hallynstgraber: if i said to you that debhelper in trusty didn't seem to know how to do ifneq (,$(findstring $(DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS), linux))  while in xenial it did, would that ring any bells, or just be nonsense?01:04
stgraberhallyn: doesn't ring a bell01:15
hallyni've let that block me too long, got other srus to do01:18
qwebirc783hello, how do I make a SAS hard drive work on an Ubuntu desktop (not server) running on a mcahine without SAS (only SATA ports).  What hardware do I need, and will the ubuntu desktop/kernel have builtin support or do I have to install additional software/kernel-modules?03:34
nacc_qwebirc783: wouldn't you need a SAS controller card?03:41
sarnoldthe other day I tried to find a usb<->sas bridge and couldn't find one for sale anywhere03:44
lotuspsychjenacc_: all i could find online was sas/raid server pages03:45
sarnoldan SAS HBA is your best bet; ubuntu supports a ton of them so whatever you buy will probably work03:45
JanCsarnold: that's most likely because no USB disks use SAS internally, so there are no chips for it03:45
qwebirc783nacc_:  ok, i'm not sure. if so, is that the only hardware I need - just basically use the PCIe slot on my desktop with a SAS controller PCIe card, and is it as simple as that...  ubuntu desktop default kernel auto-detects card and drive as well?03:45
sarnoldJanC: yeah; there'd be near zero market for it.. I was curious if one existed for data recovery moments...03:46
JanCqwebirc783: if it is auto-detected on server it will also be on desktop03:47
sarnoldqwebirc783: you'll probably also need to buy some cables; it's not quite like sata you're used to.. this guide may help http://blog.zorinaq.com/?e=1003:48
nacc_qwebirc783: that would be my best guess, but i'm not sure -- SAS is pretty uncommon in the desktop, i think. As sarnold says you'll possible need the connecting hardware03:49
sarnoldqwebirc783: since most SAS controllers are used for lots of disks, they usually have 4, 8, or 16 local ports connected via 1, 2, or 4 actual connectors03:49
sarnoldqwebirc783: .. so you'll also need a cable that can go from the sff-8087 connectors to four individual disks03:49
sarnoldholy cow that blog post is almost six years old.03:50
qwebirc783JanC:  right, but i haven't used ubuntu-server (even on my server machines) yet..  so, basically what you mean is if the card documentation says that it supports Ubuntu server, then it should also be supported under ubuntu desktop?  is that because both server and desktop versions of ubuntu have the same builtin support for SAS?03:51
JanCthey use the same kernel03:52
qwebirc783i see03:52
sarnoldqwebirc783: yeah -- they use the same kernel. the server is almost identical -- except way fewer packages installed by default :)03:52
JanCthere might be SAS controllers that need extra drivers, but  guess most of these would come with some sort of linux drivers03:53
qwebirc783yeah, i'm in the constant need for lots of inexpensive disk storage, and believe-it-or-not, the used SAS drives on ebay actually sell for a lower price (almost 33% less price on average) than SATA drives...  so i'm thinking whether it is worth investing in the SAS controller card and if it would be as simple as the SATA i'm so used to...03:54
sarnoldqwebirc783: you might want to grab an SAS HBA with external ports, and pick up something like a JBOD enclosure..03:55
JanCsarnold: most likely an USB-SAS bridge would require building a custom board with all the necessary chips (something like a SoC with USB & PCIE support + a SAS controller chip) on it + writing your own firmware (which could be linux...), at which point it's probably cheaper & easier to just plug a SAS controller in an old desktop/server or whatever  :P03:57
sarnoldJanC: hah, yeah, I had muc hthe same train of thought :)03:57
sarnold.. for the good and the bad. if it comes to it, _I_ could smack together something cheap off ebay to read my drives even if the Big Box's controller / expander died..03:58
sarnoldqwebirc783: hey, sometimes you even find the things still have drives in them :) http://www.ebay.com/itm/48TB-Rackable-Systems-JBOD-w-16x-3TB-Hard-Drives-SAS-SATA-/360501845387?hash=item53ef959d8b:m:mqrzku8i20TtfaQTB9pQMcA03:59
JanCqwebirc783: I guess as SAS disks are mainly being used in servers, not any people want to buy them used & without a warranty04:01
JanCnot many04:01
JanCand as they don't fit in regular PCs without extra hardware, that would make them pretty much "unsellable"  :)04:02
sarnoldJanC: on the contrary theres loads of nutters who like to buy that kind of stuff used :)04:03
JanCmaybe if they got some old server for free04:03
