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zhuoweijohn-mcaleely, do you know where the device tree for the Aquaris M10 tablet is stored? I found the kernel source on the Avila page on Launchpad but can't find the Android board config stuff.05:32
zhuoweiSo is there any information on porting Ubuntu Touch with a 64-bit Android container?06:02
lotuspsychjezhuowei: there is a porting guide in the topic06:05
lotuspsychjezhuowei: and maybe the >XDA forums have anything usefull?06:05
zhuoweiBut I believe the only device with a 64-bit container is the Aquaris M10 (Frieza) device, so I'm not sure whether there's any extra steps I need to take to port to a 64-bit device06:05
lotuspsychjezhuowei: maybe download the m10 image of ubuntu touch and investigate its content?06:08
zhuoweiI did: the system.img for the container is a 64-bit Android environment, but the kernel ramdisk's a 32-bit environment06:09
zhuoweiThere are no 64-bit specific files other than the system.img (no changes to lxc-android-config or anything) So does that mean that 64-bit devices will just work?06:10
lotuspsychjewell im not a porting expert myself, so wont be of any help on this06:11
zhuoweiok. Thank you so much for your help.06:12
lotuspsychjezhuowei: there is also the #snappy channel06:15
zhuoweiDoes libhybris work with Android 6.0-based devices yet?06:42
zhuoweiLibhybris chooses the supported version of Android at build type (by installing the appropriate Android headers package), so how is Ubuntu Touch able to support devices with different Android container versions with the same libhybris binary package?06:55
markwaltI'm curious to know how Ubuntu Touch compares to Android with respect to general performance.  I've got an older HTC tablet I might want to try to put it on, and it's kind of slow.  Will Ubuntu Touch likely be slower?07:15
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_Spongepopey, Which is the channel for Arm devices ?07:49
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ogra__Sponge, what kind of arm devices .... there is a generic #ubuntu-arm08:14
ogra_(but thats more for developer boards and such )08:14
ogra_davmor2, jibel, do you have a bug open for the "everything is transparent on rc-proposed" that i see since the weekend (indicators, splash screens on the mx4)08:24
ogra_err ... since mid-week, sorry08:24
jibelogra_, yes08:24
ogra_good :)08:25
jibelogra_, it's bug 154922608:25
ubot5`bug 1549226 in Canonical System Image "On arale; top panel drop down menu is semi-transparent and items are unreadable" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154922608:25
* ogra_ me-too's08:25
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | http://www.meizu.com/products/ubuntu.html | http://www.ubuntu.com/tablet | OTA-9.1 released
davmor2ogra_: there is a bug talk to saviq09:06
davmor2ogra_: I assume you are on meizu09:06
ogra_davmor2, yeah, seems there is already a fix for Mir 0.20.109:07
matv1there have been lots of anouncements about the sony xperia port recently but I cannot find any image. Can anyone help me find it?09:12
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jgdxseb128, do you have time for a Settings discussion?12:48
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sil2100Elleo: hey! Any news on the ubuntu-keyboard fonts issue? I see the silo is still not marked as tested13:48
sil2100Elleo: doko is poking me about it...13:48
sil2100Elleo: it's somewhat critical from the xenial POV13:48
Elleosil2100: yeah, just need to check the japanese stuff with fronts-droid-fallback; is it okay us having a dependency on "fonts-droid | fonts-droid-fallback"?13:52
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predator8bithello, I have a Bq Aquaris E5 that I just updated and it won't boot14:23
predator8bitany ideas on how to fix it?14:25
la_juyispredator8bit, hi! had you made your system rw?14:28
predator8bitum, I did in the past but I always restarted after so it would go back to read only14:29
la_juyispredator8bit, where does it get stuck at booting?14:30
predator8bitthe ubuntu boot logo with the dots, the dots turn from white to orange over and over again and the screen flickers when it gets to the end and stars again14:31
