dholbachgood morning07:45
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dholbachdavidcalle, it drives me nuts - there's markdown with its way of thinking of what HTML should look like, there's beautifulsoup which we use to rewrite links and then there's the text-editor plugin which is what's beneath RawHTML, which also play around with the HTML14:50
dholbachsomehow I'm stuck between them :)14:50
dholbachbut I'll figure it out14:50
davidcalledholbach: can I help?15:30
dholbachI think I'll try to solve this still today and if I don't fix it today, we can take a fresh look at it together on Monday?15:31
davidcalledholbach: ok. Do you see something odd with https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/developer-ubuntu-com/advertise-articles/+merge/286788 ? At the top of the diff, there is "Failed to fetch available diffs." and when I try to top-approve, it changes to "Approved", but stays orange and goes back to needs review when I refresh the page.15:40
dholbachshall I commit an empty commit message to see if that 'fixes' LP?15:40
dholbachI think there was an issue when I pushed the branch15:40
dholbachsomething in LP15:40
davidcalledholbach: you can try that, yeah15:41
dholbachlooks better - let me know if it works for you now?15:42
davidcalledholbach: I can't even comment on it, the comment button turns red and I get and empty error message box. Can you add a comment to the mp?15:44
dholbachshall I try to top approve it?15:45
davidcalledholbach: worked from Chrome15:45
davidcalleBad Firefox, bad!15:46
dholbachdavidcalle, do you think stripping any "aria-hidden=true" bits in <a> tags will hurt?  >:-)16:55
dholbachI don't know WTF they come from, what they're good for, but I think they're what's giving me headaches16:55
davidcalledholbach: apparently it "Indicates that this section of the document and its children are hidden from the rendered view." I don't think that applies to our use case, imho, you can ditch them :)16:57
dholbachit's not all, apparently the elements with in the anchor are all moved around:16:59
dholbach<h1 id="test"><a name="user-content-test" class="headeranchor-link" href="#test"><span class="headeranchor"></span></a>Test</h1>16:59
dholbachI'm considering turning off the auto-header-anchoring :-P16:59
davidcalledholbach: any idea where this ^ mess comes from?17:00
davidcalleLooks like wiki -> html17:01
davidcalleWhich is sad :p17:01
dholbachI think it's one of the markdown extensions17:01
dholbachI'll try to turn it off just to see if that helps ;-)17:01
dholbachnow there's still some rewriting going on, whenever we say plugin.body = html17:03
dholbachI'll try to figure out what it is and how we can emulate it17:03
dholbachI thought it was from djangocms_text_ckeditor.html import clean_html17:03
dholbachI mean the clean_html function17:03
dholbach_looks like hexchat is not the cleverest in figuring out when disconnected :)17:13
dholbach_<dholbach> I think it's one of the markdown extensions17:13
dholbach_<dholbach> I'll try to turn it off just to see if that helps ;-)17:13
dholbach_<dholbach> now there's still some rewriting going on, whenever we say plugin.body = html17:13
dholbach_<dholbach> I'll try to figure out what it is and how we can emulate it17:13
dholbach_<dholbach> I thought it was from djangocms_text_ckeditor.html import clean_html17:13
dholbach_<dholbach> I mean the clean_html function17:13
dholbach_<dholbach> http://paste.ubuntu.com/15207399/ is where I am right now17:14
dholbach_<dholbach> I think I'll call it a day now17:14
dholbach_<dholbach> if you're very bored, give it a try, but it's probably better to call it a day and start enjoying the weekend :-)17:14
dholbach_davidcalle, ^ :)17:14
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davidcalledholbach: will give it a shot this weekend, kids at their grandparents :)17:15
dholbachhave a great weekend davidcalle!17:16
davidcalledholbach: same :)17:16
dholbachI'll do my best :-D17:16
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