rafaelm03Quick question, I'm new to Ubuntu Studio, just wondering if you can open .psd using the similar program on the Ubuntu Studio?02:40
rafaelm03Thanks for the help02:43
OvenWerksgimp... if you stuck around...03:11
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lucas__hey guys just starting out in ubuntu studio.  i want to use it for at home music production.  any thoughts/experiences?23:29
OvenWerkslucas__: what is your favourite style of making music? (tracker, tape machine like, etc)23:32
lucas__well what i would like to do is use a little midi controller i have (alesis q25) and maybe then record some acoustic guitar with a mic23:33
lucas__keep in mind i am a complete noob ha23:33
OvenWerkslucas__: Are you thinking in linear terms or cyclical (or both)?23:34
lucas__i would assume linear23:34
OvenWerkslucas__: some programs lend themselves to "looping" more than others.23:34
lucas__just want to be able to lay some ideas down and tinker23:34
OvenWerksArdour is more tape machine like23:35
lucas__ardour would probably better for multi-track?23:35
OvenWerksWhich version of ubuntustudio are you using?23:35
OvenWerksArdour is great for even one track, but can be used for hundreds too.23:36
lucas__let me check...23:36
lucas__i just updated today23:36
OvenWerksSo probably 15.10 with ardour 4.123:37
lucas__shoot actually no, i am showing 14.0423:37
OvenWerksso ardour 3.5 then.23:38
lucas__yup, thats the one23:39
lucas__can you record from a midi controller right into ardour?23:39
lucas__and then lay down a track via a microphone?23:40
OvenWerkslucas__: will you be recording your keyboard as audio or midi? (both will work.23:40
lucas__audio i think...23:40
OvenWerksSo you are connecting the kb via audio or USB?23:41
lucas__it will be USB23:41
OvenWerksThayt is more likely to be midi then.23:41
lucas__i have always had trouble getting the alesis to work with ubuntu, so i had put this on the backburner23:41
lucas__yes, i think you are right23:41
OvenWerksto use ardour 3.5 you need to first be running jack23:42
OvenWerksgenerally using qjackctl to start it23:42
lucas__yeah, thats where I get lost - jack is basically a tool to make the devices talk to what program they are going to input into then?23:43
OvenWerksit is an audio back end that allows various connections from app to app to be made in a syncronous fashion... msotly just think you need it and forget why.23:44
lucas__ok gotcha23:44
OvenWerksWhat are you using for an audio interface?23:44
lucas__its a tascam us-180023:45
OvenWerkswow! ok.23:46
OvenWerksis it plugged in now?23:46
lucas__unfort no - its at our rehersal space right now23:47
lucas__would you recomend a smaller one with less inputs for just tinkering around at home?23:47
OvenWerksok, so for now you are going to just record keyboard?23:47
OvenWerksfor actual audio in, the internal audio intefaces are not that great. The mic in is normally quite noisy and doesn't connect well to any reasonable mic anyway. The Line in is ok if you have some kind of preamp or mixer.23:49
OvenWerksbut if you can get sound in at least you can learn about recording.23:49
lucas__yeah that would be great23:50
OvenWerksSo anyway, what we are going to do is use you midi in and a softsynth for audio out23:50
OvenWerksis your keyboard plugged in?23:51
lucas__ok sounds good23:51
lucas__brb - pizza is here!23:51
lucas__ok back - yes keyboard is plugged into usb23:52
OvenWerksso can you use the terminal at all? it should be top of the menu (little square box)23:52
OvenWerkstype in amidi -l23:53
lucas__yes, i have the terminal open23:53
OvenWerksthe -l is a small L23:53
lucas__ok - output is23:53
lucas__Dir Device    Name23:53
lucas__IO  hw:1,0,0  Q25 MIDI 123:53
OvenWerksso the q25 is your keyboard good23:54
OvenWerksjack_control status gives?23:54
lucas__thru terminal?23:54
OvenWerksshould be stopped23:55
lucas__how would i know?23:57
lucas__jack_control exit"23:57
OvenWerksjack_control status23:57
lucas__yes, it is stopped23:57
OvenWerksshould printout stopped23:58
OvenWerksso open qjackctl23:58
lucas__ok open23:58
OvenWerkswe should probably look at setup to make sure.23:58
OvenWerkson the right side there is "Interface"23:59
lucas__of the jack gui?23:59

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