sarnoldgot $150K USD? :) http://www.ebay.com/itm/52X-QUANTA-WINDMILL-OPEN-COMPUTE-NODES-4x-E5-2670-2-6GHZ-256GB-2x-250GB-W-RACK-/201426492935?hash=item2ee5f45e0704:04
JanCLOL (just from the URL)04:05
sarnoldI've had my eye on this for a few months http://www.ebay.com/itm/IBM-LENOVO-THINKSERVER-RD650-2x-E5-2663-v3-10-CORE-192GB-12x-3TB-SAS-W-RAILS-/201468817323?hash=item2ee87a2fab -- but I think I've come down to the same decision you suggested -- I'm not sure I want to buy hard drives with an unknown amount of miles on them.04:07
qwebirc783JanC:   would http://www.amazon.com/SAS9200-8E-8PORT-Ext-Sata-Pcie/dp/B002QJZLCA/  be the only thing (along with the nessarry cables) I need for accessing SAS on my desktops?04:07
sarnoldqwebirc783: that may be a poor choice -- it only has external ports, which means it's designed to hook up to a JBOD sled04:08
sarnoldqwebirc783: if you guy one with internal ports then you can use a cable like http://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-Internal-Mini-SAS-Breakout/dp/B012BPLYJC/ref=pd_sim_147_3?ie=UTF8&dpID=51KIzZ%2BygyL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=1EXT3HTKQMMKVYTZENJR to hook up the drive04:08
sarnoldqwebirc783: of course if you -want- to buy the JBOD sled, then an external HBA is the way to go04:09
qwebirc783sarnold:  what's wrong with only having external ports - wouldn't that mean I could just use the appropriate SAS cable to connect it to individual SAS drives?04:11
sarnoldqwebirc783: I don't recall seeing any external-connector forward breakout cables04:12
qwebirc783i don't mind if the SAS drives are outside the case if that's what you mean...  I mean, even on my desktops, I have sata cables running outside of an unclosed case to SATA drives out in the open...  so i'm not worried about the drives being outside the case, if that is what you mean04:14
sarnoldsure, I've done that too :) heh04:15
sarnoldbut there are different connectors for internal vs external SAS HBAs04:15
sarnoldand I've seen plenty of internal forward breakout cables on different websites; I don't recall ever seeing any external forward breakout cables before04:16
sarnoldthat doesn't mean they don't exist, it just seems unlikely04:16
qwebirc783sarnold:  can something like this work:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812710001  ??04:19
qwebirc783seems to good to be true, since the price is much lower...04:20
sarnoldqwebirc783: I -think- that kind of cable would let you attach SATA drives to an SAS controller.04:21
hallynjdstrand: aimed a q to you at end of bug 139384204:22
ubottubug 1393842 in libvirt (Ubuntu) "libvirt does not grant qemu-guest-agent channel perms" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139384204:22
qwebirc783sarnold:    not according to the customer reviews for that product:  www.newegg.com/Product/ProductReview.aspx?PageSize=100&Item=N82E1681271000104:22
sarnoldqwebirc783: I'm very skeptical.04:24
sarnoldhallyn: (a) eww (b) how did it ever work before? :)04:28
qwebirc783just the sheer number of different connectors is intimidating:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_attached_SCSI#Connectors04:29
sarnoldqwebirc783: I completely agree04:30
hallynsarnold: yeah i dunno, i was looking at where it does an mknod and not finding it, so i'm not happy with it04:31
qwebirc783sarnold:   http://www.amazon.com/StarTech-18-Inch-Cable-Power-SAS729PW18/dp/B000V72AQ4/   The description for many of these cables says something like:   "Allows you to connect a SAS hard drive to a SATA controller that supports SAS drives"  .   So, my question is how do I figure out which SATA controllers (which I presume really means motherboards and/or add-on cards) really support SAS drives?04:55
sarnoldqwebirc783: heh, I've never seen one that says it can; SAS can support SATA because there's a SATA Tunnelling Protocol of some sort that SAS HBAs and expanders are supposed to support05:05
JanCwell, SATA & SAS both talk SCSI protocol to some degree05:06
JanCSATA uses a subset of what SAS supports, I suppose05:07
sarnoldyeah, it's entirely possible for a SATA controller to speak SAS. I've just never seen it advertised as a feature anywhere :)05:07
sarnoldtime for me to bail, good luck qwebirc783 :)05:07
sarnoldthanks JanC :)05:08
cpaelzergood morning07:08
hallynarges: so i'm confused.  i've tried building xenial's libvirt in several places (and xenial and trusty), and 'debian/rules build' always fails for me at configure, bc ...  it's trying to say --with-hal --without-udev07:34
hallynwhich means it thinks DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS is not linux07:34
hallynare you able to build it by hand?07:34
