tsdgeosSaviq: you mentioned something about maxwidth/minwidth yesterday on my branch that for the desktop camera09:28
tsdgeosbut i can't see maxwidth/minwidth being applied anywhere in the desktop stage09:29
tsdgeosmzanetti: ↑ you know anything about this?09:30
pstolowskiSaviq, hey, what's the situation with unity8 landings? can i test & prepare silo 76 for landing?09:47
Saviqpstolowski, SDK is going in first with a small u8 landing09:49
Saviqtsdgeos, should be in WindowResizeArea09:49
pstolowskiSaviq, what silo# is that?09:51
Saviqpstolowski, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/90509:52
tsdgeosSaviq: ah rihgt, totally failed at grepping09:52
Saviqpstolowski, it's at the top of QA's "ready" queue, so hopefully later today - I'd also like to drop https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/993 on them after that09:53
Saviqobviously needs a rebuild + quick retest09:54
pstolowskiSaviq, ack09:56
tsdgeosmzanetti: ping12:21
tsdgeoscompare(listView.contentY, -listView.topMargin, "Launcher did not start up with first item unfolded");12:21
tsdgeosin the launcher fails if i add another item to MockLauncherModel12:21
tsdgeosin trunk12:21
tsdgeosdoes any of your new branches fix that?12:21
tsdgeosmzanetti: lp:~unity-team/unity8/launcher-tests-fail12:32
Saviqhuhu, looks like autopilot in jenkaas was actually easier than expected12:50
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Saviqnow just to make it go in parallel with qml ones... need a new plugin13:01
pstolowskicimi, tsdgeos inline playback broken in single-preview silo 7613:37
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pstolowskicimi, tsdgeos http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15205625/13:37
pstolowskiand dash crashes13:37
tsdgeosthat is weird13:37
tsdgeosthere's no reason inline playback should be affected at all13:38
tsdgeoslet me try too13:38
pstolowskiplus, preview models are destroyed veeery lazily, not sure if we can improve that?13:38
pstolowskie.g. i see a model gets destroyed after a few minutes13:38
tsdgeosmodel destroying should be as before approx13:39
pstolowskitsdgeos, that's possible, i just have never paid attention, now i have a debug message13:40
pstolowskitsdgeos, don't bother trying the silo.. works after reboot. grr13:46
pstolowskisomething is fishy, but not this silo's fault13:47
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cimipstolowski, so all good?14:08
pstolowskicimi, yeah. there is some flakiness / race though, but i couldn't reproduce. unrelated to the silo amyway.14:08
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tsdgeosSaviq: lp:~ci-train-bot/unity8/unity8-ubuntu-xenial-landing-064 has broken tags, can anyone clean them?14:52
Saviqtsdgeos, no, we should find where they come from (since we'll need to rebuild)14:53
tsdgeosSaviq: i think they come "from the silo"14:53
tsdgeosi.e it got reused from old14:53
Saviqtsdgeos, train starts branches from scratch and then --overwrites he ones in ~ci-train-bot14:53
tsdgeosok, let me run my clean branches script14:54
Saviqtsdgeos, but overwriting doesn't clear tags14:54
Saviqtsdgeos, we might ask them to delete the branches in ~ci-train-bot...14:54
Saviqbut I'm afraid this will just come back again and again...14:54
* Saviq wants git14:55
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tsdgeosltinkl: test for https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/fixTinyWindows/+merge/287173 ?15:25
ltinkltsdgeos, sure, will add15:27
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tsdgeosSaviq: mzanetti: ltinkl: you have bad tags16:19
* ltinkl on it16:20
Saviqthat took a while, didn't it :)16:20
tsdgeosdon't know didn't say much, but since it runs on its own may be16:21
* tsdgeos times16:21
* Saviq cleared16:22
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tsdgeospstolowski: ping16:27
pstolowskitsdgeos, hey16:27
tsdgeospstolowski: how do i "favorite" the apps scope if it magically got unfavorited?16:27
ltinkltsdgeos, ok, tags cleared and a test added (modified the unlock() test to use typeString() instead of clicking the pinpad buttons)16:29
