Kilosmorning superfly inetpro and others04:34
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thatgraemeguyguten morgen miene liebe freunde05:38
Symmetriagood morning to you as well :)05:40
chesedomorning all06:16
chesedoKilos: have you found bell.ogg yet06:18
Kilosyes ty chesedo 06:18
Kilosfound on old pc with 12.04 still working06:19
chesedowow... how are you enjoying quassel?06:20
Kilosquassel isnt bad but lappy got a prob with playing bell.ogg06:22
Kilosfeeble little sound06:22
Kiloson desktop its a good sound one can hear06:22
Kilosmaybe i must try pidgin sound files, they at least one can hear06:23
LangjanHi there Kilos howzit?06:50
Kiloshi Langjan lewe nog dankie en daar06:51
Kilosreen net bitter min06:51
LangjanGoed dankie, hetgisteraand 9mm gehad, dankbaar06:52
LangjanStill on schedule?06:52
LangjanNie 9mm parrabellum nie, 9mm reen06:53
LangjanWanneer vlieg jy?06:54
Kiloshoping to hear from clearance peeps by tuesday next week hopefully06:54
LangjanGood. Excited?06:54
Kilosthen they check it out and hand back to the visa peeps06:54
Kilosfrustrated because its taking so long06:54
LangjanOK at least something is happening at last 06:55
LangjanHorrible having to wait 3+ months and they "promise" 30 days...06:55
Kilosoh you can give this link to your daughter there06:55
LangjanOK send...06:56
Kilosshe can see taras site06:56
LangjanLooks interesting, but the main illustration has a sad look in the eye...06:58
Kilosi think its quite professional looking06:58
Kiloshaha thats the character she uses in some story book thing06:58
Kiloshe is always in and out of love and fighting wars and stuff so no wonder06:59
LangjanOK but if you dont know the background, the first impression is overall impressive but with a negative impact due to the expression in the face07:01
Kilosill tell her ty07:01
Kilosmaybe she is looking for some sympathy07:02
LangjanSorry if I appear critical, but perhaps it helps a bit07:03
Kilosshe is always grateful for feedback07:04
Kilosbut more stuborn than me07:04
LangjanGood, the rest looks fine 07:04
Kiloshows things by you?07:04
LangjanFine thks Kilos keeping busy07:05
Kilosbusy helps pass the time07:05
LangjanDid I tell you I whacked my car at OR Tambo 27 Jan?07:05
Kilosbut then you get old quicker07:06
Kilosoh my07:06
Kilosno you didnt07:06
Kilosis it bad07:06
Kilosyou old peeps must drive carefully man07:06
LangjanLooking for parking in the fluorescent-lit garage, suddenly I'm in a dark corner and have to turn, did not see the concrete pillar in the corner, R32 000 to repair 07:07
LangjanFortunately good insursnce no excess07:07
Langjansorry gotta go for breakfast07:08
Kilosthe pillar just jumped in front of you07:10
LangjanJa, jumping pillars. Anyway, claim approved at last, car must go to panel beaters and hired wheels for week or two07:45
thatgraemeguyR32k to fix a pillar oops? what do you drive? :-o07:50
LangjanLike as tree, a concrete pillar is pretty much immovable as far as cars go. All panels on the right-hand side damaged by impact at 5 km/h08:02
thatgraemeguyah, so a scrape along the pillar then not just bump on one spot?08:02
Kilosget new glasses as well oom08:04
superflyeish Kilos, 6:30 in the morning!08:06
Kilosdont you travel to work then superfly 08:06
Kiloswe used to train chat08:06
superflyKilos: yes, actually, but I'm not awake enough yet ;-)08:06
* superfly notices thatgraemeguy is practicing his German08:07
thatgraemeguynot so much practicing as that's the only german phrase i knwo08:07
thatgraemeguywell i know another one but it isn't really useable in a channel full of dudes :p08:08
superflyI just know general greetings08:39
dlPhreakgeorge hi09:53
Kilosoh my , where did georgl go10:32
theblazehenhi Kilos kmf11:07
kmfhi theblazehen 11:10
theblazehenhi Cryterion_11:13
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Kiloshi Guest62953 11:26
Kilosscorpion hid11:26
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za11:27
Kiloshi theblazehen 11:28
Kilosinetpro storm kom14:07
Kilosai! i broke quassel14:12
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Kiloshmm... looks like the storm blew past before making any noise even15:06
inetprouh,... rain? 16:06
inetprono rain in sight here 16:06
Kilosnope all blown away16:07
Kilosoh inetpro i did sasl authentication. what is that16:11
KilosMaaz define sasl16:11
MaazKilos: SASL Simple Authentication and Security Layer16:11