hallynhm, well, debuild -b gets further...  am i going to have to change my ways?07:37
jamespagecoreycb, this was the problem for the puppet team: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/neutron/+bug/155018808:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1550188 in neutron (Ubuntu) "oslo_concurrency.lock_path: sensible default value is missing" [High,Triaged]08:12
jamespagecoreycb, I'm testing a generic approach to assuring that a default lock_path is set09:32
jamespagethus avoiding patching config files...09:33
frickleris it intentional that xenial doesn't boot on i7 anymore? I get this "invalid opcode" trace http://paste.ubuntu.com/15204908/ when booting the current xenial cloudimage as Openstack instance on some part of my platform. wily is working fine in comparison.11:38
fricklerah, looks like this is a variant of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1524069 , so I guess I need to find out how to work around this within nova11:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1524069 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Xenial] KVM trusty guest 3.13.0-68 raid6-pq panic in raid6_avx21_gen_syndrome() while probing grub devices [was: Xenial KVM: updating Trusty guest from 3.13.0-68 to 3.13.0-71 causes kernel exception]" [High,Confirmed]11:48
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coreycbjamespage, would it make sense for upstream to set a sane default?12:41
jamespagecoreycb, maybe12:41
jamespagebut its not really oslo_concurrency that needs todo that - each projects might be different12:41
coreycbjamespage, lock_utils is generated based on code in oslo.concurrency though12:48
jamespagecoreycb, yes but it basically has no default12:49
jamespageother than os.environ.get('OSLO_LOCK_PATH')12:49
coreycbjamespage, but perhaps it should12:49
jamespagecoreycb, and what would it be?12:49
jamespagewe could do  os.environ.get('OSLO_LOCK_PATH') or '$state_path/lock'12:49
coreycbjamespage, not sure, maybe what it used to be12:49
jamespagecoreycb, exactly!12:50
jamespagecoreycb, this never ever generated a sane default12:50
jamespageit was hard-coded by individual projects pre-generation, and regressed during move to generation12:50
coreycbjamespage, would different projects have different defaults?12:51
argeshallyn: i'll take a look, smb last touched it, but when I reviewed it last i was able to build12:57
coreycbjamespage, it looks like it's supposed to default to a tempfile if OSLO_LOCK_PATH isn't set: https://github.com/openstack/oslo.concurrency/blob/master/oslo_concurrency/lockutils.py#L4912:59
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smbarges, huh?13:03
jamespagecoreycb, ok so that's not in our current package I thinkl13:08
jamespagecoreycb, https://github.com/openstack/oslo.concurrency/commit/5021ef82fd8f0323b82d6d010bff9dab8a0cbcec13:08
jamespagecoreycb, only 22 hrs old13:09
coreycbjamespage, ah, yes13:09
jamespagecoreycb, you wanna pick that for oslo.concurrency and I'll revert my neutron changes in git13:09
coreycbjamespage, sure13:10
argessmb: hmm13:11
argessmb: i'm trying to reproudce hallyns issue with the currnet libvirt/xenial source13:11
smbarges, since I (or rather bip) had some issues with certs on freenode I am missing the context about what problem13:12
smbarges, trying something there again (may be gone here for a bit)13:18
argesand he's gone ...13:25
argeshallyn: i'm getting a failure in the test phase13:26
argeshallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15205543/13:27
jamespagecoreycb, ddellav: designateclient break:13:36
jamespage$ designate domain-list13:36
jamespageERROR: Exception raised: Could not find the requested resource: resources/schemas/v1/domain.json13:36
jamespagecoreycb, ddellav: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-designateclient/+bug/155035013:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1550350 in python-designateclient (Ubuntu) "missing resources" [Critical,Triaged]13:38
jamespagecoreycb, ddellav: git != upstream release tarball (again...)13:40
coreycbjamespage, oslo.concurrency uploaded13:43
jamespagecoreycb, awesome thankyou13:43
coreycbjamespage, what do you mean git != ?13:45
jamespagecoreycb, this is a debian pkg-openstack based package right?13:45
jamespageas in it does not use the upstream release tarball...13:45
jamespagethus is missing information for python setup.py install13:46
jamespagethe files are there13:46
coreycbok.  sigh..13:46
coreycbI'll take a look13:46
coreycbjamespage, resources/schemas/v1/domain.json is in the orig tar ball but doesn't get installed for some reason13:52
jamespageits because the source tree is not based on the result of a python setup.py sdist13:53
