kamalsorinello, the fixed wily kernel package for bug 1548587 is in the pipeline now -- will be version (4.2.0-30.36), and should be available in the archive "soon" (by tomorrow)02:03
ubot5`bug 1548587 in linux (Ubuntu Wily) "Ubuntu 15.10 VMWare guest won't show UI after upgrading to 4.2.0-30" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154858702:03
kamal... the lts-wily version of that kernel (for Trusty) should be released tomorrow also.02:03
sorinellothanks kamal for the info !06:09
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ogra_apw, seeing your linux-goldfish upload, is there any reason to not just rip that out of the archive before xenial ? 12:50
ogra_oh, ignore me ... mixed that up with maguro 12:52
apwogra_, well that is a good question :)  i'd not be unhappy ripping all or any of the others out given the images are vivid based13:07
ogra_well, as i said, i mixed it up ... goldfish is the emulator so we will most likely want to keep it13:07
ogra_at some point the phnoes will have to move to xenial .... 13:08
apwall true13:26
stgraberapw: any idea when we'll be getting the -8 kernel in the release pocket?16:50
stgraberI'm getting tired of triaging bugs caused by the broken cgns in -716:50
stgraber(getting around a dozen a day through e-mail, LP and github)16:50
apwstgraber, its only been built a little while16:52
apwits testing now16:52
stgraberapw: LP tells me it's been built for 2 days16:53
apwyes but that is a lie as it is when it was uploaded not when it was accepted16:54
stgraberah, got stuck in NEW for a while?16:54
apwit was held in new for the beta16:54
stgraberhmm, kay, not sure why that was but fine16:55
apwthere was a freeze in place, dunno ?16:55
stgraberI can see why we wouldn't have wanted it into the release pocket for the beta, but it wouldn't have hurt to have it in proposed16:55
stgraberwhich would have let us go through all the adt stuff and whatnot and then let it through as soon as beta was out16:55
stgraberanyway, too late for that now :)16:55
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kamalinfinity, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/vivid/+queue?queue_state=1   waiting for approval21:12
infinitykamal: Ta.21:15
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