valoriewow, another local01:43
valoriehello cptmashek01:43
cptmashek:D Yeah, I keep forgetting to re-join this channel.01:44
cptmashek(I used to go by the nick tenach)01:44
cptmashek(And still do on the forum)01:44
valoriehi again01:44
cptmashekHow are you? :D01:44
valorieit's getting closer to lfnw time01:44
cptmashekI've never gone to one before.01:45
cptmashekThe only thing I've ever gone to was OLF in 2012. 01:45
valoriehotel rooms are now available, and it is now possible to register as well (#lfnw for more)01:52
valoriewe've asked for a table already01:52
valoriettfn, my night with my dad02:00

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