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zzarrI'm going to buy a Dragonboard 410c I wonder if it is possible to rotate the screen?09:21
zzarr(HDMI output)09:21
zzarrI wish to have a display in portrait mode09:22
ogra_zzarr, we have no graphical support on the dragonboard yet (in snappy ... not sure there wil be non-snappy images for it )09:23
zzarrI though that the xenial image had Mir support for it09:24
ogra_if you throw something together yourself (i.e. to use X11 on a standard minimal install) there seems to be a freedreno based xserver from linaro though09:24
ogra_there will be Mir support for it in the snappy image at some point, for sure09:24
ogra_current focus is on IoT and headless though09:24
zzarrogra_, this is a quote from alan_g "So what I did was install the vivid based image from 96boards and then update from the xenial archive. Then Mir 0.20 works."09:27
ogra_zzarr, well, then 6talk to 96boards, or linaro or so ... thats nothing we produce09:27
alan_gI also said this was hardly a supported approach09:27
zzarralan_g, I missed that09:27
zzarrbut it is a real Ubuntu right?09:28
ogra_we have a kernel in the archive ... but i doubt any of the tradition installers will ever get support for this device ... there are many biary blobs involved to even boot09:28
ogra_so it is unlikely yoou will see official traditional images for it09:29
ogra_(snappy OTOH will get graphical suport at some point, but is still a bit away from that)09:29
alan_g96boards produce a vivid based image and instructions for installing that. Updating that from the xenial archives works well enough to prove Mir works, but isn't what anyone will provide support for.09:30
zzarrwell, what matters for me right now is that I can boot a graphical system (X or Mir) that can run a custom application written in Qt Creator (by me)09:31
ogra_that should even just work with fbdev09:32
ogra_(though, not at stellar speed i guess :) )09:32
zzarrand that I can rotate the screen to portrait09:32
zzarrokey, that's nice :-D09:32
zzarrorder placed :-D10:06
alan_galf_: do you want to review before I TA? https://code.launchpad.net/~raof/mir/new-display-api/+merge/28697510:10
zzarrokey, I guess that you all are (not) itching to know what I'm going to do with the board, I'm going to make a "smart mirror"10:22
zzarrthere are a type of mirror film that reflects from one side, but lets light through in the other direction10:24
zzarrso I figured that I should make a mirror with a touch screen behind10:24
alf_alan_g: I'll take a quick look11:05
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xperiaHi everyone! I am trying to Install Ubuntu-Desktop-Mir on a new Bootstraped Rootfs but somehow i am not able to pass the Login Screen after the Boot. Can somebody please tell me what are the Steps to install a full functional Ubuntu Touch Desktop on a bootstraped ubuntu rootfs please?16:44
alan_gxperia: perhaps you are seeing bug 154945516:49
ubot5`bug 1549455 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Unity 8/Mir doesn't load" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154945516:49
xperiaalan_g: its exactly this Bug! have the same Problem like Described.16:55
xperiaalan_g: is this somehow related to unity8 becouse if i try also just to install the newest version of ubuntu-desktop its same.16:56
alan_gxperia: sorry, I've not been actively following the problem, just thought it sounded similar16:57
ChrisTownsendxperia: There is some entropy issue that can cause failed logins.  Have you waited a while after a reboot to try to log in?  A while meaning at least 30 seconds, but maybe even longer just to be sure.17:01
ChrisTownsendThat issue bites me all of the time:-(17:01
* ChrisTownsend Tries to find the entropy bug...17:03
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1536662 in Mir "[regression] Black screen: Mir hangs and then crashes on startup/login due to reading from /dev/random" [High,In progress]17:05
alan_gbschaefer: ^17:13
bschaeferChrisTownsend, xperia hmm that *should* be fix with umm17:13
bschaefer0.4.1? or 0.4.217:14
* bschaefer checks17:14
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Really?  I thought I hit it the other day.17:14
* ChrisTownsend Tries17:14
alan_gbschaefer: is USC used for Ubuntu-Desktop-Mir?17:14
* alan_g forgets17:14
bschaeferalan_g, as far as i know? It should be?17:14
bschaeferChrisTownsend, would you oknow :)?17:15
ChrisTownsendYes, u-s-c is used in a Unity8/Mir desktop session.17:15
