dholbachgood morning07:45
svijmorning dholbach07:48
dholbachhi svij07:48
* dholbach relocates to the office, brb08:20
davidcalleMorning o/08:41
dholbachhey popey08:57
popeyhey czajkowski09:20
czajkowskiwelll I surrived the week09:23
czajkowskithank crunchy it's Friday09:23
dholbachballoons, you left canonical irc10:35
dholbachballoons, davidcalle, dpm, mhall119, popey: it's time for our biweekly update again10:35
dholbachplease add the stuff from the last two weeks to the doc10:35
dpmthanks dholbach10:35
czajkowskiballoons: has left canonical ?11:24
dholbachmaybe just his bouncer11:24
dpmphew... :-)11:26
czajkowskiwould be one way to tell your boss you're no longer working for them :)11:26
dpmvery subtle :)11:27
czajkowskiwould be a bit of a Ta Daaaa it's Friday here's a surprise11:29
czajkowskipoor balloons is going to log on to some strange comments about him leaving canonical today and wonder what's gone on11:29
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balloonsOhh noes!12:39
* balloons pinches himself to stop dreaming12:39
dpmballoons, popey, mhall119, davidcalle, friendly reminder about filling in the biweekly update doc, I'll resume sending the updates later on today16:31
mhall119dpm: link?16:31
dpmmhall119, it will take either of us the same time to find it in gdrive :)16:32
* dpm hugs mhall11916:33
* mhall119 hugs dpm :)16:34
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dholbachhave a great rest of your day and a great weekend too!17:16
davidcalledpm: mhall119: balloons: popey: dholbach: Have a nice weekend o/17:17
dholbachyou too!17:17
balloonsbonné weekend davidcalle17:17
popeydpm: I am updating the doc, but in meetings, so it's sporadic17:17
dpmballoons, popey, davidcalle, mhall119_, are you done with edits to the biweekly update doc? If so, I'll go ahead and send17:38
popeydpm: i have one final edit17:38
popey5 min17:38
popeyam in meeting right now17:38
balloonsi am17:38
popeydpm: i was going to add a line about going to embedded world but changed my mind. Was going to link to this, so you have some pictures for your post to make it more interesting... http://imgur.com/a/FTeOX17:43
popeybut it's up to you, I can't decide whether to put it in or not, and how to describe it17:44
popeyoh, there's already a line, I'll just add it to that17:44
popeythere, done.17:44
dpmok :)17:46
svij"UbuCon.org website recovered after cloud outage" 'cloud outage' sounds funny.18:25
jcastropopey: alan!18:27
jcastroI just got an X1 carbon and it's pretty nice18:27
jcastrothey're just about to announce the new gen of those as well18:27
mhall119_dpm: I am done, yes18:31
dpmmhall119_, no worries, I just sent the update18:31
svijdpm: I guess I can coordinate to add the ubucon europe websites subpages to ubucon.org, right?18:32
mhall119_svij: "UbuCon.org experienced clear skies" :)18:32
svijmhall119_: :D18:32
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dpmsvij, yeah :)18:32
svijdpm: great18:32
dpmthey should be backed up now18:32
svijthanks to all to bring it back up :)18:32
svijI don't like that word :P18:33
popeyjcastro: oooh19:23
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