coreycbjamespage, alright let me test with a uscan generated tarball13:54
coreycbjamespage, you're right about designateclient.  I can upload a new version with the upstream tarball.  not sure how to get around this in the future unless we build everything with upstream tarballs instead.14:33
coreycbin that case we'd have to not sync anything14:33
jamespagecoreycb, its one of the drawbacks of this way of working with git/debian14:34
jamespagecoreycb, re-uploading with the release tarball is ok imho - but you're right that it will just break on the next sync we doo...14:35
coreycbjamespage, pita14:35
jamespagecoreycb, you can of course add some extra d/rules to deal with this set of missing file...14:35
jamespagebut that's a pita as well14:35
coreycbjamespage, I'm still not clear as to why the file is missing14:36
coreycbjamespage, and it must be broken in debian too, right?14:37
jamespagecoreycb, yes14:37
coreycbjamespage, ok.  I'll tell zigo about it.14:37
coreycbjamespage, designateclient uploaded14:41
jamespagecoreycb, okies...14:44
Sky2939Hey guys15:09
Sky2939postfix keeps kicking me back the following error: fatal: cannot execute /usr/sbin/postconf!15:10
Sky2939 and i have no idea what to do next, can somebody please point me in the right direction ;315:10
patdk-wkhmm, properly install postfix15:11
patdk-wkthere is no right direction15:12
patdk-wkcause we have no idea how you caused that issue15:12
ogra_sure there is ... the opposite of the left direction15:12
Sky2939patdk-wk: it only happens when i try to log into roundcube15:12
patdk-wkare you *using* postfix?15:12
Sky2939any idea which logs i should check15:12
Sky2939yeah i am15:13
patdk-wkwell, I don't know anything about roundcube15:13
patdk-wkbut the fact it even cares about postconf at all, or postfix, is just seriously wrong15:13
Sky2939hmm i'm convinced its an issue with /etc/postfix/master.cf15:15
pmatulisSky2939: take roundcube out of the picture. such an error can occur when postfix is restarted and you have a bad config file (like master.cf or whatever)15:15
patdk-wkheh? then he should have clear log entries in /var/log/mail.log15:16
pmatulisso he should take a look15:16
Sky2939i've checked log entries15:17
Sky2939fatal: cannot execute /usr/sbin/postconf! is the error i receive in /log/var/mail.err and mail.log15:17
patdk-wkhmm, that is the *only* log entry? related to postfix? in that log?15:17
Sky2939yep... unfortunately15:18
Sky2939and roundcube interface says "failed to connect to storage server"15:19
patdk-wkwell, that is cause your imap isn't setup15:19
pmatulisSky2939: look over this carefully to try to get more detail into the problem: http://www.postfix.org/DEBUG_README.html15:20
lamontpatdk-wk: if you manually run "/usr/sbin/postconf biff", what does that say?15:30
lamont"cannot execute /usr/sbin/postconf" sounds like something the shell would say...  I don't think any part of postfix actually uses postconf, other than the packaging (init scripts, etc)15:31
ogra_lamont, well, might be some roundcube script they ship15:33
ogra_(ignoring the debconf path to configure the package altogether)15:33
lamontogra_: true15:33
patdk-wklamont, initscripts use it15:34
patdk-wkto setup the chroot15:34
lamontbut I'd expect a complaint from postconf itself to take a different form15:34
lamontpatdk-wk: exactly15:34
patdk-wkI just cannot even guess where to begin15:34
lamontpatdk-wk: if you manually run "/usr/sbin/postconf biff", what does that say?15:34
patdk-wkit's just screwed at this point, and will likely take a lot of poking to find the cause15:34
patdk-wklamont, heh?15:35
lamontfrom a shell prompt, if you run that command, what is the output15:35
patdk-wkbiff = no15:35
lamontwhich tells me that something is probably trying to run postconf while in a chroot, which doesn't have a copy of the postocnf binary, or is missing shlibs that it needs15:36
patdk-wkI dunno how you figured that out15:36
patdk-wkI run my own postfix packages, and patches, I do not have a problem15:36
ogra_well, "cannot execute" rarely comes from the binary you call ... but from a higher level15:36
lamontI'm going to leave you to these excellent people15:37
ogra_(the shell ... or the linker)15:37
patdk-wklamont, try talking to sky293915:37
lamontoh.  sigh.  somehow, I thought you were the one with the issue... oops15:37
lamontSky2939: if you run this from a shell prompt, what does it say: /usr/sbin/postfix biff15:38
patdk-wkno, I am very close to postfix myself, and I don't really have a clue where to start15:38
patdk-wkother than everywhere :)15:38
patdk-wkcause it sounds like a deeper issue, that is likely affecting more than just postfix15:38