bschaeferim fearful this fix was said to be fixed but never released...17:15
bschaefer(which is slightly my own doing ... since i had to revert it last minute but didnt revert it from trunk)17:16
* bschaefer double checks it made it17:16
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: I still have the issue on my fully updated xenial machine.17:16
bschaeferChrisTownsend, alright hmm let me check the package source17:17
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Ok17:17
bschaeferChrisTownsend, one thing you can do is make a bunch of noise with your devices :)17:17
bschaeferin hope that it generates some entropy17:17
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: lol, yes, but that's not really a workaround.17:18
bschaeferhuh the fix is there...17:18
bschaeferChrisTownsend, strange, do you have a log by chance :)17:18
* bschaefer must have put the override in the wrong place maybe17:18
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: I can get one.  Is it in u-s-c.log?17:19
bschaeferChrisTownsend, yeah17:19
bschaeferChrisTownsend, since the current *fix* should just create a dummy cookie factory, but i wasnt ever really able to test it17:19
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ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Here is the log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15207496/17:22
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: I'm going to try to log into the machine now after having let it sit for a while.17:22
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: And now it works.17:22
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: So fix is not working as expected.17:22
bschaeferChrisTownsend, thanks!17:28
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Sure, np!17:28
bschaeferhmm i dont see anything about that log17:29
* bschaefer attempts to reproduce it17:29
bschaeferChrisTownsend, easier to reproduce on a reboot?17:29
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Yes, it has to be after a reboot.17:29
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Sure17:30
bschaeferalan_g, is the default server config all loaded before overrides take in effect (for an overriden mir::Server?)17:38
* bschaefer is wondering if we *attempt* to create a cookie authority, then override it17:38
bschaeferlooks like it depends on ... if the function is called or not?17:39
bschaeferie. the_cookie_authority()17:39
xperiaChrisTownsend: Thanks a lot for your Tips! I waited 5 Minutes but nothing happens. Just the Background Screen is showed and nothing else. Looked at all Logs but could not find any usefull information to find out what the Problem could be to solve. With Ubuntu Desktop i have the Same Problem. No Laucher and No Top Bar is showed. I am able however with the Right Mouse to Start Programms Like...17:39
xperia...Nautilus and Navigate trough all dirs. Just Windows Frame Border is missing around it. Its Strange. Some worte its related to the GPU Driver.17:39
alan_gShouldn't be - overrides should throw if anything has been built17:39
bschaeferChrisTownsend, idk if thats the same issue ^17:40
ChrisTownsendxperia: Hmm, ok, definitely sounds like you have some other issue.  Unfortunately I have nothing else to add at this time:-(17:40
bschaeferif you hit this issue your desktop wouldnt do anything17:40
bschaeferalan_g, thanks!17:41
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Right, just black screen and maybe it eventually crashes back to lightdm.17:41
bschaeferChrisTownsend, hmm since last time you did see a log info about it?17:41
bschaefersoo this could be a different issue, but could be related...17:41
bschaeferie. see the log say NOT ENOUGH ENTROPY?17:42
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Well, it's the same symptom, but maybe a different cause.17:42
bschaefertrue hmm i wonder if my override is doing something bad...17:43
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: I'll try again and see if anything is in the unity8.log since that is not starting.17:43
bschaeferChrisTownsend, alright, im also going to upgrade and check it out (soo ill most likly be off irc)17:43
* bschaefer should really get a test laptop17:44
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: This is the unity8.log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15207712/17:45
bschaeferif it was the entropy issue... i wonder17:45
bschaeferyou would expect17:45
bschaeferto see Not enough entropy like you saw before?17:46
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: But u-s-c.log looks sane.17:46