la_juyispredator8bit, can you boot to fastboot mode?14:33
predator8bitso where do I grab the image from to flash onto my device?14:36
la_juyispredator8bit, could you first grab some logs for us?14:41
predator8bitwell if you tell me how14:41
la_juyiswe're interested in  /var/log/syslog and the content of /home/phablet/.cache/upstart14:41
predator8bithow do I access it?14:42
predator8bitthe phone is plugged in and I started it in fastboot mode14:42
ogra_would also be intersting to know if thats a virgin stable image or if you tinkered in any way with it (made it writable, ever used apt on it etc)14:42
predator8bitI used apt14:43
ogra_and how the "doesnt boot" manifest (sometimes updates need to re-spin the security policies, that can take a while on first boot)14:43
ogra_well, then you need to re-flash indeed14:43
ogra_apt breaks all supported update methods on the phone14:44
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predator8bitso I tried to git clone git@github.com:bq/aquaris-E5.git14:46
predator8bitbut it says I don't have permission14:46
predator8bit"Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists."14:47
la_juyispredator8bit, you mean to reflash the phone?14:47
predator8bityeah, why not?14:47
ogra_you wouldnt re-flash it from the kernel source tree ;)14:48
ogra_but using ubuntu-device-flash with a flashable image14:48
predator8bityeah but ddg gave me no links14:48
predator8bitjust on how to purchase the devices14:48
la_juyisah! duck duck go14:49
predator8bityea ddg.gg14:50
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sil2100Elleo: hm, I would need to double-check that14:53
Elleosil2100: okay14:53
Elleosil2100: otherwise fonts-droid-fallback will also need moving into the vivid overlay14:54
sil2100Elleo: I would say we'd need copying fonts-droid-fallback then too - is it similarily sized?14:55
Elleosil2100: it's smaller, but currently fonts-droid-fallback isn't in vivid either14:57
Elleosil2100: err, xenial14:57
Elleosil2100: since I think it's created from the updated source package that removes fonts-droid14:57
la_juyispredator8bit, just curious, had you reported to BQ?14:58
predator8bitnope, I started searching for an image to flash onto my phone and when I didn't find any I came here14:58
sil2100Elleo: hm, I suppose using a dep like fonts-droid-fallback | fonts-droid might be good14:58
Elleosil2100: so presumably ubuntu-keyboard would need to be landed in xenial alongside that package update and a simultaneous copy of the package to the vivid overlay14:58
Elleosil2100: yeah, it keeps landing much simpler14:58
mariogripmhall119: ping14:58
sil2100Elleo: I would make sure the fallback is the first one though, so it's clear we want to get rid of the other dep ASAP14:59
Elleosil2100: okay14:59
predator8bitbut actually I had tat developer.ubuntu.com link open so I found it I just didn't think it was the right site at a quick glance14:59
mhall119mariogrip: pong15:00
jgdxpete-woods, hey, I saw pptp stuff in the Connectivity API, does this mean, for your part, bug 1523946 is fixed?15:02
ubot5`bug 1523946 in Canonical System Image "PPTP VPN support" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152394615:02
mariogripmhall119: sorry for the delay to add the logs, something unexpected happen to my family so I to take 2 days off.15:05
mariogripthat's why I haven't been active15:06
pete-woodsjgdx: yeah, that's sorted out in the API, see the trunk of indicator-network again for how the UI side works15:06
predator8bit<la_juyis> also it is totally my fault for updating using apt all the time, so I have nothing to report to Bq15:07
mhall119mariogrip: no worries, family always comes first15:08
mhall119I hope all is well, or at least better15:08
mariogripmhall119: All is well now, everything went to right way, somewhat back to normal now15:10
mhall119glad to hear it :)15:10
la_juyispredator8bit, it's ok, it's only because i talk to them about cases, just to know if this was a duplicate or not :)15:12
mariogripmhall119: while I have been gone, lot's of new devices are fully founded: https://devices.ubports.com/#/15:13
mariogripso, it seems like nexus 6 and nexus 5x are coming15:16