lamontpatdk-wk: that's ebcause it's not a postfix issue, per se... it's above the code, in either some screwed up packaging, or such15:38
* lamont was just leaping to the postfix defense...15:39
urthmoverIf I deploy a 16.04_server machine now using one of the daily/beta.  When the distro becomes official if there anything else to consider other than upgrading from the repo?17:07
bonzibuddyhey folks17:10
bonzibuddyi have a custom interactive script i want to run automatically on login17:10
bonzibuddyvia ssh17:10
bonzibuddyi always want scp / git over ssh to work17:10
bonzibuddy.bashrc can tell if its an interactive shell - can i throw the script at the end of .bashrc and let it run interactively17:11
bonzibuddyor is there a better way?17:12
bonzibuddydoesnt seem to work with .bashrc17:14
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qwebirc783hello, how do I make a SAS hard drive work on an Ubuntu desktop (not server) running on a mcahine without SAS (only SATA ports).  What hardware do I need, and will the ubuntu desktop/kernel have builtin support or do I have to install additional software/kernel-modules?17:23
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patdk-wkqwebirc783, you need a sas port17:24
patdk-wksas and sata are NOT compatable with each other17:24
patdk-wksas can handle sata drives, if they support stun (I think almost everything does)17:25
patdk-wkbut sata cannot in any way handle sas at all17:25
qwebirc783patdk-wk:  from what I read only, i need a SAS controller17:25
patdk-wkmost popular would be an lsi hba17:25
qwebirc783would something like this work:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812710001  ?17:26
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qwebirc783I actually have a server machine, but cannot confirm if it has a SAS port or not... it is supposed to have either a hardware RAID or software RAID which is supposedly meant to implement SAS17:31
qwebirc783I cannot see any SAS cables sticking out of the power supply.17:31
qwebirc783will any of the SAS controller cards (most of which seem to be PCIe cards) work to provide me access to SAS hard drives?17:35
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hallynarges: fascinating17:36
hallynarges: so can you build by doing "debian/rules build && fakeroot debian/rules binary"?17:37
hallynyour test failureslook like they might be due to building in sbuild or something and not having a pty?  dunno.17:37
hallynThe test failure i was originally looking at was jamespage's error in trusty, which I now also get, in tests/xlconfigtest.c17:37
hallynsmoser: ^17:38
qwebirc783my server's model number is:  70B5001TUX  .  Can someone please verify if it supports SAS without any additional hardware (or if additional hardware is needed , what would be necessary)?17:38
hallynbut fwiw even in xenial 'debian/rules build' fails.  I'm wondering why.  I've only ever had that fail for me on kernel17:38
patdk-wkqwebirc783, it doesn't support sas17:39
patdk-wkyou need to install an sas pcie card into it17:39
smoserhallyn, i think i'm  missing some backscroll17:39
qwebirc783patdk-wk:  how did you find that out?  according to this page, it does:   http://www.cendirect.com/main_en/tech_specs_JO48730X.html?rPart_no=JO48730X17:40
patdk-wkwhy are you quoting some random page?17:40
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patdk-wkoh it might17:43
patdk-wkstupid lenovo naming17:43
patdk-wkat the bottom of the motherboard, does your model have two sff-8087 ports?17:43
qwebirc783patdk-wk:  well, i'm quoting some page simply for the sake of quoting some page..  i just do not want to spend additional money on additional hardware if I did not need it in the first place.  Also, it would seem like false advertising for a business/vendor to state something false about a product that it sellss..17:43
qwebirc783*not quoting*17:43
patdk-wksee in that picture, 6 sata ports (one is blue)17:43
patdk-wkand then next to it with those big black wires going into it, is the sff8087 ports (sas)17:44
patdk-wkthose use the onboard intel scu crap though17:44
hallynsmoser: wtf.   i swear i typed 'smb'17:46
hallynsmoser: ignore17:46
qwebirc783patdk-wk:  wow, i see that cable on that motherboard now... so does that mean it does support SAS?  sorry, i'm a total noob to SAS, so if so please explain what I would need to make it work?17:46
patdk-wkthose are sas ports17:46
patdk-wkthey are via the intel scu controller though17:47
patdk-wkand support for that should exist in linux/ubuntu17:47
patdk-wkbut I have never used it17:47
smbhallyn, command line complefusion at your service17:47
patdk-wkso, give it a try and see, you might need cables, dunno17:47
