* bluesabre believes in knome00:12
Unit193So you think it is php or LP API.00:12
Unit193bluesabre: Anything going on?00:12
bluesabreUnit193: nothing yet, packaging soon00:12
bluesabreUnit193: will have the noto changes done tonight, and catfish00:17
Unit193Fantastic!  Great.00:19
Unit193bluesabre: You looked at the gnome-software branch?  Useful?00:20
knomeUnit193, i should install curl for php to find out if it's php that doesn't pass the headers with file_get_contents00:21
knomethe other possibility is that the LP API isn't returning the ETag in the headers as it should00:21
bluesabreUnit193: yes, looked, think we're waiting to switch until we think its usable00:24
bluesabreor maybe we should switch now so we report more bugs00:24
bluesabreflocculant: ^?00:24
Unit193OK, just wondered if I should rm or not. :)00:25
bluesabreUnit193: keep it around, will definitely use00:30
Unit193bluesabre: Oh, what about d/xubuntu-default-settings.gsettings-override ?00:41
Unit193And unless I'm missing any commits, etc/xdg/xdg-xebian/xfce4/terminal/terminalrc too.00:42
bluesabreUnit193: we're not switching the terminal font (I think)00:54
bluesabreDejavu is what we're currently sticking with00:54
Unit193Ah, OK.  So not across the board.00:55
bluesabreunless I am told otherwise :)00:55
Unit193Nono, that's fine.00:57
knomeno terminal font change01:04
flocculantbluesabre: I guess we should - even if it is a pile of ... 07:26
flocculantusc was bad enough 07:26
Nairwolfhi, if I want to test isos today, it's better to use the daily iso, right ? 11:33
knomebeta is released, you can't send reports against it anywya11:35
Nairwolfoh, yes, you right. 11:36
NairwolfThank you11:36
NairwolfIn the tracker, in the section "bugs to look" there is a link to the bug #1538877, but the link is dead. This bug number doesn't exist apparently12:21
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 1538877 could not be found12:21
Nairwolfthat's right, ubottu ;)12:21
flocculantprivate bug probably12:24
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Nairwolfok, I've reported this one : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/blueman/+bug/153320612:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1533206 in blueman (Ubuntu) "Blueman-applet crash on login: DBusException in call_blocking(): org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.TimedOut: Failed to activate service 'org.bluez': timed out" [High,Confirmed]12:34
bluesabremorning all12:56
bluesabreI'll be around (mostly) for today, so feel free to ping with any questions or general chat13:04
NairwolfI need help, I've seen a graphical/artwork bug in live session with the "wifi network available" notification. 13:25
NairwolfWhere I need to report the bug, on launchpad ? xfce4-indicator-plugin ? 13:25
bluesabreNairwolf: yes, that would be a good package to report it for13:26
bluesabreif possible, submit a screenshot with your bug report13:26
Nairwolfyes, I'm trying to upload it13:27
Nairwolfbluesabre: I've typed : "ubuntu-bug xfce4-indicator-plugin" in order to get back some traceback, but how can I save that ? 13:28
Nairwolfok, it opens the launchpad page13:30
Nairwolfok, I've done that : #155034813:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1550348 in xfce4-indicator-plugin (Ubuntu) ""Wifi Network Available" notification truncated" [Undecided,New]13:34
Nairwolfoh, I've seen a bug with catfish and thumbnail display13:50
NairwolfIt's here if you want to look : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/catfish/+bug/155035613:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1550356 in catfish (Ubuntu) "Thumbnail capability doesn't work" [Undecided,New]13:55
knomepleia2, pagination at http://staging.xubuntu.org/blog/14:00
Nairwolfbluesabre, I would like to create a question for Menulibre. In fact, it's in order to ask for a new feature, but I don't know how to say that in english. Can I talk to you here to explain ?14:30
bluesabreNairwolf: sure, that's fine, what's up?14:49
knomepleia2, mysql root plz :P14:51
knomepleia2, or create me a db14:51
knomeUnit193, you don't happen to have access to that?14:51
sidiyou guys aware of the dropbox systray not working anymore, possibly a Ubuntu or Xubuntu bug?14:52