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: The only thing I would see before in u-s-c.log is an exception line which I'm not seeing now.17:46
bschaeferbut same symptoms, ie. once you generate enough *entropy* or do things enough17:46
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Right17:46
bschaeferif it was an issue with my override you would expect to see the issue *every* time17:47
* bschaefer will be upgraded soon17:47
bschaeferill look at it17:47
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: I do see the issue every time if I don't wait long enough before logging in.17:47
bschaeferthats strange17:48
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: I just don't see std::exception(blah) in u-s-c.log like I would before.17:48
xperiabest would be if there is a possibility haveƮng a very verbose version of ubuntu-desktop-mir that can be installed to see what exactly is happening and where it hangs.17:48
bschaeferthats my starting plan :)17:48
bschaeferreproduce, recompile/test17:49
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Yeah, you should get a testing laptop.  One for that purpose would be pretty cheap.17:49
xperiai would need to have a armhf version of it17:49
bschaeferxperia, err this isnt the desktop?17:51
bschaeferdeskop is x86/amd6417:51
* bschaefer goes to test and logs of irc17:52
xperiawell have the same problem with ubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop-mir17:52
xperiamir is touch gui of ubuntu desktop17:52
xperiabtw just to be sure that i have doen everything right17:53
xperiawhat for steps are needed to install ubuntu-desktop-mir inside a chrooted debootstrap rootfs?17:53
xperiais apt-get install ubuntu-desktop-mir only needed or it is requered to do more like modify some scripts add aditional users and so on ?17:54
xperiamaybe is realted also to some missing additional config steps.17:54
ChrisTownsendxperia: Sounds to me you are doing something *very* custom.17:55
xperiayeees i am trying to port ubuntu touch desktop to a new device17:55
bschaeferChrisTownsend, hmm getting a different issue17:55
xperiait works actually. ubuntu boots on new device. login screen is showed. i am able to login but after this just background and nothing else.17:56
bschaeferChrisTownsend, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15207808/17:56
bschaeferxperia, yeah that sadly isnt the same issue im looking at :( or suspecting17:56
ChrisTownsendxperia: I don't think your pulling in a desktop environment.  You probably need unity8.17:57
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: You may need to remove some package.17:57
xperiabschaefer i am sure we have both the same problem17:57
bschaeferbut which ones haha17:57
xperiaits the gpu driver17:57
bschaeferxperia, but you see unity8 right?17:57
bschaefererr or based on my log?17:58
xperiawhat for a gpu do you have ?17:58
bschaefersome intel one17:58
* bschaefer looks17:58
xperiado sudo lsmod17:58
bschaefer00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Broadwell-U Integrated Graphics (rev 09)17:58
xperiaand what does sudo lsmod show17:59
xperiaon my side the gpu driver is not loaded but it looks like its needed for the display of the Ubuntu GUI17:59
xperianeed to work on this. loading of the rigth gpu driver on my side.18:00
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ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Did you apt-get autoremove any unneeded packages?18:00
bschaefero lots18:01
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Also, what mir mesa packages to you have?18:01
bschaeferChrisTownsend, 418:03
* bschaefer also isnt sure which mesa package you're refering to :)18:03
bschaeferii  mir-platform-graphics-mesa-kms7:amd64                0.19.3+16.04.20160212-0ubuntu1              amd64        Display server for Ubuntu - platform library for KMS Mesa18:04
bschaeferii  mir-platform-graphics-mesa-x7:amd64                  0.19.3+16.04.20160212-0ubuntu1              amd64        Display server for Ubuntu - platform library for X11 Mesa18:04
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: lol, yeah, those are what I was talkin' 'bout.18:04
xperiabschaefer: from your Log it Load this Graphic Library here => graphics-mesa-kms.so.7 then it try to load mircommon Kernel Module => mircommon: Loading module: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mir/server-platform/input-evdev.so.418:05
xperiaand it crashes. I am sure its related to Driver like on my Side.18:05