pstolowskitsdgeos, oh, how did that happen?...  gsettings reset com.canonical.Unity.Dash favorite-scopes16:29
pstolowskitsdgeos, alternatively,  gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Dash favorite-scopes "['scope://clickscope']"16:29
tsdgeospstolowski: i guess at some point i uninstalled it (desktop)16:30
Saviquninstalling anything shouldn't touch the favourites IMO16:33
tsdgeosSaviq: i guess the scope isn't there anymore16:38
tsdgeosso it can't be a favorite16:39
pstolowskihmm i think it should, otherwise this list would grow indefinitely.. upgrade is a different case (which we handle)16:39
Saviqhow often do you think this would happen?16:39
Saviqthat someone uninstalls a favourited scope16:39
Saviqand what impact does it have if there's even 100 things you need to skip in the list of favourites16:40
pstolowskiSaviq, i hear you, but keeping a list which cannot be purged feels wrong16:43
Saviqpstolowski, that's actually how the launcher items behave16:43
Saviqin unity7 and unity816:43
Saviqpstolowski, you can purge it - gsettings reset16:43
tsdgeosSaviq: it feels unexpected that something would be favorited on install16:44
tsdgeosif i installed it 1 year ago, favorited and then uninstalled16:44
Saviqit wouldn't "be favorited on install" you favorited it 1 year ago16:44
Saviqyou never said that it's not your favourite now that you uninstalled it ;P16:44
tsdgeosSaviq: i'm just saying it would seem unexpected to me16:45
tsdgeosthe world is full of people that it's not me16:45
Saviqtsdgeos, was it unexpected on your launcher? ;)16:45
tsdgeosSaviq: yes16:46
tsdgeosit would too16:46
tsdgeosSaviq: 24 min for the clean branches run :D16:46
Saviqwell, did you notice it, because that's exactly how it behaves16:46
Saviqtsdgeos, nice :)16:46
Saviqstress-testing LP are we ;)16:46
tsdgeosSaviq: i didn't notice since i have exactly 4 apps in my launcher that i always use and thus would not uninstall and install16:47
Saviqtsdgeos, saves my a$$ when I reinstall :)16:48
Saviqthings on launcher just waiting for me to install them16:48
tsdgeosSaviq: so what does it do, it has "wholes"/[x] saying "this used to be an app and is no longer there?16:49
tsdgeosor it's not there and appears when you install?16:49
Saviqtsdgeos, filters, appears when I install16:49
tsdgeospstolowski: damn i think some changes in the scopes plugin are making the dash code hit this16:55
tsdgeos/ TODO attach to sectionItem so we can accomodate to it changing its height16:55
tsdgeos^_ ^16:55
pstolowskitsdgeos, huh? this is a qml TOODO?16:55
tsdgeosnah in the .cpp code16:55
tsdgeosit's just that the irc client ate the first /16:56
Saviqwhoops :)16:56
tsdgeosi guess i'll attack that on monday16:58
pstolowskitsdgeos, hmm i'm not sure what kind of change would that be?16:59
tsdgeospstolowski: it's the smart model updates that now reuse categories17:00
tsdgeosso if you happen to reuse a category that had section title to one that hasn't17:00
tsdgeosbecause stuff should move up because the category title just disappears17:00
pstolowskitsdgeos, ah.. but that's not new.. landed 2 months ago or so17:01
pstolowskitsdgeos, ah, so it's a very specific case, maybe we didn't hit it17:01
tsdgeosi can easily reproduce on the desktop unity8-dash now17:02
tsdgeosbut not on the phone17:02
tsdgeosbecause *things*17:02
cimitsdgeos, approved those three branches of yesterday17:07
cimitsdgeos, tx17:07
tsdgeoscimi: cool17:08
* tsdgeos waves eow17:08
cimiso. fast.17:09
cimisometimes I wish he was waiting for us to wave back :D17:09
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Saviqmterry, hey, if you're still here, could use your eyes on https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/autopilot-dep8/+merge/287228 - you can see the test results in https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1053 - I'd like to put this into trunk directly so our CI benefits from this straight away21:58
mterrySaviq, hey21:58
mterrySaviq, so the results of the dep8 test are in those "vivid landing-023 excuses.html" lines in the silo?22:02