dobeypredator8bit: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices#Working_with_ubuntu-device-flash is the important bit you need. if you have the E5, you will need the recovery-vegetahd.img as listed in that table, to pass as the --recovery-image argument to ubuntu-device-flash.15:20
dobeypredator8bit: also, if you wish to install additional debian packages for doing compiling on the phone or such, you should see https://askubuntu.com/questions/620740/recommended-way-to-install-regularcli-deb-packages-on-ubuntu-phone/623311#62331115:20
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mhall119kenvandine: looks like silo0 has a clean upgrade path on mako rc-proposed today, I'm giving it a try15:23
mhall119mariogrip: now we just need to get people working on them :)15:24
mariogripmhall119: Jup :)15:24
mariogripmhall119: You need to learn porting :P15:24
mhall119I see what you did there :)15:25
ogra_mariogrip, mhall119 has more subtle ways ... "win one of ten bq M10 tablets for porting to a new device"15:25
mhall119ogra_: does that mean you have 10 tablets for me to give away?15:26
mariogripogra_: haha x)15:26
ogra_mhall119, now, thats something to talk to your manager about ;)15:26
mhall119oh? so dpm has 10 tablets for me? :)15:27
ogra_for sure he does !15:28
mhall119dpm: ogra_ says he's going to give you some tablets ;)15:28
dpmmhall119, they're on e-bay, if you make me a good offer, you can be the winner!15:28
mariogripshipping 500$15:29
dpmmariogrip, an experienced e-bayer15:29
mariogriphaha xP15:30
kenvandinemhall119, brave!15:30
kenvandinebarry, did you get s-i-d into a ppa?15:30
mhall119kenvandine: hey,the Wi-Fi Displays page works now15:31
kenvandinei knew it would :)15:31
mhall119let's see if it'll survive a reboot15:31
* ogra_ hopes someone attached the serial cable to mhall119 in case there are probs15:32
mhall119ogra_: oh ye of little faith15:34
* mhall119 was a little doubtful there himself15:34
mhall119well, it booted back okay, but still can't connect to my TV :(15:35
mariogripwhen is the bq m10 going on sale? (me want it)15:36
barrykenvandine: not yet15:39
kenvandinebarry, ok, i'm ready to test when ever you do15:42
barrykenvandine: k15:42
kenvandinei tried to build a package from your git branch, but no debian dir15:42
barrykenvandine: yep15:43
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ZenithyHey, does anyone know if it's possible to force rotation on the lock screen?15:52
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predator8bitphew finally finished with the flashing16:26
davmor2Zenithy: no, it is set for phones and tablets in a fixed orientation16:29
Zenithydavmor2 awh, alright thanks! Was hoping to bring some life into my N4. Bottom part of the screen is no longer responsive..16:30
davmor2Zenithy: don't add a pin or password then swipe works16:31
ZenithyYeah indeed, but I can't get past the initial tutorial either without the bottom part.16:31
predator8bitI hate how the launcher always pops up when I try to unlock my phone so then I have to try from the other direction16:31
ZenithyI tried with --developer-mode to get access to adb and at least I could do the welcome-wizard disable.16:32
ZenithyBut developer mode requires a password which locks the lockscreen for me again haha16:33
ogra_predator8bit, just swipe furtherit will go to the unlock screen too16:33
ogra_*further it16:34
ogra_the launcher showing up wont stop from getting to the unlock screen16:34
predator8bityeah I managed to pull that off once16:34
ZenithyI can probably make it work with a usb OTG for a mouse right?16:34
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predator8bitbut most of the time I just want to unlock it swiftly so it is in the way16:34
jgdxmpt, forgot. Here's the dump: http://i.imgur.com/vmc0ELz.png16:48
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edude03Is the port for the Z1 actually released?18:02
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faradis it possible to add new separate calendars to the calendar app using syncevolution?18:53
faradand by the way, does somebody know, how the builtin birthday calender works?19:02
faradI would expect to be able to enter birthdays in the contacts app, and see them there19:03