xperia[2016-02-26 09:53:07.267594] mircommon: Loading module: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mir/server-platform/input-evdev.so.518:05
xperia[2016-02-26 09:53:07.268073] mircommon: Loading module: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mir/server-platform/input-evdev.so.418:05
bschaeferxperia, try doing a auto remove of packages18:05
* bschaefer just removed a bunch18:05
bschaeferlet me reboot18:05
bschaeferhmm now gtk3 wont load :|18:09
bschaeferChrisTownsend, same issue let me check18:09
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Why does this stuff have to be so temperamental????:)18:10
bschaeferChrisTownsend, not sure :( and im pretty sure this is blocking your stuff atm?18:11
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: You have the same platform module issue?18:11
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: From you previous pastebin that is?18:11
bschaeferChrisTownsend, yeah18:11
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Mine is not a client platform module issue.18:11
bschaeferi just upgrade a bunch though...18:12
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ChrisTownsendbschaefer: It looks like from your pastebin, it is trying to load an older version of the driver .so's.  Here's yours: server-mesa-x11.so.7 and graphics-mesa-kms.so.7.  Mine are both .8.18:19
ChrisTownsendDang, he just left.18:19
bschaeferChrisTownsend, hmm works fine for me18:22
bschaeferunity8 :|18:22
bschaefertakes 5-8 seconds to load18:22
bschaeferbut idk if thats normal or not...18:22
bschaeferdam entropy pool18:23
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: You mean you can (fairly) immediately get to Unity8 after a reboot.18:23
bschaeferChrisTownsend, yeah18:23
bschaefertwice in a row from boot18:23
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: 5-8 seconds is normal.18:23
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Never works for me.18:23
bschaeferlet me ... write something that will drain my entropy18:23
bschaeferChrisTownsend, try to do a dist-upgrade?18:23
bschaeferand what version of USC do you have18:23
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: I did as of about an hour ago.18:23
ChrisTownsend$ apt-cache policy unity-system-compositor18:24
ChrisTownsend  Installed: 0.4.2+16.04.20160219.1-0ubuntu118:24
bschaeferbut yeah let me write something that will drain my entropy pool then attempt to log in18:25
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: It should be emptied on reboot, no?18:26
bschaeferentropy gets generated from devices18:26
bschaeferstarting from boot18:26
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Maybe you have busy devices?:)18:26
bschaefersoo it really depends on how much *gets* generated on boot18:26
bschaeferi didnt touch anything18:26
bschaeferin hopes to get something...18:26
bschaeferChrisTownsend, you can do: cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail18:27
bschaefermaybe if you can try to print that out in tty1 ... before logging into unity8 to see how much you have?18:27
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Also, before, it would crash back out to lightdm and I'd get the exception message in u-s-c.log, but now, it just sits at the black screen.18:27
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Ok, I'll try that.18:28
bschaeferChrisTownsend, hmm18:28
bschaefervogons any other changes in USC/boot stuff with mir that could cause a black screen with no message?18:28
* bschaefer still assumes my code somewhere but i can reproduce18:28
bschaeferChrisTownsend, the thing is *all* we need is 1 byte18:29
bschaeferof entropy18:29
bschaefererr 1 bit18:29
bschaeferall we need to know is we can read from it, as we select(..) on /dev/random18:29
bschaeferwhich should tell us its ok to read from18:29
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Hmm, ok.  entropy_avail showed stuff and it worked.18:29
bschaeferChrisTownsend, yeah ... im worried that you logging into your tty18:29
bschaeferwill cause entropy18:29
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Probably18:29
bschaeferwith the clickity clackity of the keyboard18:30
bschaeferChrisTownsend, how much?18:30
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Actually, it's through ssh, but NIC has activity18:30
bschaeferChrisTownsend, like pretty low? 20-30?18:30
bschaeferor high?18:30
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Wouldn't typing on the keyboard to log in create entropy?18:30
