problem is that servers aren't my stong suit20:13
Fudgecmon mate dont be like that :p20:16
BluesKajbut I used to setup a static IP in /etc/resolv.conf , but it is now overwritten by /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head and apprently that's where one sets the IPs for   gateway and namservers when not using network manager20:18
yeatsBluesKaj: you can specify "dns-nameservers" in /etc/network/interfaces and resolvconf will populate the file with your selections20:21
yeats(for static IPs)20:21
BluesKajyeats, I didn't think that still worked20:21
yeatsoh - sorry - I thought I was in ubuntu-server - not sure about xenial :-/20:22
yeatsI'm testing it out, but haven't dug deeply yet20:22
BluesKajit's been a while since I used static IP so i'm on shakey ground here20:23
yeats/etc/network/interfaces appears to still be the correct file on xenial20:25
BluesKajI have to use NM due my VPN usage and setting up vpn connections in the ing=terfaces anbd resolv.conf files is somewhat compl;icated, NM does a good job with open vpn so that's much easier20:25
yeatsyeah, I use NM on desktop for sure20:25
BluesKajinterfaces and resolv.cong files, that is20:25
yeatsand I use OpenVPN too20:25
BluesKajyeah , it's a great app20:26
Fudgei just use openvpn, i do specify nameservers in interfaces and changing ownership to dhcpd didnt work as i still just got disconnected again20:26
yeatsFudge: journalctl should show you *something* useful20:27
BluesKajFudge, sudo systemctl restart network-manager on your server , check for output errors20:28
FudgeFailed to restart network-manager.service: Unit network-manager.service not found.20:32
BluesKajso I assume your server is using the interfaces file for it's settings ?20:34
BluesKaj /etc/nework/interfaces20:35
BluesKaj /etc/network/interfaces20:36
ChibaPetPurging network-manager and (as it turns out) nano are an early-setup ritual for me.20:37
BluesKajFudge, perhaps post your  /etc/network/interfaces file in pastebin or some such20:37
BluesKajChibaPet, some of us need network-manager, and unlike pulseaudio, it's much better than it used to be20:42
ChibaPetI'm pretty happy with wpa_supplicant.conf on my laptop.20:44
BluesKajjust thiought I'd throw that non-sequitur in there for good measure20:44
ChibaPetI haven't been purging PulseAudio, but I do say "autospawn=no" in .pulse/client.conf20:45
ChibaPet(To finish my thought about NM, worst case if I don't know an access point name involves running iwlist.)20:46
BluesKajif your audio chip is intel-hda , then that driver is writtrn thorughly enough to handle alsa directly with flash audio on websites. Other sound chip driver are written to use pulse20:47
* BluesKaj looks for s key again20:48
ChibaPetIt's OPIE nowadays.20:49
ChibaPetHm. So, I have a few games, media players, and similar that use sound. Firefox. I haven't had any issues ignoring Pulse yet. Prior to ignoring it my sound controls were completely hosed.20:50
ChibaPetI think I'd only consider PulseAudio if I had to use Skype.20:50
ChibaPetBut even then I guess there's libapuse.20:50
BluesKajFudge, what does  'ip addr' show for your server ?20:50
BluesKajhmm, no response, guess he's busy doing other things20:55
BluesKajwell. time close up shop here and go help with dinner ...too bad i couldn't help more....later20:58
ChibaPetAnything good for dinner?20:59
ChibaPetAh, too late.21:00
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Fudgeoh damn21:50
Fudgeanyone else who wants to assist with the ip route this is the pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com/15210070/21:51
Fudgethe interfaces http://paste.ubuntu.com/15210087/21:52
SwedeMikeFudge: what do you want to achieve that you're not getting?21:56
Fudgefor dhcp-client to keep me connected to the net21:57
Fudgeive poked the dev21:57
SwedeMikeit's impossible from your provided input to understand what your problem is.21:58
Fudgeon my gateway my lease form isp goes for about 12 minutes, when it should be renewed i am disconnected22:01
Fudgeso this is what seems to happen Feb 27 08:36:06 dominion dhclient[22871]: DHCPRELEASE on enp6s7 to port 67 (xid=0x4231da06)22:04
Fudgein the logs if i try to ping when i am disconnected the logs show unexpected ICMP Echo Reply from
Fudgedominion dhclient[22434]: DHCPRELEASE on enp6s7 to port 67 (xid=0x4a1d2155)22:07
jushurFudge: why do you have 12mins lease?22:08
Fudgei dont know, thats controlled by my ISP22:08
Fudgei still get offered the same dynamic ip again22:08
jushurFudge: yes, but its literaly retarded?22:09
Fudgeindeed it is mate22:09
Fudgeso from the logs i see the dhcprelease, then dhclient starts again   by me and i get an ip offered and assigned again22:11
Fudgebut this should happen seemlessly, not disconnect me from the internet22:12
jushurFudge: wrong, a release means it actually releases the ip, and then has to ask you isp for a new.22:12
jushurFudge: the only reason you get the same ip is the mac is saved as resently used at the isp dhcpd. and it will give you the ame ip as you had (if they want it to, and it seems so).22:14
jushurFudge: in dhclient.conf set "send dhcp-lease-time 3600;"22:19
jushurFudge: i do asume you need this as you dont use network-manager22:20
jushurFudge: man dhclient.conf if you need to know more about possible settings.22:20
Fudgethanks jushur  ill uncomment that22:26
Fudgeits ubuntu-server and no not using network manager22:26
Fudgestill getting disconnected though dhclient enp6s722:39
FudgeRTNETLINK answers: File exists22:39
Fudgethen i get reconnected22:39
jushurFudge: look so your /etc/network/interfaces is correct22:57
Fudgejushur:  happy to pastebin23:05
Fudgei do seem to have a log t of processes for dhclient, ill paste them too23:11
Fudgeapparmor? Feb 27 10:22:18 dominion kernel: [65268.916915] audit: type=1400 audit(1456528938.875:73): apparmor="DENIED" operation="capable" profile="/usr/sbin/dhcpd" pid=26388 comm="dhcpd" capability=1  capname="dac_override"23:23

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