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xnoxjibel, could i poke you about lp:qa-jenkins-jobs ?13:20
jibelxnox, sure13:20
xnoxe.g. i'm browsing jenkins configs, and I don't see e.g. a job that pulls lp:qa-jenkins-jobs and actually deploys/updates them in jenkins. How is that done?13:20
jibelxnox, ah this is done manually because it needs secret keys that are not on the nodes13:21
xnoxcause e.g. in jenkins-dsl, there is usually a "dsl" job that pulls git/bzr repo and generates the jobs. And all the generated jobs, have a link to "parent" generator job =) but i don't see it.13:21
jibelxnox, nuclearbob can help with this13:21
jibelhe is not online yet though13:21
xnoxjibel, horum. I thought the bzr branch is public. And e.g. secrets could be stored in jenkins secrets. Thus e.g. i'm not sure why jenkins couldn't be polling and redploying it's own jobs =)13:22
* xnox does see a jenkin ssh key as a secret13:22
jibelxnox, to deploy the jobs you need the key of the jenkins api. But you're right, it could be done in a job13:25
jibelxnox, I'll ask Max when he's online13:25
xnoxyeap, reading the docs it looks like they don't use jenkins to deploy jenkins-yaml/job-builder by default.13:25
xnoxwhich is probably good, cause e.g. with jenkins-dsl one ends up having a "manually" entered job, to pull dsl configs, which then deploy everything, which is kind of ugly =)13:26
xnoxah =) i can have my own api token and deploy my own things.13:26
xnoxi think i should bring up a local jenkins and test things there, instead of the production instance.13:27
jibelxnox, you can deploy test jobs with jjb on the production instance. We asked for a staging instance but it takes a while13:39
jibelxnox, as long as it's new jobs it's fine13:40
xnoxjibel, well. if that jenkins is deployed with mojo+juju, we can redploy test instances in canonistack.13:55
xnoxnot sure if that would be useful at all, as it will not have access to any production slaves....13:55
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xnoxjibel, gave up on docker. trivially deployed jenkins, and trivially got api tocken to upload my jenkins jobs on to it. Now i just need to iterate, and create my jobs, then i'll deploy them to production jenkins or some such.14:52
jibelnuclearbob, ^ when xnox is ready can you help him with jjb to deploy his jobs in production?14:54
nuclearbobjibel: yeppers14:54
nuclearbobxnox: we have configs in lp:qa-jenkins-jobs that work with jenkins-job-builder if you want any help or examples with that14:55
nuclearbobxnox: I'm very happy with it as a tool for managing multiple jobs with common elements and linking them together14:55
nuclearbobxnox: also makes deploying the same jobs to dev/staging and then later production a trivial process14:56
nuclearbobbut I suppose that's true of any good jenkins tool14:56
xnoxnuclearbob, i just might end up needing extra plugins, and/or extra tooling installed on the slaves =/14:58
xnoxand i think that would fall outside of jjb and instead will need mojo/juju tweaks.14:58
nuclearbobxnox: for installing tooling on the slaves, I recommend creating a setup job, for when the slaves inevitably need to be rebuilt14:58
nuclearbobah, yeah14:59
nuclearbobfor plugins in jaas I go through rt14:59
nuclearbobbut if you need mojo/juju stuff I'm only marginally helpful14:59
nuclearbobI haven't touched mojo in over a year14:59
nuclearbobbetter than nothing, but probably not as good as many other people around :)14:59
xnoxnuclearbob, #is pointed me to the branch which has our jenkins configs et.al. So actually i could have deployed exact copy of our jenkins in e.g. canonistack =)15:01
nuclearbobxnox: oh, that's lovely. mojo and juju are pretty fantastic for replicating cloud deployments :)15:01
xnoxanyway lunch for me =)15:03
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