qwebirc783those cables on my motherboard are tucked tightly underneath the front bays where I cannot even access the front part,  so I cannot even see wht the front end of that cable looks like to verify or not if that is SAS...17:47
patdk-wkit's sas17:48
patdk-wk4 drives per cable17:48
hallynsmb: how do yo ubuild libvirt locally?17:48
patdk-wkplug the drive into a slot connected to those17:48
smbhallyn, ubuild? I just use sbuild on the package files17:48
smbhallyn, dpkg-buildpackage -D [for deps]17:49
smbhallyn, dpkg-buildpakage -b -uc -us17:49
smbhallyn, that should work in the unpacked tree17:49
hallynsmb: it bugs when debian/rules build doesn't work,17:50
smbhallyn, yeah though that is basically used by all methods above and it works for me17:50
hallynsmb: can you retry with a fresh libvirt tree?17:51
hallynbc it fails for me, everywhere17:51
hallynit mis-detects the host os and uses build flags for no-linux17:51
hallynthen dies bc it can't find hal17:51
smbhallyn, fresh from where?17:51
hallynpull-lp-source libvirt17:51
smbhallyn, installing dependencies...17:53
qwebirc783patdk-wk:  I cannot plug any SAS drives yet.  i was considering purchasing some used SAS drives on ebay, since they are, believe-it-or-not, lower in price than the SATA drives!  i'm constantly in the need for inexpensive storage, and wanted to look for a cheaper alternative...  just to pull up an example off of ebay, will these hard-drives work with my 70B5001TUX motherboard?:17:54
smbhallyn, ok, build started. Though one difference maybe, I am using a xenial chroot on trusty18:00
hallynsmb: it fails for me even just on a native trusty vm or container, and on my xenial laptop, so i expect it'll fail just fine18:01
TheEagerPadawanhi guys my laptop overheated shut it self down, now when i want to boot it up again it hangs on the init ramdisk18:01
smbhallyn, first round of tests passed...18:07
hallynsmb: no way!18:07
hallynsmb: lemme start a digitalocean droplet we can share18:08
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smbhallyn, wonder whether we could do something like this on a porter18:09
qwebirc783patdk-wk:  I now see that that cable is connected to some kind of SAS controller hardare that has what-seems-to-be 4 SAS ports sticking out from the front bay.  would this seem correct for use with SAS drives?18:11
hallynsmb: ssh ubuntu@ with your lp ssh key , do tmux -a ?18:11
smbhallyn, is that really 04. ^18:13
smbok no18:13
smbhallyn, so fwiw the local build finished ok18:18
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GeekMan1222|LapHi I am curious about upgrading a raid5 config that uses 4 2tb drives on a Dell PERC6i card. I was wanting to add 4 more 2TB drives to the raid or having some way of associating two raids together somehow. Iirc to actually add drives to a raid you need to back everything up first then delete the raid and make a new one with all the new drives? Using Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS and was just looking for some suggestions! :D18:21
qwebirc783it looks like I have 4 SAS ports on my server machine.  can someone confirm to me if SAS drives can be used like regular SATA hard drives for storing data without RAID?18:40
qwebirc783and do I have to plug in 4 SAS drives for the SAS to be accessible, or will one be sufficient?  and if I do plug in 4 at a time, will GNU/Linux OS see it as 4 individual 3TB drives or 1 big 12TB drive?18:41
sarnoldqwebirc783: hey :) sounds like you're still having fun :)18:44
sarnoldqwebirc783: it depends if you have a raid controller or "it mode" controller -- the raid controllers are usually more expensive18:45
qwebirc783sarnold:   ;-)  found out that my server machine actually seems to have SAS ports :-o18:45
sarnoldqwebirc783: that's great, saves a pile of money :)18:45
qwebirc783yep, i'm hoping to spend ~$14 per TB on used SAS drives versus $18 per TB on used SATA drives on ebay..   I spend about $5000 in SATA HDD last year, so that would be significant savings... ;-)18:47
sarnoldoh my :)18:48
qwebirc783there are screenshots of my motherboard's BIOS setup posted here with the SAS configuration showing...  can you confirm if i'll be able use the 4 SAS drives as 4 individual data drives showing up under GNU/Linux as devices /dev/sd{a,b,c,d}  ?18:52
qwebirc783sarnold:  http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/6669/lenovo-thinkserver-td340-tower-server-review/index3.html18:52
sarnoldqwebirc783: you may need to change the "storage oprom policy" -- a coworker reported some issues with thinkservers controllers but he was able to get it to work18:53
sarnoldqwebirc783: the drives may have different letters, but that ought to work well18:54
