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nik90popey, ping (Hi)10:13
faenilif anyone has seen the same, please +1 this :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/155026310:41
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1540062 in Canonical System Image "duplicate for #1550263 Capacity suddenly drops to 0" [High,Confirmed]10:41
faeniloh, marked as duplicated already :) well, +1 the original bug :)10:42
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popeyballoons: let me know when you're about and had coffee etc :)13:12
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popeyballoons: about?14:17
popeyballoons: left a comment for you on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-docviewer-app/+bug/154705914:35
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1547059 in Ubuntu Document Viewer App "needs no-cache option during cmake build" [Undecided,Fix committed]14:35
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balloonsSorry I missed this popey14:56
popeyhappy friday :)14:56
balloonsIndeed. BTW notes passes all automated tests if you still are waiting to release14:57
faenilpopey: would you mind spamming that around to your crew of community devs? :D15:16
nik90ooh sound like fun looking at apps now after that silo lands ;P15:18
mcphailfaenil: can you add extra "semantic" colours to the palettes, such as "Error", "Positive action" etc? It would be very helpful15:18
ahayzenwill we be getting a framework bump so existing apps don't break? or i guess we are just going to blame people for 'doing it wrong' :-)15:19
faenilmcphail: I'm not sure that's as easy as you make it sound :) there has been extensive work behind the new palette...we finally got to a good point :D15:19
faenilmcphail: but you shouldn't worry, the NEW buttons will provide that automatically for you :)15:20
faenilmcphail: you'll have presets like "Positive/Negative/Neutral" :)15:20
ahayzenpopey, FYI music already has bug 55009615:20
ubot5`bug 541042 in Mythbuntu "duplicate for #550096 locale is not set up before mythtv-backend start causing problems in mythvideo with accentuated chars" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54104215:20
faeniland the styling will reflect that ;)15:20
mcphailfaenil: yes, but the SDK docs suggest (or, at least, _did_ suggest) specific colours for these things. If the palette changes, all these colours will be hardoced into our apps15:20
ahayzenpopey, *bug 155009615:20
ubot5`bug 1550096 in Ubuntu Music App "Potential updates needed due to a change in theming/UI toolkit in OTA10" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155009615:20
popeynice one15:20
popeyLeading the way as always ㋛15:20
faenilmcphail: read my last msg ;)15:20
faenilahayzen: good :D15:21
faenilahayzen: 'at a boy :D15:21
mcphailfaenil: aah - Thanks!15:21
ahayzenheh :-)15:21
faenilmcphail: np!15:21
faenilI'm so looking forward to seeing all the new design landing...there's just so many things to tie together!15:21
faenilloicm is doing an excellent job with the shadows that the new buttons will use ;) you'll see!15:22
popeyfaenil: shared in the google app dev community15:22
faenilpopey: cool15:22
nik90faenil, are there any wiki instruction on how to get silo 10 and test apps?15:55
faenilnik90: silo 50 you mean15:55
nik90s/silo 10/silo 5015:55
faenilconnect device to usb, with dev mode enabled, and run citrain device-upgrade 50 <your-password>15:56
faenilan easier way is to use an app that Kaleo is working on15:56
faenilthe Silo Installer15:56
faenilclick on "External downloads" to grab the latest click15:56
faenil(that's WIP application, mind you)15:57
faenilalso note that after testing a Silo it would be better to either purge the corresponding PPA or reflash the OS (without deleting data)15:58
faenilso that you don't get weird problems when updating the OS15:58
faenil(conflicts with the Silo are likely to arise)15:58
nik90faenil, wow...ubuntu-silo-installer is stupidly simple to use and works great!16:02
nik90yay...clock-app is clean with silo50. :D16:06
faenilnik90: :) great to hear!16:07
nik90now time to check other core-apps and report bugs if necessary16:08
* faenil is off to a team social event :) have a nice weekend people o/16:09
faenilnik90: awesome, thanks!16:09
sverzegnassilooks like all the apps that use UITK 1.2 (or lower) have a wrong header color :S (e.g. tagger, tasks, notes-app, etc...)16:14
nik90sverzegnassi, indeed16:28
nik90sverzegnassi, although tagger is fine for me..task-app has a existing MP for UITK 1.3 migration.16:28
nik90not sure about notes-app16:28
nik90tagger is already using UITK 1.316:28
sverzegnassinik90: yeah, sure. it's okay to move (and force devs to move) to the latest uitk available but, i mean, uappexplorer suggests that only 60 apps (out of 700) are currently using uitk 1.316:30
sverzegnassi(i had a quick look at the framework version)16:30
nik90sverzegnassi, definitely agree16:31
nik90I'm sure stuart is going to be pissed that backwards compatibility isnt maintained :P16:31
sverzegnassiheh, he may be right on this :P16:32
balloonsrpadovani, the link is missing to your interview on your blogpost, :-)16:46
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