darkxstcraysiii, yes new01:12
craysiiiseems cool01:12
darkxstnow to try and get QT off the images ;)01:13
craysiiiwhat do you mean?01:14
darkxstI think it was Ubuntu Software Center that pulled in QT libraries01:15
craysiiihm.. any reason why an ubuntu 16.04 install wouldn't automatically use nvidia proprietary driver when selecting "3rd party libraries" in the installation process?01:36
darkxstit never has01:37
craysiiii could have sworn it did for my desktop01:37
craysiiioh well01:37
darkxstI'm pretty sure it always needed to be installed via "Additional drivers"01:38
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raparkhurstI have a weird issue with gnome-desktop on xubuntu 15.10.  I've been trying out different desktops and with xubuntu 15.10 installed if I install ubuntu-gnome-desktop, it all installs but nautilus doesn't have window borders19:21
raparkhursti should also mention that I have the kde desktop installed as well19:21
raparkhurstin case that throws a wrench in anything19:21
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LinDolhi all23:43

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