JanCfarad: I think there are bugs/feature requests for those19:08
faradfor the birthday calendar or adding new calendars?19:10
kazorddid someone tested ? (and can give feedback) ?19:20
timeaxHi guys somebody know how to remove chromium and dalvik from a build of ubuntu touch?19:29
dobeydalvik and chromium?19:29
timeaxYep this are useless on ubuntu touch19:31
dobeydalvik and chromium aren't in the build afaik19:31
dobeyat least, they aren't in the image19:31
timeaxThis are both included in the aries sources19:32
timeaxSo when i make the build it will be ported in it too19:32
dobeyare they actually in the final image though?19:32
timeaxI still havent completed the build19:33
timeaxI'm having issues in some chromium libraries19:33
timeaxAnd i wanna remove it so i hopefully could complete the build19:34
dobeyi guess there is maybe something in the makefile to not build it, or you can modify it then19:34
timeaxYep i have to modify some mk file but which one?19:35
timeaxI dont know where to search19:35
timeaxThere are toooooo manyyyy folders lol19:35
timeaxThats why i asked19:35
dobeyi don't know19:35
dobeymake tells you where things fail19:36
timeaxThe one in the phablet folder?19:37
dobeyi don't know which makefile you need to read/change/understand19:39
dobeyyou need to understand what you are doing19:39
timeaxOh that one says include build/core/main.mk im. Going to look that file19:39
zygahey, has anyone looked into porting former firefox-os devices over to ubuntu touch/19:40
timeaxAre written in c/c++ right?19:40
dobeymakefiles? no19:40
zygaI have two hamachi devices that I could donate to the cause19:41
timeaxAhah lol19:41
timeaxThats my level of knowledge :D19:41
timeaxBut i just found a tutorial which explain what is a makefile...it says that peoples who attempt to build with makefiles should know c and c++19:46
dobeysorry, i can't teach you how to be a developer and how different build systems work :)19:47
dobeyand apparently neither can whomever wrote that tutorial19:47
timeaxlol yep i know19:47
timeaxYou know some tutorials for try to understand the base?19:48
dobeyi don't19:49
timeaxOk no prob ;) tnx anyway19:50
timeaxSee ya guys19:50
faradofficial documentation for GNU make: http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/make.html19:50
timeaxTnx farad ;)19:51
dobeyofficial docs may only result in madness though :)19:51
faradlet timeax try :)19:52
dobeywell, the gnu make docs aren't going to describe how android uses make19:53
dobeyand it doesn't tell how to use find, grep, and an editor, to stop the android tree from building certain things19:53
dobeymaybe there are some docs within the android tree worth reading though19:54
timeaxI understand19:55
faradI could paste similar links for "find", "grep" and an editor ^^19:57
timeaxYep if u could post them i'll save and read19:57
dobeytimeax: i'm sure your system has the "man" package installed. try using "man find" and "man grep"19:58
dobeybut still, you need to know what you are looking for, before find and grep will help you find where it is19:58
dobeyi suggest you find the documentation for your device tree, and read it, first19:59
faradtimeax: you will find all the documentations here: http://www.gnu.org/software/20:00
faradon the bottom of the page there are links to all of these tools20:00
timeaxOhh perfect ;)20:00
faradand their documentation20:00
timeaxI'ready to study :D20:01
farad"find" is in "findutils"20:01
faradstudy as much as you like, you won't run out of material so fast...20:02
timeaxYep i know that20:02
timeaxI got all the patience ;)20:03
faradyou are a rare kind of person :)20:03
dobeywell, i'm happy you're willing to learn and work on a port yourself. much better than those who come and demand ports :)20:06
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timeaxAhah lol tnx for the support :)20:11
faradyou are welcome20:12
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isoreGood day ppl21:10
isoresomeone try to install ubuntu phone on samsung GT-S7390L?21:11
dobeyreally wish i could boot rc-proposed on my nexus5 :-/21:46
mariogripdobey: isn't rc-proposed working on n5? is it the images from ubports?22:50
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