netritioushowdy wrst04:04
netritioushow's every one doing?20:26
netritiouslet's get this party started!20:26
* netritious takes off shirt, but realizes no one can see20:27
netritiouscan't unread it Juzzy20:28
Juzzyposted my dvr scripts to create thumbs n shit20:29
netritiousffmpeg is the bomb20:33
bwmakerI've heard good things about ffmpeg.20:36
bwmakerNever used it myself, though.20:36
netritioushey bwmaker20:37
bwmakerHowdy, netritious20:39
netritiousso what is everyone running nowadays? I'm on 14.04 with gnome? I think. It's not unity or KDE.20:43
netritiousI'm pretty sure I installed with defaults then installed gnome.20:43
=== netritious_ is now known as netritious
netritiousso I locked my screen to switch users so I could see what my DE was set to and got whole bunch of nope20:56
netritiousGnome Flashback (Compiz)20:57
Juzzyi have a 15.05 waiting patiently for 16.04 to be released21:04
netritiousDE = desktop environment21:04
Juzzyubuntu 15.0421:06
Unit193That's already EOL, mate.21:07
Juzzy? thought it was 18m21:07
netritiousI too thought non-LTS was 18 months21:08
Juzzywell repo's still work21:09
Unit193netritious: It changed a bit back.21:10
Juzzyas long as they dont move repos to old-releases heh21:10
Juzzyupgrading to wily to be safe21:11
Unit193Also while the repos might work, they don't get updated.  So you likely still are affected by the glibc bug.21:11
Juzzyamungst other bugs21:11
JuzzyI just use it for my chef development21:11
netritiousI think I've been out of the loop by sticking to LTS21:12
netritiousalthough personally, I've never had much luck with the non-LTS versions21:12
Juzzyjeez wtf21:12
JuzzyUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS21:12
JuzzyTrusty Tahr21:12
JuzzyAugust 6, 201521:12
JuzzyHWE August 201621:12
Juzzy2 years until eol?!21:12
netritiousI always break something I can't figure out how to fix with non-LTS lol21:13
Juzzywe're moving quickly to fully automating out spinups and stuff21:13
netritiousdid you roll your own or what tools are you using Juzzy?21:14
Unit193netritious: Hah, I never stick to LTS on desktops, and even on the server I've supplemented it.21:14
netritiousUnit193: I'm sure it's just me since most i know run current, LTS or not, and have no problems.21:15
bwmakerI'm still on 14.04 because the wpa supplicant was upgraded afterward and basically broke all wifi at work. :-(21:42
bwmakerI couldn't figure out how to downgrade it successfully, either.21:42
netritiousI strongly dislike it when I run into those problems heh21:45
netritiousI like my OS to just work.21:49
netritious I have many hobbies I enjoy and spending time fixing computers isn't one of them.21:49
netritiousIt doesn't matter though. Family dropped off borked Windows 8 laptop. Said no to Linux. :/21:53
netritiousI know.22:04
Juzzynetritious: ya rolled out own, I'm considering writing a book on it but half will change before I could complete it22:04
netritiousnice. did you go OpenStack? VMware? No wait, AWS! :D22:12
Juzzylast 222:17
netritiousvery cool22:29
netritiousI just upgraded to workstation 12. I'm a little disappointed that support for linux and Unity mode is now deprecated.22:31
minasotanetritious: My main OS is osx. I run a lot of stuff in virtual box. After years of linux as my main os I got tired of constantly making it work22:32
minasotaMy vps runs Ubuntu 14.04 which is fine with me. I'm trying out FreeBSD and PC-BSD atm22:33
netritiousminasota: the last time I owned an apple was when I played Oregon Trail, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago(?), and learned BASIC heh22:35
minasotaheh, you've got dysentery22:36
netritiousdid I just read freebsd?22:36
minasotaI loved that game. I remember playing it on an AppleII I believe, in elementary school22:36
netritiousoh s%^&, about to be some bromance up in here22:37
netritiousunless you are a woman and then we just have to be good freinds j/k of course22:38
netritiousI have had a very long on and off again love affair with freebsd22:38
minasotaI'm still learning it but I like what I see so far. It just seems to make sense to me22:39
netritiousit's a study for certain, but totally worth it when configured properly22:39
minasotayeah, it seems to be more mature (not sure if that's the right word) than linux. Different thinking I suppose22:40
minasotaBetter structured and documented maybe? Hard to describe. But I like it22:41
netritiousno, you've nailed it on the head.22:42
netritiousI used to hang out at #freebsdhelp on efnet a really really long time ago.22:43
minasotaI mentioned this before, but I like the implementation of "jails"22:44
minasotaIt goes beyond chroot environments22:44
netritiousthe original virtual environment22:44
minasota10.2 has added some features to it. I've been reading the "handbook" like a kid with a new toy22:46
minasotabut yeah, pretty cool virtual environment that is more secure22:47
netritiousI don't like how slowly new wireless drivers for AP mode are implemented though.22:47
minasotayeah, that was one of the first things I researched. At some point I want to make a full transition22:47
minasotaSounds crazy to ditch osx for bsd... but I like the freedom I suppose22:48
netritiousare you using binary packages with pkg_add, or are you using ports/portage?22:48
minasotaboth, I used ports to pull some *nix stuff I like to use. I know jack about vi or vim. I needed nano lol22:49
minasotaand pc-updatemanger I think it the other?22:50
netritiousSounds new, but it's been some years for me.22:51
netritiousI run pfSense, and have for years, and that's the closest thing to freebsd I have around.22:52
minasotahttp://web.pcbsd.org/doc-archive/10.2/html/update.html#using-the-cli-pkg-utilities   look at 7.3.3. Manual Updates (CLI Method)22:52
minasotaI cut my teeth on PC-BSD since it's FeeBSD with a gui already installed22:55
minasotaNow I'm using FreeBSD and going thru creating the environment on my own.22:55
netritiousoh nice...10.1 supports UEFI. Didn't know.23:36
minasotayeah, so, "technically" I can install on a mackbook pro I have that is "old"23:41

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