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: It was in the 30 range.18:30
bschaefermaybe not18:30
bschaeferChrisTownsend, o thats super low18:31
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: This time, it didn't work.18:31
bschaefermine is sitting at ~1000 right now18:31
bschaeferhmm 30? isnt enough18:31
bschaeferhmm i wonder if they collect entropy and dont write to /dev/random ... until?18:31
bschaefer256 or something?18:31
bschaeferChrisTownsend, keep checking the entropy?18:31
bschaeferis it going up?18:31
bschaeferthat doesnt make sense though...18:31
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Strange, it went from 61 to 35.18:32
bschaeferbregma, would you have any ideas about entropy and when it would write to /dev/random?18:32
bschaeferChrisTownsend, huh... is something eating it all up?18:32
bschaeferthat *we* arent controlling?18:32
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ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Now, it's going back up...96.18:32
bschaeferthat would make sense to me? You have low entropy on boot, then something eats all of it18:32
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: But unity8 already failed.18:32
bschaeferhmm what caused it to drop...18:32
ChrisTownsendNo idea18:32
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Ok, I just tried it and entropy was at ~17 and unity8 failed to load.18:34
bschaeferChrisTownsend, can you do a watch -n <command to read entropy> on your ssh?18:34
bschaeferwhile you're about to boot unity8?18:34
bschaeferso you can see if it drops to 0?18:34
ChrisTownsendok, I'll try it18:35
bschaeferwe dont even read from that FD18:36
bschaeferall we do is, open /dev/random, select on that FD18:36
bschaeferand when it becomes ready, we drop, then read from it18:36
bschaeferbut that code *shouldnt* be running18:36
bschaefersince we override it with a nothing factory18:37
bschaeferbut does it actually get overriden... it should throw if something is there...but let me check18:37
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: I saw entropy drop twice.  I'm going to see if it does this without trying to log in to unity8.18:37
bschaeferdrops to 0?18:38
ChrisTownsend~0, definitely single digits.18:38
bschaeferChrisTownsend, because once we see /dev/random is open to be read, we then drop to use /dev/urandom... which wont block on that18:39
bschaeferbut we shouldnt be using that code... haha... ok umm18:39
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Hmm, so as soon I start typing in my password in lightdm, it drops to ~0.18:39
bschaeferi need to be able to reproduce this18:39
bschaeferhmm what?18:39
* bschaefer wants to blame pam18:39
bschaeferbut i wont18:39
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Not even hitting enter, so not pam.18:39
bschaeferbut doesnt lightdm interact with lightdm?18:40
bschaeferbefore enter?18:40
* bschaefer cant find the override the cookie factory function?18:40
bschaeferi must be blind as i remember writting it18:40
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: So I see it drop to 0, then wait to let it build again, and then it works.18:40
bschaefersoo yeah something is eating the entropy pool, but i dont see why we would block on that?18:40
bschaeferif anything exists18:40
bschaeferwe wait 30 seconds18:40
bschaeferfor /dev/random to be working again18:41
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: I don't think unity8 waits 30 seconds.18:41
bschaeferand also this function shouldnt even be running...18:41
bschaeferbut it jumps back up quickly18:41
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: unity8 fails saying connecting to Mir has failed which must be the time it is waiting for entropy to build.18:42
bschaefero yeah that function gets generated...18:42
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: I think it's a race.18:42
bschaeferChrisTownsend, but but but ... it shouldnt be running that code :)18:42
bschaeferbut i guess it must18:42
bschaeferas this makes to much sense18:42
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Well, not sure what to say.18:42
bschaeferbut where is that expection?18:42
bschaeferyeah im just rambling to my self18:43
ChrisTownsendI know you are:)18:43
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ChrisTownsendbschaefer: If whatever is eating the entropy didn't eat it, then I think it would be fine.18:44
bschaeferChrisTownsend, let me do some testing, to see what happens when i drop my entropy pool to 0 but just looping for ever with a18:44