sidigot people complaining about it on Reddit but it seems to be distro-dependant (Xubuntu being one confirmed distro)14:53
knomewait? are people complaining on *reddit*? that's so new!14:53
knometbh, i don't think the dropbox indicator is our main problem, but if the redditers can debug, triage and patch it...14:54
bluesabresidi: I've heard mentions of it, not much else... it's almost certainly a missing indicator package or API breakage that the dropbox devs need to address14:55
Nairwolfbluesabre: firstly, look this picture : https://i.imgur.com/CBmeegm.png14:56
Nairwolfif you want to push up a new launcher, you'll reach the point where you can't see anymore your launcher14:57
knome"when moving the launcher up/down, follow the selected item on the list"14:57
knomeis what you want14:58
Nairwolfoh, yes ! perfectly summarized ! 14:58
bluesabreknome is the leading expert of reporting bugs and feature requests for menulibre14:58
* knome has filed "a few" menulibre bugs...14:58
Nairwolfthank you ;)14:59
Nairwolfok !!14:59
sidiknome, bluesabre am waiting to hear from them. i'll test it eventually on my buntu box but i was curious if there had been some triage/patching effort somewhere already14:59
knomei think half of them are from me if you don't count crashes14:59
NairwolfI've opened a "question", is it better to open a bug with [Feature Request] in the title ? 15:02
pleia2knome: you have already, sent you /msg15:02
bluesabresidi: strong possibility that one of these is needed and not installed https://paste.ubuntu.com/15206234/15:03
bluesabreNairwolf: I personally prefer a bug report. I often overlook questions on Launchpad15:04
pleia2knome: pagination lgtm!15:04
sidibluesabre, cheers15:04
knomealso poking the canonical people to get the DNS redirect done15:05
knomeand pushed a few article drafts to x.org15:05
bluesabreknome: busy bee!15:05
Nairwolfokay enough testing for me today ! Have a good afternoon or morning, depends your timezone. 15:10
bluesabreseeya Nairwolf, have fun15:11
knomebluesabre, yep15:11
bluesabrecleanup up the dev blueprint a bit15:12
bluesabremight be more things to postpone on that list, will tidy a bit more throughout the weekend15:12
knometabs to three different xubuntu wordpress sites open15:14
* knome closes a few to not mess with production15:14
NairwolfDo we need to test upgrade ? from LTS to LTS for example ? 17:15
flocculantNairwolf: we will be17:24
flocculantearly next week I'll mail the list about what I'd like to see to start with17:24
flocculantthere are 8 different things we need to test17:24
flocculantwandering off again17:25
Nairwolfok, I will waiting your mail ;)17:27
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flocculantbluesabre: are we really sure about gnome software? wouldn't it be prudent to have a fall back plan if we're going to lose usc regardless? 19:12
Nairwolfflocculant: sorry, if my question is stupid. I've found the release schedule, and I've seen that 18th February was the FeatureFreeze. Aren't you supposed to not change packages after this date ? 19:16
flocculantNairwolf: I never really know what exceptions work with freezes - not something I really need to know tbh, but19:21
flocculantin this particular case - we use an ubuntu app - ubuntu has decided to not maintain it - they want to replace it with something - the something doesn't work - we're undecided in truth on what to do19:22
flocculantalso - not sure how FF affects us and our seeded applications19:24
Nairwolfok, I didn't know that ubuntu decided to not maintain it... That's bad. And it seems to be a bad timing to take this decision. I would be better if Ubuntu have decided that before. With non-LTS distribution it would be easier to test the replacement ^^19:33
NairwolfI'm not using a gui application, but what's about lubuntu-software-center ? 19:33
knomeflocculant, i would say the backup plan is synaptic19:48
knomeflocculant, but that's just me saying...19:48
flocculantknome: well yea - that'd be what I would say too ... 19:51
Nairwolfwhat Ubuntu will use ? gnome-software-center ? 19:51
flocculantknome: just not sure how long we can leave it19:51