Saviqmterry, yup22:02
mterrySaviq, branch makes sense though22:02
mterrySaviq, the vivid link brings me to an ubuntu-system-settings page though...22:03
Saviqmterry, xenial, sorry22:03
Saviqmterry, bug in train22:03
mterrySaviq, ah ok22:04
Saviqmterry, the silo is xenial only22:04
mterrySaviq, ah so it is, hadn't noticed.  dep8 is only good for xenial?22:04
Saviqmterry, no, this silo is xenial only, didn't want to waste britney's or builders' time22:04
Saviqmterry, unfortunately there's no way to SKIP a test based on whether it's touch or not, so the early-exit is the best we can do - also the isolation-machine requirement makes sure that it SKIPs when it's obviously wrong (like chroot or whatnot)22:05
mterrySaviq, yeah -- so hard to run outside of the builder22:05
Saviqmterry, those never run on builders anyway22:06
mterrySaviq, why do some arch's fail?22:06
mterrySaviq, right.  I guess I meant outside of britney22:06
Saviqmterry, outside of i386, amd64, armhf, missing deps22:06
Saviqmterry, on armhf, because we've not fixed our tests yet22:06
mterrySaviq, well 2 arches is something anyway.  Even though armhf would be the real prize22:07
Saviqmterry, bug #155054322:08
ubot5`bug 1550543 in CI Train [cu2d] "Automated tests publish results for disabled target seriee" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155054322:08
mterrySaviq, so where are these autopilot tests actually running in this setup?  The ones at https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/xenial/landing-023/excuses.html are skipped because they aren't on the device22:09
Saviqmterry, our jenkins22:09
Saviqmterry, https://unity8-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/test-0-autopkgtest/247/ red because I've busted the jenkins job22:10
mterryah right, because of course britney doesn't have access to devices.  I forgot that jenkins was the gatekeeper to thos22:10
Saviqmterry, actually red because something failed completely in this case22:11
Saviqmterry, https://unity8-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/test-0-autopkgtest/243/ a better result22:11
mterrySaviq, OK, now I'm caught up with how this works  :)22:12
mterrySaviq, took me a while to understand what was running what22:12
Saviqmterry, our jenkins runs them all - qml tests on amd64; autopilot tests on phones22:13
Saviqmterry, britney can only run qml tests22:13
Saviqat least until we make our autopilot runnable under xvfb or something22:13
mterrySaviq, but yeah the branch makes sense, let me approve22:14
mterrySaviq, allow-stderr seems like such an annoying flag.  I feel like it should be default22:16
mterryBut I get that it's useful to catch surprises22:16
Saviqmterry, actually the problem there is set -ex prints on stderr22:17
Saviqmterry, and autopilot, too22:17
mterrySaviq, yeah -- lots of stuff does all the time is the annoying thing.  Only a very strict tool is so careful to keep to stdout22:17
Saviqmterry, FWIW we should be able to get rid of that for qmluitests https://unity8-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/test-0-autopkgtest/248/label=amd64,release=vivid+overlay/artifact/output/qmluitests.sh-stderr22:18
Saviqand it actually does show useful stuff22:19
Saviqbut we'll have to get rid of set -ex, which is kinda useful22:20
mterrySaviq, yeah for build warnings.  but that might be better done as an isolated "build warnings" dep822:20
Saviqmterry, oh well, dep8 is too late for build warnings actually ;)22:20
mterrySaviq, but failing on build warnings are annoying22:20
Saviqmterry, since everything is^Wshould be built by then ;)22:20
Saviqok /me clears silo22:21
mterrySaviq, packages that do that always cause problems on gcc upgrades or when some library deprecates some call.  Big pain in production22:21
Saviqok let's see how that goes, I can see that arale is complaining already, need to find out what went wrong with the phones22:23
Saviqand GAAAH fucking jenkins for trying to re-escape quotes and failing like fuck22:25
Saviqhmm looks like krillin and devel-proposed don't mix22:29

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