bschaeferrandom call18:44
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Ok.18:44
bschaeferChrisTownsend, yeah i bet it wouldnt but ... we should wait a few seconds18:44
bschaeferwhich should be enough to recover?18:44
bschaeferChrisTownsend, how fast do it come back?18:45
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: I think if I type my password in slowly enough in lightdm, then it'll work.18:45
bschaeferChrisTownsend, ill be logging out...bb in like ~10-1518:45
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Fairly fast18:45
bschaeferChrisTownsend, but it seems to do the check in an instant18:45
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Well, u-s-c is happy, it's that unity8 is not patient.18:45
bschaeferwhich 1 second *should* be enough time of waiting? I wonder of unity8 just instantly fails?18:45
bschaeferhmm soo if unity8 waited like 1 second when attempting to create the mir server?18:46
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Yeah, the unity8 upstart is just fired off and it does it stuff immediately.18:46
bschaeferdidnt we use to have a spinner/sleep for this?18:47
* bschaefer relogs and messes around18:48
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Some sort of query of u-s-c from unity8 would be nice, like "Hey, u-s-c are you ready?", and u-s-c is like, "Nope", and unity8 waits a bit before trying again.18:48
bschaeferyeah that would be nice ...18:48
bschaeferChrisTownsend, yeah i can reproduce when i do: cat /dev/random then attempt to log in18:53
bschaeferand my entropy drops to ~0 then climbs to 20-30 but yeah mir server does not start18:54
bschaefer(from the unity8 log)18:54
bschaeferbut my USC log is normal...18:54
* bschaefer wonders if he can reproduce this issue on a tty18:54
bschaeferwith a demo server18:54
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Ok.  IS most definitely a race in that u-s-c is not quite ready when unity8 starts up.18:54
bschaeferbut ... hmm why18:55
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: You mean why is u-s-c not ready?18:56
bschaeferok... dont cat dev random and attempt to start a server in the tty... that will lock the machine up18:57
bschaeferChrisTownsend, yeah on the demo server it locks up... but once i stop cating /dev/random the server works perfectly18:58
bschaefersooo the issue is unity8 not waiting a mirco second once we attempt to start login18:58
bschaeferor start it18:59
bschaefer(well an issue)18:59
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Well, any way to make u-s-c ready sooner, like before?  Or does it have to wait on some entropy?18:59
bschaeferChrisTownsend, well USC shouldnt need entropy...19:00
bschaeferbut i should stop saying that19:00
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Or whatever it is?  It's obvious that *something* related to Mir needs it.19:00
anpokbschaefer: what happened with the make the wait for dev random asynchronous?19:01
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: If I wait long enough then watch entropy, then log in, entropy doesn't drain and all is fine.19:01
bschaeferanpok, does anything else input wise depend on /dev/random on boot? Im pretty sure the cookies is the issue19:01
bschaeferanpok, needs to be done19:01
bschaeferi should write that and test it fixes this19:01
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: You have a task!19:01
bschaeferanpok, thought the USC fix would be a good hold until then19:01
bschaeferthe confusing part is the USC fix seems to do nothing but remove the throw?19:02
anpokthere is another problem?19:02
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: In all fairness, the time needed to wait before logging in is much less than before.19:02
bschaefer... well the throw is no longer happening but thats most likely due to unity8 puking beofr ehtne19:02
anpokah yes..19:02
bschaeferanpok, my worry was, that i override the cookie factory19:03
bschaeferafter the cookie factory is asked to be made19:03
anpokso u8 is adding the cookies to input events, right? (where is that actually happedning?)19:03
bschaeferie. when the_connection_creator19:03
bschaeferanpok, nope, this is all on boot19:04
bschaefersoo if i did a lazy eval19:04
bschaeferthe secret shouldnt be generated...19:04
bschaeferuntil libinput generates an event for u819:04
bschaeferthat is a keyboard/mouse19:04
anpoklibinput is not in the u8  process19:04
bschaeferanpok, how does it get event19:04