flocculantalso - if we released with synaptic - could we change to g-s if it works out later 19:52
flocculantNairwolf: yes19:52
knomeflocculant, my POV is that we can leave it at least until b2, and for the other question; yes19:53
knomei mean there never is any specific reason to keep the current default app if there is something everybody thinks is a better one19:53
flocculantknome: that's what I thought19:53
knomenot that it happens a lot...19:53
flocculantit'd be a whole lot simpler if this was a .10 not this one :D19:54
bluesabrehey everyone20:32
bluesabreflocculant: we're not sure about anything at this point20:32
bluesabreif gnome-software is not ready by the 10th, we use something else, be it USC or synaptic20:33
bluesabreflocculant: it might be advisable to test all three up to that point20:33
bluesabreflocculant: or get a more specific timeline of when gnome-software is expected to be usable20:34
bluesabreit's an LTS, it shouldn't be unstable until release day20:34
bluesabre(my 2 cents)20:35
bluesabrecurrently, g-s does not work at all, so no reason to switch it yet20:35
flocculantbluesabre: 10th? 20:41
bluesabreOr 2nd20:41
bluesabreWhatever that date was20:41
flocculantmonth? 20:41
bluesabreProbably something else20:41
flocculantnot sure I know what date you mean 20:42
flocculantaah ok20:42
bluesabreThe go gnome or go home date20:42
flocculantaah - the date from the last meeting of ours :)20:43
flocculantround about UI freeze I guess20:44
flocculant<bluesabre> maybe March 7 would be a good milestone 20:45
flocculantas far as testing synaptic goes - I use it a lot so 20:46
flocculantshould the appstream issue get on the tracker? 20:47
flocculantdon't want to add things to it for other people :)20:47
bluesabreyes, I should add that20:47
bluesabreflocculant: added20:49
flocculantokey doke20:50
flocculantI'm wandering off again now20:51
bluesabreflocculant: seeya, have fun20:51
flocculantdone little today \o/20:51
flocculantthis beta was a pain :)20:53
flocculantbluesabre: just fyi - shall get a mail out next week to testers about upgrades20:53
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knomesynaptic has the additional benefit that we've used it as the default package manager before21:27
knomeand aiui, it hasn't really changed much since then...21:27
bluesabrefor better or worse, synaptic is just as ugly as I remember it22:27
bluesabrepure utility22:27
knomea tool22:27
knome:P :P22:27
bluesabrehow's it going, knome?22:27
knomenot bad!22:28
NairwolfI'm afraid it could be seens as a regression... I've converted some non-tech users to Xubuntu (mother, brother), and they loved USC because it's something new from Windows world. And they are used to use the Android store, or the Apple store. Synaptic can be used the same, but it looks, yes, less modern....22:29
bluesabretoo bad it is a direct port to gtk3, they left all of the broken ui things as they were and ported them to new widgets22:29
NairwolfBut I know that if you don't have any better solution....22:29
bluesabreNairwolf: yes, USC is better for discovery... we're hoping Gnome Software will get that good, otherwise we'll probably be going with Synaptic22:30
bluesabretime will tell22:30
bluesabrewe're just trying to be ready for whatever we have to do :)22:31
Nairwolfyes, I will be ready to test anything you ask ;)22:32
NairwolfDo you know why the ubuntu team want to drop support of USC ? 22:38
knomeNairwolf, the discussion can be found on the ubuntu development mailing list22:38
NairwolfI don't use it regurlaly because I'm an "apt-user" but it seems to work fine22:39
Nairwolfok, I will see that22:39
Nairwolfknome: it was at ubuntu-devel ml ? 22:43
Nairwolfwhich month ? 22:43
knomei don't remember, but it's fairly recent and you can surely find out22:44
Nairwolfok, I will try to find it ;)22:47
Nairwolfhum... I don't find it, I quit.23:07
Nairwolfok, it was at ubuntu-devel ;)23:10
Nairwolfno, ubuntu-desktop !23:10
knomecan somebody confirm that the xubuntu release announcement seems to come from the "Ubuntu Release blog" in http://planet.ubuntu.com/ ?23:56
knomethe date is also wrong, but that's likely our mistake...23:57

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