KilosMaaz define ssl16:11
MaazKilos: SSL Secure Socket Layer (Netscape, RSA, WWW, cryptography)16:12
Kilosoh my inetpro topic not updated yet16:18
KilosMaaz hi16:19
MaazHello Kilos16:19
Kiloswhew thought i had broken konversation as well16:20
inetproKilos: why you breakin the conversation?16:22
Kilosfirst i lost quassel nick list16:23
Kilosthen konversation took so long to show hosts i thought that was broken too16:23
Kilosquassel lekker but very finnicky16:24
Kilosdont fix what isnt broken client16:24
Kilos-supper time17:00
skokkkhey, does anyone have a GBIC lying around I can buy/have?17:21
Kilos-hi skokkk 17:22
skokkkhey Kilos- 17:22
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Kilosha kulelu88 17:38
Kilosyou need to add freenode passwords in your irc client otherwise being cloaked is useless17:39
inetproskokkk: what happened? 17:44
inetprothose things are expensive 17:44
skokkkinetpro, not actually too expensive. would just like one for my old router17:46
Kiloswhat is a  GBIC17:48
skokkkgigabit interface controller. used on old routers and stuff17:48
inetproKilos: for fiber connections 17:49
Kilosoh ty17:49
kulelu88hey mates18:18
kulelu88probably best to just buy a fibre modem/router and use the old router as a wifi bouncer18:18
kulelu88is superfly around? 18:24
superflykulelu88: you called?18:29
Kilosstorm arrived inetpro 18:52
Kiloskulelu88 ping fly waiting for you man18:52
kulelu88aah sorry about that19:07
kulelu88hey superfly . howzit?19:07
superflykulelu88: I'm OK, just tired. how are you?19:07
kulelu88i'm good. have you ever used twisted before? superfly 19:08
superflykulelu88: a little. not much.19:08
kulelu88I'm trying to make HTTP requests to the github API. do you have any suggestions? superfly 19:11
superflykulelu88: requests19:13
kulelu88requests via twisted?19:13
superflyno, the requests library19:13
kulelu88interesting. I will see how I can use that with twisteds reverse-proxy lib19:15
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:16
superflyMaaz: WAYTTD19:22
Maazsuperfly: WAYTTD is What Are You Trying To Do?19:22
superflykulelu88: ^^19:22
kulelu88I am trying to build a reverse proxy for APIs superfly . I found a good example here: https://twistedmatrix.com/documents/12.3.0/web/examples/reverse-proxy.py19:24
kulelu88I can definitely use that 19:24
superflywhy is that?19:27
superflykulelu88: why do you want to build a reverse proxy? what's the goal in that?19:28
kulelu88it's a proof of concept open source project superfly 19:29
superflykulelu88: that twisted example looks pretty bullet-proof, why isn't it working for you?19:31
kulelu88I just found it now, going to test it out superfly 19:35
kulelu88I'm also using LXC for my containers now. It is so much easier to use than docker19:35
superflywell, docker is just a frontend for Linux containers anyway19:35
kulelu88apparently they no longer use LXC as the backend19:36
superflyoh really? interesting19:43
kulelu88this reverse proxy example makes the code too easy though. There has to be more to it :D19:43
tumbleweedkulelu88: combining twisted with requests would be weird. Surely you'd use the twisted http client, in a twisted server?19:43
kulelu88that's the goal tumbleweed . btw, hi!19:44
tumbleweedkulelu88: hi :)19:44
tumbleweedreverse proxy that needs a github client? that sounds weird. Or or these different things?19:44
kulelu88tumbleweed: I am trying to map APIs internally. I don't even know if this project makes sense, but it sounds fun to build19:45
tumbleweedthat's less of a reverse-proxy than just a web service that calls out to other things. Perfectly normal19:45
kulelu88I want to actually map ALL APIs into the proxy in a generic way. so for example, you want to use the github API, the twitter API and the facebook API, but would like a layer in between the requests, this is what the app will do19:46
superflytumbleweed: I was pointing him on to requests before I realised he's trying to make a reverse proxy19:50
tumbleweedrequests is perfectly fine for something like that, if it isn't inside twisted :)19:50
tumbleweedhttps://github.com/thomasw/djproxy is a django reverse proxy using requests, that we use a lot19:51
superflytumbleweed: yeah, I meant a reverse proxy in Twisted20:11
superflygood night21:39
melodiesuperfly hello!21:39

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