bschaefera mir surface?19:05
bschaeferwhich ... would be libinput? on mirs side19:05
bschaeferas u8 does not use the cookies yet19:05
anpokthe one the nested display creates for each output the nested servers uses19:05
anpokso the libinput-input platform reads events and attaches an empty cookie to it..19:06
bschaeferanpok, im pretty sure... whats happening in usc19:06
bschaeferi override the cookie factory after19:06
bschaeferthe WM builder is overriden19:06
bschaeferand when the WM builder is overriden it uses19:06
bschaeferlike the focus controller and a few other things19:06
bschaeferwhich will end up building the cookie authority19:06
bschaeferbefore we overrid19:06
* bschaefer checks thats the issue19:07
anpokhm nothing should be created when you are still allowed to inject implementations19:08
bschaeferanpok, but ... what if you do19:09
bschaeferanpok, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15208526/19:10
bschaeferanpok, yeah actually ... those are just functions19:10
bschaeferthat arent called until19:10
bschaeferafter that...19:10
bschaeferso much for that idea... as i've no clue *why* it even thinks it want entropy19:10
bschaeferie. i've no clue why it doesnt use the stub version19:10
bschaeferthats most troubling... hmm19:11
anpokoh but it is usc failing to start or u819:11
bschaeferanpok, both19:12
bschaeferusc is failing, then u8 freaks out19:12
bschaeferand says mir server could not start19:12
bschaeferanpok, but it also waits for a micro second to do this as well19:12
bschaeferif it only gave usc ~500ms it *should* be fine19:13
ChrisTownsendI don't think u-s-c is failing per se as it's up and running.  It's u8 failing because it seems u-s-c is not "ready".19:13
bschaefersince ChrisTownsend is losing entropy when he types19:13
bschaeferand USC blocks for a little bit waiting for /dev/random19:13
bschaeferbut unity8 sees this as a failure19:13
bschaeferand terminates19:13
anpokbschaefer: but why would usc wait for /dev/random?19:13
bschaeferor just logs an issue and stops19:13
bschaeferanpok, well from the cookie authority ... even though i override it...19:14
bschaeferanpok, i just can seem to reproduce this when theres little entropy19:14
ChrisTownsendI think maybe u8 should try more than once befroe giving up, maybe adding some delay between tries and then giving up after x amount of tries.19:14
ChrisTownsendYeah, only seems to occur for me when entropy is maybe less than 30, but that's just observation, not a measured threshold.19:16
anpokbschaefer: but there is only one place in the code.. and you seem to override that..19:16
anpokbschaefer: are you sure the right versions are being used?19:17
bschaeferanpok, i know... thats my confusion this entire time...19:17
bschaeferanpok, yeah i grabed the source from universe :(19:17
bschaeferanpok, which is why im wondering... if the override didnt work?19:17
bschaeferfor w/e reason...19:18
* bschaefer attempts to override the demo server...19:19
bschaeferanpok, but the override has to be working19:21
bschaeferbecause it was crashing before19:21
bschaeferanpok, does anything else depend on random?19:22
* bschaefer cant think of it 19:22
bschaeferanpok, umm im reading this... and i dont override the create functions...19:24
bschaeferbut the create should be...19:25
bschaeferthe override lambda it self19:25
bschaeferChrisTownsend, thanks i think i've enough to work with19:26
* bschaefer finds a better solution here19:26
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Oh good!19:26
ChrisTownsendbschaefer: Thank you too!19:26
bschaeferurg stub works perfectly in the demo server19:43
bschaeferanpok, the nested serer... vs the usc server19:45
bschaeferwouldnt both need to be overriden?19:45
anpokbschaefer: well .. i thought one shoud be the cookie authority for the session?19:59
bschaeferanpok, but .. doesnt unity8 make its own server? with its own overrides and everything?19:59
bschaefersoo unity8 will be depending on /dev/random20:00
bschaefersince we dont override that server?20:00
bschaefer(but it will be needed)20:00
bschaefersoo we cant soo yeah let me create the lazy eval20:00
bschaeferand it should fix the issue...20:01
bschaeferChrisTownsend, ok i have a fix21:53
bschaefertest confirmed (being able to log in with cat /dev/random going on, and while smashing the keyboard)21:54
bschaefersoo the delay in creating the secret is enough to allow for usc to start and unity8 to be so it gives it time to create the secret21:54

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