qwebirc783sarnold:  right, I prefer to manage each drive manually as individual devices without software/hardware RAID and/or LVM.  so, each drive having its own18:56
qwebirc783its own FS (like ext4 or some other...)18:57
sarnoldqwebirc783: yeah, I'd rather have an IT mode firmware too -- but because I'd rather run zfs and let them handle the hard work :)19:00
qwebirc783sarnold:  i've never used zfs before but,   will '/sbin/mke2fs' work the same way with SAS drives as it does with SATA drives?  and will the SAS drives show up as /dev/sd*  or /dev/scsi* or ???19:07
sarnoldqwebirc783: yeah, the filesystems just need a block device; probably you won't even notice a difference19:08
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patdk-wkyou have no raid on that sas controller19:12
patdk-wkor rather, it's raid assisted booting stuff19:12
patdk-wkall raid for those disks would be *software raid*19:12
patdk-wkused to be dmraid in linux would do it, but mdadm took it over19:13
patdk-wkwithout touching it, they should all appear as seperate drives19:13
qwebirc783that's good to know.  SAS all the way from now on..  (or until i'm convinced otherwise)19:20
qwebirc783some more questions about my 70B5001TUX server:  the specs say that it supports (1.35V / low-voltage) DDR3L RAM up to 1600.   Does that mean it will support (1.5V / regular-voltage)  DDR3 <=1600  RAM?19:27
sarnoldprobably best to check the manual on that19:28
patdk-wknormally yes, but lately no19:29
patdk-wkatleast all the laptops I have, can only use ddr3 (1.5v) or ddr3l (1.3v) and you cannot mix them up19:30
patdk-wkservers, normally you can, but check first :)19:30
qwebirc783manual does not state anything about wheter or not regular-voltage DDR3 is supported.  it only states that low-voltage DDR3L is supported.19:32
patdk-wkmust be ddr3l19:35
patdk-wknormal 1.5v will not work19:35
patdk-wkwhat is in it now? ddr3l?19:35
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qwebirc783yes ddr3l now.  but since ddr3 is cheaper, was thinking about adding ddr3 rather than ddr3l19:37
patdk-wkit says explicitly you cannot mix19:37
patdk-wkthey all must be the same19:37
qwebirc783i thought you said:  "servers, normally you can" [mix] ... ??19:38
patdk-wkI didn't say mix19:38
patdk-wknormally install one or the other19:38
qwebirc783oh i see.. now on ebay some 184-pin ddr3L are listed but they say they are intended for Dell servers..  would they work only on Dell servers and not on my Lenovo ThinkServer?19:39
* patdk-wk also loves the fact, when the manual shows, installing a new ethernet card19:39
patdk-wkthen has a picture of a lsi 9211-8i being installed19:39
sarnoldpatdk-wk: haha19:39
patdk-wkqwebirc783, it doesn't matter if it says for dell or lenovo or whatever19:41
patdk-wkas long as the voltage, and rank and speed are the same, your good19:41
patdk-wkyou likely have all rank2 or rank119:41
patdk-wkI would just look for ddr3l r2 and same speed19:42
patdk-wkoh ya, do make sure if your using ecc registered ram, or unbuffered19:42
patdk-wkif it's udimm's, it's just annoying personally :)19:42
qwebirc783I want to use only RDIMM since that way I can capitalize on the max-machine-allowed memory.19:43
qwebirc783so does the same thing you said apply to RDIMM as well as UDIMM?19:44
patdk-wkeverything applies to both19:44
patdk-wkjust udimm is ultra annoying19:45
patdk-wkand expensive if you need udimm ecc, and limited ram ability19:45
qwebirc783i see.  then, does it matter if one of the memory sticks already installed in the system is 8GB and the rest that I will be buying are 16GB, or do all of them have to be the same size as well?19:45
patdk-wkbut it is *faster*19:45
patdk-wkwell, according to the manual, same size19:45
patdk-wkbut it should work fine19:45
bratchleywild shot in the dark but has anyone ever installed IBM's ITM agent on Ubuntu?19:45
sarnoldsome CPUs/mobos support mixes, some don't19:45
qwebirc783patdk-wk:  so wait, because the memory installed is 8GB (DDR3L) module,  then the 16GB (DDR3L  RDIMM) modules I purchase will not work with the 8GB?19:48
patdk-wkqwebirc783, the manual says no19:48
patdk-wkI say, most likely it will work19:48
qwebirc783where did you d/l manual from?19:48
patdk-wkpage 9719:49
patdk-wknow what you have to do, if you do mix them19:50
patdk-wkis only one type per bank19:50
patdk-wkyou have 6 banks, 3 per cpu, each using a pair of memory modules19:50
patdk-wkit *should* be fine to install 2 8gigs, and 2 16gigs, in banks A and B and work perfect19:51
patdk-wkunless lenovo did something really odd19:51
patdk-wkbut I can tell you, it works fine for all my HP, DELL, supermicro stuff19:51
patdk-wkand since memory controller is built into the cpu, it should not be an issue at all19:52
