xnoxbdmurray, apw causing problems - never. it's always my fault =)01:42
flocculantOdd_Bloke: seems I got your bits wrong on the b1 mail - sorry07:19
flocculantinfinity: once upon a time we spoke about flavours being able to turn off dailies for themselves - did that get any further?08:24
infinityflocculant: Nein.08:39
Odd_Blokeflocculant: No worries. :)08:57
davmor2cyphermox, slangasek: I just had an interesting issue.  I successfully installed 3rd party with uefi + secureboot enabled and got the mokutil uefi menu to disable secureboot.  However when I went to re-enable it with mokutil --enable-validation it told me to install mokutil, when I ran apt install mokutil it told me it was already installed I found no executable for it, I had to purge the package and reinstall10:42
davmor2it to use it10:42
tseliotinfinity: any chance you can approve my nvidia packages in NEW?11:42
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cyphermoxdavmor2: ok14:14
davmor2cyphermox: key part of that was the thing installed :D14:15
cyphermoxI'll look about the reinstalling mokutil part, I think that's the autoremoval magic at the end of ubiquity that's being annoying again14:19
davmor2cyphermox: I think so too the odd thing was there was a docs branch for it with nothing in, there was no binary but the package said it was installed from Ubuntu-core iirc :)  just weird14:21
cyphermoxah, yes, think I found it14:24
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stgraberoh crap, wrong pocket18:13
* stgraber removes18:14
* stgraber re-uploads to the right one18:15
stgraberthat's better18:17
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