GeekDudenanotube: oh yeah, they're labeled with meaningful terms. I forgot about that, I usually aren't looking at that part :P00:03
DrCoolGeekDude, no, I am not running Intel.  Thankfully it has not happened anymore this week.00:37
GeekDudeDrCool: ok. I read somewhere that it may be related to intel graphics drivers00:38
GeekDudeI happened to be running on intel hd at the time, though I've switched to my dedicated gpu for now (I usually keep it disabled because laptop)00:39
DrCoolmine is an APU chip from AMD00:45
RoadRunnerinstalled psensor, lm-sensors (with fancontrol) from ubuntu software center. Ran sensors-detect and followed its directions for module installation but when I run Psensor, no fans present.  Any advice?02:10
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jarnos_I wonder why light-locker does not suspend/turn off screen in Wily?07:54
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jarnos_In Trusty light-locker has own settings for screen management, but in Wily it should follow xfc4 power manager settings.08:41
jpt9Just saw the blog post about Xubuntu 16.04...10:53
jpt9Given that it says "Please note! No upgrade testing was undertaken during this milestone. There are issues currently when upgrading to Xenial Xerus. This release is not suitable for upgrading.", I'm assuming I won't be able to upgrade to it from 15.10?10:53
jpt9Or do you think the issues will get fixed by April?10:58
knomejpt9, this is the first beta, so yes, the issues will most likely be fixed by april11:19
jpt9Good to know.11:22
jpt9Also, I'm thinking of getting a new Wacom tablet.  I've heard that the newest version of input-wacom supports it, but I don't think 15.10 has it yet.  If I manually build and install it, would that interfere with the upgrade at all?11:29
knomeagain, most likely not11:30
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Grimpusi found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/713574/can-i-hide-files-so-that-they-are-hidden-on-both-windows-and-linux15:56
GrimpusI can noy getit to work for thunar any ideas anyone?15:57
olive_Hello, what is the command to start gnome-sound-applet or some equivalent?16:40
SilentCogsorry, I don't know. what are you trying to do?16:44
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d0kHow do I set everything's theme to dark? I don't see any dark themes in the settings21:25
d0kIs there a file I can edit?21:25

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