patdk-wkas long as you stick to what the cpu needs, instead of what the motherboard says19:52
patdk-wkthose manuals do take the most strict case, of all cpu's they support19:53
patdk-wkinstead of what your specific cpu can do19:53
qwebirc783i see.  CPU #1 installed is:  Xeon E5-2403 v2 .  what you said about different sizes should most probably apply to it?19:54
qwebirc783(default CPU installed by vendor, btw)19:55
patdk-wkyes, it should be fine with different sizes19:55
qwebirc783in fact default CPU for that model installed by lenovo itself19:55
patdk-wkthough, I can't guarentee you 100% as I don't have any lenovo servers/desktops19:56
patdk-wkbut I will be 99% confident it would work19:56
patdk-wkthough, I do also have plunty of 4g/8g/16g sticks to test with first19:56
sarnoldqwebirc783: http://ark.intel.com/products/75975/Intel-Xeon-Processor-E5-2403-v2-10M-Cache-1_80-GHz19:58
sarnoldqwebirc783: looks like intel says that processor tops out at ddr3 1333 -- and it doesn't have the Intel Flex Memory Access support19:58
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patdk-wkoh, that flex memory is new19:59
patdk-wkdifferent sizes WITHIN the same bank19:59
patdk-wkI normally put that down as, not a good idea at all19:59
sarnoldyeah it seems crazy19:59
patdk-wkno, what was crazy20:00
sarnoldso I assumed it meant different sizes / layouts in different banks :)20:00
patdk-wkwas when I wasn't paying attention20:00
patdk-wkand install two different cpu's, I think a E5640 and a E562020:00
patdk-wkon the same motherboard20:00
patdk-wkand it booted20:00
patdk-wkthen I found out intel supported that now20:00
sarnoldholy cow20:00
patdk-wkit declocks the faster cpu to the lower one20:00
patdk-wkbut you still get the extra cores atleast20:01
patdk-wkhmm, so using same capactiy per bank, it runs symetric, full speed20:02
patdk-wkif you mixmatch with a bank, it goes asymmetric and slows down20:02
patdk-wkbut still faster than 1 stick20:02
qwebirc783that xeon CPU doc says DDR3 is supported... but i guess motherboard will not let you mix DDR3 with DDR3L.    but it says flex memory is "no"... first of all, what is "flex memory"  and what does it mean that my Xeon does not support it..?20:02
patdk-wkdon't worry about flex20:02
patdk-wkyou have 3 banks per cpu20:02
patdk-wkin each bank (2 memory slots) install same size20:02
patdk-wkflex lets you install different sizes i nthe same bank, that used to be a no-no20:03
patdk-wkso basically just assume20:03
patdk-wkalways order memory in pairs :)20:03
patdk-wkand your good20:03
patdk-wkI still wouldn't mix and match ddr3 and ddr3l but you probably can20:03
qwebirc783and why does my xeon spec not list DDR3-1600... it only goes up to DDR3-1333, does tht mean if I buy DDR3L-1600 for use with this CPU, it will only run at DDR-1333 speed?20:04
qwebirc783the thinkserver spec clearly states up to DDR3L-160020:04
qwebirc783in other words, i do not want to spend extra $ on DDR3L-1600, if CPU is only capable of speeds up to DDR3L-133320:05
sarnoldthe lenovo marketing materials sometimes mentions that they've got magic ram that can run faster than intel recommends. I never looked into that, but there's a good chance the manual is correct20:05
patdk-wkwith that cpu, it will go 1333 only20:18
patdk-wkwith a different cpu, it could go 160020:18
patdk-wke5-2440v2 does ddr-1600 memory20:20
patdk-wke5-2420v2 is the lowest one that does it20:20
patdk-wkso only two cpu's in that family don't support 160020:20
qwebirc783patdk-wk: are you serious!  they installed the cheapest CPU and false-advertise the DDR3-1600.  that is outrageous.  so, DDR3-1600 will not run at 1600 speed for sure with that CPU correct?20:26
aroonihey folks!  designing my backup solution for a simple rails app who's only storage is in the database.  there are no user file uploads.  i don't really care about log files, so I'm thinking all i need is the database.  i'd like to back up to a s3 bucket nightly and also keep say the last 30 days of backups and purge backups older than that.  am i missing anything?  any recommendation on a premade script that I can20:29
arooni just customize with my db & s3 credentials?  ubuntu 14.04 server20:29
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trippehhmm. I cant stop a md raid array during recovery any more. xenial21:22
trippehsays its busy, but its not mounted, "md2: recovery interrupted". "md2 still in use". then "resuming recovery of md2 from checkpoint."21:23
trippehit's an upstream-ish 4.4.3 kernel though. should give ubuntus kernel a spin.21:24
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trippehtemporarily stopping udev worked..22:04
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